Part 155- My failed attempt to convince my dad…

During a three day weekend, what is the one thing you want to do? Rest, and not do any work. And that is exactly what I wanted to do. Since it’s the end of the first semester, and a three day weekend, it was the perfect opportunity to not do much and just relax. And maybe even get out of writing a blog this week.


Methods to have your parents agree with you ( and let you take a break from writing a post this week): 

  • Homework excuse
This is the first one that came to my mind. As much as this excuse may possibly work, it really just makes things worse. All I’m doing is giving myself more work and another thing I don’t want to do. Plus, parents will then be making sure you are doing your work, and then you will absolutely HAVE to do it. So, no.

  • Trading/Negotiation

Similar to the first one, but different. Instead of saying you have homework, try a negotiation. “If you let me not do any work for this break, I’ll work extra hard for the next semester. This break will let me clear my mind and loosen up. That way I can focus and work harder when school starts again.” Or, “If you buy me a new iPad, I’ll take digital notes which will be more organized. That way I can study better and do really well on tests.”

  • Tired/Resting or Pitying

“It’s a three-day-weekend, the end of the first semester, and I’m exhausted after all those tests. Can I please have a pass this week and not have to write a post? ” The resting excuse seems the least likely to be accepted, but it can work. If not, then try getting on their soft side. Exaggerate a little, not too much, in order to emphasize the importance of getting out of the work. Also, don’t lie. Don’t make up things that never happened to back your claims. That will only make it more unlikely to get your way. Use things that have happened, but add onto them. “Resting is really necessary for me this three day weekend. As soon as school starts, I’ll have even more work and I’ll get really stressed again. I won’t be able to sleep as much with all the assignments, and that extra day off will help me catch up on that missing sleep. Please??” Okay, maybe that’s a little too…cheesy, but you get the point. Highlight the key points where parents get soft on: seeing you work so hard, staying up really late, pushing yourself, etc. ( This is actually an excuse I’ve never used before. I’ve always thought of it, but I’ve never done it- not that I know of at least. )

  • Comparing

Compare it with something bigger to make it seem like something that can easily be said yes to. Compare with something of higher value, and then with what you want. Casually bring it into conversation, and then after some time ask them about what you want. They’ll be forced to compare it to the item with a greater amount, and are more likely to say yes.

  • Making the effort

This excuse needs some extra time put in. For me, when I want something my parents will usually decide based on my behavior or how well I’ve been doing in school. Based on this, I know that if I want something, I should put in a little extra effort so that when the time to ask them comes, their judgement will be slightly more lenient towards the answer I want. This one and the previous excuse may not go with getting out of doing something, but they could work if you want something. This could also work with the resting excuse. You could bring up those moments where you really pushed yourself to achieve something really good and how this break is a reward and boost for you.

  • Being honest

No matter what way you convince your parents, be honest. Or even just deadpan it without even trying to convince them. One, it’s safer. Instead of trying to butter them up, tell them what you want. Of course, not when they’re in a bad mood or at the wrong time. Time it right, and ask them. If you butter them up, they’ll immediately know something is up and you want something. Add some sugar, but not too much. Two, it shows how much you want it. Tell them clearly what you want and why you want it. With a solid reason of course. You can even give several options/negotiations as well. This way makes it easier for your parents and yourself to know what you want. Also, don’t get upset if they say no. Accept it, and know that it was worth it to try. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t have known what their final answer would have been. Who knows. Maybe by seeing how accepting you are towards their answer, it could change their mind.

“ Is it okay if I just skip writing this week’s post? I know that it’s a weekly thing, but I really just don’t feel like writing one this week. I was hoping, since it’s the long weekend, I could just relax and not do anything until school starts again.”

Also, note that if there’s a negotiation, keep the promise. It’ll show that you really do care about what you receive, and next time you want something, they’ll most likely be likely to say yes. MAYBE.
I also want to put this out. Parents do want kids to want things. They want to make you feel that you appreciate and deserve what you get, and will look for opportunities to make your life better. The only part you need to do is ask. Ask the right way, and you will be rewarded.

Ha. Well this is awkward. I got tricked into writing a post this week. As you can tell, I ended up being unsuccessful with my reasons. Not only did I have to write a blog, but I also had to write one on how my fate ended up being this way. That’s okay though. At least I was able to come up with 5 other ways to hopefully convince my dad next time.


Part 125- Divided or United ( My house vs. Our house)

 Don’t you just loathe it when your parents say that it’s their house in an argument but then say that it’s OUR house when it’s time to clean the house or do something concerning the house? I know I do. Why do they abruptly change their minds when they’ve already said something? Why? Why is that so? 

In my opinion, houses shouldn’t be classified as MY house. Unless you’re speaking to friends or others. Yes, you pay the bills or bought it with your own money or take care of it more than others do. But does that really matter? It may give parents power in an argument but otherwise, I don’t see the point why we say MY house. Aren’t homes supposed to be for ALL of us? No matter what won’t the wooden structure that shelters and protects us always be there for ALL of us?  In an argument, parents pull out the “This is MY house card’ which is supposed to give them the advantage or even the win. Honestly, it’s a shallow trick. Parents, do you usually buy a house just for yourselves and to say that it’s yours, or as a place for your family to be safe and warm? Do you? I don’t think so. But then, there’s another card they pull out.

The “it’s OUR house” card. When there’s some family chore of cleaning the house or a family project, parents say that it’s OUR house, and we should take care of it. Didn’t you just say the other day that this was YOUR house? I don’t see why parents do that. They change what they said and act like it’s no big deal. I don’t remember having an incident like this when I was younger. ( Mainly because I didn’t realize what was happening) But now that I’m older, I’m starting to see how quickly parents change what they say. 

When I do something wrong or said something that wasn’t very kind, they make me explain what happened. You say what happens, and of course, you’ll feel guilty explaining the mistakes of your actions. But something passes through your mind. You don’t want to have a consequence, so without realizing you’ll change a few things. Parents get mad about this. In a way, it almost feels hypocritical. They say that we shouldn’t twist our words or change what we said when they do the EXACT SAME THING.  Sometimes they have a fair reason for changing their words.
Parents say that it’s our house to persuade us. They say that we should take care of our house because we live in it. And they are right. We should take care of our house. After all, it does provide us a place to live, a roof over our heads, and warmth. If we don’t take care of it, it’s almost like we aren’t grateful. Yes, saying this may be the only way to actually get kids to help around, but it’s not the best way. 

After all this, it may be a little confusing what my main point is. My main point is whether a house is united or divided. ( Figuratively, of course) When parents say that this house belongs to them, it’s like a division between the family. It almost feels as if parents are saying that they are LETTING us live in their house.  This is probably not at all true, but it does feel like it. ( It’s not what you say, how you say it) Like I said many times before, a house should be a place for the family to feel comfortable and safe. For the FAMILY. Not just the adults. Not just the ones who actually bought the house or pay bills for it. I really think parents should consider whether to continue using this expression or not. If my parents were to stop saying that it’s their house and instead say that it’s our house, I might be more motivated to help out when doing a spring cleaning or family project. It convinces me that this actually IS our house and that I should help out. But, you never know. Everyone is different. After all, I’m just sharing my perspective on things. 

I do hope that parents stop saying that this is their house. It really isn’t. It’s our house. They may have power in the house, but that doesn’t mean that it’s theirs. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and an excellent day. Bye!!11

Part 91- A new addition to the plant family

99 days until the 2020 Presidential Elections. How, exciting. I know that on Friday, I had a very unusual blog on my day, but, it was an awesome day. I am going to confess that I haven’t read the newspaper this morning, so I don’t really know any new news or anything that I can really write about for the 2020 Election log. I know that it’s disappointing, but, that’s just how it turned out. But, I do have some exciting news.

So, this is a bit of a memory blog. In Ohio, before we moved, my grandparents or my parents bought a lovely apple tree and planted it in our backyard. Our backyard in Ohio was HUGE. I’m not joking. We had two maple trees that weren’t saplings at all, a small pine tree, another tree which I don’t remember what type it was, and my little apple tree. The apple tree wasn’t that big and was still growing. I do know, that my grandparents/parents planted the tree for me. I do have a small confession to make. I never really took care of it. I mean, I was a little kid, but still. I didn’t really eat the apples it grew. Once, I did pick some apples and brought them into the apples but I never ate them. They were small apples though. Anyway, yesterday my parents went to Costco to look at some plants and came home with a beautiful Crabapple tree, that is still a young plant. It doesn’t have strong branches but, it is still beautiful. I now have a new addition to my lovely garden of cucumbers, okra, watermelons, bitter gourds, tomatoes, pineapple, and a grapevine, which I very rarely or haven’t mentioned at all. Just finding out that they got one for me, brought back so many memories. The last day we would be spending in Ohio, was the worst. I didn’t realize how bad moving was until I came home from my last day of school to my home all boxed up. We went through every room and I just cried. That was my home, I lived there for as long as I knew, and I was leaving it to some new place I’ve never been to. After that, over the years, and even today, I always look back to that beautiful and grand home I lived in and I always regretted not being able to take care of my little tree. The new people who moved in wouldn’t knwo about my little tree, and might not care about it. They might just think it was planted for decoration or something, but that tree was for me. And I LOVE it. So, getting this sweet little Crabapple tree means so much to me and I promise that I will never make it feel left out as I did to my little tree in Ohio. I will make sure that it grows- as I never saw my old tree grow or spent much time with it- and I will take care of it with all of my heart. 
There is a picture of my tree at the end of this blog. I know that I am supposed to be writing about the Elections, but I had to share this memory with you all. I hope you all are well. I am going to include updates on my apple tree when I do update blogs on my plants, as it is now a new addition to the plant family, and I can’t wait for it to grow and start producing flowers and fruits. BYE! ( By the way, there was a glare from the sun so I couldn’t take a picture right and had to edit out my finger that as in the shot. Plus, the picture  may or may not have been taken wonky)

Part 77- Our ignorance, and lost loved ones

Hi, as you all know today is Monday. And, it, is, pouring. The rain has been drenching my plants and the trees and giving our houses a full-on shower for a while now. Today’s topic is on a certain article I read in teh paper this morning. But before we do so, I want to give a quick update on teh COVID- 19 situations as it relates to the article. 

There are 11,703,049 total cases in the world. 3,023,911 cases in the U.S. and there have been 132,798 total deaths. 
So, I was reading the paper this morning, and there was an article about a woman who’s mother nad sister passed away because of Coronavirus. I have to say, I am really sorry for that woman, and everyone else who has lost their loved ones to this pandemic. She was saying how after a Mother’s day get together, the two of them got infected. They were very careful as they sanitized and social-distanced. It’s not like they can say that they went to a big house-party so that may be where they got infected, because it may even be the most simple things or places. After she was alerted that her mother had it and that her mother was unconscious and on a ventilator, she was asked if she wanted to spend the last few moments with her mother as she has her last breath. Even though she wanted to, she did a very remarkable thing. She decided not to, as it would risk the others around her with the virus. She thought about others than just herself, no matter how hard it was to not be with her mom. “It was too painful for her to see people go back to normal life during a pandemic that took so much from her.” The Dallas Morning News says. She finally had to respond when she saw a Facebook comment that downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus, saying that it only kills 2% of those who get it. ” What is that 2% is your family?” She wrote back. ” I lost my mom and sister. So that 2% still affects someone horribly still.” She’s right. People are so ignorant about what has been happening around them- the virus. I think that most people don’t understand how deadly or bad it is until it affects them or someone they love or know. Like said in the post, to them, it’s not that big of a deal if it only kills 2%, but what we need to know is that that 2% can hurt so much more. So everyone, please. Please take in the fact that there is a pandemic going on. It is something that will hurt you and cause you pain. It will also affect others, and cause them pain as well. Please, please, please, take it in. 

Part 66- Father’s day Treats

Hello! Today is father’ day, and I just wanted to wish a very happy father’s day to all the amazing dad’s out there. I hope you have a lot of fun and enjoy this special day! What I got for my dad, is actually something I am going to make. So, I like to watch a lot of cooking videos, usually, ones from the youtube channel- Tasty, and they usually are sweet treats. The reason that they are sweet treats, is because I want to create special food for my family and friends and sweets are really special, so it really fits. Plus, they have a lot of decoration and look really good. So, I usually don’t create any of these recipes because we usually don’t have all the supplies, or I just don’t feel like making them, but, every once in a while, we will 100% have all teh materials, so I want to get cooking! I actually found this really cool, Cookies and Cream mousse recipe. It’s only 3 ingredients, Sandwich cookies, Heavy Cream, and Powdered sugar, and very simple and easy to make. I’m hoping that we can eat them for dessert tonight, but I just have to figure out when to make them. I want it to be like a surprise, a very tasty and special surprise. I have finished task one, and I need to continue task 2 to start my next one. Task 2 includes using a mixer, which is loud, and my dad is asleep, so, yeah. Don’t want to wake him. Anyway, I hope everyone is well. This has been a very very brief blog, not even a blog. This is just a random paragraph written. um, I hope everyone stays healthy and well, and every father has a good time today. BYE!!!!!!

New Bike Proposal form

 06 / 29 / 18 Friday

Dear Dad, 
I would like to propose a new bike, explaining what is wrong with the one I have,  what I would like with my new one, and why you should spend your money on a new one. 
 A 1. My bike can be used longer but would be best replaced because of these reasons.

  1. My bike’s seat is in very bad shape, for the facts that the underpart has become very sharp and would cut others badly as it has cut you. 
  2. The actual seat also has its design peeling off, making it very difficult to ride without being pricked. Though we can change the seat, I have more than where that comes from.  
  3. My bike wheels are having less air, due to the fact we pumped some in and the next day, it’s down to having less. 
  4. Another problem is that the wheels have become slightly damaged over the last 3 – 4 years and have been riding rather awkwardly no matter how many times I straighten my riding. And, as I said before, we can possibly change the tires, but this is, after all, a proposal so I can tell you my side, and you can judge. 
  5. Another problem relates to the wheels damaged part. My brakes. I don’t really know, but, the brakes are not working a bit. I feel that every time I ride and need to stop, the brakes don’t work too well and won’t slow me down well.  As I said, I don’t know if there may be something wrong, so I could be right, or not.
  6.  Lastly, I have something about the full bike that I’ve mentioned before but would like to make clear.  My bike is at least 3 – 4 years old, could be used longer but could be replaced soon. 
 B 2. As you’ve heard what is wrong with my bike, I would like to propose what I would like on my new bike, if you consider.

  1. I would like brakes, something which you also would also inquire, 
  2. a bag/basket or something which I can use to store things while biking. 
  3. Something not to fancy, but also not to dull. 
  4. Something that would be comfortable to ride with if I ride it to school. 
  5. Lastly, I want it to be GOOD.  I don’t want another bike which has any damaged parts or areas which would be a problem later. Bringing back the problem with the bike seat, you would get what I mean. 
C 3. To finish my proposal, I want to explain why you should spend your money on a new bike. 
  1. If we get a new bike, you would have to do less work when getting my bike ready when we’re about to ride. As I said with the air pressure problem, you would know. 
  2. Also, you would be able to not have to get a new bike later soon, if we could get a good one, bringing up the statement of the underpart seat being sharp. 
The main reason why you should spend money on the bike is that on the seat it is cut. If it cuts me then we would have a more financial trouble.
Anyway, I would like a new bike, and I have proposed why. I am just merely stating my side and will leave the decision to you. I hope you have liked my proposal, and have made a good decision. Either way, I will accept your answer as a decision made carefully, and fairly.

Thank You and with lots of love,
                                                      – RoVa


Every year in Diwali, we put up the lights and make delicious sweets. This year, I got involved in  the fun by helping. Diwali is more than just putting up lights and making sweets, it is about having the time to celebrate it with your family. I love Diwali for many reasons and each reason has a story to tell.

Diwali is the festival of lights, so that is why we put up lights. 🎆🎇  We make special sweets for our gods to honor them. The best thing about Diwali is getting presents. Every year, you can ask god for a present you want and you will get it. The present can be anything. Toys,supplies,clothing and even books. This year, I got project Mc2 experiments. I got a perfume maker and H2O nail set. I also got a, Malala and, Girls who changed the world book which, I loved so much! I made a beautiful Vanilla smelling perfume and got to test the H2O nails! The nail kit comes with fake nails that you have to use if you want to do the experiment. ☹️😫👩🏽‍🔬 I made my own sweets with my mom for Diwali! We gave some sweets to my amazing teacher, Ms. Van as a gift!!!  I have to say, India makes the best sweets!!! My friend Stella was really nice to bring me a Diwali present though, she doesn’t celebrate it! In return, we brought homemade and brought from India, sweets to her. I helped my dad put up lights upstairs and also,  helped with putting up decorations. We made them by ourselves! They looked so beautiful when we put them up! They really tied the house together making it look like, Diwali was here!  Diwali was so fun this year! I think, this Diwali is the best yet!!

Diwali is a festival to share with our family and friends! The lights and sweets aren’t just what make up Diwali, it is about who you share it with! I enjoy Diwali for many things but, I will always enjoy it with my family and more!

My parents, the story

I hate my parents and love them too. I really do not know why I do but, I just do! I am going to give five reasons why I hate and love my parents. 

Why I hate my parents:

  1. They take everything too seriously which annoys me
  2.  They always fuss and want everything to be too perfect
  3. They almost never get proud for something I did myself
  4. They want me to be perfect and stress me out even though I am trying
  5. They always do something wrong in a way that I don’t feel comfortable doing making me frustrated
These are all the five reasons for why I hate my parents.
Here are five reasons of why I love my parents
  1. They are kind
  2. They help me be strong
  3. They love me
  4. They take care of me each day
  5. They make sure I am okay each day
Even though I have more caring thoughts about my parents, I actually don’t like them in the inside. They are sweet and kind to me each and every day that I truly love them. Though sometimes, I hate my parents. The five reasons that I gave you should have one which is the problem. Even if I hate my parents a lot or love them, they will always be my parents.😭😣

The bird who lives with us

 We had a family  of birds who have lived just outside our house. They weren’t living in a tree, they were living on a small dry portion on our house. We didn’t know why or what was happening at first then we realized something exciting.

When we found twigs and sticks on our doorstep, we checked to see why they were there. Sure enough there was a bird sitting on top of our window railing over our door siting there quite still. We decided to leave her alone for her business. I was REALLY excited that a bird chose our hose for a place to live. Birds actually build nests when they are about to have babies. Since this built a house, I knew she was a female. She stayed there for weeks and we didn’t know if she was eating or not. Soon enough I found out that there was a different bird that was sitting at the nest. I wondered if this bird was the male and the other was a female. Soon enough the female had laid eggs. Weeks went by and finally they had hatched. I would say they were at least 2cm tall. The babies were so cute. Did I mention that there were 2 adorable little babies huddled together in that nest? One day, there was something so amazing to see that we took a video of it. Here is the video down below. The video is about the female feeding her babies. This was caught up close.


 Many weeks after that, the two parents flew of because the two were able to take care of themselves now. Even though the parents left our house, the two babies still stayed there. My mom got a small styrofoam bowl and filled it with bird seed for the two to eat. One day in the morning, I found one bird looking down at the other bird who was standing on our doorstep. This is because, the one on our doorstep was actually going to eat the food that we left them while, the other was watching out for him in case of danger comes near. The 2 birds lived with us for a few days then left to venture the world. I guess they were done living with us and grew up. 

That is the story of the family of birds. I hope you enjoyed it! Down below, there are two photos of the baby birds who were grown up. Sorry, they may be a little blurry. 😅

Photo of birds
Photo of birds


Holiday parties

We celebrated New Year with a family party. First we played the game pool. Then we played Jenga twice, watched a movie and last but not least we watched the ball drop. I fell asleep before the ball dropped. On Christmas I got a 12pack,5pack,and 2pack of shopkins from season 6. Also known as season six chef club. Additional to that I got a American Girl Dollhouse for my dolls to live in, scince I  really needed one for my dolls. I got my parents a hand drawn family portrait by me and, a painted picture frame also painted by me. I loved both presents so much that I ended up playing with both for the entire day. I now have  about 200 or 300 something shopkins. I love shopkins so much that when I go shopping with my mom to Walmart in the toy section, I stare right at the shopkins just wanting to buy them all! Even if our New Year party was short it was alot of fun. Things are more funner when you have friends and family with you! They always bring the sparkle into anything at anytime! Even if I would have enjoyed going to a New Year party outside this was a awesome party and I hope we do one like this next year! I wonder  why people celebrate new years with a New Year party. I also wonder how the new year even started. Is there a scientific explenation for than or not? I hope to find out!