One question. What is global warming? What, really is global farming? These, my readers, are the questions, I have been asked about by my dad. We had a sort of discussion about this, and he was saying that global warming is fake and I don't know what recycling means and why we should do it.  He also said to write about each candidate and that.  So, yeah. Let's just get into this.

Global warming is, *ahem*, the unusually fast increase of Earth's average surface temperature. This is due to the greenhouse gases- water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone. What are these gases? Well, they are from  Earth's atmosphere and trap heat. They let sunlight pass through the atmosphere but prevent the heat that the sunlight brings from leaving the atmosphere. Anyway, Global Warming has been caused by greenhouse gases released by people burning fossil fuels. 

Global Warming has caused the melting of glaciers and ice sheets which causes sea levels to rise. Another possible effect includes large-scale changes in ocean circulation.

Now, my facts/ what I am writing about talks about the candidate's opinions on CLIMATE CHANGE. I couldn't find global warming, but, climate change does include temperature rising and sort of is related to global warming. Anyway, here we go!

Presidnet Trump:

Presidnet Trump "tweeted" that China created the concept of Global warming, and just for them, only to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive. He also said that the weather has been really cold- by the way these are probably old tweets- and "Global warming Hoaxsters" were forced to call it climate change to " keep $ flow". Now, these are tweets. Let's talk about what he's said in person or on an interview. Still continuing form that same link, President Trump says that climate change is "mythical" or "nonexistent" or an "expensive hoax". So, teh quote aid about the Chinese creating climate change was said in 2012 and was later claimed to be a joke. So, he does believe that it is fake, but not that it was created to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive. 

Joe Biden:

What does Mr. Biden think about climate change? Well, I don't have a clear answer, but I do have this. Joe Biden likes to say that he was among the first to introduce a climate change bill. Fact-checkers are agreeing to this. This was the Global Climate Protection Act of 1986. This bill, "directs teh president to establish a Task Force on the Global Climate to research,. develop, and implement a coordinated national strategy on the global climate." Well, if he did try to do this, then he surely might believe in climate change and global warming. "In 2007 he supported higher fuel efficiency standards for motor vehicles, which passed, and in 2003 modest caps on greenhouse gases, which did not." What did the second vote in 2003 do? Well, according to this helpful link, it was to reduce U.S emissions of greenhouse gases to, "2,000 levels by 2010." The vote turned outa s 43 votes for yes, 55 for against, and 2 for not voting. 

Anyway, that was a review of global warming and on what both candidates think about it. I do realize, now, that I didn't talk a lot about Presidnet Trump's side, so I am going to write more on Global warming greenhouse gases, and such tomorrow and include more on each candidate's side. Bye!

So, we are back with another blog for our 2020 Election log. Today, we are going to discuss rigging of polls and, paranoia- being paranoid- as you can tell from the title. This is, all, Election-related so, it's obvious it's about Election rigging and being paranoid about the results. What is Election rigging? Election rigging is illegal "tampering" or interference with the process of an election. So, I did look up online if the 2016 election was rigged or not. Ok, this may not seem liek it, as you are just reading the final product of the blog, but I have deleted my proof of rigging/ fact of rigging at least twice now. I was looking for illegal rigging. Not what I've just read right now. On showing ID for voting rigging. According to my two previous links I HAD put on, the election was rigged because there was a rule to show a photo ID to vote- or ID. So, apart from that, there wasn't any rigging in the 2016 elections at all. Another thing I wanted to talk about was paranoia. you knwo how I've mentioned multiple times about Presidnet Trump being so "paranoid" and saying that the polls are fake when they've been saying that Joe Biden is ahead of them? Well, I've got further thoughts on that. 

Presidnet Trump has been, acting "paranoid" every time the polls say that he isn't winning. He says that his polls are saying that he is winning and that Joe Biden isn't. That he's really ahead. I know that despite the fact that he has said that he had the real polls last election, and they said he was winning, President Trump may just be saying that because he doesn't want to lose the election. I also said, before, that he didn't want to lose- taken form an article which I linked- and I can see how that plays as he refuses to see the polls that may or may not be fake- that say he is losing. I'm not trying to disrespect the Presidnet, but I am just pointing this out. He really is paranoid about not winning. 

I know this blog ends quick, but I actually started writing this about an hour before this got published, so all my thoughts and ideas and opinions washed away at that time, so I don't have any of the things I was going to write. Hopefully, they come back to me tomorrow so I can give you a non- disappointing response/ blog. Bye.
98 days until Election Day everyone. 98 days. Hello everyone, today's post is going to be resuming our discussions on the 2020 Election topic. I've already done a post on the COVID-19 situation, and I think I've done another on a topic I do not remember, so, we are going to be continuing. I, unfortunately, do not have any fresh news stories as my newspaper did not come today, so this may just be opinions and thoughts.
So, what do you think about the Election day? I mean, usually, according to the political shows I've seen and my tiny 12-year-old knowledge, people go to someplace and vote there. Due to COVID, will that happen this year? That also can show on each candidate. On what they want to happen and how they think of Corona. Such as, if one candidate says that they want it to go on as usual without doing the elections online despite COVID, then, wold their plans and thoughts of how to solve it and get rid of it quicker seem fake? Hopefully, in those 4-5 months, this problem/ pandemic would have reduced so there are fewer cases, and because of Oxford's recent breakthrough on a cure, we could even have a possible vaccine soon or even with other companies; meaning, that it won't be as dangerous to do social voting as now. Sure there are much, much, MUCH fewer deaths than before, but there are still MANY cases. I did check the case charts today, and it said that last Friday there were much FEWER cases than before. That's good. Also, how is this Operation Warpseed doing? President Trump did say that he was working on it, but I have not seen or read any news that explains further on the topic or tells me anything about the progress. Also, what does Mr. Biden think of this plan? Of course, he is the opposing candidate, but would it be wrong to appreciate the skilled and thought out ideas of the other? The two plans for this pandemic are awfully similar, but then again, isn't that everyone's plan to get rid of this virus? To come up with as many "stations" possible to create a cure and then immediately distribute it to everyone so everyone is immune to it. 

Also, what's been happening in the primaries? I know what the primaries are and what the candidates usually do, but like, would it change due to everything going on? Would there now be rules to wear masks? I guess that also depends on the candidate, right? The candidate may decide the rules and can do an option for wearing a mask. Would it be a better influence to wear masks if the candidates wore it? I know that it's an option and something the people can choose if they want to or don't want to do, but if they are asking to wear masks in public more often, do you think it would encourage people more if they wore one? Probably yes and no at the same time. It's your own decision, one can only try to persuade you and tell you why or why not, leaving it all up to you. If all the leaders wore a mask, governors, mayors, president and more, then do you think that people would wear masks more often? Some people could, not be wearing masks because the leaders aren't, but if they did, or if they did wear it more often, then do you think that people would be wearing masks more? 

Ok, these seemed more like questions than thoughts, but hopefully, they do make you question as well, and wonder a lot about this like I am/ did. BYE!
99 days until the 2020 Presidential Elections. How, exciting. I know that on Friday, I had a very unusual blog on my day, but, it was an awesome day. I am going to confess that I haven't read the newspaper this morning, so I don't really know any new news or anything that I can really write about for the 2020 Election log. I know that it's disappointing, but, that's just how it turned out. But, I do have some exciting news.

So, this is a bit of a memory blog. In Ohio, before we moved, my grandparents or my parents bought a lovely apple tree and planted it in our backyard. Our backyard in Ohio was HUGE. I'm not joking. We had two maple trees that weren't saplings at all, a small pine tree, another tree which I don't remember what type it was, and my little apple tree. The apple tree wasn't that big and was still growing. I do know, that my grandparents/parents planted the tree for me. I do have a small confession to make. I never really took care of it. I mean, I was a little kid, but still. I didn't really eat the apples it grew. Once, I did pick some apples and brought them into the apples but I never ate them. They were small apples though. Anyway, yesterday my parents went to Costco to look at some plants and came home with a beautiful Crabapple tree, that is still a young plant. It doesn't have strong branches but, it is still beautiful. I now have a new addition to my lovely garden of cucumbers, okra, watermelons, bitter gourds, tomatoes, pineapple, and a grapevine, which I very rarely or haven't mentioned at all. Just finding out that they got one for me, brought back so many memories. The last day we would be spending in Ohio, was the worst. I didn't realize how bad moving was until I came home from my last day of school to my home all boxed up. We went through every room and I just cried. That was my home, I lived there for as long as I knew, and I was leaving it to some new place I've never been to. After that, over the years, and even today, I always look back to that beautiful and grand home I lived in and I always regretted not being able to take care of my little tree. The new people who moved in wouldn't knwo about my little tree, and might not care about it. They might just think it was planted for decoration or something, but that tree was for me. And I LOVE it. So, getting this sweet little Crabapple tree means so much to me and I promise that I will never make it feel left out as I did to my little tree in Ohio. I will make sure that it grows- as I never saw my old tree grow or spent much time with it- and I will take care of it with all of my heart. 

There is a picture of my tree at the end of this blog. I know that I am supposed to be writing about the Elections, but I had to share this memory with you all. I hope you all are well. I am going to include updates on my apple tree when I do update blogs on my plants, as it is now a new addition to the plant family, and I can't wait for it to grow and start producing flowers and fruits. BYE! ( By the way, there was a glare from the sun so I couldn't take a picture right and had to edit out my finger that as in the shot. Plus, the picture  may or may not have been taken wonky)

Hello everyone, today marks 102 days left until teh 2020 Presidential Elections. I can't tell you, how great today has been. One, it is Friday. Two,  have all my HW for Marathi Shala ready, graded and I did REALLY WELL on it, and my story which I am going to be presenting ( Oh God) because I left it at a cliff hanger, is written and pre-checked ahead of time because last week I didn't present it because my teacher sort of forgot. Anyway, on Thursday I finished all of my Math Kumon- Level J and yesterday finished all my Reading Kumon, III ( I, 2), and had no packets today. That saved me about half an hour of time, AND, my violin lesson was extremely fun as I am learning a new song and getting BETTER at my shifting scales. My friends and I are going to be making our own youtube channel with videos and stuff. Right now it's just being set up and trying out uploads of videos. Dad approved the fact that I can be in them even if they are public, and I am super excited about that project. I'm trying out vlogging right now as I am filming myself blog, for a productive video. I didn't have that much stuff to be productive about today, so this is like, my only recording.  I feel so professional right now. Oh, and ALSO, my Kumon certificates came yesterday. There is like a rank, Bronze, then Silver, Gold, and then Platinum. Platinum is sort of the highest level. Usually, I'm a Gold student which is good, but not the best, but my Math award came out as PLATINUM THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!

It's unbelievable how so many things can happen in a single day, and be good at the same time. This pandemic is such a benefit as well, as I wouldn't have been able to get Platinum without being able to do 10 pages every day with so much free time, nor be able to start a channel with my friends, nor be able to finish my book series, nor be able to improve so much in violin, and so much more. I know that this blog may be a bit rubbish as it doesn't talk about a lot of INTERESTING stuff, but I just wanted to share my day, and I hope everyone else has an amazing and fabulous day like mine. I just hope that Marathi SHala will also be as good as my day. One can only wait and see, or go time travel in the future and probably disrupt the time strand. 
Well, I guess you know what this blog is about. To be honest, it's not really my thoughts. I just don't know what to write. Yes, yes, there are thousands of topics to write about, a lot on the elections. 103 days left. BUT, I honestly am not in the mood to update you on the different thoughts of each candidate. I am really tired for some reason, like I keep yawning and I CANNOT stop. I also need to send my recording of a song to my teacher, which I was hoping I could send much earlier in the day, but that got sidetracked as an incident occurred allowing me to be able to play Minecraft for like an hour. No, it was not because I got lazy or wanted a fun break. So, this is going to be a short blog. I wanted to actually mention yesterday's blog. I don't knwo why, but I really liek yesterday's blog. I guess it was probably because I wrote so much, and did something like a proper essay, but also because I really expressed myself. And because I actually DIDN'T LIKE my BOOK SERIES a lot. It's very surprising. I am reading a new book though. It is actually a passage from my Kumon packet, so I got to read the beginning of the book before being able to actually read it. It is CODE TALKER by Joseph Bruchac. No spoilers, so, wist for my review post if you want to learn more. Or, just, look it up on Google. I do actually really want to go to this Japanese bookstore. Like the one, I probably did or did not mention in an earlier post. Anyway, my parents went to a Japanese market for some fish and got e a bunch of Japanese treats. Boba in two flavors, Soba noodles, Rice crackers, Matcha Pocky sticks, a delicious tasting "cake" pastry, a sponge roll thing that tasted strange, and Ice cream boba bars. They're just frozen ice cream bars of brown sugar boba and bubble tea. Anyway, they were going to also check out teh bookstore but it was closed. I have a manga series in mind that I want to read, as it is what one of my favorite shows is based on, so I'm really looking forward to it. Hopefully, they have it, and in English. I still don't know a lot of Japanese, otherwise, I can always politely ask for it on Amazon and sort of beg if my parents say no. Hopefully, they say yes. I know this was supposed to be short but I wrote alot so, sorry about that. This blog may be very mediocre, but, I'm tired so, sorry. 
SO! I just finished my book, The Enchantress, ad I have the final review. The final review of the series. I have to say, the ending was different than I anticipated. NO SPOILERS! LEt's get on with it.


Traveling ten thousand years into the past, Sophie and Josh followed Dee and Virginia Dare to Danu Talis. The legendary city of Atlantis, where Palamdeds, Shakespeare, Joan, Scathach, Prometheus, and Saint- Germain are. As the Flames take their final breaths in San Fransisco, the battle for the world begins and ends here. It's up to Sophie and Josh. The two that are one must become the one that is all. One to save the world, and one to end it. 

So before I begin this review, I'm going to point something out. As this book is the final of the series, I'm going to also do a series review in this post. So, it will be on the whole series altogether. 

BOOK Review:

This book was ok. I mean, I LOVED The Warlock. No doubt, it was the absolute BEST book in the series. And, after such an amazing book, I was so excited to read The Enchantress. I was full-on ready. I dived into the book, and this is what happened. It started out, AMAZING. Like, there was everything from the previous book. We learn that Isis and Osiris are the twins' parents. We see an ongoing battle on Alcatraz. Everything. I have to say, it got, INCREDIBLY BORING at the end.  I could have written this post a long long time ago, but the end got so unbelievably dull, that I sort of read much less. Like, only a chapter a day.  I'll tell you why. So, teh whole reason they go back in time is to complete the prophecy. They mention the battle of Danu Talis, and them being ta the battle. I love action in books If it's a battle like a war, I love reading it- maybe fiction ones- because they are so descriptive and actually are interesting to read about. Action- I mean. I was full-on ready to read some battle stuff. Gilgamesh said I've seen you two at the battle of Danu Talis. I was reading that, and my mind went, " I  HAVE to read about the battle." Now, in the book, do you know what happens? DISCLAIMER: SPOILERS. Well, THERE IS NO BATTLE. They even MENTION it. Liek, it's the final battle. They go back in time to be there, lead the army. And in the end, there is no battle. I'm really overdramatic right now. In the end, it says that Marethyu- aka Josh Newman- set off to end the world of Danu Talis. That's it. Nothing else. No action on what happened. I was so disappointed with that. 

Not to mention, Alcatraz scenes. I understand that they were to show The Flamels saving the city but please, add something more. It was quite boring and dull to read. Add something where they go back to help the twins or something more! Just anything!

Plus, the ending. The ending was just, shock. And confusion. And me still trying to understand the whole story! It ends with, " You know what I have to do Sophie. Josh says. And Sophie is crying like, No! Why can't I do it? Then she leaves with their friends, and Josh combines all 4 swords of power which form into a hook and make him Marethyu, destroyer of worlds and Death. No, I mean, his name literally means Death. After that there is a note he sends to Sophie mentioning the wedding of Aiofe and Niten, creating the Shadow Realm of which he uses to trap Scathach and Joan and etc. That's it. Nothing else. I wanted to read about the battle. The wedding. Sophie's side of the story rather than some letter Josh send to her about what she was doing or what he read about in the Codex of what she would do. Also, in the end, it's liek Dare and Dee never existed after that. Where were they? Maybe I missed something and it's my fault, but I don't remember Dare nor Dee being in the finale of the book. 

I liked how it was such a new perspective in the book. Like, this book is mainly set in the world of Danu Talis. ( Besides Alcatraz scenes) It explains about the Elders and what Danu Talis was like after all that mentioning in teh previous books. I also loved how, as it is the finale of the series, tied it all together. It explained a lot. Like, about Dee's masters and of Sophie and Josh, the Flamels, and the other characters. 

Oh, and I have understood the cover. The symbol on the right is a vimana, and the one on the left is the Pyramid. the one that Josh stands on as he transforms into Marethyu. I haven't exactly understood the bottom one, other than it being a moon. I don't understand the main symbol though. I think that it may be a small representation of the Yggdrasill. 

SERIES Review:
 The series was an okay one. I got this brand new, super awesome looking series. My parents said that it was like a sequel to Harry potter- with Nicholas Flamel- and I was overjoyed. I could not wait to read it. After picking up the first book, I loved it, before I lost all interest in it. It was extremely boring and no interest. I mean, fantasy is something that always amazes me. I love fantasy novels. Anything with magic. That pretty much sums up all my novels in progress -ones that I am not doing a partnership on. But, goodness gracious, the book was just too much.  A battle already? In the series? Then Hekate just dies?? Bastet is only mentioned from that? It was just, a bit of a mess in my opinion. The second book was MUCH MUCH better. The new introduction of the characters actually stuck and was well explained. I loved it. The third book was slightly worse but still good. Meeting Gilgamesh was teh best part. And the battle with meeting Palamedes and Will Shakespeare. The fourth book started weakening in interest, but then it sparked up in the end when they had to go back in time. Time travel back 10 thousand years to an ancient civilization that was advanced??? YES PLEASE!! The 5th book was AMAZING. The Warlock s without a doubt, my most FAVORITE book. So much action. Josh has turned on them without realizing it, and we see what he is thinking and how true the twins' connection really is. How they go back in time and meet their "parents". The Enchantress. Well, I guess this blog tells you how I thought of this book. I do really question the series. Like, the twins are so focused on gaining their powers and becoming Awakened, but in teh end, THEY NEVER USE THEIR POWERS. Only the swords. Literally, there is a rare mention of them using their powers.  

One remarkable thing about this series is that the story takes place in like, 2 weeks. You think that because there is so much going on, the plot would be going through several days, but no. It progresses into an adventure a day. Without realizing it, you may read several adventures that happen in a day, and turn the page to see, Friday, June 8th. It's fantastic. 

Despite how many problems this series had, I would recommend it. It's not making the charts as an absolute favorite, but, it's on the list. If there were some small changes and additions, then I believe that it would have been fantastic and even better. It is an amazing series, not as good as I was expecting, yet still AWESOME. Anyway, this was the final book review on the, The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel, series, and I hope you all check out the books. ( Especially The Warlock) BYE!!!!!
So, big news. As we all know, there is a very terrible and chaotic pandemic right now. And, we have all been desperately asking for a cure and a way away from this. Well, now we do. It's not exactly a proper cure, but it is a possible cure. In Oxford University, a group has reported that their COVID vaccine candidate was in early-stage human trials to be safe. If I understand correctly, this means that they have in the testing stages, it is showing as safe. THIS IS AMAZING. After that news, there really is nothing else left to talk about. So why the heck did I write Elections as the title and tag it as an Election log? Because..... there are 105 days left until the election day, and we're going to talk about what each candidate thinks about the vaccine for this pandemic. 

In the end, it's probably going to be President Trump and Joe Biden who will be going "against" each other.  Here is my first source. So, according to my sources- aka the link I just pasted- President Trump made a "speech". session...update? Anyway, he mentions the vaccine. He says, that he has launched, Operation Warp Seed. This project's goal is to develop and distribute the vaccines as quickly as possible. Prior to the end of the year is what he is hoping. He also said that this is something no one has ever seen in our country since the 2nd World War. I'm not sure if that was to emphasize how much is going into this plan or just to tell how good we are. ( The U.S.) I do like the fact that he has come out with this huge plan to come up with a plan to get us a vaccine fast. President Trump also tells us how much it will get us together. From the American industry to the military. Plus, they are also working with many other countries who have brilliant doctors and scientists to come up with a cure. That sounds like a REALLY REALLY GOOD PLAN.

Now, Joe Biden may not be able to do all of that, but, he does have a few strategies in mind on how he would handle the pandemic. Here is my 2nd source. So, Mr. Biden says that his plan is to work with allies across the globe. This is like President Trump's plan. His campaign says they will "marshall all the tools of the federal government to procure the necessary supplies to fight the COVID-19 pandemic..." As well as, distribute a potential vaccine for the virus. Again, the same plan. Now, though this may sound good, it really isn't different than President Trump's, and is now like, the plan is already forming, so he needs to have some different strategy. But, THAT"S NOT ALL. His plan also includes using the BARDA- Biomedical Advanced Research Development Authority- to, " make sure vaccine production is adequate and work to undo Trump administration tax incentives to encourage on-shore pharmaceutical production." I don't really understand the last part. Is this plan mainly to make sure vaccine production is adequate or, to undo Trump administration tax incentives? I know that you are running in a presidential election Mr. Biden, but what is the focus? I need to ask, IS THIS YOUR MAIN PLAN FOR HANDLING CORONA, AND WHICH ONE OF THESE ARE YOU TRYING TO DO?

But, overall both of the possible candidates do have an excellent and well thought out plan for the vaccine. Though it is not what I was asking for when I typed up my question on google, it is related to it and answers my question in a different way. Anyway, 105 MORE DAYS UNTIL ELECTION DAY!!!!!!! This log will now have a new log in it, the 2020 ELection log, which is basically a countdown until election day. Pretty much, 105 more days of writing the same blog over and over again. Anyway, bye!
So, my title isn't exactly what my blog is about. It's the topic. So, many 12-year-old kids such as me may not be interested in the presidential elections, or alot into politics. I used to think it was completely boring. But, after watching one of the most amazing political shows and shows in general, ever, I have started seeing these in a new light. I now understand what goes on in these elections. The primaries and the debates, what to do and how they do it. Electoral votes and votes. Representatives and so much more. However, that is not our topic. Sorta. Our topic is something very recent happening. In only 106 days, the elections for the president will begin. I can hardly wait. Anyway, President Trump is running again and the most likely candidate will be Joe Bide. PROBABLY. So.0, as we know in 2016 President Trump was elected president. Now, here's the thing. Polls were saying that he wouldn't win. That he wouldn't be president and President Trump kept saying these were fake polls and that his polls say that he was actually winning and doing well. Well, we can all see how accurate his polls are. Now, as the 2020 elections come up, he is again saying that these are phony polls. Now, I want to actually look into this. I want to give my opinion on what might be happening and who may be winning. Let's begin. 

So, as far as I know, President Trump started saying these when the polls started showing that Mr. Biden was ahead in Texas and in the "election". Maybe it was also before, but this is only to my limited knowledge. So President Trump says that he wants to see, not just say yes or no, and he didn't do it last time either. This was a bit unclear to me, so I think he might be talking about accepting the results. He also says that he wasn't losing and that these were fake polls. Plus he says that he doesn't like to lose.

Now his proof from 4 years ago about fake polls was hard to disagree about. He did win and his polls said he was winning. But now, I'm not so sure. There was also another article saying that in teh elections a lot of Dallas suburb people have been keeping teh Republicans in power for decades but are now are component of the Democratic party's political resurgence. This is because of how President Trump has been handling the rising COVID cases. 

Ok, my opinion. So, I think that the polls may be true. President Trump did say that he didn't like to lose, and he is from Texas. Normally it would be like he would have full-on support from them, also because we are a republican state, but now, a lot of people have been becoming the key for Democrats in elections. President possibly doesn't want to believe it and say that his polls are saying he's winning. I know that there is probably a huge possibility that I'm wrong but, I'm just stating my opinion. Now, others could have realized that they should do real polls if they actually did post fake polls because they didn't want President Trump to win. So, they might have posted real one this time, and these may be accurate results. President Trump may not want to admit that he may be losing a bit in the polls, but maybe he is right. I do believe, though, that these polls may be right this time. 

Anyway, that is my opinion. I know it seems like I wrote a lot, but it's just stating stuff over and over again. I do apologize. this is, not my best blog and it didn't come out how I was hoping it would, so I'm going to try it again tomorrow and try to explain a bit more on this topic and give more updates on teh elections. BYE!

So, this post was supposed to be out on July 15th, but then an incident occurred, delaying it. Let me give e a brief history on this topic. So, on July 7th, 2020, I made a post on the ICE plan to send foreign studnets back to their country because colleges are doing online school. I then made a post on legally vs. ethically and brought in that post as an example, changing my opinion, on July 10th, and now, on July 17th, there is one more post- today's- that ties the whole thing together. The link above is on the news clip of President Trump letting go with the plan to send the students back home. This news is actually from 2 days ago, but I got delayed so this news is about 2 days late if you haven't read about it already. 

So, this article says, that after facing 8 federal lawsuits, President Trump let go of the plan to send foreign studnets back to their home country. This announcement had brought relief to thousands of foreign students who were in fear of being deported back to their country. A 19-year-old computer science major from India said that he was having terrible anxiety at the thought of going back and being exposed.  Even though they are not being sent back, there is a rule that they cannot have their classes entirely online- like everyone else. 
If you remember, my first post was supporting President Trump- but I had my own reason. because I believed it would be better for them in case they get sick and so they have better care if they do. Later, in my legally vs ethically blog I talked about how President Trump's decision was legally right but ethically wrong. It was legally right because he was allowed to do that and in power to, but, it was NOT the right thing to do. I later changed my opinion to the other side on not sending them back, but with a particular question. My question was about my opinion. How it was legally and ethically right or wrong. I as a 12-year-old kid who writes blogs and plays Minecraft cannot do a lot to make an act like that happen, but I can try to make an ethical opinion or a decision that follows the laws. I was only thinking about this in a caring way for the foreign studnets so they can be taken care of properly, not because I don't want them here in the U.S. So, my question was, whether my opinion was ethically right even though it was a bit like President Trump's decision. 

The main reason for this blog is because I am so glad that I could make a difference. There were probably so many other people who disagreed or had different opinions on this action like me and tried to speak up about it. My voice might have been small as I write a blog that possibly very few people read, but it probably did contribute to the change in the act, and I'm glad. I'm glad that I may have been heard. 

Anyway, this blog and my 2 other ones make me proud. I'm really happy that I could or had made a change, and I hope I can still do so using my writing skills and positive mind, and my voice. I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and an awesome day!
So, something terrible happened. A bird was flying and ran into one of our windows. Because of the sun's reflection, they can't really see that it's a window. So, this bird hits the window with so much force, and we - my dad- go outside to examine what happened, and he finds the little bird. The bird was on teh ground and couldn't get up, so my dad picked him up, and the bird was trying to get away from him. So, my dad puts him back on the ground so he could get up by himself, but he couldn't. So, he puts the little bird in a little basket and calls me down. We get some water and a cotton ball, and gently holding the little bird in his hand, tries to awaken the bird. This is the saddest news. We could not get him to wake up, and we think he has broken his neck. It was loped around a bit and could not be held up. Now, we're going to bury him in a little part of our backyard, in a little spot. It's heartbreaking, that we could have saved his life and we couldn't. I was supposed to write about something else, something exciting but we can write about that later. Below will be a small picture of him, and this is the end of the blog. I don't want to say too much, except about what happened. 

HI! So, as you may have noticed, today's post has a new title. In my previous blog I said I was updating it, and I have only managed to do these two posts, and I still need to go back to all my previous ones and change those. Today will be a little update. As you can tell by teh title, it is Garden update, and hinting from it, I am ready to cook using my beautiful veggies. ( It's actually just one vegetable but I wanted to build suspense) So, my watermelon has grown, and have started producing flowers. I'm not sure if it's a good thing because they are still young. My okra plants have thrived well, as they continue to grow taller, and my cucumber is bursting with yellow flowers here and there. My tomato plant still remains, slightly crispy on the edges of its leaves and no progress. My Karla- or bitter gourd as I have just remembered the name for it- is growing, a lot, and it has food! One bitter gourd is almost ready to be harvested as it is huge, 2 more follow, not that far behind, another is almost there, maybe another week or so, and one still needs a while. I'm so proud of my little plant children! What I'm really excited about is my pineapple. Just recently, my plant has started growing fresh new leaves. This means, that it is living! Leaves aren't just dying but are also making way for new ones. This means that I may be able to have my own pineapple plant and eat my own home-grown pineapple as a snack and forever until I've eaten it all. I'm so excited! 

I'm not going to be teh one cooking as my mom is, but, I'm still contributing as I've supplied the main ingredient. In Indian culture, we create something called Bhaji ( bh-aa-ji) - if that helps pronounce it and it's where we take vegetables and make food out of it. Yeah, so creative. It's hard to put into words except that it's like the main thing we eat for dinner or lunch every day unless we feel like eating outdoors. Long story short, my mom's making Karla Bhaji. { karlachi bhaji- in Marathi that is the proper way to say it} I, have never tried Karla so I'm gonna say no thanks I'm sorry. I just don't like the look of that vegetable even though it's like the number one thing producing anything in my garden, and I'm not good at trying new things- food and books and clothes. Anyway, I'll at least try it, and tell you how it's been. Plus, I wanted to share something really exciting to add to my update.

Usually, when I do garden updates it's like, yeah yeah you've done this and they're growing This time, this weekend- last Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and today- have been the hottest days ever. Reaching up to 102 degrees or just staying in teh 100's, the heat has come burning down onto my plants. Of course, I'm watering them, but I've been watering them 2x more than usual and the other plants twice now that there is more heat, and I have been constantly worried that it might not be enough. Just seeing my pineapple has grown new leaves that are growing in this heat and that my plants aren't burning up is enough proof that I'm doing well and that I should water more because one can NEVER BE TOO CAREFUL. 

Anyway, this was a plant update, pictures are at teh bottom, I hope you have enjoyed it. At the end of this, I'm going to post a how-to plant your own plants at home blog. Be on teh lookout for that. BYE!!!

My pineapple has grown new leaves, as seen in the middle.

My tomato still shows zero progress or any growth

Here's some thriving and well growing Bitter Gourd

Left, biggest Karla- ready to be harvested, middle and right, almost there!
Still need time to grow

One that needs a week

Rope-reaching okra

Growing everywhere cucumber plant!

My Cucumber with flowers,
hiding behind the shade of my okra plants!

My tiny watermelon being attacked,
 by my cucumber that wandered into my okra plants!
So, today we have a very, INTERESTING, blog for you. This one is about statistics, one of my least favorite things in the world because it is BORING. But, I guess I have to do so anyway, so yeah..... Let's get on with it. 

So, this post is called, " Social issues are top of mind." This is about the protests. About polls from Texans on the protest. A few examples are, supporting black lives matter, removing confederate statues, renaming military bases, and etc. Today, we're just going to discuss, not all, only a few, of these numbers and polls and data and talk about what it means, or I'm just writing what it means to me and y'all are reading my opinions and thoughts. Anyway, let's get on with it. So, the first poll was on "Support Black Lives Matter." In case you don't know, George Floyd, a black man, was killed after saying a numerous amount of times that he can't breathe, while a white officer pinned him down with his knee to Mr. Floyd's neck. This has sparked outrage all over the world, especially in the U.S., creating protest, that I think are still going on. This happened in May, so it has been at least 1 month and a half. So, it is polled as Republicans, Democrats, and Individuals, but we're just going to look at the overall. ( this is out of 1,909 adults- though the overall total says 1,859) So, 29% think that the protest has made them more likely to support teh goals of BLM, 33% say no change and 37% say it's less likely. In my opinion, I would have to go with the less likely. I mean, I believe, especially when it first started, that these protests were extremely wild. Burning police stations and looting shops, rioting, and vandalism, that isn't helping with this other than causing destruction across your own city. I'm not saying that black lives don't matter, I believe that all lives matter, only that the protests haven't made me likely to support the goals of the BLM movement. Next one.

Deploying U.S. military at protests. 22% say that they strongly support this, 18% support it, 22% NEITHER supports nor opposes it, 13% oppose it, and 25% strongly oppose it. I mean, this is a bit of a hard one. These protests did- or still are- get out of hand and went as far as burning a Wendy's after another black man was killed in it's drive-through, but is it really necessary?? I know right now that due to COVID, there might have been some military action called off- maybe- but do we really need this. I mean, these are soldiers trained and prepared for wars and battles and attacks, and we're going to deploy them for protests? Then again, teh police have tried as much as they can to settle the protesters down, which has not been going well. So, I have to say, I'm with that 22% who NEITHER oppose nor oppose it. 

Defunding the police. 12% strongly support this, 15% support it, 26% neither oppose nor support it, 18% oppose it, and 30% strongly oppose it. Well, why should we defund the police? Is this because of a murderous act, and something similar happening 2x in other states? I understand how bad it is, that this officer killed George Floyd, but why, why, why, should we defund the police. Think about before this happened. The police have stood for us, protected us, helped us every day. They risk their lives for us and do their best to uphold the law. When you think about it, in human nature, killing is not part of us. It was in the heat of the moment of what happened. If the officer heard teh rage and panic in George Floyd's voice, maybe this wouldn't have happened. But still, it was not right to do that. Not right at all. I am NOT on STRONGLY OPPOSE, but rather, only on, OPPOSE. It's not something I fully agree with or have all my opinion set on, but that doesn't mean that I think we should defund the police. What happens after this, after the protests might be over or when CORONA is over. Are we left without a justice system, a team of people to help us, and try to support and follow the law? What happens if that becomes our future?

So, these were only a few of the polls recorded in the paper. I'm merely giving my opinion and thought about it, and I hope you also have an opinion. Write tomorrow, BYE!

HI!! I have some important news before we begin our discussion on legally vs. ethically. My blog posts will be updated to different titles. They will no longer be Life of 12 years old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part  __ but instead will have correct or more relevant titles. They will still be part of the Coronavirus log, but not titled it. So, without any hesitation, let us start our blog!!! 

Now, this blog will also refer back to my other post on foreign students. It will refer to my opinion and President Trump's opinion, and several other examples that aren't related to that blog but are to this topic. 
Let's start with what these two words mean. Legal ( to shorten down legally) is what is set forth in government laws, or has some accordance with the law. Ethics is more about right and wrong in behavior, and in general. There are three different options. To be legally right and ethically right, to be legally right and ethically wrong, and legally wrong and ethically right. To make this more into perspective, we're going to look at President Trump's decision for sending students back to their home country.  Just a little while ago, President Trump declared that he wanted all foreign students to go back to their home country. Where he stands, as president, he is allowed to do that. He can come up with that idea, say it, declare it, etc. So, he is legally right, because he is allowed to do that, but ethically, wrong. It wasn't the right thing to do. These students have come into a brand new country, foreign to THEM, in culture, language, style, etiquette, and so much more. There was a post in today's newspaper. "Foreign students fear deportation." ( Here is the link to the post. I couldn't find the one on the website, but instead found it here.) It says, " ...We already paid so much money just to go to school here. We're already having to pay two to three times the normal tuition just to do this, and now that things are "inconvenient", they're just going to send us all home." This was said by 24-year-old, Indonesian Jadha Gunawan. This is true. Usually, college fees and tuitions are more expensive for foreign students than those who are citizens of that country. I'm not sure if it everywhere else as well, but I know that it is like that here in the U.S. If a student of the U.S. or citizen of it, were to pay $100 for the college, the foreign studnets would have to pay possibly $150. It's really expensive, as well as the flight here, which would also cost more. Maybe, some of these students come from families with not a lot of money. This has already put so much onto them. It's like their money was wasted because of this. So, in this case, President Trump would have been ethically wrong in his decision.

I have to say, he wasn't the only one wrong in that. I also said that that should happen- but only because I thought it would help them more. This was before legal and ethics were put into my mind. After that, I thought of this in a different way. Though I thought differently, it made me wonder, would my opinion instead be ethically right than wrong? I wanted this to happen because I thought it would help teh students. It would be terrible if they got infected. Some of them might have come alone, and may not realize they have the virus. The U.S. would be blamed for this, by the students' country, and who knows. Maybe that country wouldn't ket those students to go back. After what happened, it's like, who can trust them to take care of our people? I didn't want that to happen. So, then again, would it be ethically right, or still wrong?

Let's look at another example. This one is legally wrong and ethically right. In some stories, like fairytales, or just stories, or even real life, there has been this particular part. Where a husband breaks into a shop to get medicine for his sick wife at night. Now, you might be, why, did, you DO THAT? Breaking into a shop and stealing is not a good idea. It is not. But, you have to also understand the reason why. Would you also do that if your wife or family member or loved one were sick or needed help? That was what the man was doing. He knew he would get in trouble, but he had a good reason why he did it. Legally, he was wrong for breaking into the shop, but ethically, right, because he just helped someone. 

In my opinion, I believe that we should all aim for being legally and ethically right. It's right on both sides, not just one. Even if you can't, choose the one you believe is the right one. Like the man getting medicine for his wife. Though it was breaking a law, he helped his wife get better. Think about that. 

All right, I hope you have hopefully learned quite a lot form this post like I did, and start making choices based on this. I hope you all are well. BYE!!!!!

Hello everyone, so in my opinion, I think my blog cam out fairly well yesterday. To be honest, I had written almost all of it a few weeks ago, before not being able to finish it, and I just added my newer thoughts and a finish to it. Still, it came out really nicely. I'm proud of myself. Sadly, I do not have another blog in store for you that will or would have been as good as the last one for you. Right now, I am mentally exhausted. ( I'm trying to say that my brain is tired from working too much.) I just finished my Kumon, and despite how much fun I had with learning the Remainder Theorem and solving so many problems and equations with it I am exhausted. It took out nearly all my energy for today, so I cannot write a lot today. My topic for today was on Legally vs. Ethically. The day I wrote my ICE foreign student blog, I had a discussion on it at dinner. We discussed on how things can be legally right and ethically right, legally right and ethically wrong, and legally wrong and ethically right. I wanted to share what I had learned and related back to the post on that. About the action President Trump did and whether it was one of those. ( The legally right or wrong ) I will instead, write about that tomorrow, and write about something else today.

So, Middle Schoolers and up have to do a summer reading project. I love reading, especially in summer because I have plenty of time to read, but I absolutely dislike summer reading projects. I don't like to read for some project or assignment on it. I read to understand it. To experience different worlds and visit a different world of imagination and creativity. Of suspense and adventure and a fantasy version of real life. Even though I absolutely dislike these projects, I do do them because I don't like getting in trouble. Me getting in trouble, especially with an adult other than my parents makes me feel humiliated and embarrassed inside. Even if it's just a simple warning or a telling to stop, I will feel that inside me. I'm not really a bad kid in school, as I try really hard to do everything my teachers like me to do, but it does happen every once in a while. Off-topic. Anyway, as I was saying, I had a summer reading project this year. I chose the book, " The benefits of being an Octopus" as my book. I wanted to just take a peek at it, you know, read a few pages. And..... well... I think you already know what happened. Those pages turned into chapters and so on. I was reading it digitally, so I didn't knwo how much I had read. So, I checked it, and I 3 chapters away from finishing the book. In less than an hour and 30 minutes, I had finished a 25 chapter book. That's how good it was. It was such a new reading genre and style for me as well. I don't really read real-life experiences, but I did in this book, and I loved it. A simple 12-13-year-old girl becomes more aware of her family than before, only after joining a debate club. It changed her whole life, no matter how much she didn't want to attend it. I'm in love with it. It was and is such a fabulous read. I think you should check it out. It is such a well-written book and, it has so much to teach you. About debate I mean. And octopuses or octopi- whichever you want to call them. Anyway, I hope everyone checks this supper awesome book out, and stays safe. BYE!!!!!!!!11
Hello, so I had started this post a week or two ago and never got to finish it, and the topic is something  I have been waiting to write about it for a long time. Something which has been pending for sooo long. It's on Equal Rights. 

We all know about Equal rights. Equal rights for women, for people with different skin, for everyone, etc. In the past it wasn't equal nor was it fair for everyone, and to be honest, it may seem like it has changed and there are more equals for everyone today, but there isn't. This one is mainly going about to be one for women and girls. In the past girls were always thought to just take care of the house and be pretty. I think NOT. I mean, we girls have so much more than that. We can do everything and anything a boy can, but in our way, because we aren't boys. We're girls. Everyone assumes we can't. I've grown up watching Disney movies and Disney princess movies. I love Disney princesses, but one thing bugs me. I take this from the Wreck-it Ralph Break the Internet movie. ( Spoiler) When Vanellopee accidentally goes into the princesses' "room", she says she's a princess when they are about to attack her. The last question they ask her is, " Does everyone assume all your problems get solved when a big strong man shows up?" And, it's true. In the movies, the princesses are shown as not being able to do anything unless a prince or a big strong man shows up, which is ridiculous. I mean, except for Brave. I have to say, Brave is the first Disney Princess that never showed that. Merida didn't want to marry, so she fought for her own hand in archery- which she excelled at. Of course, she beat the "princes" in it and didn't stop even when her mother was telling her to stop. She was determined not to stop. To not give up. Aside from that, the movies are depicted with that same idea in mind. Which infuriates me! ( Though, I would still watch them because, why not? They're amazing movies.) Even today, even when women and girls can vote and do things like that, they still aren't technically equal. We never were. Even today, aren't there two different teams for sports? Girls basketball, boy's basketball? Same for everything else. Why is this so? Because we aren't equal. 

Another example. Mankind vs. Humankind. People always say mankind. "One small step for a man, one leap for mankind..." Why man or why mankind? Why not humankind or humans? Because at that time, men were supposedly "better" or could do more than any woman or girl could do. Even now, when women get the opportunity to do something, its always like, The first woman. And this is years after the first human has done it. And that human has been a man. This is not saying an accomplishment, it's just stating that women have done this for the first time after men have actually done it for the first time. It's pointing it out, rather than praise. Pointing out that women weren't equal and now they are being "treated" more equally than at first. There is actually a news article that came out a few days ago, saying The first woman to receive a Nobel Prize in Mathematics. Even in the post, it says it. It says that in teh past there have been only men who have received this prize. It's pointing that out. 

BUT, don't think that this is only a bad thing. The first woman can mean so much more than pointing out that in the past they weren't treated equally. It is also an inspiration or something to tell young girls. It tells them, that there has been a woman in space, or a first woman doctor, or scientist. It tells them that they can do what these amazing women have done. It tells them that nobody can stop you from doing this. No one can stop you from accomplishing so much, as much as any man can, or even more than them. I actually have an idea in mind. To, hopefully, have the First Female President.

In my career, I want to become a Lawyer. I want to become a good lawyer, the best one. I will work until that happens, and still won't. I know a friend, who is an amazing leader and debater. She has said that she wants to become President, and I'm thinking, that before there is one before I'm old enough and she's old enough to run, I'm going to try and help her become President. It's a small idea in my mind, but, one day, I think it will become a reality.  Even if that doesn't work, I will work all I can to become an accomplished lawyer and be one that no one has ever seen. So, to all the young women and little girls out there, I want them to know that they can do anything. If someone says that you can't do something, then you know that you have to do something, because you can. Don't let anyone stop you. Show them what it means to be a girl. And be proud that you are. ( I think I got a little too strong there : )  

I hope everyone stays safe and healthy and strong. BYE!
Hello! Today's post is actually on another news story from today. This is about Foreign students facing a ban.  And this is in school.  ICE says that they must leave the U.S. if colleges move classes online. 

President Trump has insisted that schools and colleges return to in-person-instruction as soon as possible. "After this guideline was released, President Trump repeated on Twitter that schools must reopen this fall, adding that Democrats want to keep schools closed for political reasons, not for health reasons." The main point here is that international students must take at least some of their classes in person, and new visas will not be issued to students or programs that are entirely online. This means that they will be sent back to their original country. Now, you may think that this may not be fair, but President Trump has a valid point when he issued this. If these students get sick, then they will have to be treated by the U.S. " Of particular concern is a stipulation saying students won't be exempt from the rules even if an outbreak forces their schools online during the fall term. It's unclear what would happen if a student ended up in that scenario but faced travel restrictions from their home country." I didn't fully understand this, but I have managed to understand enough. What I think they are saying, is that they aren't free form the rules even if an outbreak forces their schools online. I am not sure what it exactly means, but I do understand that it would be challenging to know or figure out what would happen if a student did end up in this scenario but has restrictions from their home country on traveling.  What "scenario"? The one mentioned above? 
Anyway, it would also be bad if this happened because, what if a student ahs coronavirus, but shows no symptoms. They would go back to their country and possibly spread the virus further, and maybe it is a mutated version that is possibly not in that country. Plus a lot of the students who go to the colleges are foreign, and if they lose those foreign students, then they would lose a lot. ( Money and such to keep the school running)  Though, I am not entirely sure how this would happen- losing money/ students. 

In MY opinion, I think that the foreign students be sent back to their country. WHY? Because them in the U.S. makes it the United States' responsibility for them and if they get infected, the U.>S would be the ones in trouble. But, before they do go- hopefully, this will happen no matter what- they have their temperatures checked, and be tested for COVID before leaving. If they are positive then they should be kept in teh U.S. so there is no risk spreading it further into their home country. Once they get back to their home country, let them continue their classes. Though, question, if they are supposed to take some classes in person- like President Trump requested-  and they are back in their country, away from the U.S., then would that be a problem? Would something happen like they wouldn't be able to continue their classes? If so, then I think they should probably stay in teh U.S. and continue classes from there. \

Anyway, I hope I have given a fair opinion on this, and that you have learned something new like I did. I hope everyone stays safe, healthy, and strong. BYE!
Hi, as you all know today is Monday. And, it, is, pouring. The rain has been drenching my plants and the trees and giving our houses a full-on shower for a while now. Today's topic is on a certain article I read in teh paper this morning. But before we do so, I want to give a quick update on teh COVID- 19 situations as it relates to the article. 

There are 11,703,049 total cases in the world. 3,023,911 cases in the U.S. and there have been 132,798 total deaths. 

So, I was reading the paper this morning, and there was an article about a woman who's mother nad sister passed away because of Coronavirus. I have to say, I am really sorry for that woman, and everyone else who has lost their loved ones to this pandemic. She was saying how after a Mother's day get together, the two of them got infected. They were very careful as they sanitized and social-distanced. It's not like they can say that they went to a big house-party so that may be where they got infected, because it may even be the most simple things or places. After she was alerted that her mother had it and that her mother was unconscious and on a ventilator, she was asked if she wanted to spend the last few moments with her mother as she has her last breath. Even though she wanted to, she did a very remarkable thing. She decided not to, as it would risk the others around her with the virus. She thought about others than just herself, no matter how hard it was to not be with her mom. "It was too painful for her to see people go back to normal life during a pandemic that took so much from her." The Dallas Morning News says. She finally had to respond when she saw a Facebook comment that downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus, saying that it only kills 2% of those who get it. " What is that 2% is your family?" She wrote back. " I lost my mom and sister. So that 2% still affects someone horribly still." She's right. People are so ignorant about what has been happening around them- the virus. I think that most people don't understand how deadly or bad it is until it affects them or someone they love or know. Like said in the post, to them, it's not that big of a deal if it only kills 2%, but what we need to know is that that 2% can hurt so much more. So everyone, please. Please take in the fact that there is a pandemic going on. It is something that will hurt you and cause you pain. It will also affect others, and cause them pain as well. Please, please, please, take it in. 
Hello! Today is a Sunday, as you can tell by my post, na di am going to do a book review on... The Warlock. So, I just finished the book yesterday, and I am so pleased and I loved the book so much. I think this is my most favorite book of the series. I knew it was going to be a good book. So, without further ado, let's get on with the book review. 


The twins of the prophecy have been separated as Josh Newman has chosen a side with Dr. Dee and Virginia Dare. Billy the Kid and Machiavelli have gone to set loose monsters on San Fransisco. Scatty, Joan of Arc, Saint Germain, Palamedes, and Will are in a different time of the Eart, and the world stands on the edge of destruction and death.  It's up to Sophie to find Josh before the battle begins, or all is lost forever.


I loved this book. I really can not find anything that I did not like from the book, s I will start with what I liked. The plot is so well thought out. What a brilliant plot twist that Josh leaves Sophie and goes with the enemy- only under a small spell and persuasion. New characters, Isis and Osiris, going back in time to Danu Talis to sink the island. Meeting Abraham the  Mage as he saves Scatty, Joan, Saint Germain, Palamedes, and Will, and Prometheus who doesn't realize he just saved his niece a few years before she even existed. Unbelievable!!!!!! Plus, Aunt Agnes is actually Tsagaglal, She Who Watches, Abraham's wife, and Gilgamesh the King's sister. I love the mystery and suspense. The drama, everything. How Josh is so easily being manipulated by Dee, how Mars Ultor is freed from his "prison" na dthe reason why he actually was imprisoned in the first place, how certain characters who were once foes team up as they battle for the thing they all want, and so much more. The descriptions are so clear and can actually be pictured. How Nicholas is given one more day to live, how the Locast was defeated, how everything falls in place as the book progressed. There is just so much in this book, that I cannot even start to explain how great it is. Plus, the ending is such a big shock and a major plot twist which adds so much more into the story. It is awesome. 


I have to say, there wasn't a lot of things I disliked. I think one of the things I didn't like was a part of Bastet, Anubis, and Aten. There is a part where Anubis and Aten were talking and Anubis was talking to his younger brother about how he shouldn't be talking bad about him and his wife and about his actions. And another where Aten is speaking to his mother Bastet about this and they're talking about how bad a ruler Anubis is. I didn't really understand that part and what it had to do with the story. Perhaps it comes into play in The Enchantress, but until then, I just didn't understand it. 

Anyway, I'mm off to start the next book of this series. The Enchantress. I have started reading it, and I am loving it. I hope everyone stays well. BYE!
Hello everyone, today is July 3rd which means that tomorrow is Independence day. Due to COVID, a lot of the regular celebrations for this day got canceled, so I just wanted to wish everyone an early Happy Independence day because tomorrow is my break day, and I will not write- like every Saturday. So, without any hesitation, let us get started on today's post. 
To be honest, I have no idea what to write in today's post. I would just usually write something really random and out of the blue, but I think that I should just write randomly. Like, write, but write something random and not mediocre. So, I might be getting a new Xbox soon. I currently have an Xbox 360 and the only thing I even play on it is Minecraft. My most favorite video game and the only video game that I have actually ever played. I'm not a pro or necessarily good after playing for 3 years, I mean, I only play in Creative, na whenever I try Survival, I give up in the first few seconds. Because I have an Xbox 360, I could only get the updates up to teh Update Aquatic, so I cannot get teh Village and Pillage update or the Busy Bees update, or the brand new 1.16 Nether Update that came out on June 23rd, 2020. I did a bit of research, and I found out that I could not get them on my current Xbox, nor would they come anytime sooner. So, I have decided that I want to get an Xbox One. Now, I didn't realize there were 2 versions. Na Xbox One X, and an S. So with a bit more research- and being told to do so by dad- I found out teh benefits and disappointments of the versions. 

An Xbox One X has more storage, quality, and such. It allows digital, disc, Blu-Ray, and other types of games. The Xbox One S Does not have as much storage or quality as this, nor does it allow disc games- which is a bad thing for me because I have a disc Minecraft game. The Xbox One X has 4K quality - or something similar to that- so, if you don't have a 4K TV, you won't get access to most of what is available. I don't have a 4K TV upstairs so, yeah. The Xbox One S doesn't have anything specific like 4K, so I'm good on that side- sort of. The Pricing is a huge difference though. The Xbox One X costs just about $499 dollars, and the Xbox One S is $199. $300 difference.  If I did get an Xbox One S, I would have to purchase an online Minecraft game- which is $19.99 extra- one-time payment- and is mainly for online games. Meaning, you need a LIVE profile. My dad has one, and I don't. I did say that maybe I could use his account until Mumma allows me to, but he says that he's not adding his profile to teh new one- if I get a new one. So, my best option is an Xbox One X, and maybe, I can get a used one for a much lower price.

I hope this was a bit informative and insight on the things I want list- which is very few actually. I hope everyone stays well and has a good rest of the day. I know I am because today has been a GOOD FRIDAY FOR ME!!!!!!! BYE!
Hello everyone! How are you? Today is the second day of July, which means this Saturday is the 4th of July, independence day. Today's post is going to be more of an update day. On my plants, and just in general, you know.  Let's get started. 

So, on my plants, we have good progress. My cucumbers have started growing flowers, which means that they will start to produce cucumbers soon!!!!!!!! And, my watermelon, which was taken over by Mumma's Karla plant has started growing it's little springs, at such a young stage. It's not very tall- as tall as my okra and cucumbers or as strong, but yet it is growing its "springs", and for that, I am extremely pleased. I am soo proud of myself and I cannot wait to "harvest" them to eat. I also wrote a 2-page story in Marathi. not much, but when you think about it, that's an achievement for me. My teacher actually gave us a starter, and I usually write my own stories, like the whole thing never with a topic or start given, so it was really hard. Harder than coming up with a story. I managed to turn it into a twist and into a fantasy story in the end, and a To Be Continued at the end so I could check and revise it in a day so it will be over. I do like it though. I actually started a draft in English, to get an idea of the story, and I'm really liking how it was turning out. I think that will be on my to-be-stories list. This is the only one on the list, besides a few that are in teh making of. I did have an art class today, and I have to say, the piece we drew was really nice. I think it was really nice. Just sketching, a picture of a lock that is opened with a wood background. The shading techniques and how the background came out was just beautiful in my opinion. I really enjoyed it. As well as teh piece from last time. A lovely watercolor one of a flower, that was extraordinary. It came out really nice with the different shades and blending and watered out colors technique. I really loved it. 

And, sadly, that is all I have to say. All my updates. I mainly just wanted to update you on my plants, and I will post a pic of them soon. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
You know what sucks the most in life, having an Indian dad. You know where I'm going with this. yup, dad has become once again, the most annoying person on the planet.  So, I was going to finish up a different post that I didn't get to publish as my post for today, BUT, my plans have changed so, let's get on with this. 

What I have read in the news that relates to me: 

Pretty much the only thing I can see or can find that relates to me is about the COVID cases. I probably do not have COVID, but to have more caution as cases may start to rise is relates to me. ( First, before continuing, please note that I am just figuring out what to do with this topic that just came up as I write this) 

Fauci: 100,000 cases daily possible is what I chose. Dr. Fauci from teh government's top infectious- disease specialist says/ warns that teh U.S. could soon start to have 100,000 new Coronavirus cases a day "if this does not turn around". He says that it would be a surge that would be more than twice as many as the record and three times as many as the peak of the original surge this spring. This means, that what's coming next is going to me 2x as more than what happened this spring. There have been a lot of images of Americans gathering in bars or other crowds which is foreshadowing a greater surge in infections. I'm guessing that this is because more than half of them probably aren't wearing masks. I mean, it doesn't relate to me that much, but it does. It means that I have to be more careful, which I don't really think is possible;le. To be honest, I pretty much do NOTHING in my house as I continue to wish for this pandemic to be over. I only go outside for morning walks, and otherwise, I don't go far. But, that means that my parents, who go out, have to be more careful. I knwo that they are, with gloves, and masks and full-on hand sanitizing whenever they really need to or when they are in contact. Yes they do all this, but who knows, the virus could infect them even when they think they were protected enough. The world is changing by this. And it's not in a good way. 

Is this only in the U.S. or is it going to be everywhere? Probably just in the U.S. Another thing, President Trump has said that he wants to reduce teh testing so there are fewer cases. First, less testing does not mean that teh cases will be fewer, but that the number of cases that are known about will be fewer. Second, I don't think that's a good idea. Yes, this is getting out of hand wildly, but it will probably is much worse if there is less testing. Fewer people can get hospitalized quickly and can actually know whether they have COVID or not. I don't even know where we are on teh number of cases for the U.S. I stopped looking/ checking the numbers. All I know or think I know is that the numbers for cases have been going up, up, up. And they have not been getting better that much lately. 

Ok, I really have to go. I really need to finish something up, which is going to be trouble for me if I don't do. Ok, signing off, bye!