Chloe’s Birthday Party

On Saturday I went to my friends birthday party. Her name is Chloe. When I got there I saw that kids were getting in line to play pie face. In the game you have to spin a spinner, and you have to click the handle,the number the arrow landed on. If the hand that has the cream on it smacks it on your face  you got pie faced. I felt scared to do it because I didn’t want to get cream on my face. We played with hoola hoops, made balloons go flying everywhere and also broke a piniata. We also ate delicious peperoni and cheese pizza. After a while we went into the store right next to it. It is called, Hey sugar candy store, and filled our bags  with candy,Chloe’s mom gave us the bags. Later we ate some candies and picked out cupcakes with a shopkin that we could keep. I got Moible Mary. We sang Happy Birthday to Chloe before we ate. Themn we played a little untill Chloe’s mom gave us our goody bags. In my goody bag I got a braclet with a picture of Kooky Cookie on it,shopkin stickers, poppy corn lip balm, and a mini container with 2 food fair shopkins named, Birthday Betty and Ice cream Dream. I already have Birthday Betty, they were in diffrent pretty colors, but don’t have Ice Cream Dream. I  felt like something exciting had cheered me up when it had. I wonder what they are going to do for Chloe’s next birthday party?

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