Back to school shopping

It is a back to school time. I am going to 3 grade and I need alot of school supplies. I thought that the 3 grade teachers were picky about the supplies that you need. I think that 3 grade is going to be an exciting grade. I feel so excited to go to 3 grade. I wonder what 3 grade students do in 3 grade. It sounds exciting and fun. I wonder what the new supplies are for because I never had them before. Maybe the new supplies are for new subjects that I am going to learn. Maybe the 2 inch binder that I need is for keeping my work safe. I wonder if the 3 graders last year thought that 3 grade was exciting. I think that I am going to enjoy 3 grade. I wonder if my teacher is Ms. Stoval. I just hope she is because it would be super exciting with a teacher like her! My 2 grade teacher was Mrs. Hickerson and she was the best 2 grade teacher ever! I think that other kids think that 3 grade is going to be good, and some may think that it is going to be the worst. I am just worried about the kids. I hope that I get some of my very best friends in my class.  

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