Leadworthy- Medlin Cares

Last tuesday, Feburary 18t, Medlin had it’s second Medlin CAres. Leadworthy had a booth and an interactive lesson going on that day. The LEssons were called Breakout Sessions, and there were two of them. I was part of the first one where we, me and my friends, met a very important and special guest, Dr. Warren.

On the day of the Breakout session, I was performing with my Orchestra, Fiddle Club, and I had just dashed out of the room from rehersal to the Leadworthy room. Me and my friends Celine, Sophia, Miles, Ella, and Anthony were all voulunteering to help out. I had made it just in time and after a few minutes we had started. Ayman helped us out, only to shake hands. As he shook everyones’ hands, we started getting nervous and celine had just been told something very important from her mom. Dr. Warren was in the room. None of us knew who he was, until Celine explained that he was the Superintendant of NISD. I felt like I was melting, and everyone started to panic. Until we all calmed ourselves down, we started the lesson. Miles was a bit terrified in a nervous way but he pulled through quickly and amazingly. He welcomed everyone into our lesson and started our introductions. HE explained that the purpose of shaking our hands before we come in, and le dus to Good Things. Me and CEline led Good Things where we explained how to do it. We ask if anyone has any good things to share, and people share.  There wer eonly 2 or 3 people who shared, and the first time, we forgot to mention that we start off the celebration. At the end, I messed up and said that First impressions was next when it was actually SOcial Contract. Luckily I had amazing peers who corrected me polietly and didn’t care if I had messed up.

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