The Day Before Twilight but After Midnight Chapter 1: The Goddess Who Changed

Dawn walked slowly to the hourglass room. Her silver robe dragged down behind her on every step. Her Golden Tiara was sliding down her wavy dandelion hair. As she adjusted it, she stared at the golden, orange Sun on her Tiara. The sun represented Dawn, for she was the Goddess of Day, and her brother, Dusk, was the God of Night. She walked closer to the room and met Sun Rise, the Mystical Prophecer, waiting for her. Sun Rise bowed gently, with her light blue robe falling at her feet. Hernbrownwn hair was in a small bun, holding up a crown which had the same Sun, as Dawn, except it was representing the sun rising, and the moon setting.

 “ Dawn, Dusk is waiting for you in the hourglass room. He needs to see you right away. He has urgent business to discuss.” Sun Rise replied.

“Thank you,” Dawn said, looking straight ahead. She walked towards the big gates, which opened magically. Dusk was pacing through the room with his hourglass in his hand. His dark blue robe with gold lining was being dragged roughly behind him. As he heard the gates open,  he looked up, to see Dawn walking towards him calmly. His brown eyes were full of anguish, as he stepped down the stairs, and walked quickly towards Dawn.

“ You're late.”  Said Dusk angrily. He showed her the hourglass which he was holding, showing the amount of time Dawn took. Dawn replied, by turning to the big hourglass,

“ I am not late, just merely on time.” Dusk was furious with what he heard. He wanted to shout at her but instead calmly replied,

“ Let us forget about now, and head on to the day.” Dawn smiled and nodded. They both disappeared in a flash of golden dust and began to start the day.                
 Dawn headed to her room.  She changed into a pearl white robe with golden lining and started writing a letter to Midnight and Twilight, the sisters of the night. She was busy writing, as she never noticed  Obsidian, approach her. Obsidian was wearing a dark black robe, with a lining of indigo. She transformed into a puddle of goo and sent a piece to fly into Dawn’s hair. The piece of goo flew and made Dawn collapse. Dawn began to groan and transformed. Obsidian chuckled maniacally and faded away.

“Ahhhh!!!!!!!” Dawn screamed. Her hair turned purple, with a streak of black, running through the side. Her dress became the same shade as her hair, and her tiara changed forms. The bright sun was gone, and the replacement was a dark triangle, with a stone in the middle, and a line going straight through the stone. This was the sign of the evil force of demons. A snake like a bracelet was laced on both of her hands. Her shoes became crossed, like ballet slippers, and were a very horrible shade of violet. Dawn opened her eyes and smiled evilly. Crystal, the royal advisor,  who was once Dawn and Dusk's cousin,  then cursed, entered the room, and dropped the glass of water she had brought for Dawn. Hew blue eyes trembled with fear and her hands shook. Dawn turned around to the very surprised Crystal.

“Y-Y-You,” She stammered.

 “ Dawn, what happened to you?”

“Oh I’m not Dawn, I’m Rocky,  Queen of the  Netherworld.” Rocky sweetly said. Crystal raced to alert Dusk, but Rocky froze Crystal in her tracks.

 “ Where are you going?  Your job is still not finished." She said. Rocky turned Crystal from a view, where she could see. Rocky held a peace sign near her chest, and said,

“ Let this girl become mine, a servant of which I will trick,  and to which I will use.” Crystal started to freeze up and glow black. Her iceberg around her burst open. She was now wearing an obsidian shade robe, purple shoes and, the same demon mark replacing her sun. She turned to Rocky and said,

“ Hello Rocky, I am Crumble, and I will be at your aid.” Rocky smiled. She turned around and gestured for Crumble to follow. Crumble did as told. She couldn’t wait to plan many troublesome ideas with Rocky. She smiled to herself just thinking about it.


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