All about my school

I have never been to a better school than Samuel Beck Elementary. My school is always trying to make the years even more exciting than the last! So many students love going to Beck for many reasons! If I had to move to another school, I would beg to go back to Beck. Everything about Beck is amazing! All the students that I know LOVE it there!


I love Beck because of the exciting activities we have each year! Bulldog Blitz, Camp Blue bonnet, Battle of the Books, and U.I.L. are the very few events that happen in Beck. The teachers always plan the events in a way we enjoy it and want to do it again. Our amazing principal, Mr. Conklin or Mr. Beck, always arranges new activities for us! He is always working around the school so we all have fun! Bulldog Blitz was just yesterday! I had so much fun with my friends and teachers!! We had an outdoor event with face paint, bouncy houses, a unique obstacle course and much more! The other reason I love Beck is the field trips. Each grade level has the most amazing field trips! When I was in second grade, my most favorite field trip was going to Gaylord Texan Ice. I had a blast! My class and I saw amazing ice sculptures. Some were shaped to show kids from around the world! We saw how people actually carve ice sculptures and also got to see how people around the world celebrate their holidays!! In third grade, we went to a farmyard and got to see an environment of animals. We didn’t actually see an environment, we saw how the environment works and learned so much about rodents, flowers and horses!!! I love animals and I just loved that field trip! I just started 4th grade so I haven’t been to a field trip yet. That doesn’t matter because I still will be able to go on a field trip this year! I just have to wait so I can find out where we are going this year! 


Even though I have been to  may schools in my life, I would want to go to Beck more. If any kid was looking for a new school, I would totally recommend Beck! I know that they would enjoy the special events and field trips each year like I do! I hope that many more kids will enjoy Beck so, they have an experience of fun just like I did in my years there! 

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