The Day before Twilight but after Midnight Chapter 3: Not My Sister

Midnight was fully aware that her sister was greeting a new demon student, yet she never saw the truth in the disguise that had been worn. The minute she sensed purple sand, she decided she needed to pay attention to Twilight instead of the copies she made. She walked forward and gasped when she saw her sister, who was now Crash, Rocky’s evil servant. 

 “Goodness! What happened to you Twilight!?” Midnight asked astonished.  

 “Oh, dear sister, how long you have been, copying papers in the doohickey!” Crash dramatically replied. 

“I cannot bear myself without my dear sister!”  Midnight instantly knew this was not her sister, for Twilight never was dramatic nor said “dear sister”.  

 “Do you mean copier,” Midnight asked, “ and are you chewing GUM?” 

 “No!” Crash snapped, spitting out her gum which disappeared into the cement. 

Why d’ya ask? You know I never chew gum.”

 “No reason!” Midnight quivered. “Can we go home now? I thought we were going to talk about Dawn and how she turned into Rocky.” Her purple eyes went wide when this was said, for she knew that Rocky was her leader. Crash replied with a fake smile and said,

“ Let’s go home and watch some TV. Okay?”

  “We don’t have a TV, and I thought you cared more about Dawn.” Midnight said sternly.

 “Silence fool! You should respect mistress Rocky for who she is, now that she has taken over the horrid goddess form Dawn, you keep mentioning!!!!” Snarled Crash, who had now lost her patience and was just about ready to lose it again. She looked at Midnight, who began trembling with tears streaming down her pale cheeks. Crash realized what she just said and plastered a fake smile once more on her face.

 “Now, shall we go home to rest and not talk about your silly little Dawn?” A gentle nod was given by Midnight, who said no more, for she didn’t want to embrace the fury of the demon.                                                                          **********************
 Rocky and Crumble were back in Dawn’s room, hatching a plan to cure the night god. Crumble thought that it was to cure Dusk, for he was trapped in a tube with his energy being drained. The plan was actually to kill Dusk, by draining his powers so Rocky would be the most powerful being in the world. After Rocky and Crumble disappeared from Crash, Rocky trapped the king and took the blame on  Midnight and Twilight. Crumble agreed that turning Twilight to Crash would make both sisters slow down, and never kill Dusk. The only thing Crumble never realized, was that she would be killing Dusk. So, the days went by, with Crumble imagining Dusk cured, Midnight and Twilight were gone, and she and Rocky honoured by Obsidian.

 “Crumble, go to the market to find more potions that might cure Dusk,” Rocky said busily.

“We need to finish the cure on Demon star day!”  Crumble nodded and exploded into a thousand pieces of sand, as she went to the market.

 “We only have 2 more days until the Demonstar comes, and this potion is bound to be ready, for it will kill the god, not cure him!” Muttered Rocky under her breath. She smiled mischievously to herself, and went back to work, creating the deadly potion.

The Day before Twilight but after Midnight Chapter 2: The Magic Spreads

 Midnight jolted upward with a start. Her long, Black hair was in a jumble, and her brown eyes were wide. She was leaning forward in the bed she and Twilight share. Shuddering and panting, Midnight woke her twin sister, Twilight, with a shaky push.   

“What is it now?!” Her sister asked, only half-awake. 

  “Goddesses need their beauty rest too!”  Just like that, she went back to sleep.  

  “ I-I had a vision!l Midnight trembled. “ D-D-Dawn was in it! Something bad happened to her!” 

This made her sister sit up forward.  Her eyes, the same as Midnight’s, were wide with shock.  “What happened to her?” Twilight instantly replied. 

  “ I don’t know!” All I saw was Dawn screaming and groaning, then,” She stopped herself before she said any more. 

 “Then what.” Her sister nervously asked.  Midnight squeaked in a small voice.

“ Then she disappeared in a flash of purple smoke.”  Twilight absorbed this information, then turned sharply at her sister. She had the same look as Midnight. Wonder and Shock.

 “We both know what happened,” Twilight said into the silence.  Her younger sister nodded, then peered into the small, glass window in their room.

 “Morning.” She whispered to herself.

  “ Dawn’s part. Where is she?” Twilight startled her thoughts, and said,

 “ Let’s get ready for school, then talk about this when we come back home.”  Both quickly got dressed and headed for school. Twilight noticed her sister look back to the house. She placed her hand around her sister’s neck, and said,

“ Come. I’ll walk you to class.”  This made her sister smile bright. Twilight smiled back and started walking, with her sister’s hand in hers.

 “I’ll meet you at the pavilion on the playground. Mrs Night ling wants me to help her copy papers for the Element Fair.” Midnight quickly said.

 “Okay,” Twilight replied.  “Copy some FUN!”  Both laughed, then departed different ways. At the pavilion, Twilight noticed 2 girls, both her age, playing a very odd game. The prettier one was leading, while the other was writing. As of count godliness, it was her duty to greet new students, goddess and demon.

  “Merry Christmas!” Twilight said merrily.  The pretty girl turned around and plastered a big fat fake smile on her face.

 “Hello. I’m Rocklandia.” This is my fellow friend, Crumblie. ” Rocklandia explained sweetly.

 “ Nice to meet you,” Twilight answered, trying to be merry.  The looks of this girl gave her a very horrible feeling. Twilight decided to change the subject, for it was rather awkward standing in front of the school talking to someone new.

 “What game are you playing?”

 “Demon rules the world,” Rocklandia replied.

 “Say, let me sing a song for you!”

“Okay?” Twilight answered nervously.  Rocklandia whispered something to Crumblie, who nodded and pulled out a silver flute, from her dress, with purple dragons swirling down both sides. She began to play a tune, which seemed more like a lullaby.

 “Do you want to be, a girl as pretty as me? Do you want, to be, a Demon like me? Then listen to this song, and be a good girl. Fall under my spell, and become like me. Selfish, evil, greedy, mean. Become Crash, and help Crumble and me. The name’s Rocky, and heel to me!” Rocklandia finished the song and transformed into her true self, Rocky.  Crumble followed, and smiled happily.

“Look! Little Miss Twilight is under your BEAUTIFUL song!”  This was true, for Twilight was fading into a purple sand, then reforming into a different shape.

 “ The name’s Crash!” A snappy voice said.  The sand faded, and a girl wearing, a Violet dress, purple hair with a black streak, and a necklace hanging down her neck with the mark of evil appeared. Crash was even, chewing a dark coloured gum and had a very sassy look.

 “Dear Crash. Will you help us save our beloved king?” There were fake tears dripping down Rocky’s cheeks, as she acted to be sad.

 “Duh!!! Isn’t that the same reason why I was called hear.” Snapped Crash.  Rocky smiled, then saw Midnight walking to them.

 “Look, here is your sister, heading this way. Act like your non-evil self, and spy on her life. ” Crash smiled and turned to Midnight.

 “Look out little sis’. I’m coming.” She said to herself.

The Day Before Twilight but After Midnight Chapter 1: The Goddess Who Changed

walked slowly to the hourglass room. Her silver robe dragged down behind her on
every step. Her Golden Tiara was sliding down her wavy dandelion hair. As she
adjusted it, she stared at the golden, orange Sun on her Tiara. The sun
represented Dawn, for she was the Goddess of Day, and her brother, Dusk, was the
God of Night. She walked closer to the room and met Sun Rise, the Mystical
Prophecer, waiting for her. Sun Rise bowed gently, with her light blue robe
falling at her feet. Hernbrownwn hair was in a small bun, holding up a crown
which had the same Sun, as Dawn, except it was representing the sun rising, and
the moon setting.
Dawn, Dusk is waiting for you in the hourglass room. He needs to see you right
away. He has urgent business to discuss.” Sun Rise replied.
you,” Dawn said, looking straight ahead. She walked towards the big gates,
which opened magically. Dusk was pacing through the room with his hourglass in
his hand. His dark blue robe with gold lining was being dragged roughly behind
him. As he heard the gates open,  he looked up, to see Dawn walking
towards him calmly. His brown eyes were full of anguish, as he stepped down the
stairs, and walked quickly towards Dawn.
“ You’re
late.”  Said Dusk angrily. He showed her the hourglass which he was
holding, showing the amount of time Dawn took. Dawn replied, by turning to the
big hourglass,
“ I am
not late, just merely on time.” Dusk was furious with what he heard. He wanted
to shout at her but instead calmly replied,
“ Let us
forget about now, and head on to the day.” Dawn smiled and nodded. They both
disappeared in a flash of golden dust and began to start the day.    
headed to her room.  She changed into a pearl white robe with golden
lining and started writing a letter to Midnight and Twilight, the sisters of
the night. She was busy writing, as she never noticed  Obsidian, approach
her. Obsidian was wearing a dark black robe, with a lining of indigo. She
transformed into a puddle of goo and sent a piece to fly into Dawn’s hair. The
piece of goo flew and made Dawn collapse. Dawn began to groan and transformed.
Obsidian chuckled maniacally and faded away.
Dawn screamed. Her hair turned purple, with a streak of black, running through
the side. Her dress became the same shade as her hair, and her tiara changed
forms. The bright sun was gone, and the replacement was a dark triangle, with a
stone in the middle, and a line going straight through the stone. This was the
sign of the evil force of demons. A snake like a bracelet was laced on both of
her hands. Her shoes became crossed, like ballet slippers, and were a very
horrible shade of violet. Dawn opened her eyes and smiled evilly. Crystal, the
royal advisor,  who was once Dawn and Dusk’s cousin,  then cursed, entered
the room, and dropped the glass of water she had brought for Dawn. Hew blue
eyes trembled with fear and her hands shook. Dawn turned around to the very
surprised Crystal.
She stammered.
Dawn, what happened to you?”
“Oh I’m
not Dawn, I’m Rocky,  Queen of the  Netherworld.” Rocky sweetly said.
Crystal raced to alert Dusk, but Rocky froze Crystal in her tracks.
Where are you going?  Your job is still not finished.” She said.
Rocky turned Crystal from a view, where she could see. Rocky held a peace sign
near her chest, and said,
“ Let
this girl become mine, a servant of which I will trick,  and to which I
will use.” Crystal started to freeze up and glow black. Her iceberg around her
burst open. She was now wearing an obsidian shade robe, purple shoes and, the
same demon mark replacing her sun. She turned to Rocky and said,
“ Hello
Rocky, I am Crumble, and I will be at your aid.” Rocky smiled. She turned
around and gestured for Crumble to follow. Crumble did as told. She couldn’t
wait to plan many troublesome ideas with Rocky. She smiled to herself just
thinking about it.

The day I got my Think Through Math lanyard

Monday,Tuesday, and Wednesday, went by. Still, no sign, except for one. I was shy to ask, though I should have gotten it 3 days ago. Shashwat had it. I thought that I would be the second, and I was right, though I wasn’t the only one getting it. He got it to, and got more, “ Congratulations” or “ Nice going” than me. Nobody recognized me that day. Only my mom, Mrs. TenEyck, and my dad congratulated me. My friends saw that I got it but, didn’t bother to ask. That day was exciting for me, though it was also sad. 

Thursday, November 30th 2017, morning, school: I walked down the hall briskly. “I have to get there early.” I pondered. Unloading as quick as I could, I retrieved my supplies, and headed to my math teacher’s room. Shashwat had gotten there earlier, and was doing Think Through math on his Chromebook. I did the same until the 5th graders came in. In case you don’t know, I do 5th grade math though, I am in 4th grade and, I am the only girl doing it, along with 5 other boys, Sam, Jacob, Noah,Shashwat,and Ben. Mrs. TenEyck was our math teacher. In TTM for 5th grade, you get a lanyard if you have over 30 lessons, and stamps for certain rewards, when you pass that many lessons. I had done 52 5th grade lessons, and 34 4th grade ones. Yesterday, Mrs TenEyck told me that I could remind her about it. Today, here I was, eager for my lanyard, and ready to remind Mrs TenEyck. Waiting for the perfect moment, after problem solving, I told Mrs. TenEyck about her reminder. Sam, came up to me, noticing that Mrs TenEyck was getting my lanyard, and said that he also was ready for his. I was shocked. Now there would be 3 of us! I only thought that only 2 of us would start then the rest would catch up. I stopped thinking about this, right before Mrs. TenEyck announced that me and Sam got the lanyards. Everybody cheered and clapped, but not for me, not really, they cheered for Sam. Only Mrs. TenEyck clapped in that moment. I felt depressed. I worked really hard throughout Thanksgiving break, just to please my dad and, too show him that I am smart 😋🤔, while everybody cheers for Sam, who spent his break doing video games and baseball or something.⚾️🎮 I decided to let that go and just think about what is happening in the present, not the past. It was time for us 4th grade math kids to leave for art class. As my friend, Miranda, came into the room, with the rest of my class, I showed her my lanyard with a proud smile. Her response was, “ Oh, cool lanyard,” and walked to her table, without even asking what it was for. I felt angrier than the first time. I guess that none of my friends thought that I was important anymore, as a friend. As art class begun, I forgot about everything and decided to have a better day. 

Though Miranda didn’t care about my lanyard, I know that she will forever be a friend. No matter how many times she is angry with me, or if she doesn’t like me anymore. This goes to all the other kids who did not care about my lanyard, they will always be my classmates, no matter what. Nothing will change this.