Camp Invention

This is how it all started. Monday morning I was going to start camp. I actually didn’t want to go because, last time I went to a camp, I was upset and sad at the same time. Just when we went to the camp, I saw all the kids waiting to be signed in. As I got to my group, I saw a few of my friends at school. We went to our first station, where we created foam rockets. Next we had snack, and went to he next station. There we had to create a castle. After that, we had lunch. Finally we did our last 2 stations. Duck tape billionare, and operation keep out. In duck tape billionare, we had to think of an invention never created before, and make a prototype of it. I had an idea of making a pocket watch necklace, where you press a button and then there is a compass. In operaton keep out, we took apart old things like old phones, DVD players to make an alarm box. Then we went to the gym to talk about the water game we were going to play outside. After that, we played a few indoor games and went back to base camp.Our parents started coming in after that. As the days went by, we had the same routine. In each station, we worked more on our ideas, created new things, and even watched videos about our missions. I finished my prototype on Wednesday and crated an advertisemet. We also finished our alarm boxes on Wendsday. That same day, we descovered a new exoplanet , named it planet Zeus, and made a foam replica of it. We also grew a plant from the dinosaur ages, made a crystal tree which grew actual crystals, and even hatched a fake animal egg. We each observed the 3 and went back to work on our planet. Thursday was our last day. We took home our alarm boxes after sharing the best feature, released our dinosaur plant into the “space forest”, we also released our animal into the ” ocean”, shared our prototypes and took them home, and finally as a challenge, we were supposed to make ways to hold a water balloon. What I mean is that, we need to create something in a way that a water balloon does not pop. My team went 3 rounds. In the first, we used lots of fabric in a box and dropped the box with the balloon in it. We got a better challenge after that. Use 4 DIFFERENT materials so it doesn’t pop. We used styrafoam,bubble rap, the carboard box, and a 2 different pieces of fabric. It DOES count if you have 2 of the same thing. We did the samething as the last one. Drop the bow with the balloon. We got a better challenge. We had to use ONLY CARBOARD. We shread the carboard into pieces that were really thin and put them in the box. We dropped the balloon in the box instead of the way we did last time. All 3 times, the balloon DID NOT POP!!!!!!!!!!!! No one had done this challenge before and we beat it!!!! Anyway, I know I said I didn’t like camp, I really liked this one. I really want to go gain next time. This was REALLY fun!!!!!

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