On the 24th of Janurary me and my BFF Stella made $97. We were selling Lava Worms. Here is my video for beckopoly.

Lava Worms are plain gummy worms dropped in a solution to make them dance. This is my 2nd time doing Beckopoly and I have earned alot of money for the PTA. The gummy worms dance when you mix Acetic Acid and Sodium Bicarbonate together. You have 1 cup of warm water mixed with Sodium Bicarbonate and soak the gummy worms for 2 hours. Then you put the worms into white vinegar which is Acetic Acid , and watch your gummy worms dance. Do you know what is Sodium Bicarbonate? That is baking soda.



Last  Year I drew handmade henna designs and made $30. I ended up putting the my left over money with the amount I made this year. Beckopoly is actually Monopoly but in my school, Samuel Beck Elementary. 

Every year I go around to see the stores that everybody had. All of the stores are fantastic and have awesome ideas!😍 Kids come up with great ideas and always are so creative!😄Beckopoly is always so fun with the interesting ideas,games,products,bracelets, food and even experiments that kids come up with and show every one else their idea. 

The reason why we are doing Beckopoly is to raise money for our PTA. There are also competitions that kids can go to if their stall is a huge success. I never won last year or this year but I think we did the best. I loved my product Lava worms so much. My favorite part was seeing the gummy worms dance. I think that is the coolest thing ever and is so awesome. I hope to do Beckopoly next year with  my friends and hope to win Beckopoly!

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