Who is Malala? The blog with a summary about Malala to tell.

Who was Malala Yousafzai? What did she do? This is the story of how a normal Pushton girl changed the world for kids around the world. If you, dear reader, keep reading, then I will tell you a summary of Malala.

Malala was a Pushton school girl who loved to study. When the Taliban took over her hometown, they made an announcement that, women cannot have and education like men do. Malala however, did not follow this rule. She stood up for her rights with her classmates behind her and done many interviews about women’s right for education. Malala wanted to help all women have an education after, realizing the challenge her mother has every day, without one. Malala had refused to be silenced until she was shot with 2 of her friends. She was sent to the hospital but later needed to be sent to a new place called, Birmingham, England. There she was cared for and was recovering. Malala’s family moved to Birmingham and helped her through the medical pain. Malala’s birthday came up and was invited to speak with the United Nations. She told them how she wanted all kids, not just women, to have an education. She inspired people to help kids get an education, after realizing how many kids don’t have one. Malala soon became, an International Icon, for kid’s education. She also the youngest person, to receive the Noble Peace Prize. Malala changed the world with such a noble act. Every time you go to school, please say thank you to Malala. She gave you the chance to go to school and have an education.

Malala is a courageous, brave, smart, and kind girl who changed the world. Without her, we wouldn’t be able to go to school or, only men would be able too! We should always be thankful for what we have and in this case, we should be thankful for our education!


Every year in Diwali, we put up the lights and make delicious sweets. This year, I got involved in  the fun by helping. Diwali is more than just putting up lights and making sweets, it is about having the time to celebrate it with your family. I love Diwali for many reasons and each reason has a story to tell.

Diwali is the festival of lights, so that is why we put up lights. 🎆🎇  We make special sweets for our gods to honor them. The best thing about Diwali is getting presents. Every year, you can ask god for a present you want and you will get it. The present can be anything. Toys,supplies,clothing and even books. This year, I got project Mc2 experiments. I got a perfume maker and H2O nail set. I also got a, Malala and, Girls who changed the world book which, I loved so much! I made a beautiful Vanilla smelling perfume and got to test the H2O nails! The nail kit comes with fake nails that you have to use if you want to do the experiment. ☹️😫👩🏽‍🔬 I made my own sweets with my mom for Diwali! We gave some sweets to my amazing teacher, Ms. Van as a gift!!!  I have to say, India makes the best sweets!!! My friend Stella was really nice to bring me a Diwali present though, she doesn’t celebrate it! In return, we brought homemade and brought from India, sweets to her. I helped my dad put up lights upstairs and also,  helped with putting up decorations. We made them by ourselves! They looked so beautiful when we put them up! They really tied the house together making it look like, Diwali was here!  Diwali was so fun this year! I think, this Diwali is the best yet!!

Diwali is a festival to share with our family and friends! The lights and sweets aren’t just what make up Diwali, it is about who you share it with! I enjoy Diwali for many things but, I will always enjoy it with my family and more!

Why I love doing art

If you look around in a art museum or an art studio, you can see beautiful pieces of artwork made by talented artists. If you have ever seen the Mona Lisa, then you should realize that she has a mysterious smile on her face. Leonardo da Vinci made the painting this way but, none know why. Many pieces of art are mysterious or warming, creepy or delightful, and wacky or charming. I love doing art with the welcoming pleasure of  creativity rushing in my body. I love doing art and I’ll tell you why.


Why do you think these artists made these paintings? Did they make them just for fun? Did they do this just to sell it and become rich? The correct answer in none of these. Artists use their CREATIVITY to paint these paintings. Some artists didn’t become famous because of a painting. Leonardo da Vinci became famous because of his paintings AND his inventions. I love doing art because of the creativity and inspirations I get. I get my inspirations from my friends, the videos I watch on Netflix, things around me and much more! Another reason I love doing art is about the way you can use different materials to color your design or picture. Whenever I draw, I use marker to border the design and then use crayon or colored pencil to shade it in the inside. You can make different pieces of art and there is no right or wrong way to make one. All you need is an inspiration and some creativity. Art inspires me to try something new. If I went a whole day without doing art, then I would go nuts. 


If creativity comes to you, you should use it. That creativity is actually a seed and when you start drawing it out, then you get an inspiration. That seed starts to grown until it has grown into a beautiful tree. When it is fully grown, your piece of art will be complete to show your creativity. Art is the best way to show your creativity in any way. If you have an inspiration, don’t wait. That inspiration is the key to a masterpiece that shines you all over. Here are some of my inspirations that I drew. They may be difficult to see because of the shade. 😅😬

Lindsey in Paris
Fiona in France
A Mona Lisa child
Jessica in her own land
Ruby in school paradise
Lexi in a world full of magic
Stella the pop star ⭐️
Thanksgiving family


All about my school

I have never been to a better school than Samuel Beck Elementary. My school is always trying to make the years even more exciting than the last! So many students love going to Beck for many reasons! If I had to move to another school, I would beg to go back to Beck. Everything about Beck is amazing! All the students that I know LOVE it there!


I love Beck because of the exciting activities we have each year! Bulldog Blitz, Camp Blue bonnet, Battle of the Books, and U.I.L. are the very few events that happen in Beck. The teachers always plan the events in a way we enjoy it and want to do it again. Our amazing principal, Mr. Conklin or Mr. Beck, always arranges new activities for us! He is always working around the school so we all have fun! Bulldog Blitz was just yesterday! I had so much fun with my friends and teachers!! We had an outdoor event with face paint, bouncy houses, a unique obstacle course and much more! The other reason I love Beck is the field trips. Each grade level has the most amazing field trips! When I was in second grade, my most favorite field trip was going to Gaylord Texan Ice. I had a blast! My class and I saw amazing ice sculptures. Some were shaped to show kids from around the world! We saw how people actually carve ice sculptures and also got to see how people around the world celebrate their holidays!! In third grade, we went to a farmyard and got to see an environment of animals. We didn’t actually see an environment, we saw how the environment works and learned so much about rodents, flowers and horses!!! I love animals and I just loved that field trip! I just started 4th grade so I haven’t been to a field trip yet. That doesn’t matter because I still will be able to go on a field trip this year! I just have to wait so I can find out where we are going this year! 


Even though I have been to  may schools in my life, I would want to go to Beck more. If any kid was looking for a new school, I would totally recommend Beck! I know that they would enjoy the special events and field trips each year like I do! I hope that many more kids will enjoy Beck so, they have an experience of fun just like I did in my years there! 

My parents, the story

I hate my parents and love them too. I really do not know why I do but, I just do! I am going to give five reasons why I hate and love my parents. 

Why I hate my parents:

  1. They take everything too seriously which annoys me
  2.  They always fuss and want everything to be too perfect
  3. They almost never get proud for something I did myself
  4. They want me to be perfect and stress me out even though I am trying
  5. They always do something wrong in a way that I don’t feel comfortable doing making me frustrated
These are all the five reasons for why I hate my parents.
Here are five reasons of why I love my parents
  1. They are kind
  2. They help me be strong
  3. They love me
  4. They take care of me each day
  5. They make sure I am okay each day
Even though I have more caring thoughts about my parents, I actually don’t like them in the inside. They are sweet and kind to me each and every day that I truly love them. Though sometimes, I hate my parents. The five reasons that I gave you should have one which is the problem. Even if I hate my parents a lot or love them, they will always be my parents.😭😣