Life of 11 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 6

The United States has 159,710 people infected. Wow. China backs down from the third most infected to fourth. They’re getting better, fast; but we’re suffering, fast. I always say my comments about this problem but never about what I would do. To be honest, I HAVE NO CLUE. I now understand how hard it is for world leaders when everyone is counting on you. They are all counting on you to make a decision, one that would help them. Before I got put into thinking in their shoes, I was like, NO PROBLEM. I can think of a solution, but now, I have no clue. I don’t know what I would do. To be a world leader in a time of crisis like right now, and have all the people of your country looking up to you, waiting for your decision, your move, what you will do, is pressuring. I never realized how difficult this is. I now know, what quality leaders need. I don’t feel like I have that, YET. This is my BIGGEST THANK YOU to every leader, important official, government worker, etc. They are working incredibly hard to help us, bring out ideas and brainstorming so they can help us. That takes a long time. They have to come up with a new idea, one good idea that will help everyone, not some people. They are working around the clock in crisis, and are working really hard.

Hi. Today was my first online school day. I think online school, is more exhausting than regular school. I had two desks open on my chrome book, multiple tabs that are kept in their own bg tab for each of my classes, and a lagging computer because of that. I finished most of my homework assignments, I just need to do finish ELA and record my Orchestra video. On the side of that, I haven’t drunk milk so I am incredibly hungry, I haven’t done my membean for today, I am late at finishing my post, I haven’t done my Kumon yet, cleaned the doorknobs, nor have I finished any Marathi HW, which I need to turn in before Wednesday. I have classes on Friday, Saturday is my free day, Sundays are also partially my free day, so the rest of the week is free, only I have online school, not to mention that I am HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!! By the way, I had a zoom meeting with my teacher this morning, and I turned in my HW on the google form. I got #6 wrong because I mistook the diameter for the radius. I also got the PAP extension wrong, all 5 questions which each give me 8 points. SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!! JK. The form says I missed those, but my math teacher emailed us and said it was wrong and graded them herself. The teachers are putting a pass or a fail in the grade book and I passed. Mrs. Wright emailed my score, and I got only #6 wrong. Good. But also bad seeing it isn’t 100, but still, good it is not a fail or the fact that I got all those PAP questions wrong. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I hope everyone has a fine dinner and evening, I hope I eat soon, and I hope COVID-19 ends REALLY REALLY QUICKLY.

Life of 11 year old – Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 5

Coronavirus log day 5:

March 27, 2020 –

98,080 people are infected. Wow. In ONE day. What is happening??? Are people not staying at home for unnecessary reasons?? What are the police doing, because, in India, there is a very funny/ not funny/ very good way of punishing way for going outside for unnecessary reasons. There are police who are making sure that people who are outside for random reasons than allowed to be punished. The punishment is that you get hit on the bum ( the police decide hardness and how many) with a long stick. When you think about it it really sounds painful, but there are some funny videos taken, and they are really funny; because they knew they’d get in trouble yet they still decided to go out.LOL.

Continuing on, today I have my least favorite class in the whole entire world. Marathi Shala. Yes. I speak two languages, almost 4 as I am still trying to learn Hindi and am starting out on Hiragana for Japanese, all thanks to Duolingo. It’s not that I don’t like learning Marathi, it’s just that, I don’t really like my class. I don’t really like the level I am in and how this level makes me feel by its strange taunting “voice.” I also have had to change my schedule up from Math and Orchestra because both my parents are video conferencing. So here I am, blogging, at least upstairs at my very own desk than on the couch. HOORAY!  I wish I could digitally have a conversation with someone other than my friends who just want to play Roblox every time we FaceTime, I don’t have it, or my parents who I talk to every day. Now, I sound like I am complaining aren’t I.

Recent update: 100,390 people are infected!!!!!!!! This is the very first virus I have experienced, and I am terrified. There is an incredibly high chance of getting infected after seeing those numbers, and there are now 5 people infected in my community. I can’t even imagine what would happen if I get infected, or anyone I love and know or care about. I don’t know what to say, because all those people, they probably felt the same way as I did or still do, and they still got infected or know they know someone infected. I’m just truly sorry for those people who have lost someone from this virus or have lost a job because I have experienced that feeling when my dad lost his last year. Please, everyone, just stay safe and just please please please don’t be stupid and go out unless it is absolutely necessary like you need milk or for exercise. PLEASE!!!!!!!! For the sake of your health, my health, everyone’s health, please do not go outside for unnecessary reasons.

Life of 11 year old- Coronavirus lockdown- Part 4

Coronavirus log Day 4:

March 26, 2020 –

OH NO! UNITED STATES HAS THE MOST AMOUNT OF PEOPLE INFECTED WITH THE CORONAVIRUS!!!!!!!!! This morning it was THIRD, and now it is FIRST!!!! Ahead of China, ahead of Italy with 82,179 total cases. AND, a record of 3.3 MILLION Americans have lost their job! First of all, WHAT JUST HAPPENED? In New York there at least 37,000 people infected and this is in like, ONE DAY. If there are people out there who are just ignoring the government, they need to seriously be smart and stay at home. If you feel sick, self-quarantine. Sneeze and cough in your arm and THOROUGHLY wash your hands for 20 seconds. If you go anywhere and you touch something, use hand sanitizer. Also, LISTEN TO THE GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To get that thought out of my head I’m going to share the new task I have to keep myself busy. READING! Those who know me will say, ” But you read like ALL THE TIME!” It’s true. But during the break, this is the only time when I get to watch TV or something for a little while every day! I get one day to have screen time for the whole day, Saturday which I chose; so after a long day’s work of homework and stuff, I can do what I love ost, read, and maybe watch TV.

Anyway, my parents brought back two books from my mom’s workplace. The Giver and Song of The Buffalo Boy. I’ve read a part of The Giver before, and I am so glad that I have the book because that small piece was the best. Lois Lowry is such an amazing author and I recommend you read her books. One is Number the Stars which takes place in Denmark during WWII. This historical fiction story is centered on 10-year-old Jewish girl Annemarie Johansen and her family. In this, she risks her life while helping her friend who is posing to be Annemarie’s older sister who was killed by the Nazi military for he works with the Danish Resistance. This story is just so powerful. It is a big recommended by me, and I know books. This one is just WOW, so when I find out that The giver is also by the same author, I have to read it. The Giver is very unique. This story is about a boy named Jonas who lives in his perfect world. There is this Sameness feeling and everything is meant to go in the most rightful way. As you start to read and get further into the story, you might find yourself comparing how real everyday life is compared to this perfect world. Children are assigned to families, so they never meet their real mother, and there can only be two children per family. One boy and one girl. As the kids become 12 they get Assigned to their job, so it’s like their job and what they want to do as an adult is all decided. They can’t choose. They also have many rules, one by which says that if someone makes a mistake/ breaks a rule three times, they will be released. They never explain what releasing it but I’m sure we can all assume what it means. I am just on chapter 6 of this amazing book, and I cannot wait to finish it. This book has made my “break” so much more thrilling and interesting now!

Life of 11 year old- Coronavirus Lockdown- Part 3

Coronavirus log day 3:

Coronavirus Cases: 64,832
Deaths: 913
Recovered: 393

( source is for all data)

All I want to say is take a walk outside if you can. Right now, most of the world is still, quiet, calm. You can probably hear birds chirping at this time. The simple rustle of leaves, the wind blowing. It’s pure nature. Pollution levels have gone down. Researchers say this was the experiment on accident. I wonder what will happen after this is all over. Will we still try not to pollute so much? Will we walk more,  not take things for granted like toilet paper, or a handshake with your colleague, or maybe just even seeing the same random stranger in your school halls every day as you walk to your next period? Time will tell.

Now I’m just bored. Honest. If you’re laughing while reading this then I’m fine with that. I’m just sitting on my couch, the same spot like always, typing a fresh new log about my day and try to distract myself from the thought of me or my family getting infected. Sure my logs might sound, how do I say this, informing in some way that I’m not sure about; but I’m just plain out bored. I have to do Online school, no interactions. Bummer. I can’t see my friends again, and even when we do FAceTIme, all they want to do is play Roblox; a game I find strange. At least my parents are here, trying to keep me busy. But I’m sick of staying at home, treading up the stairs, stay there of 2 hrs and 15 minutes, come downstairs for an hour and 15 mins, and then tread back upstairs where I will stay for another 3-4 hours. In the end, I come downstairs to write a log that I’m not even so sure I’m telling my real self about here, and be trapped inside my body without much movement except my upstairs-downstairs pattern and my 2-mile walk with my dad. ( Now I have something interesting to tell)

I and my dad I go on a 2-mile walk every morning now. We talk about the virus and many other very factual and way more interesting things than about how to do quadratic equations and what -5 times 73 is. I feel that I’m learning more outside than inside, where I’m doing HOMEWORK. Yeah. I guess I am saying that homework is not useful and you should take a walk with your mom or dad and have an actually nice and comfortable conversation. At least they won’t pick you when your hand isn’t raised or make you feel embarrassed if you don’t know something or got an answer wrong. Plus, they are factual and informative. My dad wanted to teach me about Africa on our second day walking; today in the third. I love learning about other cultures and to be honest, TEXAS HISTORY is BORING. I’m sorry but it is soo boring in my opinion. I want to learn about things like African tribes that don’t know how to walk so they run all the time rather than what the Alamo was, though the structure inside it is very fascinating. Just yesterday I learned that there are 54 countries in Africa, including Madagascar, one country is called South Africa and there is also a Central Africa, there are 2 territories, tribes, like I said before- some tribes don’t know how to walk so they run, and more. I also learned coronavirus facts and about STUPID IDIOTIC people not listening to the government and hurting others. One example: A group of Young Adults were partying saying they won’t get infected and one of them tested positive.

Life of a 11 year old – Coronavirus- Part 2

Coronavirus log day 2-

March 24, 2020:

Numbers aren’t improving unless you count getting bigger. 52,983 cases in the US, 685 deaths and only 370 people have recovered. The numbers show New York with at least 4,790 new cases and at least 53 new deaths. This morning there were no new numbers or deaths for they weren’t been updated yet. Texas has a total of 826 as of what is updated. I shift to the world cases, unable to bear more, and I see this: 18,605 worldwide deaths and 108,312 people recovered. Wow. I actually don’t know how to do math right now due to that shock but I am assuming the recovery is better. So either HUZZAH or sadness and fear. There are 126,917 active cases and 96% of those infected have a mild condition and the other four percent are in a serious or critical condition. I scroll down to see the countries affected and am shocked that Vatican City only has 4 total cases. I know Vatican City is its own country but it is still in Italy, and it’s pretty strange that they only have 4 cases, both bad and ok, while Italy is the 2nd country in the world with the most cases. I still wonder how long it will be until I can go back to school. I start online lessons next Monday, but no interaction. I’ll miss walking in the halls from class to class.

This morning I walked with my dad outside around our neighborhood. It was unusually still for a Tuesday. I usually see cars lined up in rows, eagerly waiting for a signal to turn green or for the driver ahead to push their gear/ pedal. Stillness. Quiet, calm, humid and damp. Me and y dad talked. TAlked about World Cultures, talked about ways to keep me engaged, be active. I got distracted as my mind wandered off to wonder about my surroundings. I also noticed there were more birds than I normally see. A few days ago I saw a Red Cardinal. I only remember them from Ohio. My daycare. A room- Pre-K 2. The top of the walls, a few inches from the ceiling, a white, long, laminated sheet. I’m not sure if it was a letter chart, but I do remember birds. Singular. A bird. A Red Cardinal. That bird brought back the small sickening feeling of sorrow and the feeling of satisfaction. On our walk, I saw another bird. I’m not sure whether it was a duck or a goose, probably not a goose, so I named it the duck-goose. Being cooped at home for the rest of the day is a bit exhausting. AT least I can travel up the stairs and back to stretch my legs. Right now I hear a lawnmower in the background and I am just thinking, ” Seriously DUDE??? There is a virus in our town and you’re MOWING the LAWN??!?!?!!!?!?” There was a news article this morning saying, 6 reasons why people are ignoring the stay at home alerts, though I got interrupted before I could read it.

Just before I finish I wanted to check the data really quick. 1 person has died in the last few minutes I had been writing this. Whoever that person was, I am truly sorry that you had to die, and everyone else. No one should be expendable, and it wasn’t right that you should die. Mother Nature has come to balance us, but why this way? 1,000 new people have the coronavirus now, and things have gotten much worse. The only thing we can do is hope, stay cautious, quarantine, pray, and read the news and follow what President Trump has to say. In times of crisis, we need to do as much as we can, and right now, we have to listen to the news.

Life of 11 year old – Coronavirus lockdown – Part 1

Coronavirus log day 1-

This isn’t any virus, it’s a coronavirus. A new one sprung upon us. Traveling through the air, and passing through a light cough or an occasional sneeze.  The numbers have jumped far too quickly. 21,000 plus then 22,000 plus in a few minutes. Death tolls grow higher and deadlier. States have gone under lockdown, trapping citizens and families into their homes for their own safety. I’m one of them.

Dallas Texas- March 23, 2020:

Two weeks have gone by since I have gone to school. Everyone had expected just a week of Spring Break and two extra days, not two extended weeks due to a terrifying deadly pandemic. We came back from Cancun Mexico, being quite distant from others and washing our hands with lots of sanitizer when outside. I love school and was quite ready to go and learn about a new concept in math or continue learning about our uncompleted topic of Asia and start Africa. Last Monday I was relaxing, just doing my simple homework then watching some Tv long with reading a book or two. Then an email, I would be staying at home during this extended break due to this virus. Why? Because it was officially in the US. No need to panic right? WRONG. Yes, panic because it is a disease that spread as quickly as that into my own country and is becoming worse by the second. To hear this I was fairly disappointed. School would be online instead of interacting and I couldn’t wait to see all my friends and classmates and teachers once again! Then again I was a bit joyful. I wanted another few days off of school. The first few days were fine. Homework, read a book, and I decided to start coding again.

 Creating this on my first day and showing it to my parents, I got pretty creative and decide to create many more, though I got bored quickly. So I had nothing to do except stay at home with a basic boring schedule of wake up, eat breakfast, do homework, eat lunch, code, finish homework, practice violin, watch TV, eat dinner, take a shower, watch video, sleep. Eventually, my dad took grasp of things and gave me a schedule. Do 20 pages total of Kumon, 30 minutes of violin, complete one practice math test, finish as much as you can do from the geometry book, and wash all the doorknobs with a wipe. Then he changed it again and wanted me to stick with the practice of my school schedule. So now I wake up, shower, eat breakfast, do my 10 total pages of Kumon for ELA and Pride, plus Membean, for PE read a news article, do one science NASA problem paper, eat lunch, do Marathi for World Cultures, do my Geometry book and one test paper, have art as a free time/break time, violin, and then do my remaining 10 Kumon pages for my math period. Now I have a new task to write a day by day blog about the coronavirus. To make such a boring task into some fun, I decided to make this more of a journal writing or a daily log. At least I like writing and creating ideas for them.

This was day one of the Coronavirus series, and I hope everyone stays safe, of good health, and smart.

Middle School

I´m now in MIddle School. This is my very first year and, it´s prety awesome. I thought switching schools from elementary to middle would be terrifying but it´s actually not. I´ve got two brand new best friends from last year who help me everyday and a brain ready to learn. I´m in two on level classes, and everything else is GT or PAP or advanced, even Orchestra. MMost of my grades are A+ and A- but I´m hoping I can work on an A+.

My first period is ELA- GT. I have Mrs. Gallagher and I sit at a table with my best friend Celine.  In ELa we do vocab quizzez and class novels or class readings/ books and projects. Just last week we did something called a Socrates Seminar, which is a bit like a book club. Each person gets 3 turns to speak, and when you speak you have these questions about the book you read and what your answer was. This includes Text Evidence and Inferences.
2nd period, I have P.E. In P.E. we usually play games after we stretch, and are seperated from boys or girls, depending on which you are. If we go outside we play soccer or walk the track or capture the flag. Indoors, we play basketball, capture the flag, dodgeball and more. The coaches decide what games to play and organize our teams, but if there are two options, like, volleyball or kickball, you can choose.
3rd Period, is Science, for me. I take on level science, in Mrs. McCown’s class, and am currently learning about Chemistry, the science of matter. We took a quiz on metals, metalloids, and non-metals, and I got a 100!!!!!! Each category has their own physical property, such as metal has luster while non-metals are dull and brittle. We take big tests over the whole unit so we can fully understand it, but at the beginning we take quizzizes which are usually open note.
After 3rd period we have lunch which is 30 minutes long, and then we go onward to 4th Period.
My 2nd on level class is geography, or world cultures. In World cultures we study the different parts of the world like Mexico and CAnada. We do overviews on these countries and take notes on them. You need to make sure your notes are filled and neat because we take an open note quiz overlooking each country, and have notebook checks. I’ve gotten every quiz right and every notebook check a 100 yet I still panic even if I have all my notes filled or when filling out the overviews.
5th period, I take Leadworthy. In Leadworthy we do activities that are, leader worthy. We learn about how to be good leaders and first impressions and how to react to things. We also do projects for the school. Just recently we finished making chains for a decorative project. I believe Leadworthy is my 2nd favorite class, after Orchesrtra because, our teacher, Coach Stuber is really nice and my two friends are in the class with me.
6th period, art. I signed up for art class becasue I thought we were going to learn how to make projects or learn styles of art and how to use them, when all we do is do a project and turn it in for a grade. Ms Dunphy is nice, but I’m not sure she’s teaching us anything about art except for what our next project is and what you’ll need for it,a dn wher to sit.
I have Orchestra 7th Period and, I’ve said before, it is my most favorite class. Me, Celine, and Zach Cuppet, also in our 1st period and 6th grade, are the only 6th graders who are not in Beginner Orchestra. I’m in Concert Orchestra and my teacher is Ms. Kaminski. AT the beginning of the school year I was 2nd violin, 3rd row but now I’ve upgraded to 1st violin, 1st row. We just finished our Fall concert adn are practicing for our winter Extravaganza. Concert is playing ‘The Driedel’ and ‘Strings on the Housetop’, and I think all the orchestras will be plaing a piece together.
8th Period- Math. Now, for other 6th graders, they might question why I only have one block of math and they have two. I take Advanced PAP GT Algebra, which is 7th grade GT PAP math. Their math is only 1 block long so I get only one block of math, and the ability to have 3 electives, 1 extra. MAth is very complex and even now, I feel a bit stressed when working. We finished our latest project, which covered our Unit 6 and I am awaiting my grade. WE take summatives over each unit and I have gotten a 100 on each test except twice. 4th and 6th units. I’ve only missed one question, yet I really broke my streak. My teacher is Ms. Wright a she is what I’ve always wanted of a teacher. One who teaches well without strictness but is fun and jokes around. She is my favorite teacher, andI hope many kids in my grade will experience her next year like I am this year.
I really enjoy middle school and despite having homework every night, I already did when I was in pre-school, I find it exciting and thriling to come back to every day. Currently it is Thanksgiving break and I finally have never been so relieved to not have school and relax, though I have tp do 20 pages of Kumon for both math and reading.

Mexico Trip- 2019

On Friday, March 8th, we headed out to Cancun, Mexico. The 2-3 hour flight was on American Airlines and was an amazing trip. Tip to y’all, don’t wear long sleeves under a thick jacket, it gets hot and sweaty once you reach places like Mexico, and Hawaii, and places with similar weather. The Fiesta Americana Condesa, All inclusive, is an amazing hotel. The entrance is a cone looking bungalow, with three-tiered gapes, and giant triangular openings at the top, and is an outdoor hotel. They have beautiful plants and vegetation all around and in the hotel, and had a waterfall displayed across the granite in the entrance area. Once you walk inside you will see couches and chairs and tables everywhere on the open ground, and pathways or entrances to restaurants, the buffet, the bar, and the outdoors. To start with the ground floor, I have to say amazing.

The restaurants all have very nice, traditional Mexican food, American food, and many more different cultural ones. To start with the buffet, it is open every single minute. Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert with many scrumptious, and amazing different choices. For example, for breakfast, they have the best food there. The most delicious pancakes and waffles you will ever have. They taste so sweet, and sugary, and fluffy, and buttery, that you will love them so much you will never want to leave. They have tropical fruits, and you can get your own blended smoothie or you can try their versioned orange juice, green juice, pineapple juice and more. Ongoing omelet stations, tasty sweets, sausages, bacon, eggs, fried beans, potatoes, hashbrowns, french toast, waffles, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, hot chocolate, anything I’m definitely sure you will love.
For lunch and dinner, they spread out the food into themes. Once they did a sea theme and carved fish and seahorses out of bread. MIND BLOWING!!!!! They display soups, build your own salads stations, potatoes, veggies, meat, meals combining them all. They only plan them by theme. Let’s say Indian. They would have these veggies fried in a batter which fries and becomes a crunchy coating.  We call bhajji, and they taste amazing. ( I recommend spinach or potato ones. They taste incredible.) They would also serve yellow rice with it, or anything else, to help you experience the cultural food.  Now, we get to the desserts. YUM. I have to say, I was impressed with the chefs’ cooking skills. They were amazing. For the sea themed night, they created little boats, which were mint custard, hardened on the outside and the soft, sweet custard on the inside. They were so good and minty. Other examples were cakes, and tarts and fruits. The also had these deserts which were in a glass. It would be like a fruity custard, maybe a filling, at the bottom, and then another layer, just plain vanilla at the top, and to finish they had hardened chocolate strips or a design wedged in, with fruits for taste. For a more cookie-like dessert, they had this soft cookie looking piece that was pink, caramel in the middle, and a yellow “cookie” on the bottom. Then stuck to the side was a bit of caramel and another pink “cookie” on top. It was soft and delicious and the caramel tasted like peanut butter for some reason. It was regular caramel that looked and tasted a bit like peanut butter. It was delicious. For a start, they had a tart crust that looked like a small coffee filter and was filled with chocolate, and fruits and hardened chocolate were laid on top. The food was so delicious and amazing that the taste would linger in your mouth for so long that you would crave for it.

The rooms were as amazing as the building. The floors were tile, and the bridges to cross from one side to another were cased in an outer white stone and had a section for plants to grow. Like a mini garden. In the rooms were two beds, a Tv, a night lamp at the top of the bed frame, a closet, mini fridge, and everything else you see in hotels. The only thing that made this different was the view from the balcony. From our balcony, you could perfectly see the pools below you, and every seat laid out on the pavement. Every palm tree, bar, hut, and person would be at your view from there. RIght behind the pool would be the beach. You could see every wave crash down on the people as they wade into the salty cold waters lapping ferociously at you every second. At night the view would be more beautiful. Just at sunset, the sky would sink down, causing it to become a flood of red, yellow, blue, purple, pink, orange, and a tint of gray. Just gazing out at the beach, you could see how beautiful and calm the ocean would look like, and how much you would just want for it to stay like that so you could gaze at it longingly for as long as you want.

The adventures we had were snorkeling and going to Chichen Itza, an Ancient Mayans ground.
When we went snorkeling we booked a jungle tour. It basically was where we followed a driver around the mangrove trees and into the reefs. The reefs were beautiful. Not exactly as you would imagine. Colorful with pink, yellow, red, orange coral everywhere. The coral was just plain gray and rocky. Still, the way the anemones moved, and the rocks looked, it was an amazing experience.

Chichen Itza. I have to say, it was the most fascinating history lecture I’ve ever had.
Fun fact: in a popular game they played, similar to basketball, the winners would be sacrificed to the gods to play with them. Their thinking: You’re the best so you get the chance to play with the gods. My most favorite thing was the architecture. I found all that fascinating. The way the stone was stacked, what the purpose was for, the designs. One of the temples, it was like a square pyramid, I actually not what it seems. It looks big and tall on the outside, but inside, its actually a shelter for the second, smaller, actual temple inside. Cool, right! Another thing is that the Mayans believed in a bird that would be evil. The way the structure was built, was that every time you ran up the steps and you clapped your hands, there would be a sound like a bird calling or crowing out to you. Even standing on the ground at the very bottom, and you clap, you could hear the sound of the bird as loud as the clap.

Taylor Swift concert

Luxury Ring of Honor Suite                                                                   Saturday, October  Sixth, 2018

Today is the day we go to the Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour Concert. The show starts at 7 pm  
and we are heading to the special suite that 7 elven owns personally and we have just been handed special white bracelets with tags on them. Interesting. In the suite, there were several multi chocolate dipped strawberries, mini pastries and giant crunchy chocolate chip cookies. And for dinner, we had chopped up shredded chicken with beans! And many tasty sides of sour cream, tomatoes, limes,  geese, corn and so much more! So two singers just passed by, singing many of their hit songs and now we are waiting for Taylor. During the wait we were to take the tags off of our bands for a “ full experience” I was just curious. A while later, BAM!! The big screen and little ones were glowing and everything went dark. Then there was a Funky mysterious sort of Music and there was a sort of rising point when there was a long dress with chains being shown on the screens. Weird right?! And then the music came on for Taylor’s very first song, Ready for it? All the lights came on and there she was, with a black sparkly hood to a lithe leg outfit that was black and dark and shimmering. Her male backup dancers were wearing a Chinese warrior sort of armor. The songs slowly went by. My favorites were Look WHAT YOU MADE ME DO AND SHAKE IT OFF. THOSE WERE REALLY GOOD. WHY?  WEll, they both had this giant snake that came out and was moving. It was so Tall, I thought it was going to burst out of the stadium. I’m exaggerating.😅 But still, it was so cool! In Look what you made me do, there was a giant rocking thing that was moving so quickly, and everyone was dancing and singing and jumping on it. Wow! I cannot believe I almost missed this!