Hello! I know I didn't write yesterday- because I had so much to do I got overwhelmed and started getting tired- but I'm back!!!! So yesterday, I finished The Necromancer and I am going to do a book review on that today, as my topic. Without further ado, let it begin...


Finally home in San Fransisco, Sophie and Josh are more confused about what's ahead of them. Scatty's gone, Machiavelli is coming to unleash thousands of monsters on the city from Alcatraz, and John Dee is still after them. Neither of them has mastered the actual elemental powers they will need to defend themselves, and what's more is that they must ask themselves, whether they can trust Nicholas Flamel or not. Worse, can they trust anyone?


The Necromancer was ok. I have to be honest and say that, The Magician was the best book I've read so far- in the series. There was a lot of action in teh 3rd book, and when it started in The Necromancer, it went well, before going down into boredom. It started getting less interesting in the middle. There wasn't much to feel excited or visualize about. No action or anything. Yes, there was action, but none that was of any interest in my opinion. It didn't come out as great as I had been expecting. Especially the newest character. Virginia Dare. She's supposed to be this mysterious immortal who has an incredible flute that can do a lot of strange and magical things and supposedly killed her master and survived. There wasn't a lot about her, like about her being mysterious besides just saying- " he knew little about her". 

I did like the ending though. There was a part near the end where it was sooo interesting. So, throughout the book, there has been a mentioning of Danu Talis, and how the magic civilization fell. What we don't know is how. Everyone has been saying, I was there, I saw it happen, but in the near end of the book, there is a chapter where Sccatach, Joan,Saint- Germain, Palamedes, and Will go back in time 10 thousand years ago with a mysterious man to when Danu Talis was still thriving. this is because, they were in teh Final Fight, which brought it down. they were the ones who made this happen and made it happen. now, I'm not sure how- yet- as I am just starting the Warlock, but I do know, that it is going to be EPIC!!!!!! I cannot wait to find out what happens. 

Also, remember what I said in teh last review, about teh covers being connected to teh plot. Well, I have cracked teh code for the cover of The Necromancer. The main image on teh cover is a skull with golden eyes. Yes, Necromancy is about raising teh dead, but this crystal is so much more than showing that. This crystal skull is ancient magic, which is used to find where josh went after he mysteriously leaves the Shadowrealm. The smaller symbol beneath that is supposed to be an Aztec symbol. When Josh is learning fire Magic, Prometheus gives him a sunstone- with the same symbol carved on it- and that becomes Josh's trigger symbol. I cannot tell what the one on teh left is, but I have a feeling the one on the right is possibly a Japanese symbol because there is a new character who is Japanese. 

Anyway, that is my review of the book. It was not as descriptive or informative as the others, but I do hope that you have enjoyed and learned more about the book through my opinions. Bye!

Hi! So today is Friday, and my, what an exhausting and tiring and busy week it has been. I cannot wait for tomorrow and I just hope today goes by quickly. I do have Marathi shala, but to be honest, I am just a bit excited about that. I need to write this blog really quick, but even though I have so much time before class, I want to relax more because I am really tired. Plus, I have a new piece that I have just started, and thanks to my dedicated time and practice, I have been able to finish I and play it through with little mistakes, meaning, that I can try to play it with teh accompaniment. I can finish it quicker, start the new one quicker, and finish my book faster. Huzza! I want to practice that a bit before I start to relax. There's not really anything else. I mean, I did solve a difficulty rating 4 out of 5 Sudoko puzzle yesterday and forgot to write about it, but otherwise, nothing else. This is such an awkward blog. Haha. Erm...... there really isn't anything else to write about. I mean, I have a lot of topics I need to write about, but right now is not the best time to write about them. Soooo yeah..... Bye.
Hi! So, today is Thursday, but it very much feels like a Friday. And, though it sounds good, trust me, right now, it is not a good feeling. Today is going to be another book review day. On, The Sorceress! I have to say, these books are just getting better and better. I love it. I highly recommend that everyone checks these books out. 


Paris was left a wreck by Dee and Machiavelli, yet the Book of Abraham's missing pages are in safe hands kept away from the Dark Elders and Dee. After Scattach goes missing, and Perenelle stays stuck on Alcatraz, Sophie and Josh must head towards London with a weakening Nicholas Flamel, a city John Dee has under control. Their only protection and hope are to learn the third Elemental magic- Water Magic- from an Elder. The only option is Gilgamesh the King, and he's absolutely insane. 


As the book has started and gradually progressed, I have started understanding the series more and more. At the start, I was completely BAFFLED by the plot and about what has been happening, but slowly it has started ironing out and becoming clearer. I now understand the covers and the titles of the book, which is a big clue about what the story is going to mainly be about. The Alchemyst was more about Nicholas Flamel and the two symbols at the bottom became clearer to understand. Through the plot, the twins are mentioned for having a pure silver and gold aura. Silver for the moon, and gold for the sun. The two symbols are a sun and a moon. This story was about Nicholas Flamel, and the twins you are the twins of the prophecy. In The Magician, it explains more about Dr. Dee, who is a Magician, and the symbols are the trigger symbols for Fire magic. The main design is also one of Fire, which is the 2nd Elemental magic they learn. In the Sorceress, this one is more about Perenelle Flamel. There were far more scenes or chapters with Perenelle. The main design is a cup filled with water, the next elemental magic they learn. The symbol on the left is a spider, and through books 2 and 3, Perenelle is associated with an ancient Spider Elder who helps her. Now, moving on.

There is so much magic through the book than before. There wasn't a lot of magic in Book 1, only small explanations of auras and small bits and spells done by Nicholas, but now there is A LOT more. More thrill. More to what I might have been looking for when I first started the series. The first book lacked a lot of magic and greatness. It didn't give a lot about teh magic characters, only saying that they are The Immortal Nicholas Flamel, or Perenelle Flamel, or Scattach the Warrior Maid. But now, there is so much. So much more description through teh book. Now, I can start to imagine and visualize myself in the scene as the twins meet Shakesphere or when Josh uses Clarent- the sword. There are also so many surprises. Like, I expected Gilgamesh to be an actual king, not the person he is mentioned as in the book. Plus there is a lot of mystery, small ones that last for a few seconds, and some that leave you open-mouthed and in desperation to read the next book. Near the time of meeting Gilgamesh, there is so much confusion. Like the characters are arguing on who is an enemy to who or what they did. So many turns and changes. Amazing.

But, then again there are a few things that I did not like. There were a few mysteries left behind in teh end. like, what happens to the ancient Spider Elder? Of course, these are meant for the next book, but then again, there are still a few that needed to be explained further. Billy the Kid. He's supposed to be this great immortal who did something that got him immortality in his 20's. What did he do? There wasn't any description or information on what he did or anything. Machiavelli had a background story as well as Dee. Why not Billy the Kid? Another thing. When Scattach goes missing, they didn't fully explain what happened to her. How she came back. They just say that she battled her attacker for a long time, lost him, and went back to Joan and Saint- Germain.  Can't they explain what happened properly? I feel like there should have been so much more to that. She's The Shadow, a legendary warrior, and she just wins a battle as simple as this?? No no no no no. It should be more informative. That's what this story and the series lack. Information. 

ANyway, I hoep everyone stays well, and my book review was well. I will see you in the next post. Bye!
Hi, so I am in a bit of a rush today. I have to do something incredibly boring and something at all means I do not want to do at 5:30, but I have to because it's a task given by dad, and task given by parents are ones you have to do, no matter how much you refuse and don't want to do it. I know that by the time I post this, it will be around, but, I just wanted to write this so I don't forget or get tired later. Updates: So, I just finished The Sorceress this morning, and have started The Necromancer. This is Book 4, and that means that I am just 1 book away from reading The Warlock, which is Book 5. YES! The story still prevails, and it continues to thrill and interest me as one book starts and finishes. 

I was supposed to do a book review on that today, but then dad's utterly boring and annoying task showed up, so I had to change my plans a bit. UGH!!! I am extremely busy, dad! I literally had to almost rush through my Kumon Reading packets after hearing this, and now I am practically madly typing away on my keyboard to finish this blog. What else? I dunno. I guess, I just found a new song that I like. How Long- but I prefer it sung by KIDZ BOP. It's really catchy. I'm actually listening to it as I write this bit. Ummmm, I get Bubble Tea either tomorrow, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, because it's just going to be me and Mumma at home, as dad is going on a ride. Sooo, yeah. I just asked Mumma if I could get some as we planned on the fun we were going to have, at home, when he was away, and I asked if I could get some. Obviously, she said yes- why would I have said that I'm getting some if she hadn't said yes?? Lol. Ok, so it is 5:02, and I have no clue about if I should keep writing or just finish up. Ooh, I get shrimp for dinner. Mumma made some for dad's bike friends- for the ride, and we get some as dinner for tonight. Ummmmmmmmmm...... Yeah, I guess that's all. I knwo this was one of the strangest posts I have written, but thanks for staying and reading on. Time to go do that super boring and annoying task dad gave me. Bye.
Hi, so my post is a bit late so I'm gonna write a bit less, and probably a bit more mediocre like. Lol. Plant update: So, I was watering my plants last night, when dad came, and we were observing the plants when we realized that there is actually a cucumber plant growing with the okra plant bunches. Oh no. Apparently one of the seeds accidentally grew with the okra, so I have the plant mixed in. What's worse, is that the cucumber plant is the one that seemed to be growing healthily with the okras. Meaning- the biggest one in leaf and stem size.  Ack! What's good, is that my pineapple seems to be getting used to its surroundings. It is losing a few leaves because of the heat- Texas heat is very painful, especially in the summer- but it is not dying. My tomato is just as it is. It has not shown any sign of dying or growth. So.... yeah. Umm, I finished most of my book- The Sorceress, and that means that I can start Necromancer faster, finish it faster, and start reading the actual book in the series that looks interesting. The Warlock. I know people say not to judge a book by its cover. Like, even if it doesn't look cool, try reading it, but The Warlock looks sooo cool. I mean, doesn't this cover look cool? As well as The Enchantress!

But, I've got to read all the other books first. The story will be even more amazing that way. I'm improving in Japanese. I've finished Katakana 1, and am starting Intro 1. I've completed all 4 levels of Hiragana and Greetings. I've learned to say Hello, Nice to meet you, My name is, I am Japanese, I am from Japan, I am Chinese, I am from China, Sorry, Good night, Good Morning, Likewise, Bank, Fruit, Telephone, Student, teacher, school, bird, cat, dog, numbers 1-7, and so much more. It feels really exciting when you can learn new things! I know I'm learning Marathi as well, but for some reason, learning Japanese is more fun than Marathi- probably because I am using an app. Still, it's exciting. Umm, I guess that's it. I hope everyone is well, and safe. BYE!!!!!!!!!!!

You know, writing a series for this long, almost every day, makes you wonder how much you've done or actually accomplished. I'm at 67 parts now. I'm awfully close to 100, and I'm not sure when I should stop the series.  I'm thinking about ending it near the start of school, or I could continue it, and write about how the school has changed for COVID-19 safety. 

Hello!!!! Today's topic is going to be another book review. I finished the 2nd book of the series I am reading, just last or 2 weeks ago, and I am doing a review on it. This one is about Book 2 of The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series. This book is, The Magician. 

I have to say, The Magician was a much better book than the first. it made me feel more interested in reading the rest of the series, and it had more action. It was much better. Let's start with Likes and Don't like.

Nicholas Flamel, Sophie, Josh, and legendary warrior Scattach have come to Paris. A place teeming with more enemies and associates such as Niccolo Machiavelli, than friends. Perenelle is still trapped, and Nicholas is running out of time to save her. To learn the 2nd elemental magic, Fire Magic, Sophie must train with Saint-Germain, Nicholas' old student, alchemist, magician, and a rock star. 

This book had more action and it was clearer to understand. Even though it was mainly in one setting or one country the whole time, it turned out really nicely. So much suspense and magic and action, it was awesome. Even though the book had more characters, they were all used and no one was left out or forgotten about. In the last one, there were a few characters that wouldn't come into the next book and it was maid well to explain why they wouldn't, but they didn't really do much. They only had like a few times when they showed up, whereas, even though some characters would be defeated or would not show up again, it was well plotted out on how they would not return, and were mentioned more. 

I have to say, there wasn't a lot of things to not like in this book. There are a few things though. In the beginning, when introducing a new character, they were explaining where he was and what he had been doing as he lived- because he is immortal-, but it doesn't really tie into the rest of the story. Was I just to mention what he liked to do or would it come in handy? I wasn't sure. Another thing, in this book there is more info and more parts with Perenelle Flamel. Throughout, they have been saying things like, The Sorceress is unbeatable, she is really powerful, etc. I know that as she is aging, her powers are weakening, but still, her powers don't see that extraordinary or powerful to me. I would like more parts with Perenelle showing more of her extraordinary powers.

Other than that, the book was such an improvement compared to the first one. I have started reading Book 3- The Sorceress, and it is very fascinating. 

I'm not going to give any spoilers, but, I have to say, this book is convincing me that Nicholas Flamel and his wife may not be all heroic and amazing as everyone says. That perhaps, they may not be on the "good side" nor the "bad side". Just, on their own side. NO MORE SPOILERS!!! Anyway, I hope everyone is well and checks out these books. Despite the first book not being as impressive, it is a remarkable series that is well written, and I think everyone should check it ou.t BYE!!!

Hello! Today is father' day, and I just wanted to wish a very happy father's day to all the amazing dad's out there. I hope you have a lot of fun and enjoy this special day! What I got for my dad, is actually something I am going to make. So, I like to watch a lot of cooking videos, usually, ones from the youtube channel- Tasty, and they usually are sweet treats. The reason that they are sweet treats, is because I want to create special food for my family and friends and sweets are really special, so it really fits. Plus, they have a lot of decoration and look really good. So, I usually don't create any of these recipes because we usually don't have all the supplies, or I just don't feel like making them, but, every once in a while, we will 100% have all teh materials, so I want to get cooking! I actually found this really cool, Cookies and Cream mousse recipe. It's only 3 ingredients, Sandwich cookies, Heavy Cream, and Powdered sugar, and very simple and easy to make. I'm hoping that we can eat them for dessert tonight, but I just have to figure out when to make them. I want it to be like a surprise, a very tasty and special surprise. I have finished task one, and I need to continue task 2 to start my next one. Task 2 includes using a mixer, which is loud, and my dad is asleep, so, yeah. Don't want to wake him. Anyway, I hope everyone is well. This has been a very very brief blog, not even a blog. This is just a random paragraph written. um, I hope everyone stays healthy and well, and every father has a good time today. BYE!!!!!!
Hello! So, we have another new topic. This one is about DACA. DACA stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Its purpose is to protect immigrants that came to the U.S. when they were children from deportation. It does not provide an official legal status or a pathway to citizenship, but it does allow them to be " lawfully present" without the threat of deportation. Now, you may be asking, well, what is deportation? Deportation is when you are thrown out of a foreign country. Today, I am going to be sharing my thoughts, not my dad's, not mumma's, not anyone else's, but MY thoughts, on DACA. 

Well, first of all, this topic came up to be written about after there was front story news about, " Dreamers celebrate DACA's preservation" written by The Dallas Morning News. Now, I don't know a lot about DACA, but I do know that it was created by President Barack Obama, and President Trump wanted to get rid of it, or just not have it. So, without further ado, here are my thoughts on DACA.

I think DACA is both good and bad. I mean, at the start, these are children who don't know what is happening and are in a foreign country. They are illegal, meaning that they aren't even citizens of the strange country around them, and don't know what to do. I believe that DACA is very helpful, because, without it, the children would have been immediately deported back to their country. But, there could have been many reasons why they would have come to the U.S. in the first place. If you think about it, when the children go back, they will also be like foreigners to their original country, meaning that they don't really have any place to live or stay. The U.S. government will not deport the children for 2 whole years, which is a good side, but also bad. What happens after 2 years. How can they become legal citizens, or do something so they are not unlawful in 2 years or even after 2 years? Though they can apply for a renewal of the action, and they are encouraged to do so 4 or 5 months before the 2 years are up. This is a good thing. But one question. How old are the children? Are they like teens, pre-teen, infant? How can they do all this? They don't know what to do, they are living in a completely foreign country that isn't even a home for them, and they have 2 years time for not being deported- putting aside renewal options. 

But, there is one more side to this. I mean, I'm not sure if it is possible or if it might happen, but with this act, people might be like, Oh, the U.S. isn't gonna deport me back to where I came from. I have 2 years to stay there and I can always ask for another 2 years. More and more people might come, and it's not right. If they want to come, they shouldn't be illegal. It's okay for them to be immigrants, but not come illegally. But then again, these children didn't know. They probably didn't have a choice. What should we do? What can THEY do? 

Anyway, it is late. I had started writing this a little while before Marathi Shala, and the rest is after it. It is 7 p.m. and it is getting late, plus I am getting a bit worn out for teh day. Tomorrow we are having new adventures and another barbeque- very very safe one that is socially distancing- and I am ready for dinner. BYE!
Hello!!! Today's topic is a very strange one. So, dad gave me a topic on whiskey, and a book to research and read about it. I have to say, I still don't understand the greatness of Whiskey. Or Whisky, as they spell it in Scotland, Japan, India, etc. Except for the U.S. and Ireland. 

So, there are different types of Whiskeys. Scotch, Bourbon, etc. They all are different in different countries and made differently. Yet, they still are the same thing. A spirit, or liquor. Plus, they are aged. For years. And years. The top 5 major countries producing whiskey are Scotland, the U.S. Ireland, Canada, and Japan. 

Scotch- Scotland Whiskey- is traced back to the 15th century, and was initially valued for its medicinal powers, and early examples were of herbs and berries. Bourbon is more popular in teh U.S. and is more concentrated in Bourbon County, as there apparently is one, but around teh towns of Louisville, Bardstown, and Frankfort. In Tennessee, a different yet distinctive style of whiskey is made. An example is a brand- Jack Daniels. Crown Royal, a Canadian whiskey brand, and all Canadian whiskey brands are made from blends of different grains and combine rye, corn, and malted barley. Though Japan is one of the 5 leading whiskey producers, Japan has the youngest whiskey industry. The model for their whiskeys is single malt scotch. 

Moving on. Here are my thoughts. Why are people so into this? I mean, its just whiskey, and they all are. There are so many different styles, but they are all the same thing. It's not a big deal. Right? OF course, many people would be shouting, " You're wrong! Whiskey is so unique!" I don't understand what's just so great about it! Plus, if you want to convince me, then give me a book that doesn't just tell you the origins of all different whiskeys. Like the book, I am holding right now- dad. 

Ehh, but I guess it is cool that despite the fact that they are the same thing, they all are made in their own way. Like, the malts ( whatever they are) are different and how they are made, and what tastes better or goes better with them.  I guess you could say that it is pretty cool. 

Anyway, I hope everyone learned, maybe just a little bit about Whiskey, or more than they originally knew. To be honest, I did learn a few more things. Like, I never knew that there were multiple types or where they are common. Bye!
Hello! Today is a great day, though there are so many things bad happening around that I don't know whether I should be happy it is. Would it affect the bad things, or have it stay the same. But then again, a bad thing must happen for a good, and a good thing must happen for a bad. ( Sorta) Does that mean that because the Coronavirus is a bad thing, there will be something good alongside it? After it?? Questions. So many of them. Sometimes I think that there aren't enough answers in the world to answer them. What do you think, readers? How is your day going so far? To be honest, I do think that today isn't the best one. It became an extremely strange day, for me. Does it happen to you like that? Where it starts off as a good day, but then progresses into a bad one until it becomes a good one, in the end, just a little bit? Ack, I'm not writing about anything interesting! Sorry!

A lot of the deaths- the death rate- from COVID- 19 has been reducing, which is such a relief. At least, I think it's the whole world, or maybe just the U.S. The only bad part is that the number of cases hasn't been reducing. At this time, you can't help but feel terrified. At my doctor's appointment, I have to say I was a bit nervous when they took my temperature. Because, well, I wonder what would happen if I had Corona. It would be the worst thing ever. I was so nervous to know if I had a fever or not. And I guess a lot of people are like that as well. Though, it doesn't show. Right now, it's been chaos, this year. Despite the fact that a pandemic is going on, protestors have been everywhere, causing mayhem or not. I think that cases have still been going on because of this. People want these to go on, the protests until there is equality. But, can it wait. Can we wait for the pandemic to be over first? You don't know who is infected or not, and it becomes even riskier when there are thousands of hundreds of people on the streets, closely knit together and touching.  Ack, I'm getting too deep again!

I think that's it, for now. I hope that the virus is over faster and that the deaths stop along with the cases. I also hope that something happens about these protests. I don't know what, whether it is giving equality, or something else, but something. Bye
Hello!!!!!! So, we haven't done this is quite a long time, and I guess we'll do it again!!

Today, there are 8,228,384 total cases worldwide, 444, 456 total deaths, and 4,289,098 recoveries. Nice!

So, as I have been mentioning through long paragraphs or short brief updates, there is a lot of BLM ( Black Lives Matter) protests around the world. Not just the U.S., but around the world. ( By the way, here is the link for the Great Big Story video I was referring to) SO, these have been happening because an officer pinned down a black man, George Floydon his neck, and kept doing so even when George Floyd was saying that he can not breathe. Sadly, Mr. Floyd died, and this action sparked up thousand of angry protestors to rally and shout that Black lives matter. Now, the police know that this officer did not do the right thing and he is in prison and fired. But, when teh protests got out of hand, the police have been using rubber bullets and tear gas to disperse the crowds. They're trying, ok. And the police really want the protests to stop. But, just last week or last last week, another black man was killed, and even after he was saying that he has congestive heart failure when the officers were pinning and tasering him down because he forgot to DIM HIS HEADLIGHTS, they didn't listen. What's worse, is that a crew from a TV show was filming teh whole thing, and decided NOT TO HELP. One more. Just recently, another black man was shot because the police tried to handcuff the man, but he was resisting and ran away with the taser they were using on him. He actually was cooperating with teh police when they pulled him over from a Wendy's and agreed to do a breath test. agin, protests have come and torched down the restaurant. It took firefighters about an hour to get to the restaurant because the whole place was swarmed with protestors. If you think about it, the police are just making this whole thing WORSE!!!!!

They want the protests to stop, but officers are just making it worst by killing 2 more people. UNBELIEVABLE! 

But, what happened and is on the news today is even worse! 3 officers went to a Shake shack for some milkshakes and are now being hospitalized. They will live, but their shakes had a foreign substance in them. The officials are saying that the substance was... BLEACH. Oh my gosh, this is getting out of hand. A chief of police said something- I can't remember the whole thing said- about how the environment around us is not stable- I think it was stable- if officers' food is harmful. I think it was something like that, not exactly, but close. this means, that our environment is not stable right now. People are torching and harming and hurting and screaming everywhere. It has become a mess. What have we all become? We have become a mess! Teh year 2020 was supposed to be good. It was supposed to be a cool year. 20-20. Like, 20-20 vison. Perfect eyesight. Good year!!! What has 2020 become instead???? A year with a deadly pandemic. A year with so many protests. A year with torching and riots.  A year with officers' being poisoned with Bleach in their shakes. What has this year become????? This is the worst year I have ever experienced. In any way possible, can we give back the year 2020 for a new one? Or just skip it, and move onto 2021? ( By teh way the last 2 sentences are a joke.) 

Anyway, i hope this year is better in like, really quickly. Um, stay safe. Bye...
Hey!!! It's a fresh new week and a fresh new start to our blogs! Today, I am going to do the same thing as I did in a more previous blog. Before I did a music recommendation, so now I am going to do a book recommendation. Now, my list might be a little long, so I decided to cut it short and share only the best books out of them all. 

So, my favorite type of genre is usually fantasy, historical fiction, mystery, and sometimes, biographies. I have to say, a lot of my favorites are mainly fantasy, so that maybe what is the main genre in my list. My list also includes book series'.

First, I have to say, no matter what amazing, or awesome book series there may be in the universe, this book series is my number one favorite, and hopefully, everyone has read it.  It is, Harry Potter. I absolutely love Harry Potter, and I got the series when I was 5 or 6. I fell in love with the movies, because my parents first showed me the movies, so they got me the books.  I know that you shouldn't watch the movie before the book, but, to get me into the series, my parents had me watch the movies first.

 Next, is Percy Jackson. I started reading Percy Jackson in 3rd grade. I started reading the series because dad told me to, and no matter how much I really dod not want to say this, but, I want to thank dad for getting me to read the books. After the first one, I just took off, reading the rest of the series. 

STUART GIBBS!!!!!! The Stuart Gibbs books, Spy School Series, Moon Base Alpa series, Fun Jungle series, and Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation. These books are all mystery, and I love them. I have to say, my most favorite is a tie between the MoonBase Alpha and Funjungle series.  I have to say though, I think Moon Bas Alpha will top as my favorite Stuart Gibbs series, because, only a few Funjungle books were good, or really interesting. 

The next book is A Crack in the Sea. To be honest, I actually don't remember a lot about the book because I read it a long time ago, but I have to say, it is such a fabulous and amazing book, that I want you all to check it out. After that, is The girl who drank the moon. Again, I read it a while ago. I mean, I remember a lot about the book, but I'm not really sure how to explain it. 

Then comes Kate Dicamillo. 
Kate Dicamillo is an author, and the author of, The Tale of Desperaux, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, Because of Winn-Dixie, and so much more. I love her books. In 3rd Grade, we were going to read, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane, and after reading the title, I was just desperate to start reading it. It sounded like such a good book, and it is!!! I had also started reading The tale of Desperaux after that, and I later found out that we would be reading the same book as our project, as I started 4th grade. Lucky me!! 
Katherine Applegate. The author of Crenshaw and Wish tree, two amazing books. Just, amazing. Amazing books. I don't know what else to say. They're just that good. Her stories are so much like Kate Dicaamillo's.
Next, is Wings of Fire. In 5th grade, I went nuts for the book. I loved the series so much, that it was the only thing I would talk about. There is actually, another book published that I have not read- Dragonslayer, which is like an extra book- and book 14 of the series, which is in the making. 

2 books. Number the stars, and The Giver. Both are by Lois Lowry and are just fantastic. I had actually read a part of Number the stars in a Kumon practice sheet, and, in the same year- 4th grade- we were supposed to read the book. I was soo excited because, I knew almost all of the whole book, and I really wanted to read the rest of it. The same thing happened with, The Giver, and Mumma kindly brought it over from the center so I could read it. HUZZA!!!!! Ack! There's so many!!!! 

To finish it off, I want to recommend these books. I have not read them yet, but I want to, or am, and have not finished them yet.

The Immortal Secrets of Nicholas Flamel series, The Boy in Striped pajamas, PAX, Code Talker, Out of My Mind, and, Chronicles of The one series. I actually discovered the Chronicles of The one series today, as I was starting another story and I was looking to see if my title was already another book name. It wasn't but it was close to one book of the series. I wanted to read the book, so I researched it, as you know, I want to read it. 

Anyway, that is my list of book recommendations. I said it was going to be short, and it is short. I have a whole bunch more, so, this is short for you!!! Bye!!!!!!

Hello!! So, quick news, currently, at 2:30 p.m. I will be going on a short bike ride with my friend and, by the time I finish this blog, I would have already done so. Now, we go to the same school and were in the same P.E. class this year- 6th-grade year- but we never really talked much. you know, I started having new friends, she started having new fri3nds. But, we still talk. I'm really excited and a bit nervous at the same time. Before all this, I washed dad's car and motorcycle, and I love to clean. Not clean, clean, but just make things cleaner than dirtier. I don't like seeing grime or dirt without the feeling of washing it all away with some soap and water. We polished the metal and softened the leather- which I did for the first time- on dad's motorcycle, and you can tell the difference really well. You can't tell if something was dull until after you polish it up. I also washed dad's tires which were so dirty, that I had so much satisfaction in cleaning them. I don't know. I'm just strange that way! Eight more minutes till my alarm for 2:00 goes off. I wanted to write this really quickly so that when I come back, I have less HW, less than I usually do on Sundays, and so that I can relax faster. 

Updated news, another black man was killed, as it included protestors torching down a Wendys- the restaurant- and a shooting. How many times??!!!!!!! One death after another, and all 3 are black deaths!!!! The police know that there are protests for the death of George Floyd, and what they are doing, with these 2 new ones, are probably just sparking more reason to protest!

Also, I wanted to tell you readers this. So, I like to watch the Great Big story, which is a youtube channel that explains things like the most poisonous garden on earth, how the 1,000-year-old eggs are made, who invented Chinese take out boxes, etc. A more recent video was showing a small clip from every protest in the US. You could see, massive crowds, lining the streets, speakers shouting and protestors screaming and yelling for Black Lives Matter and justice. People kneeling for losses, holding signs.

Anyway, once again, this is another really random and sometimes mediocre post that I write when I am tired or have no clue to write about. I hope everyone is well, and I wish that Corona is over soon. Bye!!
Hii! So, I have been going through my older posts, from when I first started out as a blogger, and I started realizing how much difference there is between my styles then, and now. First, I want to thank you, dear readers, for sticking through and reading my blog even if it is a bit strange when reading. Some of them were mean, awkward, happy, professional, confusing, but still, you have stuck through and have continued to read. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

When I first started out, in 2015, I started writing this because my dad wanted me to. We were moving to Texas, and I'm not sure if it was after or in between we moved, but I know it was when we were moving. Even if it was a short paragraph, I had to write. Dad got me to start that, and it was just about writing. Getting me comfortable. I wrote about sooo many random things. About my stuffed animals, favorite TV shows, which didn't really talk about anything, and so much more. I still go back to them to this day and read about what my past self wrote. About what went on in my mind at that time. Later, I started getting more detailed, and started talking about other things. Mean kids, weather, my mom was sick, what I did in school. We moved to describe feelings. We went to Hockey games and concerts, and Mexico trips. In between all this, I had forgotten to write a blog for more than a year. Then, the Coronavirus came and made things fall apart. I soon began my Coronavirus log na things got to a good start. Dialy logs changed to what was happening around me, to the news, to learning new things, to old memories, to tips and news, and to thanks to my dear readers. 

In 40 minutes from now- 5:00 p.m., I have to set up my desk for Marathi shala, and I needed to finish my blog quick, so I have a little time to rest. Even though classes are supposed to be over, I have to take another test so was are supposed to review that. Though last class we didn't even do anything, just talked, and I managed to not embarrass myself for the whole time, until the very end. So much for trying to do my best. Anyway, today we are doing a short statement- about 10 sentences about what we have been doing this summer. Here is my list:

  • Learning Latin and Japanese on Duolingo
  • Reading a lot of books
  • I'm studying Algebra 1 and GEometry so that I can skip Geometry next summer ( BTW I'm already a grade level of math ahead so if I don't pass I'm still going to be ahead)
  • Started my own garden for the very first time- this year
  • I have  Okra, cucumbers, watermelon, - growing, and strawberries, pineapple, avocados, mangoes, bell peppers, and beans still germinating
  • I'm writing a blog every day, Coronavirus log
  • I'm practicing my violin every day to practice for the next school year
Anyway, that is the summer things I am doing list. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi readers, so today I am a bit busy and I have been working so much that it feels like it has been 20 hours despite that it has barely been 7. So, today's blog is going to be extremely short, yet fun and maybe not mediocre. So, I just took off my headphones and I noticed that my ears hurt- well duh, but not only that. Usually, when working and writing blogs I like to listen to a bit of music, which always makes me feel better. So, I thought that I would share some of my favorite songs that re fun to sing along to. Before this, I'm going to give a short backstory so you understand why I have these songs as my favorites.

So, I'm not really that much into music. I really don't like A LOT of music so I am really picky. First, I am no going for explicit songs and weird ones. Pretty much- all of them are weird. But, occasionally there are a few that are really catchy. I've always been listening to the tunes that my parents like which are usually Bollywood songs. I have always liked those because they have so much energy and are fun to listen to. In second grade, I had begun a new school, and in my old one, the teachers never really play music doing our work. We'd all just talk. So, when our teacher's played music when I was in Elementary school, it was naturally one playlist. The KIDZ BOP playlist. Eventually, I started getting used to that and, I guess, I started liking it. KIDZ BOP is meant to be songs written again but changed a bit so they are meant for kids. Like some- the original songs- have explicit language, but once sung by KIDZ BOP, there are more appropriate words to replace them. Then, that was all I liked. Time progressed and there were more and more that I liked. I learned new songs, songs that were supposedly supposed to be popular, and everyone was supposed to know about except me. Then, I went to a Taylor Swift concert in 4th grade with special passes with my mom, my friend, and her mom, and I started loving Taylor Swift. Then came a time where music changed. Kids started thinking that KIDZ BOP wasn't so good after their 37th album. The song THUNDER- sung by Imagine Dragons- was popular, and when KIDZ BOP sang it, everyone thought that it was worse. Did I believe it? Probably yes. I don't remember. Then came Ariana Grande. In 5th grade, her songs were awesome to everyone. I wasn't so sure. I wasn; 't that big of a fan of anything. Taylor Swift wasn't that big of interest, but I still listened to her songs. Then came 6th grade. I wasn't really sure where my music-led. I began to clear my playlists and I went back to the original songs I love. Disney. Yes, childish, but still, they were fun. By the time the 2nd quarter went, my friend introduced the TwoSet violin.  Classical Music channel. I loved classical music. The notes, all separated and then pieced together to create a simple piece was truly beautiful. I didn't knwo any good ones until my friend and I started sharing our interests. I still listen, but not as much. Then, time went. I started looking for new interests. I started remaking playlists. Soon, my list had narrowed down to 3 songs. Was I happy? YES. I was. I never liked Pop culture a lot, and despite the fact that the 3 were pop, they were old-time favorites. 2 Kidz Bop songs, and 1 Taylor Swift song. Soon, I watched ZoMBIES 2- which is a musical movie. The songs were absolutely awesome. SO fun and exciting to listen and sing along to. I LOVED IT. I loved the songs and tried to listen to them anyway I could. Only 1 song was prime on AMAZON MUSIC. Just a little while ago, it became UNLIMITED, which was something I did not have. After telling dad, he downloaded the songs from youtube to make my own custom playlist. Now, I only have 12 songs thaT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, AND I REALLY WANT YOU- DEAR READERS- TO CHECK OUT.

ZOMBIES 2 songs- We got this, We own the night, Like the Zombies do, Don't feel like I belong, Call to the wild, I'm Winning, Flesh and Bone, Someday ( Reprise), and One For all, - and 3 KIDZ BOP SONGS. FRIENDS, Happier, and Confident. I really love these songs, and I hope you find them as fun and upbeat as I do. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, as we all know, George Floyd was pinned down to the ground with an officer's knee on his neck. Mr. Floyd died, and there have been many, many protests that are both peaceful and violent about the action. Today, in the news, this is the article that first caught my eye...

Javier Ambler was killed in a police chase for not dimming the headlights of his car for oncoming traffic. According to the Dallas Morning News, Mr. Ambler was coming home from a friendly poker game- and according to the police, he failed to dim the headlights of his car- and the police held him down to the ground. Mr. Ambler was tasered 4 times while "...a crew from A&E's Reality show LivePD filmed...". Mr. Ambler was pleading for mercy and telling the deputies that he had congestive heart failure and couldn't breathe. He cried," Save me," but the deputies didn't listen, and deployed the final shot. Mr. Ambler was saying this with respect, and he was pleading, and telling them that he had congestive heart failure, but no one helped him. This is UNBELIEVABLE. Just a while ago, George Floyd was pinned down by an officer's knee to his neck, and despite the fact that Mr. Floyd was saying that he couldn't breathe, the officer continued to pin him down on the neck!!!!! Now, the same thing happens!!!!! And what's worse- pardon me for saying this, I really didn't know the right way to say it- is that Mr. Ambler was also a black man. ( I'm not sure if that is wrong to call him that. I'm really really sorry if it was) These deputies just made this worse.

All these protests have started because of what happened in Minneapolis, now it has happened in Austin Texas. Now, what's going to happen?? I'm not saying this so there aren't more protests, but because the police have yet again, failed to help a person who was held/pinned down despite the fact that they are begging for mercy and saying that they cannot breathe!!!!! Why were the crew not helping??? Is it because they didn't want to get involved?? But at least they could try!!!! They could have asked the officer politely and quickly to help Mr. Ambler!!!!!!! Mr. Ambler had congestive heart failure. Congestive heart failure is when your heart cannot pump blood as well as it should. Mr. Ambler had a medical illness!!!!!! And why, may I ask, were the officers Tasering Mr. Ambler???? Hmmm???? WHY? Sometimes the news doesn't give all the details, but I think that there probably was not a reason taser Mr. Ambler. 

I am so frustrated and upset and ashamed of the crew and police right now!!!! Neither one- the officers nor the crew- decided to help Mr. Mabler who had a medical condition which is life-threatening, after he is crying for mercy and asking the officers to please help him after saying that he cannot breathe!!!!!!!!!!! Why is our community like this???? Why have the officers done this???? Not once, but twice! Twice have they pinned a person- a black person- down and continued to even after the two have been pleading and saying that they cannot breathe!!!!! Why????? 

I'm sorry. I just, I can't continue right now. I'm just extremely upset at the police right now and unhappy with the recent loss. Um, I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Bye. 
Umm... So, I guess I have to say this, but, I've been waiting for a topic to come in my head for quite a while now. Maybe what I can do is catch up on a few things that I needed to write about. I had some gardening tips and ideas that I wanted to share.

When planting seeds from home, make sure that you dry them in the sun first. Anything like beans, cucumber seeds, strawberry seeds, etc. They should be dried out. Ones like avocado seeds shouldn't. Mango seeds should also be dried. Plant them in soil- potting soil, and preferably, start the seeds out in pots or small reusable containers until they have germinated or at least sprouted.

As you can see, I have re-used a mango container to plant my seeds in. My plants have still not shown me any sign of life yet. 

 Make sure you keep them in visible sunlight, but not in direct sunlight, and water them at least once a day. Once they have roots and sprouts, plant them. Preferably, in a plant bed. It should have soil, mulch, and cleared of grass. Grassroots grow very long and can be difficult to pull out if they are left alone for a while, so it's best to pull them out immediately. Once out of pots, you should water the plants at least 2x!!!!! For fruits and veggies that are incredibly juicy, you should give them A LOT OF WATER. 
If they are vine plants, make sure they have a pole to grow with. 

Left to Right:
2 Watermelon plants, 2 okra plants, 2 cucumber plants

Plants like avocados and pineapple should be put in water. 

For avocados, poke three toothpicks into the seed, spaced out. One side should be "empty" Place the seed in a container with water. Make sure the seed is touching the water- so they can actually grow. Make sure you refill the water and change it every 2-3 days. The seed should crack, and you can start to see a small root growing inside. Once it is big, plant the seed. ( I don't know the rest at the moment, I'll check back later)

For pineapple, cut off the top part- the leafy part, and peel the few leaves at the bottom off. Place the top in a container filled with water. Change the water every 2-3 days as it gets dirty quickly. Roots will start to sprout and one they are very long, plant them carefully in the ground or in a pot. Water regularly and have your own pineapple plant at home. 

As you can see, my pineapple's roots are still growing and are not yet ready to be planted.

My seeds from home are a bit slow, so if you want fast-growing plants, I would say, maybe buy the seeds from Walmart or home depot. That's what I did with my okra, watermelon, and cucumber plants, and they have been growing first and fast!!!! When watering plants that are not potted and require a lot of water, I would say, when using a hose, hover over the plants for a few seconds- maybe 10-15- with the shower setting on. Nothing fierce, but light. The mist setting is also handy for light spraying. 

Anyway, I guess that is what I do when I am gardening my plants. I hope everyone grows a beautiful garden and has lots of plants at home!!!!!!!!!!!
Hiii!!!!!!!! Welcome to another blog from me!!!!! So, I actually wrote a blog yesterday, as you can tell, but, I had actually forgotten to publish it, so I had to do that this morning. I also had to change the date of it because it would say that I wrote it today, not yesterday. So, yeah.  I don't really have a clue about what to write as my topic right now. I can say one thing. There is something very positive lately. So, as we all know, there is a pandemic going around. There have been so many cases and hundreds of deaths everywhere, but, the number of deaths has been reducing at the end of May and the start of June. Right now, there have been only 575 deaths in the U.S. Not good, but so much better than at the beginning when there were a lot more. 

More good news. I'm not sure if I have said this already, but my mangoes have grown roots!!!!!! On Saturday I and dad were planting the rest of our flowers in pots, and we were checking the mangoes to see if they were actually germinating, and yes!!!!! They are!!!!!!! 

Wow, I make such short blogs when I don't have a topic. Anyway, I gotta go!!!
Hello. Today is June 7th, as you all can see, and it is Sunday. It has been a very quiet Sunday, and for some reason, I have a good feeling about today. I feel like today is going to be a good day. Now, today is Sunday, so I usually have less HW than usual, so I decided that I should write my blog now so that I don't run out of room. I have wanted to get a lot of topics posted and I haven't been able to do that lately, so, let's get back on track with our plans. 
Now, you know that very recently I have finished my Alchemyst book, after quite a long time. This was very unnatural for me. I have started the next book, but, I thought that I should give a review of the book.

First, I want to say that the book was splendid. We know about Nicholas Flamel from Harry Potter but we only know some parts of him. This book tells the story of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel and his wife, Perenelle Flamel. 

Twins Sophie and Josh Newman have led ordinary lives, until one day, after a mysterious explosion from a bookstore, they learn that things are not what they seem, including the owner of the shop. Nicholas Flamel, the greatest alchemist to ever live, who, according to historical records, died in 1418. What if he has been alive this whole time, creating an elixir of life from an ancient book, the Book of Abraham? In the wrong hands, the book can destroy the world, which is exactly what Dr. Dee plans to do now that he has stolen it. Follow Sophie, Josh, and Nicholas Flamel as they ally with friends, and battle foes as they find one hope, that the twins are the twins of the prophecy. They have the power, all they have to do is learn how to use it. 


First I'm going to explain what I liked about this book. I really like Harry Potter, it is one of my most favorite book series. In the first book, Nicholas Flamel has been mentioned, and he is a bit mysterious. We know that he has created the elixir of life- the sorcerers stone- but we don't know a lot. The book tells the story further, like what he has done when he has been creating this book, it has magic, ancient mysteries, and a whole lot of adventure. I like how all the characters are real. ( Small spoiler) In the book, Josh is researching the characters when Nicholas Flamel appears because he is skeptical. Of course, Sophie and Josh are possibly not real, but Nicholas Flamel, Dr. John Dee, Perenelle Flamel, etc. Some are from legends, but others are real characters from the past. I find that interesting. There is a fact, that Nicholas Flamel's tomb was broken into and empty when he died. The mystery is, no one knows what happened. This book gives a fantasy image of what is happening from that day. I like ancient history and secrets and fantasy, so for me, this was one of my favorite books.

Next, we do the opposite. As much as I liked the book, I didn't like it. I've started reading book 2,  The Magician. 
To me, it feels like the second book is more interesting than the 1st. In The Alchemyst, the plot went too quickly. It all happened so fast. I would have enjoyed it more if it was slower, and it built up more suspense. I didn't really feel any suspense when there were new characters or enemies. Also, some of the characters, they are from legends and ancient times, and when mentioned in the book, I didn't really feel that much greatness or power coming from them sometimes. That also makes me refer to description. I have to say, that if there was maybe a bit more description, in powers, or strength, or anything, it would have been much better. In the second book, so far, the plot is more spread out and taken one bit at a time. The characters that started to get introduced in the book, were well described, with more explanation about them, and their history, and what they did, and who they were. It really was more descriptive, explanative and more plotted out. 

Either way, whether it had some bad things or good things, I really liked the first book. I am really looking forward to reading the rest of the series and I cannot wait to finish it and give a better review. Hopefully, it will be more explainative andhelp me understand the first book more. Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hello!!!! After such a well-written blog written yesterday- according to dad- I have to admit, I'm stumped about what to write today. Let's start off with a brief update on my day and some recent events. So, I had my yearly checkup this morning- I am doing good, I got my HPV2 vaccine which stings a bit, there is going to be another exam I have to take for Marathi shala- for BMM so they know that we know our material. Speaking of exams, the one I was so stressed about came through and I got 81 points. Not exactly good, but phenomenal when you think about how much I know. I am so happy that it has all paid off, and, I will have to do it all over again in October. So, there is one Marathi shala at 6 p.m. today, to go over the material. 

I have just finished all my HW, and now I need to finish this off, water my plants again, and get ready for Marathi Shala. Plus, I'm hoping to play a bit of Minecraft. Just recently I've started building a mansion. It looks more futuristic, but it still looks cool. I wanted to create this cool automatic door with Redstone, but I am very bad at it so I just gave up after the millionth attempt. Though I have a good mail idea, and I can create a nice garden house with automatic doors if I remember my idea long enough. That's the thing, I get these ideas between my schedule and keeping them in my mind is a bit of a challenge. Oh gosh, it's 5:08 so I should go. This was an awfully short and not very good blog. Hopefully, on Sunday, it will be better and back on track of our plans. Bye!!!!!!!!!!
Hello, today is about something related to the death of George Floyd. So, there was a protest- a peaceful protest- in Trophy Club. This was led by some Byron Nelson HS kids. Before doing this protest, they had informed the police about this. So, let me explain the difference between a peaceful and regular protest.

A peaceful protest is, well, peaceful. Yes, there will be yelling but, there will not be any hitting, riots, looting, vandalism, or torching like what is happening in the U.S. A regular protest, is one that is yelling, hitting, looting, rioting, vandalizing, torching, etc. The peaceful protest stays within the limits of their First Amendment- freedom of speech. ( I think that is the First Amendment) This protest was pretty moving. There were police, to keep an eye on things, but for the time I was there, it was a wonderful and simple protest. They were all taking a knee for the loss, and then - who I assume was the speaker the whole time- gave a short statement about how we should teach the children and kids about this- about what is right and wrong and re-teach the elders who cannot accept this. It was short, simple, clear, and very persuasive. 
Though, let me clarify one thing, I believe, that ALL LIVES MATTER. This includes ALL. Every life, black, white brown, etc. they all matter. Every single life matters. 

Members of Trophy Club kneeling.

There are about, 9,000 people in my neighborhood, and sadly, roughly only a couple hundred showed up. That means, that almost 9,000 people don't believe that black lives matter.  Now, there could be many reasons why they didn't show up. It was too hot out, I have an injury, I didn't want to be near people because of COVID-19, etc. But still, did you show up??? No.... 


Actually, I wanted to point another thing out that isn't exactly related to this. A lot of people, possibly more than half of the protesters were not wearing a mask. Not just adults, but some parents as well, they didn't wear masks nor did their children. I actually saw, in the back, a few little girls- maybe 5 or 6, who were playing together. No mask, or social distancing, just playing as if there was no pandemic going around. First of all, was their parents watching them. Hopefully. Secondly, why weren't they wearing masks? Actually, why weren't more people wearing masks?? Even the speaker who gave a statement the end, why wasn't she wearing a mask? Couldn't they write to wear masks? Just asking, but why were people doing this one thing in such a nice way- peacefully- but not wearing masks amid the first problem that has occurred across the world???

Anyway, it is late and this has been such a nice protest that I watched. These students who started this should be very proud. It was a very peaceful protest and well thought out. The police were informed, there was water, it was violent-free, and more!!!! I am impressed with the protest. And probably because it was the very first one I have ever seen. Anyway, stay safe, healthy, and strong everyone!!

Ok, so terrible news. First, our plans for the discussion on George Floyd's death have been canceled and postponed for another time. Right now, something else has happened. Not here, not in Texas, not in the United States, but in India. ( Sources are from The Economy times, and petition)

On May 27th, a 15-year-old pregnant elephant, who was fed a pineapple, filled with firecrackers, FIRECRACKERS, died. She remained calm when this happened, even though she was going through tremendous pain, and died while standing. According to The Economy Times, the Wildlife Officer of Silent Valley National Park said that they observed the poor elephant on May 23 when locals had informed them about it wandering through a private area of a forest. Apparently, she had a wound of which exposed her lower jaw. She was trying to look for water, only water, to help relieve the pain. The Wildlife Officer said that they were going to take the elephant out of the river to help her, but sadly, she died while standing. 
Now, I love animals. My favorite is actually the owl, but it has transitioned to elephants, to foxes, and back to owls. I just heard this a little while ago, and I am extremely mad, shocked, and enraged with this cruel act.  Let me make one thing very clear. Ahem... ANIMALS HAVE DONE NOTHING WRONG TO US AT ALL. THEY ARE INNOCENT BEINGS. NOTHING AND NO ONE DESERVES THIS. ESPECIALLY FOR THE FACT THAT THIS POOR, HARMLESS, BEAUTIFUL CREATURE WAS PREGNANT! This is like killing a soon to be a mother who is pregnant. This whole situation- put into human terms. 

Who would do such a cruel and devastating act like that??? I mean who?? When they find out whoever did this, oh, I'm not going to be happy. Not a bit. Sadly, everything I want to do for this innocent creature cannot happen. However, there is one other option, As I stated in the first paragraph, there is actually a petition going on to have justice for her. By the time this blog is posted, I will have posted my name on the petition, hopefully, anonymous with the approval on anonymous from my parents, and, I really really hope that more people- hopefully, you dear readers- will also sign your name to have justice for this elephant. 

Now, something similar also happened a while ago. I'm not sure if it was in India or not, but I do remember what happened- somewhat. So, a mother elephant- I think she was pregnant or had a child with her- had her child and was shot and killed by a farmer, just because she was looking for food for her child. Why? 

One- Yes I understand why the farmer was mad. Elephants were eating their crops that they ( the farmer) had probably grown himself. 

Two- Though it is upsetting that the animals were eating your crops, you shouldn't go and kill the poor creature. You might not know at that second that the animal is pregnant or looking for food to support their young who is somewhere else, but why take the risk???? Why can't you try to maybe usher her out with maybe some wheat? Or maybe some fruit. I dunno. Take her somewhere else where she can eat the food away from your crops. Maybe she might not come again. But overall, why would you go and kill such a beautiful creature that is slowly going extinct by the cruel forces of humankind that includes me???????

Ok, calm down, me. Dear readers of this blog written by a 12-year-old who has little power as of right now, please please please sign your name on the petition for Justice of the poor harmless elephant who died tragically from a cruel hooligan who thought it would be funny to do something like that. 
We are 50 parts in. Congrats!!!! So, I didn't write yesterday but before we continued our discussion I wanted to give a quick update on things. There is a curfew set in downtown areas across America because of the protests, I have finished my book- The Alchemyst- after reading it forever- which is so unlike me, and, my good friend got me a late birthday present which was so unnecessary!!!! It was really sweet of her. So I'm actually getting 2 presents, one came yesterday, and it is adorable. It is 3 pens, all with seal faces and in different colors, and fine-tipped- meaning they are great at writing notes and doing borders of artwork!  Anyway, let's continue. I know I said that I was going to continue to write about George Floyd, but dad has talked to me about not writing about what I feel on the topics I'm writing on. Such as deficit, or National Debt. I don't write what I feel or think. So, I guess that is what I am writing about.

So, to be honest, I don't think I've understood a whole lot about deficit. I do think that it is sad. To not be able to earn more than you can spend is sad. Without saving, like I gave an example on, people might only have less food than they can eat. They might go to bed starving, or they might not have food for the next few days. I mean, I really feel bad for them. It's quite upsetting that people have to go to bed without food or something and to think, kids may also go through this. It's just really upsetting. Especially at this time- during corona- oh, it's terrible! 
Now, when we go to National Debt, I'm not sure. See, taxpayers have to pay a tax, but the tax looks awfully high by the time I'm going to be able to pay my taxes. Is the U.S. actually saving money and cutting off spending on unnecessary things to lower the debt??????? Not as I'm aware. The National debt actually makes me angry. ( Well, for the U.S. National Debt) I mean, lately, President Trump has increased more than 21% since he took over the presidency. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not, but according to thebalance, President Trump has promised to eliminate our national debt in 8 years, but he has increased it instead. So, what has he done so much that has made this happen?? Now, with the debt rising higher and higher, the tax also rises. Just, can't a president try to eliminate most of the tax. I mean, President Trump said he would, and he gave ways he would, but has he tried them, or has he done them??????? The only reason why taxpayers are giving taxes to the government is that the debt is rising higher, and the government is not saving that much!!!!!!! So, I guess, national debt makes me angry. Angry? I guess. 

OK, I wrote later than expected, yeesh, so I need to wrap up. This was such a short and maybe lame blog but it at least got my thoughts out. I hope everyone stays safe and healthy. Bye!!!!!!