Dog Adoption

I filled out a dog adoption form. I hope that I get a dog! I have been waiting and waiting to get a dog. Yesterday a woman, from the sight that I filled the form from,came and inspected our house. I really can’t wait to get a dog. If we get a dog then I am going to be the main owner, and take care of it.I am super excited for this. I love dogs but others may not because, of their naughty behavior sometimes. I love dogs because of how loyal, trustworthy, respectful and responsible they are. I hope that if I get a dog they are loyal, trustworthy, respectful and even responsible. The reason that I want a dog is because when I see a dog I think,” I need a dog”. I have been asking for a pet and now I might get one.I really really really really hope that I get a dog.

Bulldog Blitz

Bulldog Blitz is a fundraiser for my school. Last Friday we did an obstycle course. We earned our bulldog blitz shirts and waterbottles. My favorite part was the obstycle course becuase it helped me train alot. We got to have a snack after bulldog blitz and even get face paint. Scince I was on the white team I got to choose a design in white,I chose 2 white streaks against my face, and  later got 2 blue streaks on my face for no reason😀. Our class goal for bringing in money was $1,500 and we passed our goal. So we earned $1,534.70 cents. We earneda popcicle party and dress Ms. Schemmel, my teacher, scince we passed the amount it was! We were going to have popcicle party today but Ms. Schemmel forgot them at her house. So we are going to have popcicle party on Wednesday also with dress Ms. Schemmel. We are still deciding about what our prize is going to be for $1,500. I can’t wait until they decide the top class!