On Saturday I went camping with this group called Marathi Mandal. We got ready and got in the car. It was a long long drive. When we got to the campsite we unpacked our tent and got it ready. Then I played with my new friends, Kitki and Eeera. We drew and played on the swings. We also flew a kite and ate yummy snacks. Later we grilled 50 corns and played. Then we went back to the campsite and played some more. Then we ate lunch. After lunch we agreed that we will tell stories and eat gummy bears in Kitki’s tent at night. Later we had dinner and played telephone, Musical chairs, and danced. Then they lit a fire and roasted marshmallows with chocolate syrup. Next we told scary stories and ate gummy bears in Kitki’s tent. My parents even let me sleep in her tent. The next morning we had breakfast,packed the tent,and went home. It was the best camping trip ever!

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