The mean girl

In my class there is a girl named Thea. She is sooooooo mean. She talks back to me and even to the teacher. She rolles her eyes at people and lies about things that aren’t happening.  She gets angry at people and blames them even though they didn’t do anything. She is so rude and bossy. Only Advita, Sydney, Chloe. Loseli, Kate and me pretend to be nice to Thea because we absaloutly hate her! Thea is the worst peson ever! Even if she is new to Beck she acts like a sassy girl. On the last day of school I am totally going to act like Thea to her. Maybe. I think that she is the worst girl like ever! I absaloutly hate hate hate Thea so much. I can’t even stand a chance next to her or even like her. Although I adore her outfits😍.


Did you know that the human brain is 3 times bigger than any other mammal brain? If you want to learn about the human brain then I will tell you. Your brain has billions of neurons, and those help send messages all over your brain. You use 30% of your brain everyday. The other 70% just doesn’t work. Your brain never sleeps because if it sleeps, then you are going to die. You still can live for about 1 or 2 minutes before you die. If you touch the human brain it will feeel like jello and will squiggle all over. The brain knows what your going to do in just 2 milliseconds. When you are frusterated or stressed out and you work, while your stressed or angry then your going to have a problem.The brain is the only muscle that doesn’t feel pain. It also is the main muscle of the human nervous system. Your brain is thinking when you sleep how your going to dream, and what your going to dream. I think that the brain sounds ugly even though it is part of my body. 

Ganpati Bappa Morya

Ganesh is a god. He is mostly known as, Ganpati Bappa. Yeasterday I went to a arti,to celebrate Ganesh for coming for ten days. Ganesh was created by his mother by hand. His dad got furious for not letting him in for seeing his wife, when she was taking a shower. Ganesh’s dad cut of Ganesh’s  head so his dad could go inside. Ganesh’s mom got really angry, when she heard that Ganesh had his head chopped off, and decided to kill Ganesh’s dad’s army. Ganesh’s dad decided that he will send his army to go find a head, to replace Ganesh’s head. Once the army came back they had an elephant head, so Ganesh’s dad could put it on Ganesh. So now Ganesh has an elephant head. Ganesh has one brother named Kartik, and a very close friend that is a mouse. Ganesh travels on that same mouse and his favorite sweets are, lado and modok. There are so many stories of Ganesh. I wear a necklace of Ganesh around my neck. One time in our old house we had Ganesh sitting on a place near our front  door. After a while somebody stole him, so we had to buy a new one. When we moved into a new house my dad,became lazy and has not put Ganesh out side yet. We believe that Ganesh will protect you,and when we put him outside he will prevent the bad things from coming inside the house. One story is about when the moon laughed at Ganesh and how he lost some parts of his tusks. Another story is about how another god named Kuber wanted to show off his richness,so he planned a grand dinnerparty for Ganesh and his family. Ganesh was sent to go to the dinner party himself, because his parents thought that it would be okay so he ate and ate. Kuber couldn’t stop Ganesh from eating everything he went to ask for advice. Ganesh’s parents told Kuber to give Ganesh just a handfull of cooked rice with a humble heart.Kuber did that and Ganesh was back to normal.

Rocket Math

In Ms. Schemmel’s class we are doing rocket math. Rocket math is the same as math. In rocket math you have to grab a slip of paper that has math problems, and finish them is 2 minutes or less. If you are done in 2 minutes, you have to wait until the next day to see which warspspeed or color that your on. If you are not done then you have to erase and do the same one again next time. Ms. Schemmel’s class last year said that rocket math is really fun. I don’t think that rocket math is fun. All you do is just try to finish a slip in 2 minutes or less.I think that rocket math is super boring.I like math but not rocket math. One of my questions is, “Why is it even called rocket math?” Math is a different story than rocket math. I love math a lot but others may not.I just don’t like rocket math. If I hear those words ever again, I am going to get mad with you.I am only going to get mad at you in my head.