Part 108- West Wing

 Hi! It’s a new week, and I’m ready to get started on today’s post! I do want to mention a few things first. Firstly, I had Marathi Shala on Friday, as you know, and our HW that week was to write about our quarantined summer. My teacher asked me to read mine in class, with two others, and a whole bunch of other kids who were also wanting to read theirs. Anyway, apparently, she asked me to read mine because she was really impressed with my gardening, and learning Latin and Japanese, and mostly, writing a blog. She did ask for the link and I sent it to her and got a whole bunch of comments on how it was amazing and how mature I am. I’m got really embarrassed when my dad read the comments she wrote and sent it to the other parents- with permission of course. What’s a little awkward when I write this is that, I don’t know whether they- the other kids/students- might be reading this post when it comes out, and could end up reading about themselves, so yeah. Hi. I didn’t tell her that I have been writing for at least 6 years now, so that’s a little disappointing, but anyway, let’s continue.

The RNC- Republican National Convention- ended, so we are going to talk about something else- political related. I have been talking or I talked about West Wing before- the show, and I wanted to actually explain it a little further. It is, indeed a political show, about what goes on in the West Wing. It is a really good show, to me it is, and I really like it. It expresses a lot of the everyday issues that happen and how they all work to get these issues resolved. As well as, what it looks like on election days, through the campaigns and actually on election day, what they anticipate and wait for and do as they wait for the results. Even though most of the time the scenarios are dramatized for the, watch the series, effect, it is really fun, interesting, and amazing to watch. I really enjoy watching the episodes.

So anyway, here is a quick list of the main, or important characters.

Communications Director- Toby Ziegler

Deputy Communications Director- Sam Seaborn

Press Secretary- C.J. Cregg

President’s Personal Aide- Charlie Young

Deputy Chief of Staff- Josh Lyman

– Assistant is Donna Moss, she’s important in between

Chief of Staff- Leo McGarry

First lady- Abigail Barlet

President- President Jed Bartlet

These are the main, 8 characters, that stay throughout the entire series, besides Sam who leaves in around season 5. The other characters that become important, come in later, but mainly, these 8, are the ones who are the most important to the series. Plus, there is one more character, who is not necessarily a main character but is one of my favorites- Joey Lucas. Despite that she, yes she, is deaf and has speech problems, she is amazing and really good at her job. Anyway, that was a brief overview of, the series, The West Wing, and I hope you check it out. By the way, there is some crude language- which I always ignore- but otherwise, it is fun to watch. 

How 'The West Wing' Spent Their 2013

( From back to front, left to right, Charlie Young, C.J. Cregg, Toby Ziegler, Donna Moss, Sam Seaborn, Abigail Bartlet- First Lady, Jed Bartlet- President, { between front and back} Leo McGarry, and Josh Lyman)

Part 107- RNC (3) Melania Trump’s speech, then and now, what has happened

 HELLO EVERYONE! I am finding, today, surprisingly, so much easier than yesterday, and the rest of this week. I’ve gotten all my assignments completed, and am hoping to finish my blog before Marathi Shala starts. My Kumon was completed earlier in the day, and I was able to finish TX history fast, and my work, is now being used as an example of what to do. How exciting! I also was able to finish my ELA assignment, due on Monday, quickly after being stuck- with the help of Mumma- giving me time to finish this post up. I started this yesterday, as I mentioned, but couldn’t finish it, so I am now. Anyway, this post isn’t about me, it’s about Melania Trump’s speech.

So, as we know, President Trump is running for his second term as president. The first time he ran, Melania Trump gave a speech, and that speech was accused of being a copy of Michelle Obama’s speech. So, today, I’m going to go further into that, and also compare 2016’s speech with the 2020 speech. 

So, we’re going to be reviewing, Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC speech, when she spoke for President Obama to become president, and Melania Trump’s 2016 speech when she spoke for President Trump to become president. Here is the first clip- Michelle Obama’s speech. Second clip – Melania Trump’s speech. Final clip- Both speeches comparing ( Update: Due to lack of time, this post will talk about both speeches rather than each one individually) 

So, in the final clip, they start with Michelle Obama’s speech. You can see how much she means and cares when she says every word. It sounds like it is truly what she means. To be honest, when hearing that Melania Trump’s speech was “similar” to Michelle Obama’s, I thought word for word. Of course not! I’m ridiculous. The speech did, actually, sound like Michelle Obama’s, but phrased differently and bending to her own life and thoughts. But still, in the end, if you pay attention and try to remember a few bits of the first speech, you can hear the faint echo and similarity in the second speech- Melania Trump’s speech. The part I just listened to, right now, sounds a lot like what Michelle Obama said. It was a little different, but, it felt identical. Now, this whole blog isn’t all, Melania Trump copied Michelle Obama and that’s bad, it’s also, seeing how she’s changed her speech and it shows what she thinks and cares. CLICK HERE FOR MY REVIEW OF HER 2020 SPEECH! 

In her, Melania Trump, 2020 speech, she talks about a lot of the accomplishments in her life. Dreaming of being a fashion designer in America and traveling there one day. Becoming an American citizen. Voting as a woman, and voting for her husband. Traveling internationally for a project and meeting kids and many people. She also speaks clearly from her heart about COVID-19 and it’s effect over the world. It feels more like a story this time, rather than a speech or a repeated speech. It was really well done, and I think, that, if she had given a speech like this in 2016, the 2020 speech would have seemed even better and convincing. 

Anyway, I know this was shorter than my plan, but, I’ve got to go. I have half an hour until Marathi Shala, and I just want to relax until then. BYE!

Michelle Obama Expected to Bring Her Candor in Convention Speech - WSJ

Melania Trump Speech Mirrors Section From Michelle Obama's In 2008 : NPR

Part 106- Update

 Hi! I know this is a late blog, and I’m sorry about that. My real blog was actually about the RNC, and Melania Trump’s speech. You’ll hopefully see the actual post tomorrow. I didn’t get enough time to write it all out or even get to teh actual topic, so I have to write it tomorrow instead. Anyway, this is an updated blog. My plants are fine. Right now, it’s raining outside, so I can’t post a picture, but, I can give a description of what is happening. y cucumber has another little friend that is growing, and one, has started growing quite well. All teh bitter gourds have died out, so no more veggies form that. My pineapple has grown many more new leaves and is doing extraordinarily well. My tomato has a little flower, but no sign of growth in height. My melon seems to be growing, but no fruit. It is still very young. My okra is doing quite well. More flowers are coming in, and quite a lot of Okra is also growing. My new apple tree is also adjusting to its environment and is doing well. School is good. I’m doing all of my assignments. It’s just that in between I don’t get time for certain things, that makes me late for writing my post or finishing my hw. I did submit Marathi HW so that’s done, I’m not late on that, but next week, I’m going have to submit it earlier. Anyway, this was a quick update blog. See you in teh next, much better and informative post. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Part 105- Republican National Convention (2)

 Hello and welcome back to another post on the 2020 election. Today is the third day of the national convention, though not Night 3 yet, which means, that no new speeches for today have begun or happened yet. I said yesterday, that I was waiting for the first lady, Melania Trump’s speech because that was one of the few speeches I wanted to talk about, but, I couldn’t and would have to do today. Anyway, after reading the newspaper, it says that her speech was really good and was indeed a highlight, so, I wanted to check that out. Let’s get started.

What I want to point out first, is how she delivered this speech. It’s so, persuasive and it’s like telling a story. She makes us feel like we’re the ones in this election. It’s not about them or the candidate or anything about politics. She cares about who we are and what has happened. Now, it doesn’t even feel like she’s talking about politics. About supporting her husband. It feels like she’s just expressing gratitude. Gratitude for those who have helped us during the pandemic, and what it means for them doing this. It’s an amazing speech. I understand how this is such a highlighted part of the night. She also talks about Women’s history and voices. And as well as voting. She incorporates women being able to vote with her voting for her husband. She also talks about what has happened when she was the first lady. Mostly, I think her speech and what she has been working towards is women’s rights. Of course, a lot of First ladies have done so as well, but I’m talking about her for now. I understand that she isn’t first to work in areas like this. But, I think, her speech focuses on that. She talks about the duties she’s done as first lady and all the things she was able to do. 

In the whole Republican National Convention- President Trump’s campaign- they all focus on the most major thing needed right now. They focus on the present rather than in the future. And at this time, it’s a good thing. We need a cure, more than ever. Yes death rates have gone down and cases have started to reduce a little, but who knows when a second wave or it will come back worse than ever? They focus on this topic more than ever, and it’s more of that, that they are dedicating the campaign to. And I’m assuming, that a lot more people will start to head the direction upon hearing this. This may be what they are looking for in a candidate and their plan. What they have in mind for the virus. They also talk about women’s history. Women’s voices.

Here is her full speech, and I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did. I am not siding with any candidate- remember that- but expressing what I think every time I do these. Anyway, farewell until next time!

Melania Trump Wows With Lackluster Speech on Second Night of Republican  National Convention –

Part 104- Republican National Convention (1)

 Hi! Today’s topic is on the Republican National Convention. Now, this blog may be a bit rushed in the start, and that’s because I’m trying to do two things at once. I hope that in the end, it turns out as a proper blog and not a half-written essay that’s late for submission. (That’s not what’s happening, by the way, just put as an example) Anyway, let’s get started.

So, as mentioned yesterday, the Republican National Convention starts today. There are 4 nights like the Democratic National Convention, and today is the second night- Land of Promise- which is the theme. So, today, many many people are speaking, but the ones that I can actually remember, are President Trump’s family. Which is, his wife and first lady, and his 4 children. The speech by First Lady Melania Trump is a highlighted part of tonight. Sadly, it is not available yet because I think it still hasn’t happened. Tomorrow I will talk more about that speech. I do, however, have a speech from Donald Trump Jr., which I will talk about instead.

So, immediately into the speech, he talks about the current situation. I think that’s really important at this time. At this time, when most people are suffering and working hard to fight a pandemic and virus that is still going on, President Trump plans to continue working on solving the virus and curing it. I think that’s a major key point everyone is looking for at this time. I haven’t heard Mr. Biden’s plan that much in the speeches, or in the start at least, but for now, I’m going to say that it wasn’t in there. And then after that, begins the hard attack onto Democrats and Joe Biden. But, we’re not gonna talk about that. 

Anyway, after that, he explains and talks about how his father has a goal in his mind and his characteristics. ( Not exact words.) This includes some of the amazing things he’s done in the last 4 years. I have to say, you don’t think about it when talking about the candidates, and saying all their accomplishments as a whole.  But, when you think about it as an individual feat and think about who much it means, you are actually amazed. Amazed about how much they have done. With the amount of power or position they are in, and what they are able and not able to do, they have done amazing things that have or believe to help us. 

Part 103- I don’t have a title for this

 Hello! I’m back with another post. Today is Monday, as you know, and I have just successfully, finished school, with no problems, except for the fact that I still have Marathi HW due. I decided that I would submit all HW by Monday, and apparently, that’s not happening this week. So, I’m gonna try to submit it tomorrow. It’s actually very simple, and much less than usual, but, for some reason, I can’t seem to have any motivation or feeling when I’m doing it, so, that’s put off until tomorrow. What’s more, is that the Republican National Convention starts today, so, that’s exciting. I’ve checked the schedule they have, and I don’t think anything starts today, except to acknowledge that it starts today. I think that the speeches and nominations start tomorrow. I do know that the roll call happened today, so, yeah. 

Oh, by the way, there are, 71 days left until the Presidential Election. Time moves by so fast. I think, that, with less news than usual, today we’re just gonna talk. I have pretty exciting news, I got into the Chamber orchestra. I know that I’m supposed to be in Symphonic, but, because I’m also doing Advanced PAP Algebra 1, the two classes overlap, so, I had to change Orchestra, because, they aren’t changing Algebra. Which means I’m in Chamber. I did originally want to be in Chamber when I first auditioned, so this should be really exciting, but, I guess, I’m not as excited as I should be. It doesn’t feel like that big of a deal to me. I guess that’s probably because, I didn’t actually place into the group by my audition, but, by my schedule, so, that’s probably why. It doesn’t feel earnt. Nonetheless, I’m going to work hard as a Chamber Orchestra member, and do my best this year. 

Also, today feels really dull. I’m not sure why. Well, maybe because it’s a Monday, but still. Maybe that’s the feeling you get after going back to work after Summer or a vacation. Then again, I’ve always been excited about school. ALWAYS. This time, I’m the opposite. I mean, I love school, but now, it feels a little less exciting than usual- possibly because of remote learning- but I also feel bored. I’m doing well, I think, in school. I’ve already finished all my work earlier than the school day would end, and very quickly, and having the assignments ready before the classes- like the TX History notebook set up, but, then I feel a little nervous. I’m not sure what the outcome of all of this would be. Well, all I have to do is wait and see where it takes me. 

Part 102- Democratic National Convention (1)

 Hello, and welcome back to another Democratic National Convention post! Today we are going to go further into the topic and the speeches. today, I really want to highlight a lot of the key points of each speech and talk more about them. So, let’s get into it!

So, because of how much time I have and how much I want to write, I’m going to only talk about two speeches in this post. Kamala Harris’s speech, and former president, Barack Obama’s speech. I’ve been told, and it has also been said, that Mr. Obama’s speech was one of the amazing ones and that it was really good. I also have two videos, which are the full speeches of Ms. Harris and Mr. Obama. So I’m really excited to watch those. Mr. Obama’s speech, Ms. Harris’s speech

Starting with Mr. Obama’s speech. I can clearly see, why it is said to be one of teh best speeches. With every word said, it feels like he’s saying this truly. He explains a lot. He starts with the Constitution, and how it was to guide generations in the future, and grows slowly into today. He does talk about Presidnet Trump, but we’re only going to talk about main highlights. Mr. Obama talks about how Mr. Biden is a good candidate and more from his experience of working with him. He talks about how, at this time during the pandemic, Mr. Biden has solved problems like these before. Especially about democracy. He talks about what Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris believe as democracy, and what they care for. ( Every American) It’s such an amazing speech. I love it. It’s so inspiring and reflecting. It makes you think about how much has changed or will change in generations and wonder what it would have been like in the further past, and further future. Think about how you would want to use the light made from the constitution. How you would want to see this. 

Barack Obama speaks at the 2020 Democratic National Convention - The  Cincinnati Herald

Moving onto Kamals Harris’s speech. First things first into the speech. She simply quotes the pledge of allegiance and then talks about the 100th anniversary for the 19th amendment. Then, you know she’s talking about women. To express herself and vision. She talks about how they have passed on a torch for us. And tells us a few famous women who did so. Including, her own mother- who she states, isn’t known in history. ( Not exact words) She explains her life and how her parents met, to show more into her vision. Oh, I just got to this part, and, it is very sad. Her mother had come from India at 19 to cure cancer, and had sadly, passed away from cancer. It is very sad. Though, to know she came millions of miles to a new place, at a young age, to solve something that has been trying to solve for a long time, is impressive and inspiring. She then goes full into what she has done. What her mother has pushed her to become and what she has doen after becoming that. Then, BAM, she says that she accepts the nomination of vice presidnet of the United States of America. I know she already accepted, but this was teh official acceptance. I love it. She’s so open and determined. She speaks with experience, and with a point of view that relates to many in the crowd, and at the same time as those on the stage. Amazing. She is so persuasive and speaks her mind openly. 

Anyway, I’m really disappointed with cutting this post short, but I have to set up my TX history notebook before Monday, and don’t want to do it on teh weekend, and I also have Marathi SHala later in 42 minutes. BYE!

Keynote Speech: Kamala Harris at the 2020 Democratic National Convention |  The Milwaukee Independent

Part 101- Kamala Harris and Strange School

 Hello!!!!!!!! I am back from my break, with another post! Today is also the very first day of 7th grade for me, and so far, the online school has been an absolute mess. But, we’ll get back to that later. The first topic for today is Ms. Kamala Harris. It’s actually about the Democratic National Convention that ended yesterday, but, more on Kamala Harris as well.  So, yesterday was the final day of the Democratic National Convention. Its official theme was, “Uniting America.” The convention was 4 days- or apparently 4 nights, and each night there was a speech. Night 1- ” We the People” had speeches by Bernie Sanders and former first lady Michelle Obama. Night 2- “Leadership Matters” which is actually, “highlighted by the formal roll call of states, had a speech from Jill Biden. Night 3- ” A more perfect Union” features Kamala Harris’ acceptance speech, and finally Night 4- “America’s Promise” which features Joe Bidens’ acceptance speech. Kamala Harris’s acceptance is a very very big deal. A lot of people like me should feel proud. She is an amazing role model, and Mr. Biden wins, she will be the first female VP. Plus, she is thinking about running for president later. Amazing. 

Anyway, I’m going this post short for today. I’ll write more into the convention tomorrow. Right now, I want to talk a little about how different school is. Today is my first day, and you may wonder why I’m not in class. Well, I am. I’m just in an independent study time until my next period. Due to the pandemic, we have new schedules. The school starts at 10:00 and is only 5 hours long. We also have our classes split. One day is A-Day and the next is B-Day, and then back to A-Day. A-day consists of odd numbers- 4 periods- while B-Day has even. I started today nervously by making mini pancakes and having turkey sausage and turkey bacon, because, we can only eat non-veg today. I then logged in at 10:00 to science and was disconnected by lagging from so many students in the meeting and because my wifi stopped working. Thankfully, I didn’t miss a lot and finished my simple task for the class. The bad part is that moodle crashed and we couldn’t access any links or sign into the moodle pages. So, emails were sent about moodle crashing and teachers send links. Then, I texted my friends who were also having the same problems as me and were in the same classes as me during the work period and did not get a link for 3rd period. Now I wait after lunch and that independent study for my 5th-period link. Now, I check my schedule online and see that I have a changed schedule. Now, I don’t know whether I actually have math at 8th period, when ELA is, whether I have a 5th period or not, and why Texas History moved down! I’m so confused right now! I don’t even understand what half of my schedule means or even what periods are when or even which! Anyway, I’m stressed out right now, I’ll talk more about the convention tomorrow and somehow figure out my school schedule and classes. Bye. 

Kamala Harris - Home | Facebook

Part 100- Congrats for the journey

 HI!! As you know, this is the 100th blog. The 100th blog of the Coronavirus series. So, today, we are going to do something very special. To celebrate the 100th blog, we are going to do a review on the past blogs and how much they have all changed as they’ve gotten more and more into the “series”. 

At the start of this series, I was more annoyed with writing to be honest. I had stopped writing posts for a while before that and I didn’t like to post that much. But, as the news of staying home longer for safety reasons began to come out, I was tasked to write a series on Coronavirus, and that’s how my first post came to be, “Life of 11-year-old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 1.” I hadn’t written for a while, as I said before, so I had no idea how to start writing. When I finished, the post made me sound older than I was. I started off in a  way that I thought sounded informative, but to me, it now sounds like I’m trying to impress someone and show them who I am pretending to be, not who I really was. I didn’t really know what else to write so I just wrote as if this was a diary entry. Plus, I just wanted to write something so I could say I wrote something. The next post was slightly better. I actually did forget math when I checked the numbers for cases, as I was in shock about how many recoveries there were. It was still the same, like a diary entry. I did include some facts about World Cultures though. I was gone from school only for a few weeks, so all the lessons were still in my memory. The third was better. I started writing like regular me and just talked. Talked about whatever came to my mind at that time. Another diary entry. March 30,2020 was my first day of online school. I remember how stressful it was, the day before to make sure I had all the lesson pages open and ready to click on, in case I needed to. The day after that, I wrote my first actual, opinionated blog. I can’t help but grin at how much I forgot in that post. I forgot to link the website from which I used, and I never really explained why I agreed with Mr. President. My 13th post was ok, as I talked about how come Asian countries were doing well with the virus, yet once again, very little opinions. 

After the 19th post, I started to write more about the economy and actual real-life issues in the world other than the virus. I was still getting used to writing every day and on these topics, so I only wrote facts and explaining what happened. But, in the 22nd post, I wrote,” I think…” That’s a start. It’s a start to more opinion based posts. The 31st blog started to open a new path of writing about other things, and be specific. Meaning, I wrote about cooking, and this time I actually gave a recipe. So, around the 30th post, I started to get into details and actual information for these small things. The 36th part, was actually, really good. I wrote about Animal enslavement and gave a lot of references, and wrote a small, yet still a paragraph, paragraph on my opinion. Near my 40th posts, I started posting more pictures. About my freshly planted garden and charts about the economy and more. Now, in Part 44, I gave a link for my sources and websites and numbers and facts and actually started to sound like I was sharing information. It wasn’t a diary entry or a bland report or anything, it was a good attempt on an actual informative blog on my opinion and on the economy. 

The ’50s is where it turned. Halfway into the series is when my blog started to really improve. Part 51, about a poor female elephant who was given a pineapple with firecrackers and died, Part 52 about a protest for Black Lives Matter that happened in my neighborhood, and so on. In Part 54, I wrote my first book review. I had done one on the Stuart Gibbs series, but this was on ONE book. The Alchemyst. I had a lot to write about because I didn’t really like the book, but nevertheless, it was a good post. Filled with real thoughts and feelings. Before, my thoughts were written in the idea of being polite. To try and be polite to everyone, but then, I started to loosen up and write whatever I thought about. MY thoughts and MY opinions. The 58th post was the same. My own music opinions. It didn’t matter to me if a bunch of people would be screaming that Ariana Grande is the best singer or that Kidz bop is bad because these were my thoughts and this was my blog. I write what I want and I wanted to write about why I liked Kidz bop and had only like 3 songs in the past. Part 61 was the same. Another list of favorites. This time, with books. I am a huge book nerd and I love all mystery and science and historical fiction and fiction novels. And fantasy and science fiction and so much more. Saying this means, that I had a hard time choosing what to put on the list. A lot are obvious no othe thought favorites and the others are, hmmmmm what have I forgotten and do I really favorite this? Still, I had a lot of thoughts and wrote more of myself into that post. 

As I progressed into the 70 parts, I wrote more book reviews on the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series and started writing more about what I thought. A lot of not likes and likes at the same time. I also started to do more frequent updates on my plants and started including tips. In Part 77, I talked about an article in the newspaper and wrote about how sorry I felt and still do, for that woman who lost her mother and sister to the pandemic. I really did mean what I wrote in that post, and still do. I feel really sorry for what happened to her. Now, the 80 parts and 70 parts end is interesting. I started to get into legally and ethically and ICE. If you haven’t read those, I recommend you do. It was like a 3 part blog, where I started a topic in one and wrote more relating to it in other posts. I had a reference in the legally vs ethically post to the ICE post, and I can say that is a huge change. I don’t think I ever did that before, referencing my posts from before. It really helps, to reference it, so that I know where it was and so that you can as well and find it easily if you need to reference it as well. Part 79 is my best post. No other post was as great as that one. I actually truly wrote about how I felt about my position as a girl and how I felt about that. How I thought about how the past was like and how others sometimes did and still might see me now. It was truly full of actual thoughts. 

Part 87 marked the start of the 2020 Election log. I wrote about something that is big in the U.S. and of importance. Part 92- Election, was my first thought and comparison of each candidate. Of President Trump and Mr. Biden. About how they each thought about certain matters and topics, and then I gave my own, real opinion about the topic or on what they thought. Of course, I am a kid, so I addressed them both with respect. That has never changed. I have never changed how I addressed any person I write about. Whether it was about President Trump or about Mr. George Floyd, I never informally or disrespectfully addressed them. Prat 94 and 95 were about Global Warming. I actually learned a lot while writing those posts. I never knew anything about what greenhouse gases were or what global warming really was, despite hearing it many times. A lot of learning was spent when making those posts. And now, Part 99. The time I wrote that post, I knew what I was going to write. Before, when writing posts like that or about anything that includes being informative, I had to be ready and think about what I would write. Now, I just have a plan and a basic idea about what I will be writing about in my mind. Then, I just start writing and then post it. That has changed the most. Being able to write immediately. Planning the structure in my mind quickly and know what I want to write and what I think. 

My writing has changed a lot in this time. These small things really come out once you start to read the posts that are more recent. From a diary entry to bland opinions to few sourcing to more news and facts to opinions, and then proper thoughts and more topics, until we reach now, which is opening up and actually sharing my mind. To actually share what I’m thinking and everything I’m thinking. My ideas and feelings and opinions without thinking too much about what others would think. I’m really proud of myself. I’ve changed in writing so much over this time and have written 100 parts in a log. My first log, as well. I hope that in the future, when I progress even further, my blogs will be much better and I will have more people listen to me and read about what I think. Anyway, I may not write again, as I am taking a break, this week and not until the middle of next week, but, plans may change, so, one can only wait. I hope that you have also seen the writing change over the many months and days and posts like I have. I still have a lot more to progress, but, for now, I’m proud of how much difference there is from Part 1 of the series to Part 100. Without further ado, I type bye to you all. BYE!

Part 99- The candidates

 Hi. I know that when my dad reads this, he’s going to be surprised. Why? Because I accidentally said that this would be my 100th post on Coronavirus log when I didn’t realize that I still had part 99 to write. My bad. The 100th part is coming tomorrow and dad has been stressing that the 100th should be of importance and a review of all posts in the series. Just now he was all about how he thinks its a big deal and he thinks I’m not taking it as seriously as he thinks I should. Well, now that it’s actually the 99th part, I don’t have to do that just yet. Anyway, the topic for today is about the vice presidnet candidates for Joe Biden. ( LINK )

So, as we know, Joe Biden hasn’t picked a running mate for the elections just yet. As I said in Part 98, this post would include his mate to be a female, colored, and well-educated candidate. It actually turns out, that he did pick the person I was going to talk about, to run as vice presidnet in his campaign. And that person is, no other than, Kamala Harris. She was chosen, today, August 11th, 2020 to be Biden’s running mate. This has been a huge topic lately. Who Joe Biden would choose to be his running mate. I was talking to dad, and he said that they would get more votes if his VP nominee would be a female, colored, and well-educated person. Kamala Harris does define all those. We also talked about how Presidnet Trump would be choosing his next campaign manager depending on who Joe Biden picks as his VP nominee. Because it is Kamala Harris, Presidnet trump most likely will be ready with a manager to match them. According to the link above, she has drawn praise from her “strong performance in the first Democratic presidential debate, when she attacked Biden for his stance decades ago on busing…” I can see why he would want her to be his running mate. She had beaten him before- I think- and it sounds like she had done it rather well and amazingly, and so, it makes sense for Biden to choose her. The same link says, ” …who is Black, comes in the wake of nationwide protests over police killings of Black Americans…” Yes, she may also gain the votes of many African Americans as she has been chosen. Apparently, there was a choice between Ms. Harris and Ms. Elizabeth Warren. In the end, Mr. Biden chose Ms. Harris, but, I read that Ms. Warren is known for taking on the financial sector, and if she was chosen, could have shaken Wall Street. She is in consideration for the No. 2 job. 

Kamala Harris had actually announced that she would be running in the 2020 United States presidential election on January 21, 2019. After they both launched their campaigns- Joe Biden and Kamala Harris-  senior members of the Congressional Black Caucus said that a Biden-Harris ticket would be an ideal combination to defeat President Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence. In my opinion, I’m quite excited about baout this choice. Ever since I found out that this was possible, and that Mr. Biden was choosing a female candidate, I was really excited to see who he would pick. I read that he would possibly pick Kamala Harris and sort of forgot to continue on the story, but now, he has announced that he has picked Kamala Harris. I think Mr. Biden has made a good choice. I don’t know a lot about Ms. Warren, as I believe she may have also been an option along with A.O.C.- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, but, right now I think Ms. Harris is a good choice. She has experience in these campaigns and has defeated Mr. Biden in a presidential debate. I’d say, that she would be a strong opponent – basing my thoughts on the debate- and I can’t wait to see who Mr. Trump picks as his new campaign manager.

Well, I’m done for today. I look forward to writing the 100th part of our series tomorrow. I will not be writing after that, as I will be taking a break, and will get back to my next, 101st blog after school starts, which is next week. See you in the next blog!