Life of 12 year old – Coronavirus lockdown- Part 30

April 30, 2020:

WOW! 30 parts of the Corona log! WOW! Though I don’t write on weekends, sometimes, that’s pretty impressive. Today is Thursday. Hooray, tomorrow is Friday. But, OH NO! I have exams on Saturday! I really don’t feel ready now. we’ve been revising everything. Landforms, directions, seasons and holidays, questions about myself, facts about famous people, poems, shloks, etc. Now, what’s more, pressurizing is that I have confused the ending words like chi, cha, ja, and sa! I might have to recite both poems so I have to start memorizing the other one and add more words to my mental dictionary! Plus, there is one more character that we forgot about and now I have to memorize him as well. Only 4-5 sentences about him, only 4-5???!!!!! I mean how hard can that be right? ( Please note that was in panic and sarcastic tone) I’ve memorized most of my new words, but I keep getting mixed up with some of them, and I’ve forgotten what minerals mean again- in Marathi! Oh boy, this is going to be an unbearable week! I hope this ends already. What good news is, that I don’t have to take the CBE test to pass Algebra 1 this year! Instead, I have to skip Geometry next year. Eh, fair enough. Anyway, I finished my practice test today. I got only 19 questions wrong after taking it with very little knowledge about the concepts in the test. I mainly just guessed the answers with logic and a little bit of math I’ve understood in some parts of each question. Dad says that I’m above average in the school district after taking that. I got 80%. Not the best score, but pretty good when you think about everything I’ve just said before. Now that that’s outta the way, I’ve got to get back to studying. Only a few hours of this day are left and tomorrow before I have my verbal test on Saturday. Wish me luck! ( Possibly no person because barely anybody reads this- but nonetheless)




( That’s what I wish happened on this blog)

Life of 12 year old – Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 29

April 29, 2020:

Ok, so this morning we tried out the cheesecakes. They looked wet so I was really worried, but they taste sooo good!!!!!! They taste just like the professional ones. I’m really impressed. We currently have two more in the fridge. I really want another one. that’s how good they tasted. Not too sweet or anything. The crust came out perfectly, and the batter was nice and fluffy. Just like the real thing. Good Job me!!!!! Continuing on, I’ve decided to make some of the sort of good things that’s happened over Corona Break.

1. I’ve made cheesecakes/ new recipes
2. More family time
3. More time to watch West Wing
4. Less pollution
5. More animals and better enjoyment of nature

Those are the top things I’ve enjoyed about corona so far.  It’ not really enjoyable when you also think about the hundreds of thousands of people dying. I REALLY hope this stops soon,. Please please come up with a vaccine. Continuing on, my dad has given me the Algebra 1 STAAR test from last year so I could practice. what I so much dislike about this, is that I can’t write on the paper at all. I have an ” answer document” to write my answers, but when I need to solve, I can’t write on the paper. What do I do?! I’m not wasting my precious drawing paper for this! I have to start it today. Dad says that I’m not finishing it today, but I’m definitely starting it today if we have time. That is after I finish my HW and writing my blog. Hopefully, this will take me long enough to not start the test. Ok, here’s some really good news. my old friend from Ohio is now one of my contacts so I can text her! I’m texting her now, and it’s soo AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! It feels so good talking to her again! The best way to talk to her from who knows how far away! Anyway, I better start my test. Bye!!!!

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 28

April 28, 2020:

Ok, so I’ve just finished all my HW. Now, I have to finish up my blog and do this study with my dad for math. So, ow I’m skipping Algebra 1 to go to Geometry. Yaaay. How fun. It looks like another summer’s time will be put majorly into this. Yaaay. Anyway, my mom just quizzed me on landforms for Marathi and she’s very proud. Yes! I also got my other fact right nad my song right except for some pronunciation errors. I’ve finished up Leadowrthy and I’m planning o  finishing the last paragraph for ELA, my Orchestra work, and Art for tomorrow. Hopefully, I can start level J soon because I’m going to test soon. I’ve just finished Level I review for math- Kumon- and I’m hoping to start Level J so I can accomplish J by 6!! It’s the next achievement, then there is level completion. I can’t wait!!!!!!!! Hello, Amazing sides and progress from Kumon!!!! Goodbye, boring times!!!!!!!!!!! Let me update you on the latest news. Tomorrow is Cheesecake day. We’ll finally be able to taste my cheesecakes!!!!!! I’ve been rewarded a mango for my progress in Marathi. Not a big reward for others, but for me, it’s my reward. Mangoes freshly cut and eating form the skin is the best thing to do. I Love Mangoes! They are just the best fruit, maybe tied with blackberries, and I understand why they are the king of fruits. I’ve got tips and an idea for what my Orchestra directors are looking for kids getting into Chamber, so now I can practice hard to accomplish those skills and get in!!!!! Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!! Also, my dad started showing off his geek side about wizardry and magic and math. HE made a math Hogwarts for the concept of Algebra/ Math. He started geeking out on all the different forms of math that are wizardry and witchcraft and magic. So yeah. I’ll tell you more later on my dad’s Redfern School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 27

April 27: 2020

Ok, so my Marathi test- Oral exam- is this Saturday. May 2nd. This whole week I have to dedicate almost Lall my time to studying so I can pass this test. Few perks of this test. No Marathi HW after that except reading probably- which I like, and, I can get it over with. Today is Monday and on Mondays, I usually try to finish up all my school HW. Well, Mumma is now doing this thing where I have to have all of Aga Bai Daga Bai memorized, And facts on these two important people. These will be crucial facts and things needed during the test. But, the progress I have so far is, have only 3 class period HW’s done, have only 1st and 2nd stanzas memorized- out of 3-, and have most of the facts memorized on the two people. Mumma went to the center and she says that when she comes back I will be tested. Yaaay. How fun. She’s coming back at 6:30 so I’m trying to get the rest of my work done. All my other HW is on hold being halfway done, and my Kumon ha sonly been partially completed. I still need to finish my Reading Kumon packets, and I have to finish up this blog.

Update: Yesterday we got an air fryer!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!!! Yesterday was also the Mango harvest so we got mangoes, but we couldn’t eat egg. Yesterday I made 3 cheesecakes with the new air fryer, which all have egg. Even if we couldn’t eat egg yesterday, we at least got time to refrigerate them. Then again, we also cannot eat eggs today and tomorrow. Wednesday it is! I am so excited. We took a sneak peek this morning, and they came out so well! I cannot wait. Also, wish me luck for the exam. I’m going to try the best I can, but still, I need to pass. I can’t repeat this same level for the 3rd time. I have to repeat it because I studied work but never tested. Anyway, I need to be in level 4, where I should be, and I really need Marathi to be over. I better get to memorizing that last stanza of Aga Bai Daga Bai and get those facts straight and accurate. *Sigh* This is so exhausting. Bye!

Life of12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 26

April 24, 2020:

Today is Friday, obviously and I have Marathi Shala. As you know, I don’t feel that comfortable/ like Marathi Shala. I guess I’ve never told you why.

1. I’m a middle schooler and everyone else is like close to middle school or like 3rd grade.
2. I’m in level 3. Last year when I had a different school- Marathi one- I already studied the concepts of Level 3 but I just didn’t test. ( Because I wasn’t of age. Seriously?) technically should be in level 4, but I”M NOT!
4. I’m not fluent and I am not that good. What makes me feel like an idiot at every class, is when I don’t speak and the teacher calls on me. Well yes, but I feel really embarrassed when I don’t say the right answer or there is something that makes me stand out. That is why I really do not like going there.
5. One more thing, HW. I try to do all my HW on time, and every HW there is but for SOME reason, there is always something that I forgot. That makes me feel embarrassed. Why. Schoology and WhatsApp are the two resources for finding the HW. I have Schoology and keep up to date. My mom has WhatsApp and there are some pieces there for the HW. ( Yet I still don’t get all the HW)

Ok, I really love being a Maratha person. We have a great history of bold kings and queens, large empires, and forts, and many accomplished people who made a change to the world. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be part of that? The only problem I have is that I’m American born. My parents are from India and learned the language and had their “Marathi Shala” there. They grew up learning and have gotten better throughout the years. Now, I just feel upset and I sort of wish I could learn Marathi or just school in India, so I could have learned Marathi more. It makes me feel really bad when my younger cousins who live there speak so much and so well and I can barely say a whole story or 3 sentences without making mistakes. But then again, I know English more. Anyway, I’m finishing the ending up after I just finished class. ( right now) I read the book, Lakshmi, today. I hope Corona is over soon, and I can speak fluently- Marathi- in the future, and hopefully very soon.

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 25

April 23, 2020:

Today’s blog is just about what I feel. I’m just going to go through my head and think about what I feel. Well, I want to be a lawyer when I grow up. At first, I thought they were people who made cases to protect families and people and yell at other lawyers’ faces to prove they’re right. Hehe. I really love to debate with a good argument. Last year in Gates, we had our first Debate and I was really excited. The topic was not the best. I had to be partners with Sam and to be honest, it’s uncomfortable. we pretty much tied with Colbie’s team and dang, she’s good. We literally had no idea about what to say after she did a rebuttal, or was it something else? I dunno, I don’t like the debate reules. I like one where we get to make our case, ad fight for the right of someone’s right- or just prove that the opposing team is wrong. Anyway, we had our next debate but switched the opposing teams. This time, it was against Noah and Caroline. Each team- Opposing and others- decided their topic. At least this would be better. Ours was sports. It was a debate about watching sports games at home. Noah and Sam are both basketball fans and were good advantages. Sam researched the stadium ticket costs and TV costs while I made the arguments. I’m just going to give it to you straight. Our argument was pretty AWESOME!! If I can find it, I’ll put the link to our argument below. We actually won. HAHA! It was the best debate in my life. Before this, there was a so-so debate that includes a Gingerbread eraser, multiple “lawyers”, recess, and a whole lot of Drama. So, there was a gingerbread eraser in the book fair. Ben got one, and Noah, liking it, got one as well. He named it Ginger and Ben’s gingerbread and Noah’s were pretty much siblings. ( I think) Well, Noah really liked Ginger, and so a few people stole Ginger. I don’t remember it all. I do remember that Ginger was stolen, and Noah found her somewhere in the classroom, hidden. Noah decided to hold a trial and I volunteered to be his Lawyer. Pretty much, I’m the only lawyer and the only one to accept. After being his lawyer, I got my statement ready a few weeks ahead. I was also Sam’s lawyer at that time. Then a series of firing and hiring happened as the lawyer trend went around. Kinsey became his lawyer but then Kinsey had no idea so I was re-hired. I’m the best at my job. Later I gathered plenty of evidence. There will also be a link for that at the bottom. So, I re-read it and I have to say, I was really loving my job. My evidence and questions and stand as a lawyer was pretty sweet. I think my link checks out the rest of the story. Anyway, we all just finished court when recess was over, and I think we all forgot what happens next. A few people actually got to do their statement, including me, so yeah. I later had the next opportunity to become a lawyer- yes lawyer- this year.

 The Trial of Sponge Bob Square Pants. My teacher made it all courtroom looking and she wore the judge robe and had a “gavel”. It was awesome.  My team was the opposition of SpongeBob. We said he was guilty of murdering Mr. Krabbs. ( I really don’t like Sponge Bob, so this was fun to prove him wrong and guilty.) My team was my table. Me, Celine, Ben, Zach, Cody, and Luke. Luke is an expert debater. I thought Colbie was the only one. Because of him, we blew the house. Wait, no that was ben. Ben made up this reverse theme song, and it was AWESOME. Everyone loved it, even the team saying he was innocent. Sadly, we didn’t win the debate for Team B- The TEAM B was both guilty and innocent. Some say it includes Zach and opposite stuff, but he’s my friend and maybe it was an accident, I write wrong answers by mistake sometimes. Anyway, the courtroom was really fun. Ms. Gallagher is an awesome teacher. The last day of school- before spring break and stay at the home break- was when we did this completely random debate which I – Yes I am saying it- hated. I and Celine were on the same team was the best part. What sucks was that the rest included a group of girls who we were sorta friends with. I mean, I know Loseli, Ava, Samantha, and Kaely, and I am sort of friend with them, but I don’t really like Kaelyn. I think she doesn’t like me. Ava doesn’t really focus when we work- I was in a group with her before and she barely did anything, got distracted often- and Sam- Samantha- is the same. I’ve known Loseli for a few years and she’s nice but I’m not close friends with her so… Plus, I and Celinje wanted to work alone on it together, but one of them told Ms. Gallagher and made us work with them. They already had their points down without telling us- I’m not sure how it’s fair but I don’t think it is- and yeah. They just acted like we weren’t there except when we asked them questions. I and Celine didn’t really care about talking to them and just stuck together. S

Then I’ve learned further details about law and politics, learning about Congress, The Cabinet, Senate, and the White House. To be more specific, the West Wing. So, that being said and writing down all my past experiences, I guess you probably know I want to be a lawyer because I want to debate. ( and I have a lot of details and opinions on people)

LINK!! – Debate

Link– Court/ Trial of the stolen Ginger ( By the way, the Zach mentioned in here is the same one who was the one at my SpongeBob debate-team)

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 24

April 22, 2020:

Today’s post is about… SELF SUFFICIENT ECONOMY V.S. GLOBAL ECONOMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is Self sufficient economy?

Self Sufficient economy is the ability for families and individuals to be sufficient in income to meet their basic needs consistently. When we put this with a country, that means a country is independent and does not import goods and services because they produce their own goods.

What is Global Economy?

Global economy is the system of trade and industry across the world. Or, Free trade = Global economy.

This is literally all I know. Since yesterday to today, I have been reading 4-5 different articles, and none of them make any sense in any way or help me understand further about this topic. I’ve got one that says, ” Why the US will survive the end of globalization.” This doesn’t relate, it only talks about caution signs and the US is the world’s largest economy. Here’s another, ” Self-Reliant Economy: Myth vs. Reality.” Sure this sounds helpful, but when I read this, it says Nepal, Nepal, Nepal, NEPAL, Nepal, NEPAL!!!  It compares things in  Nepal, the economics of Nepal, and mentions India a few times. What do I learn from that, if it only gives one example????? Is there any website that actually answers the question of a kid who wants to pursue her dreams of being a lawyer and has to understand economy first, who is raging in her head while stuck at home ( her own mind), who is writing a blog every day because she loves her parents so much she will listen to them and do whatever they say even if it means working for at least 5 hours and 10 minutes upstairs where the AC isn’t on making everything feel hot and unbearably sweaty, who is tired and just wants the Coronavirus to stop so she can finally have socializing again that is not online or includes the same TWO people she sees every day for the last 7 weeks?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, that got out of hand. ( sorry) It feels good writing your feelings out. Here is one more, learning about Self-Sufficient Economy and Global Economy is not that interesting to me. I like Politics and law, but if I need to know economics then I will, and hopefully find it interesting sometime sooner or later.

Since I’ve not learned anything, I have to write this- dad said to and it is very true. I have read 5 articles on this topic and have not learned anything. I am ashamed of myself. There said it- wrote it- done. Can I go outside now?? NO.

Links for sites:

Why the Us will survive globalization

The benefits of Free trade: Addressing Key Myths

Self Reliant Economy

Today I read about Lakshman.

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 23

April 21, 2020:

Ok, so today’s post was supposed to be about the self-sufficient economy and Global economy, but it’s the end of the day, I’m tired, and id I wrote more than what I’ve researched, then I would be having a blank mind about what  I am even writing about. Below is what the post was supposed to look like- sort of.

 Today’s post is about… SELF SUFFICIENT ECONOMY V.S. GLOBAL ECONOMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is Self sufficient economy?

Self Sufficient economy is the ability for families and individuals to be sufficient in income to meet their basic needs consistently. When we put this with a country, that means a country is independent and does not import goods and services because they produce their own goods.

What is Global Economy?

Global economy is the system of trade and industry across the world. Or, Free trade = Global economy.

My dad sent me 2 links about this, and just by reading their titles, to be honest, I have not a single clue about what they’re talking about. So, instead, I’m going to go back to what today we like. Yesterday, I finished all my HW, all according to my schedules-alarms. I finished ELA, PE, and started Orchestra today. There are 2020 Auditions for Orchestra’s and I’m doing Etude B. The only problem is that I have no idea how to do the note rhythm in measure 4. I contacted my friend, and she helped me out, yet I have a bit of confusion, so I’m just going to do my best tomorrow, and try it out. All Pass scores for this week, and speaking of weeks, I have just completed week 7 at home after April 19- Sunday- ended. Yesterday, I sort of got into an argument with my parents and I got myself into a mess where my dad switched doff my wifi and data. To be honest, yesterday was a bit fun and it wasn’t a big deal when I had no access to TV on my phone or iPad. Though I made a very clear and fair point about why I should watch West Wing- yesterday- and he let me watch for an hour. YES! I woke up this morning and learned that he turned it back on. My mom had told him he yelled ta me yesterday morning- I don’t remember- and last night as I was reading The Alchemyst, he apologized. And because he was feeling guilty, he switched it back on. I could have been okay for at least 2 days. I had some fun yesterday in finally using my AG dolls’ boxes, and turning them into the cutest closets ever! I and my dad had made little hangers for the clothes my uncle had got for them when he visited me 3 years ago. I finally put them to use and created perfect storage for their outfits, and better use for them instead of shoving them into a messy corner where they would hopefully go unnoticed. I have finished all my HW, listened to my dad talks about how he wants me to skip Algebra I so I do High school math next year- or skip 7th grade ELA- and showed me the tests and proved to me that I can do it. > Sigh< WHY?? Anyway, I hope everyone is safe, well, healthy, and is doing something engaging and fun over the break. BYE!

Life of 12 year old- Cornavirus lockdown- Part 22

April 20, 2020:

Let’s talk about reopening the economy. To reopen, they mean, opening up small businesses again, restaurants, airports, etc. As I said in the last post, President Trump is giving the decision to open each states’ economy to the Governors. I know for certain that New York will take longer to open, most likely longer than a month, I think. From Fox News, they say North Dakota is looking to open up before New York. I think everyone is, to be honest, and I think it is a good idea, by looking at their numbers. They have 627 total cases, 42 new ones today and 3 new deaths. Those numbers aren’t that good, 627, but they have fewer cases and deaths. They will definitely open up. A lot of the states are opening up the economy at this point. Around April 22-30 and May. Same with self-quarantines and stay-at-home orders, which will be ended around those times. Some states don’t feel that ready, and they, like the Governor of Indiana, are opening up in early May or sometime later. Here’s what I think. 
I think we should re-open the economy in the states which have fewer cases ( not that few) such as ND or Wyoming. New York will stay closed until the numbers will go down. Until then, nope. Those states who are re-opening will keep testing, just in case. If the numbers are higher and there are more cases, then that state will shut down the economy once again. Their economy will stay shut, and possibly have a few more self-quarantine and stay-at-home lockdowns. The states that are doing better, and don’t have that many cases, will keep it going. The cycle will continue. Eventually, NY will have fewer cases, so they can start to re-open, and then we will issue the plan there like we did for the other states. Not only NY but also NJ, California, Massachusets, and a lot more. We will repeatedly, keep testing. just because we are re-opening the economy and letting go of lockdowns doesn’t mean doctors should take it easy, or anyone in fact. Keep doing what you were doing while in lockdown, and continue testing. Corona isn’t taking a break, neither should we. There also is another thing. Some people still aren’t taking this seriously. A few days ago my parents were commenting on a family who was walking at Walmart and had no gloves or mask on. They had a small child, about 5 or maybe 6 and she was running down the aisle and back. The dad was pushing the cart and the mom was eating something. Just, just, WHY? Why are you even taking a small child unprotected without any mask to Walmart, and why are yi=ou even taking her in the first place? Plus, why did the two of them have to go? Can’t one stay in the car with their child, or one not go at all? This is what makes the decision more difficult. If this keeps happening, then how can they re-open the economy. Yet, re-opening the economy will help a lot, and be one step closer to “recovering.” These were my thoughts on re-opening the economy and what we should so. I hope good things come soon, and re-opening the economy will make a better impact. 

Life of 12 year old- Coronavirus lockdown- Part 21

April 17, 2020:

Today I am reading about reopening the economy. President Trump gave the decision for this to the Governors of all 50 states. Each one has a different idea about what to do. I read a lot, but I’m not sure how to explain it yet. Right now, I’m seeking help from my dad, and he said that this is hard to understand, it’s complex, and I need to read more to understand it better.  I have to fully understand and digest this before I can start writing about reopening the economy. All I know is that the closing of the economy was like a domino effect.

The domino effect starts in China. when China had the virus, people stopped going to China. Then pilots, flight attendants and people who work with planes lost their jobs. If people stopped traveling, tourist spots become vacant, so the people working there lost their jobs. People started staying home more, so restaurants started letting workers go. The same goes for Walmart, Gas stations, hardware stores, clothing stores, parks, etc. When those workers lose their jobs, they stop earning money and have to spend less/ wisely. That means stores lose more customers, which means businesses make less profit, and they let more people go. And the cycle repeats.

Now, I’m going to digest this further, and in the next part, I’m going to share my thoughts further.