Beckopoly is a place in Beck/my school where you play Monopoly but in real life. I have done this last year by myself, and now I am doing with my friend Stella. We are planning to make dancing gummy worms. You mix warm water and baking soda together to make the first soloution. Then you soak the gummyworms in it for 15minutes or more. After that you pour white viniger in a jar and slowly put the gummyworms in the viniger. Lastly you watch your gummyworms dance happily. We are planning to do a try it out station and let other kids try to make thier own. When they are done we are going to give them a package with the materials for, the dancing gummyworms. We are going to ask the kids if they liked our idea to see if we had a great idea or not. I think that this will be a pretty cool idea and a lot of kids will want to try making a dancing gummyworm. Me and Stella have been friends for 1 year and we planned,this from the start of third grade. We are really good friends and almost always work together no matter what. I can’t wait to find out how the gummyworms dance because I have never seen  one  in front of me. I wonder how they dance and why use viniger as the second soloution?I really want to find out because finding out would be cool to know. If there is no reason then I hope someone finds out!

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