Best friend trouble

Today when me and my friends were walking to our moms we got into a big argument. I wanted to roll Chloes bag on Tuesdays and Thursdays but they told me that I can only do it on Thursdays. I thought that wasn’t fair because Taryn always rolled Chloe’s bag. I felt angry and sad because Taryn and Chloe were being mean to me when I was going to give them a flower on Friday. If I were Taryn or Chloe  I would be nice and never be a mean hurtful friend and always would share my things with them. Chloe and Taryn are nice friends but they were mean to me. I always think about fighting back when someone is mean to me but I tell myself not to fight. I even thought about fighting back but I would get into trouble so did not do it. One reason is why we fight is because we like to roll Chloes bag  and we have to take turns and that is the problem.  

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