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  • Part 200- Where I stand
    Oh, what’s that you say? This is my 200th post. Well, thanks for noticing! I love to think I’m so hilarious in my delusional little mind, that I have top-tier jokes when they’re pretty super cheesy. But really, 200 posts is amazing. Well it’s not
  • Part 199- Court from a Teen Attorney’s Perspective
    Introduction I’ve spent almost a year now, participating in Teen Courts. I’ve spent a few months, maybe half a year at least, being an attorney for two of them. Each time I show up, it’s always different. Same format, same cycle, same procession, but each
  • Part 198- Neuralink
    There’s no denying the bounds of which humanity has advanced to. Beyond just cellphones and organ transplants, now, we’ve reached a level of human modification. Of being able to access human neural processing, effectively transmit and receive information from brain activity into code, and vice
  • Part 197- Drug Addiction: Why mandatory minimums don’t work
    Abstract: In society, the idea of drugs and alcohol has become a stigma. More in some cultures than others, but the degree to which one ends up or consumes either of the substances determines the level of society viewing negatively upon them. Even without any
  • Part 196- Change the Past
    Look, it’s undeniable that Europe can be linked to anything seen today. Current on-going wars, current social states, population, etc. Europe’s almost everywhere, which is quite remarkable for the number of landlocked, jammed together countries in the small continent. How did Britain, a mere island,
  • Part 195- Teenager’s Guide to the 2024 Election: Part 10
    We are now left with 5 main Republican candidates fighting to become the Republican nominee to head against president Biden in 2024. From the third presidential debate that took place in November, Tim Scott dropped out. This finalized the main candidates to Donald Trump, Ron
  • Part 194- Israel-Hamas War: What are we not seeing?
    It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but is it really? The entire world is occupied with the Israel-Hamas war, drawing attention away from the topics we’d normally be conversing over. But why is this so? Is there a possibility that someone wants us to stay
  • Part 193- Teenager’s Guide to the 2024 Election: Part 9
    We’re back with the 9th truth: There are three branches of the U.S. government, not four. The branches of government The fourth branch of government is an unofficial term that refers to a belief that the media’s responsibility to inform the people is essential to
  • Part 192- Teenager’s Guide to the 2024 Election: Part 8
    Hello! Today we start with the next truth: The nuclear family is the greatest form of governance known to mankind. The Nuclear Family Let’s start by defining what exactly a Nuclear Family is. The Nuclear Family, is essentially, a group of people who are united by ties
  • Part 191- Teenager’s Guide to the 2024 Election: Part 7
    Hello! We start of with Part 7 of the election series focusing on the 6th Truth: Parents determine the education of their children. Parents and Education There has been a lot of news lately regarding banning books, rewriting curriculums, specific staff boards, and removal/limitation of