Don't you just loathe it when your parents say that it's their house in an argument but then say that it's OUR house when it's time to clean the house or do something concerning the house? I know I do. Why do they abruptly change their minds when they've already said something? Why? Why is that so? 

In my opinion, houses shouldn't be classified as MY house. Unless you're speaking to friends or others. Yes, you pay the bills or bought it with your own money or take care of it more than others do. But does that really matter? It may give parents power in an argument but otherwise, I don't see the point why we say MY house. Aren't homes supposed to be for ALL of us? No matter what won't the wooden structure that shelters and protects us always be there for ALL of us?  In an argument, parents pull out the "This is MY house card' which is supposed to give them the advantage or even the win. Honestly, it's a shallow trick. Parents, do you usually buy a house just for yourselves and to say that it's yours, or as a place for your family to be safe and warm? Do you? I don't think so. But then, there's another card they pull out.

The "it's OUR house" card. When there's some family chore of cleaning the house or a family project, parents say that it's OUR house, and we should take care of it. Didn't you just say the other day that this was YOUR house? I don't see why parents do that. They change what they said and act like it's no big deal. I don't remember having an incident like this when I was younger. ( Mainly because I didn't realize what was happening) But now that I'm older, I'm starting to see how quickly parents change what they say. 

When I do something wrong or said something that wasn't very kind, they make me explain what happened. You say what happens, and of course, you'll feel guilty explaining the mistakes of your actions. But something passes through your mind. You don't want to have a consequence, so without realizing you'll change a few things. Parents get mad about this. In a way, it almost feels hypocritical. They say that we shouldn't twist our words or change what we said when they do the EXACT SAME THING.  Sometimes they have a fair reason for changing their words.
Parents say that it's our house to persuade us. They say that we should take care of our house because we live in it. And they are right. We should take care of our house. After all, it does provide us a place to live, a roof over our heads, and warmth. If we don't take care of it, it's almost like we aren't grateful. Yes, saying this may be the only way to actually get kids to help around, but it's not the best way. 

After all this, it may be a little confusing what my main point is. My main point is whether a house is united or divided. ( Figuratively, of course) When parents say that this house belongs to them, it's like a division between the family. It almost feels as if parents are saying that they are LETTING us live in their house.  This is probably not at all true, but it does feel like it. ( It's not what you say, how you say it) Like I said many times before, a house should be a place for the family to feel comfortable and safe. For the FAMILY. Not just the adults. Not just the ones who actually bought the house or pay bills for it. I really think parents should consider whether to continue using this expression or not. If my parents were to stop saying that it's their house and instead say that it's our house, I might be more motivated to help out when doing a spring cleaning or family project. It convinces me that this actually IS our house and that I should help out. But, you never know. Everyone is different. After all, I'm just sharing my perspective on things. 

I do hope that parents stop saying that this is their house. It really isn't. It's our house. They may have power in the house, but that doesn't mean that it's theirs. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, and an excellent day. Bye!!11

 What's the difference between a right and freedom? Well, a right is a legal, social, or ethical principle of freedom. It's like a rule about what is allowed of people. To have a right is to have some sort of legal claim or just on something. Freedom is the power or RIGHT to act, speak, or think as one wants without interference or restraint. In the Constitution, we have something called The Bill of Rights, which are the first 10 Amendments. They guarantee rights and liberties to the individual such as freedom of speech, press, religion, assembly, and petition. but we'll get to that later. So, knowing this, what's the problem? Well, the problem is knowing when something is a right or freedom. 

The first problem, vaccines. As we all know, we finally have a COVID-19 vaccine. While many would be impatiently, or even patiently, waiting to get vaccinated, others would be staying far away and opposing the vaccine.  But why? Many cite that its religious beliefs. They believe that a vaccine won't help them and that God will save them and give them a cure. Before I say anything else I want to share a story, but I don't know the name of it is. You may have heard it before. So, the story goes that a flood is coming to a town. Everyone evacuates except a man. He stays inside his house and says that God will save him. As the water starts to rise, a man in a canoe comes to him and offers him to come with him. The man refuses and says that God will save him. A helicopter then comes and the crew throws a ladder. They tell the man to climb it but the man refuses, saying that God will save him. A person swims to the man and says to get on his back. The man refuses, and yet again says that God will save him. When the man drowns, he goes to heaven and asks why God didn't save him. God says that he sent a canoe, helicopter, and even a person to save him but the man refused.
This should be similar to the vaccines. The vaccine is something that God has "made"/created to save you from the pandemic. A cure or help can be shown in many different ways, so why not as a vaccine? 

In my opinion, I think that vaccines should be mandatory order in America. In India, people are so used to getting vaccinated that they assume that it's a part of life and that it's natural. Plus, it's a mandatory order. Why not establishing something similar to this in America? Since getting vaccinated is mandatory, it has been integrated and remembered as something normal and natural in life. It's not really something to question or have doubts about. If we try something like this in America, would it also become thought of as something natural and a part of life? 

If the government issues a mandatory order that everyone gets vaccinated, there will obviously be some complaints. For example, some people may complain that this will be a violation of their freedom of religion or press/thought. Like I said before, people may believe that vaccines aren't going to help them or cure them and instead god will help them. Why don't we try to convince them that a vaccine is a cure from God? ( I'm tying this back to my story concept from above.) Some other reasons why people aren't getting vaccinated include distrust. The WHO organizes a press conference when a new vaccine is released. Of course, they answer questions that are common and from reporters, but why can't there be any questions from people.  Maybe they already do this, but why not hold a survey where you can write down your concerns and what you would like to have asked at the conference? I think that may reduce some tension of getting vaccinated and may cause more people to get vaccinated.

Anyway, I hope that you all are safe and doing well. Happy Holidays, and have a Wonderful Christmas. Let's hope that 2021 will be much better.

It's been some time since I've talked about the 2020 elections, and I've decided to bring this up. I've mentioned this, maybe once or twice, and I feel like it should really be talked about. So, as we all know, President-elect Biden won the 2020 elections, and President Trump has been very upset about this. He has been suing state after state after the result rolled in and constantly has been tweeting about voter fraud and how the elections were rigged. This may be in an attempt to somehow deny that President-elect Biden didn't win and that he was the one who actually won the election. 

But, just a few days ago, the electoral votes were counted and Mr. Biden will be the next president of the United States. It's confirmed. I'm not sure if President Trump is still claiming voter fraud even when the result has been confirmed, but I believe that he should just stop. At the start, it didn't do a lot, and now, after the result confirmation, it still won't do anything. However, there is actually one thing he could do.

There is actually an amendment- the 22nd Amendment- in the Constitution which states that "No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice". This means that President Trump is technically ALLOWED to run again, in 2024 since he has only been elected once. This is a big opportunity for President Trump. Despite that he lost the 2020 elections, he could win the 2024 elections. But before he does so, I think President Trump should consider what he does during this term before he runs. Think about it like this. 

Everything that happens either has a consequence or something good comes from it. During a job interview, something you did a couple years ago as a college student may affect your chances of getting a job.  In this case, I think President Trump should get over the results and just accept that he will not be the next president. His behavior right now after losing may affect his chances of winning/being the final candidate in the future. So, this being said I think that President Trump should calm down, accept President-elect Biden as being the next president, and get ready for the 2024 elections.

So, despite that this blog was a little shorter than the others, I hope it explains what happened after the elections. I hope you have a great day, and I will see you next week. Bye!

So, I've been reading, and I've realized that a lot of these presidential pardons are outrageous. A pardon is a government decision to allow a person to be relieved of some, or all, of the legal consequences resulting from a criminal conviction. Basically, it allows a person charged with a criminal conviction to be relieved of some, if not all, of the legal consequences. I think that pardons aren't right, and here's why.

A lot of presidents are generous when giving pardons while others are more rigid. I personally would be rigid if I were allowed to give pardons. To me, it just doesn't feel right to pardon someone for breaking the laws of our country or doing something that violates them, which were meant to protect us and our general safety, as well as ensures our rights as citizens. Here's a presidential pardon I disagree with. President Andrew Johnson, the 17th president after President Abraham Lincoln, pardoned about 7,000 people. Including 3 people who were conspiring to murder President Lincoln. Those 3 people- Samuel Arnold, Samuel Mudd, and Edmund Spangler- served about 4 years in prison. 4 years! I wouldn't have pardoned them at all. They had conspired to murder a president. A president! Here's another example. Oscar Collazo attempted to assassinate President Harry Truman and was pardoned by President Truman himself. I wouldn't really pardon someone who tried to kill me, knowing that they are/were a threat to me. My last two examples were of presidential assassinations. For my last example, I'm going to use a more recent example by our current president. President Trump. 

President Trump has been pardoning people in his office and those who committed crimes for the benefit of him and is even thinking about pardoning his family and himself. I find that selfish. The power of being able to pardon someone is supposed to be for the good of the country and for the citizens of the United States. Not for the people who helped and supported you when you were the president. Although President Trump has gone out of his way to claim that this was false, he pardoned his former national security advisor, Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI. Twice. It's like President Trump is taking advantage of his power. Plus, who's to say this won't happen again with some other president in the future? There may not be a high possibility, but we can't say that this may not happen again, or something similar to this. Also, if a president pardons someone who has been already pardoned once, that person will just take advantage of it. They will do anything knowing that they will be pardoned later. This would also happen to someone who hasn't done anything yet. Knowing they are already pardoned, they might just commit a crime not even worrying about serving in prison.

Despite all this, a president's power to pardon something isn't all bad. Sometimes the people who are charged with a criminal conviction were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. It would be okay to pardon someone who was innocent the whole time and was falsely charged with a crime. 

In my opinion, I think pardons should be restricted/ limited and only used for certain purposes. ( Note: These changes are just my opinions and not any criticism) A president should be able to pardon anyone who was falsely accused/ charged with crime but not just pardon anybody without some vote or consent from others. I also think that a president shouldn't be deciding who to pardon on his/her own. Maybe the president doesn't make it alone, but I haven't found anything on that. This also relates to the consent from others. The president shouldn't pardon anyone who was conspiring against the president or any leader- governor, senator, congressman, etc- unless he/she absolutely must. Also, they shouldn't pardon anyone who has been charged with a crime at least twice. It doesn't make sense. That person will clearly take advantage of this and just do anything knowing that they will be pardoned. Lastly, I believe that a president shouldn't use his power of pardoning for themselves and for their own purposes. They must use it for the good of the country. 
Once again, these were my opinions on what the president should be limited to when pardoning. I am not criticizing any pardons, but just sharing what I feel about them. I hope you have an excellent week! Bye!

 I guess you can say my Thanksgiving break isn't/wasn't really normal. Well, normal for me to spend a break is being productive and doing some work. My entire break was the opposite of that. I spent my break, watching videos and painting and eating and listening to BTS' new album 'BE' and drinking two bottles of mixed fruit smoothies a day. Trust me, it hurts. But, my Thanksgiving weekend was/is really fun. Despite that my break is almost over, I'm glad that I had so much fun and had a good time. Especially Saturday. Saturday was a good day. But, before I explain the thrills of my weekend, I want to note that probably, about 70% of what I watch is useless/ won't really help me, but the other 30% actually ends up helping me and is informative. So, watching tv is important. 😂

Let's start on Thursday. Thursday was, Thanksgiving-as we all know- and, I burned my tongue. It's a wonderful memory to remember; that I burned my tastebuds just a while before the meal. I was in charge of making the cranberry sauce. And I did make the sauce. But, I was also in charge of cleaning my upstairs playroom with my dad, and getting rid of the toys that I don't play with anymore. So, after getting to the last step- stirring frequently- I rushed up and started to clean up. Then, I remembered, I needed to stir the sauce. So, I rushed downstairs and was eternally grateful that my mom handled the sauce as well as starting the potatoes. Thank you, Mumma. I was quite pleased with my sauce, and I wanted to try it. So, I got a spoon, scooped some up, and blew on it. Obviously, I was a little impatient and ended up...holding it in the middle of my tongue as an attempt to cool it down. I think you know the result. Anyway, I woke up this morning to feel the calming sensation of normal tastebuds. ( I was able to taste my food, seeing that only a few got burnt) I also ended up reminiscing my old punishments from when I was a kid while cleaning up my playroom. It's quite weird. 

I had a small plastic dress from a Tinkerbell figurine I had when I first moved here. ( After I moved) I was actually playing with the doll and set when I was punished. I'm not sure what I did, ( probably spoke to them in a way that wasn't very respectful)  but I remember that I had to call my parents Mister and Mrs. that day. It was horrible. They weren't my parents that day, and just remembering that made me emotional. So, yeah. I started tearing up after telling my dad where the plastic dress came from. Anyway, let's move to Friday.

Friday was regular. Black Friday shopping. I didn't find any new clothes, but I did find some new rings, and now, I have more rings. Yay! My new case for my new upgraded iPhone came- this time purple- and I miss my small, old phone that I had before. Yes, I am missing my small, used for a while before me, iPhone 7. Mainly because that was the first phone I've had, and I've become attached to it. It's also a handy phone, and perfect for me. I mean, both are about the same size but, it just looks weird. I still have to get used to it, but, I just think it looks weird. Anyway, I just spent the rest of the day like I did all the previous days before. Absolute nothing. Finally, Saturday.

Ahh, Saturday my most favorite day of the week and most anticipated. Usually, because it's the only day I get to watch videos, but, this time, it is because our day was going to be exciting. I started the day like I usually do, wake up, shower, eat breakfast quickly, and do some quick practicing to warm up before my violin lesson. I learned the notes for the doorbell noise and ambulance siren and started a new piece. Then, we watched My Spy- a really good movie- and planned out where we were going to eat lunch. I had planned this day weeks ago. We would spend a full day, in a really fun, all Asian cultured area, and it would be amazing. It was amazing. Especially the food. We all had been to the area before, all in groups and not with all 3 of us together, but we never got to eat there. I personally, had only been to the Japanese bookstore- Kinokuniya., Anyway, I was determined to eat Korean BBQ way before we planned out the day, and nothing was going to stop me. Well, besides the fact that most of the meat is pork and beef- two foods I am not yet allowed to eat, and mainly had to eat chicken or seafood. Nevertheless, I pulled up Google and found a Korean BBQ, which to my luck, was in that area we were to spend the day in. Aha! I was determined to eat Korean BBQ that day, and I did. 

If you've never eaten Korean BBQ, then I recommend you do. Especially at Gen Korean BBQ House- where we went- because then you get to look around at the area it is in. Plus, they have good food. It's a really cool concept, where they serve you the raw meat, already marinated with sauce, and you get to cook it yourself in a pit that sits in the middle of your table. You get Kimchi, sauces, rice, and lettuce for wraps, and obviously, delicious meat to eat it with. This was our first time eating Korean BBQ, so it was a new experience, but, me being the kid who devotes themselves to watching videos on their most anticipated day, I sorta knew how it was supposed to be eaten. It was a video where these two guys were doing a live cooking video- Korean BBQ- and they were making wraps with the lettuce and meat and rice. I had also seen a Lego cooking stop motion on Korean BBQ and learned a bit. So, like I said at the very beginning, about 30% of what I watch is useful. Anyway, the food was amazing. It was very well done and very good. I felt that I would never get full- yet I eventually did- and really enjoyed the experience. Plus, Kimchi is delicious. 

Next, we went to Kinokuniya, to spend some time before getting something at the 85-degree cafe next to it. I originally wanted to go to the area because the next book of my series- Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card- had recently been published in English. Unfortunately, they had sold out, so next week, we are going to go pick up a copy. We walked around a bit, and we looked at the pens. We spent like, 20 minutes at the pens because my parents really loved the fountain pen that you could test, and we're trying to find it for 10 minutes, and then looking for the right ink for it. Anyway, we also ended up getting a notebook- for my dad to use- and square, wooden pencils that I can use while learning Japanese with the new book we also bought at the store. I had also spotted some BT21 merch- which is similar to the messaging stickers I have on my phone. 

Later, we went to the 85- degree cafe, got some pastries and buns along with coffee and Boba Milk Tea before it started to lightly sprinkle. We went to 99 Ranch- a market I was visiting for the first time- and finished up the day with a  trip to a restaurant that has the best Mutton, before heading back. It was a really fun day. I really enjoyed it and had a blast. I think this will now be our thanksgiving weekend tradition- visiting the area- and I look forward to next year. Hopefully, the experience will be better, without COVID, and I'm just really happy that I got to get out of the house. 

I think that I really enjoyed Saturday because I got to experience a lot of different cultures that day- yesterday- and got to eat a lot of cultural food. The best way of experiencing other cultures is by food, and I definitely, ate a lot of food yesterday. Hopefully, next year I get to try some more, but I am definitely going to go eat at the Korean BBQ place again. It was a good experience, and once again, I encourage you to try it. Anyway, I have got to go, and I hope you also had an amazing Thanksgiving break. Below, I have a picture of my first painting of t\he break, and some pictures from teh Gen Korean BBQ House. Bye!

Here's one of my paintings from the break
( I messed up with the ombre and leaves)

 Hello, and welcome back to my blog! This is part...part...ummmmm, I honestly don't remember what part we're on. 😂 I've written so many election day posts I lost track of how many parts we're in! Hopefully, I remember it and can add the title by the end of this post. Anyway, I am back! Our topic for today is actually, different than what I write about. Politics is pretty much, most of what I write these days... Anyway, the topic is about facts and history. It sounds weird at the moment, but, when we get into it, it won't. Today, I'm writing from my heart, and what else do I like to explore and have an interest in than facts and history? 

I've mentioned this in, about 2-3 posts, but I've never clarified WHAT I like about history. ( To be more specific, ANCIENT history) History is fascinating to me because it is our past, and shows/is what life was like without all these new gadgets in our modern-day world. It's fascinating to learn about how civilizations thrived in a world with limited supplies and with tools more basic than what we use in our everyday lives. It's amazing how they created the most amazing things- Pyramids of Giza, ancient temples, ancient vaults, beautiful sculptures- by hand and without complex machines and equipment. I want to share some - 3 - of my most favorite ancient sites with you, to share how creative and innovative they were. 

#1, Angkor Wat

I actually, first learned about Angkor Wat from Kumon. One of the passages was a document on an explorer who discovered this temple, and out of curiosity, I googled it and, found out, that it is a very real place, and is very beautiful. Angkor Wat is a temple complex, located in northern Cambodia, in the Khmer region.

Angkor Wat was originally built as a Hindu temple, dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu, in the first half of the 12th century and became a Buddhist temple at the end of the 12th century. It is said to be the largest religious monument in the world, spreading over more than 400 acres. It was built by Emperor Suryavaram II, and because his religion was Hinduism, the temple of Angkor Wat was designed to be a Hindu temple. Later, Angkor Wat had been "sacked" by a rival tribe to the Khmer region, and under the rule of Jayavarman VII, moved their capital to Angkor Thom and the state temple Bayon, both of which are only a few miles to the north of this site. Angkor Thom was actually the last and most enduring city of the Khmer empire and was established by King Jayavarman VII. Angkor Wat was never abandoned, but was only unused and fell apart. 
( - I had to do some quick research)

#2, Machu Picchu

Ah yes, the all-time famous Machu Picchu which everyone knows about. I didn't choose this site because it’s popular- I think it is well known- but rather because of how it is built. 

I actually learned about Machu Picchu last year, in 6th grade, when learning about Peru. Anyway, Machu Picchu is located in Peru, as I mentioned before, high up in the Andes mountains. It is a famous and mystical city of the Incans. It is believed to have been built in the 1450s, by a young Incan ruler. Machu Picchu is also known as, City in the Clouds. It was discovered by Henry Bingham III in 1911, and in April of 1913, Machu Picchu was revealed to the world by National Geographic. The most remarkable thing about the construction of Machu Picchu is that it lies on two fault lines, and yet can withstand resulting quakes. 
This is mainly because the stone rocks making up Machu Picchu fit together perfectly. The Incans used the Ashlar masonry technique to build and stabilize the buildings of Machu Picchu. Ashlar Masonry is a type of stone construction where all the stones are "dressed or cut" to a uniform shape. Another remarkable fact about Machu Picchu is that about 60% of the city is located UNDERGROUND. The purpose and use of Machu Picchu are of many scenarios. From a bustling city center of many cultures to a scared convent for worshippers of the sun god to a resort for the Incan ruler and his family. 

#3, Ajanta Caves

To be honest, I know very little about the Ajanta caves, but I have visited them when I was a few years old. Despite that I know very little about them, they are still one of my favorite ancient sites. ( I actually found less info than I was expecting, so, sorry about that!) 

The Ajanta Caves are located in the Aurangabad region in the Maharashtra region, of India. They date back to the 2nd century BCE to about 480 CE. The Ajanta consists of about 30 caves and is not numbered chronologically. They are instead, numbered by their location. The Ajanta Caves consist of many paintings and hand-carved sculptures and constitute ancient monasteries and worship-halls carved into a 75-meter wall of rock. One amazing thing about these caves, which I learned from my parents and not the web which has very limited answers to my endless questions, is that they were carved from the top to bottom. They were cared from actual caves, starting from the top, all the way to the bottom. They never started in the middle to mark out the proportions, and just started carving. Cool, right? Another surprising fact about these caves is that they are engulfed in darkness. The caves remain in their original state, as the majority of the caves remain in darkness, without the help of artificial lighting. 

 I want to share a short fact about the sculptures. I actually have two photos, of me as a little kid, sitting next to the elephant sculpture you see in the picture above, and on the lap of a Vishnu sculpture. When you see the pictures, you see how big these sculptures are. It's really cool.

So, those were my top 3, most favorite ancient historical sites, and I hope you enjoyed learning about them, a much as I did, writing about them. As you see from the title, it says, " Facts AND History". So, that means, we still have facts to cover. Yes, I gave you a list of facts on those 3 historical sites, but I'm not talking about those facts. I'm talking about everyday facts. Really cool facts. I mainly watch Great Big Story on Youtube, and I recommend you check out their channel and some of their videos. They are a company/channel that shares some of the many stories around us to the world. I watch Great Big Story for fun, when I have nothing else to watch or when I'm in the mood to watch something interesting and learn something. It's not like school where you have to sit down and study Algebra or read about the Mexican-American war for about an hour, but instead short 5 minute videos on the world's stories. Here are some of my most favorite stories.

Ever heard of a 100-year-old egg? In China, this strange-sounding egg is quite popular. It is a preserved egg, that is a delicacy in China. Only a few people continue to make it the traditional way. The process is something I will leave a surprise, but I want to hint that the eggs only are called century eggs, because of their appearance. Check out the 100-year-old egg Great Big Story to learn more!

Learn about a Turkish ice cream that never melts, but is stretchy and delicious, or even how ramen was invented, or even about the loneliest tree on earth. There are so many stories about so many things you might not even have known existed, or even about how your most favorite foods were made. I encourage you to check out their videos, you'll learn a thing or two about the smallest things,  and will want to know more!

I also just research random facts online. Did you know, a celebrity learned English just by watching the TV sitcom, "Friends"? Guess who, it's Kim Namjoon-RM- the leader of the 7-member South Korean boy band, BTS! He has a 148 IQ and taught himself English just by watching the show. 

Did you know, Harry Potter/Daniel Radcliff wore out about 60-70 wands during the making of the Harry Potter films? He had a habit of drumming on his lap with his wand- which you can see in many Harry Potter behind the scenes clips- and constantly had to have the wand replaced. 

Anyway, I hope you had as much fun as I did, learning about all these facts about Angkor Wat and about the 100-year-old egg. These two topics are my most favorite to learn about/research, and I feel so happy I got to are them with you. Anyway, that was it for today, I hope you all have an amazing day, bye!

 Mr. Biden just won the U.S. Presidency with 284 electoral votes. He flipped Pennsylvania, a while ago- I’m just publishing this-and just won. This is unbelievable.  I have to admit, I actually thought President Trump would win, but after seeing the results get updated over time, it was slightly obvious that our next President was going to be Mr. Biden. Plus, Vp-elect Harris has made history. Not only is she the very FIRST FEMALE VP ( or VP-elect at the moment) but she is also Indian and African American. This means, that our first female VP is an Indian, African American,  amazing and inspiring woman. President- elect Biden has a total of 290 electoral votes- as per the recent updates of winning Nevada- and despite that he is leading in Georgia, I think that it is too close to call whether he will get 306 votes in total or whether it will go to President Trump. Before a President-elect actually becomes President, he has to get approved by the current President. In this case, I think that President Trump may sue all of Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Michigan, and Wisconsin, before actually agreeing. President Trump has been continuously claiming that there is major voter fraud. I can't help but say, he's been claiming this over and over again without even TELLING US or even actually PROVING that there is voter fraud. I don't really believe him when he is saying this but, maybe he is actually right, and there is a voter fraud that we just don't realize. But, in order for us to realize, Mr. President, we need you to please prove it.

Live Blogging is one of the greatest things I've ever done. I'm really proud of myself. I had so much fun- on the actual Election Day, not the days after- and I loved following the news so much. Every morning after that, when I woke up, I had to pull up the news. I had to know what was happening, what states turned blue or red, or something. I had to know. It’s too bad that I’ll have to wait another 4 years to do this again. But, until then I will research and be more ready for 2024. I hope that next term I will be able to write better and post better. Anyway, this is the last blog for the 2020 election, and if there are any more updates, I’ll post. Signing off for the actual, last time, bye!

Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, and Arizona are all blue. Georgia is 99% into reporting, and Mr. Biden is 1,097 votes ahead, Pennsylvania 98% in and 5,587, Nevada is 84% in and 11,438 votes ahead, and Arizona is 90% in and 47,052 votes ahead. It is an extremely narrow race is Pennsylvania and Georgia. North Carolina is still red, but it doesn't really matter anymore. 

Source: The Guardian ( Ignore Arizona)

I woke up around 20 minutes ago to see that, Georgia, a state we all thought would go to President Trump, has just turned blue. The race is extremely close, as Mr. Biden is leading with about 1,000 votes. 3 states are now in Mr. Biden's favor, and only 2 of any of them, would get him to the presidency. He could get Nevada and Arizona and win Arizona and Georgia and win, or even, Georgia and Nevada to win. 

Georgia is 99% into reporting, and I have just checked where each candidate stands. President Trump is ONLY 0.2% AHEAD of Mr. Biden. In votes, he is only 9,000 votes ahead of Mr. Biden.  I know that it may not be possible, but seeing how long Georgia has been 99% in reporting, and close of a race it is, Georgia may be another key state Mr. Biden needs for winning. He might not even need Nevada if he gets Georgia. Georgia has 16 electoral votes,  and if Mr. Biden wins them, he can have a total of 280 electoral votes. So, the two states we should count on, even though one is less likely, is Nevada, and Georgia. ( And possibly Arizona, if it is still, is unannounced.)

 Hi! Sorry about the late post. I am currently in school- online school- and have just finished enough of my work to get a few minutes of break. So far, there aren't any new updates on Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania. One thing, though, is that, apparently, Arizona hasn't been called yet. Fox announced it was for Mr. Biden first and CNN as well. This is because the AP had announced it. I am actually not very sure if Mr. Biden has gotten Arizona yet, or not. I am really confused about what is right and wrong for the electoral votes, and who has gotten it or not. But, if that is the case, Mr. Biden has only 253 votes, not 264. Most LIKELY, Arizona will be a flip state, like I may have said before without knowing it may be false and will get Mr. Biden up to 264 electoral votes. 

 Hello! Welcome back to Day 3 of the 2020 Election! Yes, it is a stressful and nail-biting topic that we all wish would just end already, and that is why we've got to talk about it. No new updates last night. No states have changed colors. Mr. Biden is still leading in Nevada, the one-state he NEEDS to win if he wants to claim the White House, and one of the states President Trump isn't paying much attention to, as much as I know. He has already called Pennsylvania as Trump state- despite that he hasn't won it yet-, which, in my opinion, is pretty stupid. He's so focused on Pennsylvania, which I believe he will most likely win, and not at all focusing on the one state that he must win if he wants to beat Mr. Biden. If President Trump wins Nevada, then it is over for Mr. Biden. 

 It's been a long and tiring day. I expected the elections to end yesterday( technically this morning) but apparently not. For it, I skipped school, and I'm not allowed to do it again, or would even want to! It's been really exciting so far, and hopefully, it all ends tomorrow, and we have a new POTUS. See you!

 Michigan is called for Mr. Biden. As I posted before, it all comes down to Nevada. Mr. Biden has a total of 264 votes, and only 6 more will make him win. If President Trump ends up winning Nevada, then it's the end for Mr. Biden. Most likely, we will know the results for Nevada tomorrow, so, this election will have been running for almost 3 days if that is the case. 

 As Wisconsin has just been called, almost an hour ago, Michigan is about to announce the results. 99% into reporting, Michigan is still looking like it will be for Mr. Biden. However, this doesn't mean that President Trump doesn't have another state to win. Nevada is still counting its votes. At 75% in reporting, Nevada may just change and be red this year. Nevada may decide the president this time. 

 As we predicted, Wisconsin has flipped this year and has gone to Mr. Biden. Mr. Biden currently has 248 electoral votes and can claim teh White House if he wins Nevada and Michigan. The looks of winning these two states look very clear, as he is leading in both of them. HOWEVER, teh winner has not been declared yet. Seeing that Nevada is ONLY 67% into reporting, North Carolina and Georgia may report soon, causing President Trump to quickly catch up with Mr. Biden. It all comes down to Michigan, which is a key state for both of them to win. If Mr. Biden wins Michigan and Nevada, he will win exactly 270 votes, but if it turns red again, President Trump will win, with about 284 votes, if Pennsylvania, Georgia, Alaska, and North Carolina still stay in his favor. 

 The one electoral vote from Maine has just gone to President Trump. Even though it is a small vote, it matters. It makes a big difference and is the key to winning. Kamala Harris, the Democratic VP, said that winning Nebraska's vote is crucial to winning the White House. I wonder how much longer until they report who won Nebraska's lonely vote. 

The Nevada Secretary of State is saying, that there will be no new numbers until tomorrow.  Secretary of State for Wisconsin will give us an update on the numbers soon. Most likely, the election results won't come until tomorrow or Friday. ( Extremely disappointing)

NASDAQ is up by 422 and Dow is up by 584. Investors must be feeling pretty good today if they are buying. 

 At the moment, we're a stressed nation. The results of who the next leader of our country is still going and is very stressful as the mail-in ballots are being counted. We're a pretty advanced and technical nation, and yet it takes almost 2 days to count votes. Why? Can't we create some sort of machine which collects the ballots we feed into it and doesn't display the results until the end? We've created amazing things, and yet we take forever to count. Why can't we have some machine like that? 

 Nebraska and Maine are the only 2 states to follow the congressional district method. It's not a bad thing. It's actually very unique and interesting. Here's what happens with this method. "Maine and Nebraska allocate two electoral votes to the state's popular vote winner. Then, one electoral vote goes to the popular vote winner in each congressional district. In Maine, there are 4 electoral votes up for grabs, three of which Mr. Biden has already won. The winner of the last electoral vote is too close to call. The two districts for these two states that will be important this year, are the Nebraska 2nd district and Maine 2nd District. That means s that one vote is the key to winning the White house. At the moment, I have very little info to create a prediction. I'll write more when I have more. 

 Michigan and Wisconsin. The two states at the top with a total of 16 ELECTORAL VOTES. Wisconsin has turned blue overnight, and just now- or some time ago- Michigan has also turned blue. It looks like Mr. Biden was right about those two states. Last night in Detroit, he made an announcement and said that he was confident about Michigan and Wisconsin. He may be right. Mr. Biden may just win those two states. 

 Last election- 2016- mail-in ballots were hardly even counted. But, due to the pandemic, it is extremely crucial to count every mail-in ballot, from voters who cannot come in- person. Seeing this, some research was done.  The 4 battleground states- Pennsylvania, Nevada, Wisconsin, and Georgia- are starting this Wednesday morning with "tens of thousands of absentee ballots uncounted". Seeing that Pennsylvania and Georgia are leading to President Trump, they might turn blue. Pennsylvania, one of the crucial states- other than North Carolina- that President Trump needs, can help Mr. Biden win if it turns blue. He won't even need to win Michigan or Georgia. Nevada is most likely to be won by Mr. Biden, and Wisconsin also looks like it might. With Pennsylvania, Mr. Biden might just win. This is the same as Georgia. It's a very CLOSE race in Georgia, and these ballots may make a change and win needed.

 I was woken up at 6:57 am by my dad, and couldn't sleep after that. What made it more difficult to sleep, was that CNN was playing just behind my wall. Never in my life, have I ever been so DESPERATE to watch teh news. Literally, I was so desperate to know what was happening. I woke up, 6 hours into sleep, and deprived of it the minute I heard the music of CNN. 

 I have woken up, to learn that there isn't a new president yet. Seriously? I know that it was going to take a while to count the votes, but seriously. You made a kid stay up until 12 in the morning only to wake up 7 hours later and learn that there isn't a new President yet. But, we've got to do what we always do. Make our faithful predictions. Mr. Biden could win if he gets 3, only 3 states. Yesterday he said he was confident he was going to win Wisconsin, and he is close to winning it. Michigan, close. If Nevada, Wisconsin, and Michigan get called for him, their total of electoral votes is 32. This makes Mr. Biden by EXACTLY 270. The same is also true with Georgia. Georgia is also in a close race. 

President Trump's winning map:

 Hello. It is currently 12:11 am, November 4th, and I am extremely exhausted. I really wanted to stay up and continue watching this entire election, but, I'm too exhausted. I'm a bit upset this is over. It was a lot of fun posting my opinions and following the recent polls. Alas, I'll have to wait 4 years before the next presidential election come around. I'll write more about teh results or further action of the election tomorrow. Last news from teh election:

As expected, President Trump wins Texas. Mr. Biden is leading with 223 votes, while President Trump is not far behind with 212. 

Anyway, see you tomorrow! 

 As expected, Florida goes to President Trump. Honestly, I'm extremely tired at the moment, but I'm trying to keep going. Expected or not, I want to know who the next President of the United States or who won the election before I go to sleep. Right now, Mr. Biden is speaking out in Delaware, about how he believes he will win Wisconsin and Michigan. I'm not that confident he will get Michigan, but perhaps he will get Wisconsin. But, I admire how he is continuing to be strong and act as if there isn't any pressure tonight as the votes get counted. I admire that. Mr. Biden, even if you don't win, congrats for working hard and not giving up. Despite teh many problems and obstacles that came to this election, you, and even President Trump, did very well this year. Thank you.

 Ohio has been called for President Trump. Yes. Now, it has gotten EVEN MORE OBVIOUS who is going to win this year. It's remarkable how much an impact one day can be for our future, and how, so many opinions and different thinking of many people can shape the future. Just a single vote from a person, out of millions can make such a big difference. What's more, is that Montana AND Iowa have also been called for President Trump. President Trump is DEFINITELY going to win. But, we'll never know. Only the result from Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina can give us an answer.

 Hawaii has just been called for Mr. Biden as well as Minnesota. This totals up to 223 total electoral votes for him. Meanwhile, President Trump has the same number and has Florida and Texas, and Georgia slowly counting their votes. It's a very close race in North Carolina, and if Mr. Biden gets Nevada, as well as North Carolina, he may be able to win this. Ah, so many possibilities but each far away. C'mon Texas! Even though you will be "supporting"/ going to the obvious candidate, we need to know...

 Once again, we are in that waiting mood. Or should I say, I? Currently, at 10:39 pm CST as I write this bit, I am awake, and surprisingly not that tired as I track the polls. So far, we have gone through the beginning such as record-breaking early voting and total voting, protests, and guests on Fox and Friends including President Trump himself, and the highlight of the day, the voting results. Even though Mr. Biden is leading with 209 electoral votes, things may not seem so bright for him in the end. Nevada, a state part of teh legendary bleu wall for Democrats, has just started and has turned red. Hopefully, it's just the beginning, but if not, then, the blue wall has a crack. Major states that could turn this around, and give Mr. Biden teh result he hopes are Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. Yes, these 4 states are shaded red, minus Arizona which is blue, but we should hope. Who knows? Maybe they will turn blue and go to Mr. Biden in the end. Also, HURRY UP FOR GOODNESS SAKE FLORIDA!!!!!!!!!! Florida is 98% in for votes counted, and they started like 2-3 hours ago. Most likely, it will head in president Trump's direction, but if those 4 states we mentioned above come into play and give us a surprise, we'll have a new answer. 

 Sorry for posting a little later than I was supposed to but, there was no news so far, and I got bored. So yeah. Anyway, our predictions were slightly incorrect, but all the same, correct. I predicted New Hampshire, Washington, Oregon, and California would go to Mr. Biden, and they did, and that Missouri will go to President Trump. What I got wrong was that Idaho went to president Trump, and Montana has turned red, most likely meaning it will go to President Trump. I also think that the states that are still not confirmed- Georgia, Florida, Texas, Ohio- will definitely go to President Trump. Though also, a new change in Maine has also begun. The once, the continuing red shaded state has just turned blue. In teh end, will it go to Mr. Biden or President Trump? 

Here is the difference between my prediction map and the actual map: 

( Top is my prediction map, and the bottom is the actual map)

 Kansas goes to, President Trump! My first update in, 25 minutes. Not a long time, but very long when you have nothing to do, staring at 3 screens, and extremely tired. Pennsylvania is constantly, turning red off and on. I know that it is early, but, I think that Pennsylvania will go to President Trump, along with Florida, Ohio, Georgia, and a few other states. Mr.Biden will get North California, Arizona, the blue wall that consists of California, Nevada, Washington, and Oregon, but in the end, President Trump will win. Alaska will go to President Trump, giving him a total of 270 votes, and Hawaii to Mr. Biden, giving him 268. 

Here's my projection map:

 Like we said before, Texas was a faint blue state before, and now it has become it's natural red again. Florida is still looking red, and it looks like President Trump may have to settle for Florida, instead of Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Mr. Biden has gotten Colorado, and Ohio has turned red. Georgia is reporting slow, and no other polls have opened, besides, almost, the left side of the U.S. map. 

 My map says, Mr. Biden is leading with 119 electoral votes, and President Trump is close with 92 electoral votes.  Also, Mr. Biden has gotten New York, a state with 17 electoral votes. 

 Hey! Because all the other channels- CNN, Fox, and so on- are confusing and extremely slow in giving results, I have switched to getting results from Associated Press and The Guardian. Just letting you know!

The state of Arkansas goes to, President Trump! So far, Mr. Biden is leading with 85 votes, and President Trump has 61 votes. So far, we have a very faint looking blue Texas as well as a faint blue Kansas. Pennsylvania in North Carolina, 2 states President Trump is counting on, are also blue, but Pennsylvania is only 5% reporting in, and we all know how that ends. I think, that President Trump will most likely get Florida and North Carolina will instead go to Mr. Biden.

 Florida is 86% in reporting and the numbers have continuously, been changing. At teh start, Mr. Biden was leading and now President Trump is. So far, President Trump is at 50.4%. The final result? We'll just have to wait and see. 

 So, new results have come in. It took a couple of very confused and baffled minutes to sort out, but I've finally got it. So far, Mr. Biden has 85 electoral votes, while President Trump has 55 electoral votes. Here is what our map looks like so far. 

 At last! The moment we have been waiting for. The one that starts the long and tiring journey of tracking the Election results and to who becomes the next, or continues the presidency of the United States. Whilst FoxNews is talking about House races, CNN focuses on the presidential race. By presidential race, I mean, projection of the presidential race results. Almost thrice now, I have gotten confused about whether they have ACTUALLy posted the real results, or whether they are actually talking about their projections. The footnotes at the bottom are helpful if you pay attention to most of the time. Anyway, the first two states of the 6 have been called. Vermont has been called for Vice president Joe Biden and Indiana goes to President Trump. 

Here is what our map looks like so far:

 Everywhere, including nationwide and across teh 6 states we will get polling results from, have voters saying that the Economy is the top priority of their vote. It is in teh mid 30-40 percentage rage. How interesting. I said that the problem driving the voters to vote more, was possibly COVID, and I still do stand by that. But, I think that there is another reason. Economy. But, COVID has transformed our economy majorly these months, so...

For the first polling results of 6 states- Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia, and Vermont- the cumulative total of electoral is 60. This means that 60 electoral votes are at stake. The polling closes at 7 pm, Eastern.

 Here are some more exit poll results. The first time, I was watching CNN, and now here are some from FoxNews. 


Which Candidate quality matters most? 32% for, is a strong leader; 24% for, has good judgment; 21% for, cares for people like me; and 19% for, can unite the country. 


Feelings about how the U.S. government is working-

5% said enthusiastic; 225 said satisfied; 38% said dissatisfied, and 35% said angry. 

I think that this whole election is based on COVID. All the exit poll results are based on what the voters feel about COVID and how they have been affected by it. Take how they feel about the government for example. Most likely, these responses and answers came from how the government has not helped certain families or communities when needed, after being hit by the pandemic. Not getting the help I need for homework or doing something important would definitely make me feel dissatisfied. Why can't that be the same about the government and how it hasn't helped families with SPECIFIC problems? Voters may also feel dissatisfied because, when the government was trying to help them, they overlooked the actual problems or assumed the same for everyone. Not everyone can always get what they want, but shouldn't you at least try?

 We're just minutes away from knowing the EXIT POLL results, and just an hour away before the first POLLS close, and we know the First POLL results. An important state to look to and pay attention to is Georgia, and normally red state, and to see whether it will be a blue state this year. 

Exit poll Results:

Voters were asked what is most important to their vote.

34% said it was the Economy, 21% said racial inequality, 18% said Coronavirus, 11% said Crime and Safety, and 11% said Health care policy. 

They were also asked, which is more important to do now, contain COVID, or rebuild the economy. 52% said contain Coronavirus, and 42% said to rebuild the economy. 

The U.S. efforts to contain the virus are going... 48% said WELL, and 51% said BADLY. 

Is wearing a face mask in public more of a personal choice or public health responsibility? 30% say choice nad 68% say Public health responsibility. 

This also backs up our theory of more voters voting to see how the next president would solve this issue. (the issue being COVID) I said, that more people most likely voted this year, because of the effects of the pandemic, and wanting to know what the next president will do. 


Decided on presidential vote? 4% said in the last week, and 93% said before that. 

 Tonight, cities are bracing for protests that may be swarming around after the election results. That is also why the White House now has, brand new, "non-scalable walls" built around the building. To be honest, people should just accept the results. This is how it's been and how democracy works, and we need to accept that. Protesting will do very little, if not anything at all. but, you never know. Such small things, well small thoughts, can make a difference. Who knows. Maybe, if there will be protests around cities after the results, the protests will have some effect. 

 Uber is up by .96, NASDAQ up by 202. Dow is up by 554 though. As it gets closer to 4:00, the markets are slowly closing, and as I said in my last stocks post, Dow Jones was up 650. Once again, we'll only know how they feel, tomorrow morning.

As the first exit polls and results come in- around 4:00- anticipation and excitement grow. Both candidates and VP candidates are on the road, campaigning for the last time before the first results come in. While Mr. Biden decided to visit his home town in Pennsylvania, President Trump went to Virginia. As the minutes tick down, both campaigns can only sit and wait, while wondering whether the efforts were good, yet not enough, or worth it and regretless. 

Pre-election day ballots are already being counted in Florida, Georgia, and etc. 

ROBOCALLS telling voters to stay home in IN, MI, NC, and NE. The FBI is currently looking into this. I think, that these Robocalls are most likely a bunch of kids or p[people who don't want, President Trump or Mr. Biden to win. I'm just guessing, but they may be doing this so people don't vote for President Trump. I may be wrong, but it's always a good idea to have a theory.

 Important Senate races you should be watching:

  • Alabama

  • Arizona

  • Colorado

  • Georgia ( regular election)

  • Georgia ( special election)

  • Iowa

  • Maine

  • Michigan

  • Montana

  • North Carolina

  • Texas

Congressional Districts:
  • California’s 21st Congressional District

  • Minnesota’s 7th Congressional District

  • New Mexico’s 2nd Congressional District

  • New York’s 11th Congressional District

  • California’s 25th Congressional District

  • New Jersey’s 2nd Congressional District

  • Ohio’s 1st Congressional District

  • Texas’ 22nd Congressional District

  • Virginia’s 5th Congressional District

( Random map made when bored, enjoy)

 President Trump is visiting a polling station in Arlington, Virginia. He said," Winning is easy, losing is never easy." That's true, but the real question should be asked, Will he accept the results? President Trump also says that the Election results should not be delayed by days or weeks.  What's the problem with it being delayed? Maybe, because of the number of voters showing up, the counting will take a bit longer than usual, and we'll get the results the next day. If we had to know the results today and only today, they won't the counting process get slightly rushed? Also, a president isn't a president until the electoral college is counted. Why can't we wait until then? 

 New info:

FINALLY! Anyway, the number of people invited to the White House has been reduced to 250. Also, there has been a 'non-scalable fence' built around the White House. Will those 250 people be able to get in? ( Most likely yes) 

New "non-scalable fence"

Voting in North Carolina has just gotten underway. Another crucial state that President Trump needs for the election, and another state which he feels extremely confident about winning. He also says that he wants to know the results of the Pennsylvania voting by November 3rd, not tomorrow, but today in fact. 

President Trump has invited about 400 people to the White House. Apparently, he has some very high expectations of who the winner is, which sometimes isn't the best, but then again, why shouldn't we prepare a little ahead? But then again, we shouldn't always get ahead of ourselves. I'm not saying that it's a bad idea that President Trump is already inviting/has invited os many people to join him in the White House to see the results of the election, but rather, that he maybe shouldn't get too ahead of himself if he doesn't end up getting a second term. To me, 400 people seems like a lot, unless the 400 people are all the White House staff. Then, it will make more sense and agreeable. I would suggest, maybe only 200, people. Especially with COVID going around. So many people in one place are a bit risky, but seeing that this is the White House, and where the president lives and works, it will most likely, be cleaned thoroughly. 

 The market is up today, it's all green. NASDAQ up by 240 points, Dow Jones up by 650. The Investors are feeling pretty good about the Elections today. But, markets close at 4, so, we'll most likely see their feelings tomorrow morning.

 The first polls close in about 9 hours, 5 minutes, and 18 seconds. Voting has just gotten underway in Texas. 100 million votes have been cast before polls have opened today- by early voting. Mr. Biden has been visiting his home town in Scranton, Pennsylvania, to thank his supporters and what they have done throughout the campaign. President Trump is visiting RNC offices in Arlington today, before polls close. So far, I've only been pulling up news cabled to find ads, so I'm getting very little news at the moment. I'll check back in when I get new info.

 So far, there is an expectation of 150 million people to vote. This is most likely due to COVID. Many people may want to know what the President will do about this situation in the future, as well as, seeing how a NEW President may solve this problem. Considering how many families have lost loved ones, I think they will be the ones most likely heading out to vote. They want to see what a new President will do to solve this pandemic that had ripped away from those dear to them, or continue with the current President and his new promises and top priorities. 

Just a couple minutes ago, President Trump was on Fox News, once again, and was explaining which states he thinks he would be getting. He said that North Carolina and Pennsylvania were two states that he was confident he would get. He has led 7 rallies in North Carolina, as it is apparently crucial for him to win it. According to FiveThirtyEight, President Trump will have a 2% chance of winning if loses Pennsylvania. In my opinion, that may be a slight exaggeration. President Trump will most likely have a backup plan if he loses one of those two states, considering that he, lately, has campaigned and rallied in multiple states with VP Mike Pence. So, we'll just have to find out. Maybe President Trump may not get teh two states he is majorly counting on this year, and will instead win another state, which will be the extra boost he was never looking for. we never know.

 Quick weather updates:

There is a blizzard warning in Alaska, which is going to expire Wednesday, 5:00 am HST. Hopefully, the blizzard expires earlier, or, is calm for some time as voters make their way to vote. There is also a hurricane, Hurricane Eta, which is expected to hit Honduras and make its way into the Caribbean waters. Cuba needs to keep an eye out, and hopefully, it doesn't hit Florida.

 Another guest on Fox and Friends is Rush Limbaugh, a Republican radio show host. In my opinion, i find him to be very proud. Not in a stuck up sort of way, but a humble way. As a radio show host, he is being featured on a major news cable network and he isn't bragging or so full of himself. He expresses himself well and he cares deeply about his audience and considers how much this pandemic has affected life, but has let him continue talking on his show or even joining Fox News today, and so on. 

 On Fox and Friends, President Trump said that he is going to win 306 votes. In my opinion, I think he will be depending more on where he has rallied and campaigned more often and is more confident of winning teh ones where Mr. Biden has least gone. that is, actually, what also happened in 2016. Ms. Clinton didn't go to certain states to campaign, and in the end, President Trump ended up winning those since he campaigned there. Not only that, but Ms. Clinton was also more confident that she has these states. It may be different for Mr. Biden this year, but, it is possible, it will happen once again.

7:25 am-

 Hello, and welcome to 2020, live election blog. Polls have already opened, and this is how our map currently looks like:

So far, there is an estimate of 36,446,023 in-person votes, and there have been 100,286,748 total pre-election votes so far. That is actually 73% of the 2016 total vote. 

 Hello! As election day comes around the corner- as tomorrow draws closer- I have decided to do a live blog throughout the day starting at, around 7 in the morning to, as far as I can get at night before having to get ready for bed and school the next morning. After all, I'm only 12! 

I'll be posting live every time a new result comes and also have a picture of how teh electoral map shows after a state is called for the candidate. I'll also have info on the key senate races, and hopefully weather updates. This is my first live blog for anything, and my first election day post, so I'm really excited and nervous. I'll post all my links and sources at the end of the blog either tomorrow or the morning after that. See you all there!

 Hello! I have, surprisingly, stumbled across this topic when I was just procrastinating in my mind about what more to add to my Judge Amy Coney Barrett post. It may be a strange thing, to write about a close-coming holiday, but it is an important topic. Not to sound bragging but, especially coming from a kid.

Halloween. The one holiday which lets kids get as much candy they want, all for the price of dressing up in fun costumes and eagerly saying " Trick or Treat!" to their delighted neighbors. To be honest, I've started to get into the more teen phase of not liking candy that much anymore, and I opted to spend last year's Halloween handing out candy to the kids instead. Why just go and get candy, if it ends up never eaten for over a year? Still, I can't resist a York mint or a Kit Kat every once in a while. Halloween is a holiday a lot of kids look forward to every year. It's always been on a weekday, as far as I remember, and it always feels like years, waiting for hours to pass by and have school finally end so you could get ready for fun. Last year or the year before, I remember that kids were wanting the day after Halloween off so they could spend the day eating candy. As far as I know, I think there even was a petition that never passed!  

No one knew that the next year was going to be complicated and even difficult to participate in the most exciting activity of Halloween. COVID-19 was a shock to everyone. Yes, it is not as bad as it once was, as we now have a possible vaccine and have it somewhat handled, but it brings a dreading thought to most kids' minds as the October holiday came near. " What do we do for Halloween?"

I have asked some friends of mine two questions, and their thoughts on this topic. "What do you all think about Halloween? ( In general and Trick or Treating) How do you feel about how it might be like this year?"

My first replier said that Halloween to him, is fun with his friends but Trick or Treating is eh. Exact words. 

I also asked someone from an adult perspective. Namely, my mom! She said that Halloween is a fun holiday with two factors. Stranger danger and candy wastage. She said that stores and businesses which make all the candy and Halloween decorations come up with these new things such as Halloween goody bags, and rings, and necklaces, and it makes kids want more. Don't forget about candy. Kids collect so much candy that a lot of it goes wasted when it could instead be given to others collecting for homeless and donations. ( These were my thoughts as well.)  She also shared some of her opinions as a parent on how Trick or Treating should happen. She said, that she would prefer if kids went to houses where the people giving candy also were wearing masks, and rather than taking teh candy with their bare hands, just hold out their bags and receive the candy. After that, the kids should not eat the candy and leave it aside for two days instead, of extra precautions. She also said that goody bags are okay. It's something enjoyed and fun. 

In my opinion, Halloween is an okay holiday for me. I always enjoy spending it with my friends, just talking and persuading each other to get candy from the houses which frighten them. ( Including me! I'm also a bit afraid of Halloween decorations in the dark) To be honest, I don't really want to go Trick or Treating to get candy but to spend time with my friends. This year, if I do go Trick or Treating, I would want to see everyone wearing a mask, and staying of some distance from each other. Small groups should be okay, with no more than 4-5 people, excluding adults, but I think each group should stay away from each other, just in case. I would also want to see the people giving candy, wearing gloves, or at least have their hands sanitized each time they hand out candy to a new group. Also, I think that when it gets dark, each group should have some sort of light. Maybe a glowstick necklace or bracelet of some sort, so that they don't accidentally bump into another group. 

Anyway, that was my general thought of Halloween. I hope that Halloween will be like this year- masks and glowsticks- and I hope you all have a great day! Bye!