Ducky is my very favorite stuffed animal. I like to sleep with him every night, and always take care of him. Ducky may look like a baby toy but I think he is cute! He is the best toy ever. When I am down, Ducky is there to cheer me up! Even is he is a stuffed animal he  can still be help. I would tell you to get something like ducky but, since you don’t know what he looks like then you shouldn’t. I love Ducky more than any other stuffed animal. Ducky is a penguin and also a stuffed animal. I know that it is pretty funny to name a penguin Ducky. That is just how Ducky is.Ducky has a matching scarf to a sweater that I had when I was a little girl. That is gone now because I grown out of it. I think that Ducky is cute,helpful and also the best! I wonder if some of you have Ducky because he is the best. Maybe people don’t like penguins or they do so they might love ducky. I love owls but I also love love love, Ducky! Ducky is the best!  Ducky is the best! I love love love Ducky a lot.Some may not like Ducky but I do. 

Back to school shopping

It is a back to school time. I am going to 3 grade and I need alot of school supplies. I thought that the 3 grade teachers were picky about the supplies that you need. I think that 3 grade is going to be an exciting grade. I feel so excited to go to 3 grade. I wonder what 3 grade students do in 3 grade. It sounds exciting and fun. I wonder what the new supplies are for because I never had them before. Maybe the new supplies are for new subjects that I am going to learn. Maybe the 2 inch binder that I need is for keeping my work safe. I wonder if the 3 graders last year thought that 3 grade was exciting. I think that I am going to enjoy 3 grade. I wonder if my teacher is Ms. Stoval. I just hope she is because it would be super exciting with a teacher like her! My 2 grade teacher was Mrs. Hickerson and she was the best 2 grade teacher ever! I think that other kids think that 3 grade is going to be good, and some may think that it is going to be the worst. I am just worried about the kids. I hope that I get some of my very best friends in my class.  


Kumon is a tutoring center for kids. I go to Kumon and it helps me alot. It is a math and reading center for kids who need help. Kumon is open twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. I only go on Thursdays. My mom is the instructor of the Kumon that I go to. I feel that Kumon is a good tutoring center for kids because, it helps kids to get better education.  Maybe there are better places than Kumon but, I still believe that Kumon is the best.  I think others enjoy Kumon but not that much because of the hard work. I think Kumon is the best tutoring center ever for kids but maybe some may not. Maybe Kumon is the best place ever! Maybe not but that is what I believe. I believe that Kumon is a wonderful place for kids to work and learn so I am not changing my mind. I believe that Kumon is the best in the whole world. I always wonder how some adults know some things more than kids in Kumon. So my mom told me that some went to Kumon when they were small. I love Kumon alot. Not because it is mine, because it is a nice working center.  


Last Sauturday we had pooja. I felt so excited and thought that this was the best day ever when, it wasn’t. First the boys were all screaming and yelling when I put on a movie. Second my parents invited their friends and misbehaving kids. Third they were messing up my toys. That is why I d. `on’t like naughty and misbehaving kids. I felt like this was the worst thing that happened to me. Not the pooja, the kids. They made me yell the third time. I think that my parents just invited the kids parents so they could let the kids have fun with me, when instead I have to yell at them for their own fault. I always have to be strict when the kids that misbehave come to my house, so they can make me yell at them! I always feel that there is going to be some strict talking to when there are misbehaving kids! I think that the kids promised to be good when they misbehave because they think, ” Now we can do whatever we want now that our parents are talking to their friends, and that Rovija is so nice that she will not yell at us when we misbehave.” I don’t think so! Just because I am nice dosen’t mean that you can take advantage of me! Everything after the pooja went fine. It was much better when I had to yell at the kids, because they listened. I don’t like yelling at anyone but sometimes I have to. 

Indian Store

Today we went to the Indian store. Everytime we go to the Indian store there is a lot of grocery in the car’s trunk. I always feel bored when we go to the Indian store because, the grown ups just shop and shop until they are tired. I always think what will happen if people never had grocery stores. I feel just dissapointed when we go to the Indian store because, it is so boring.  I don’t like shopping unless we are shopping birthday gifts or toys. Almost every kid will love to shop only for toys. I always feel the same, dissapointed feeling when we shop. I always feel, ” Noooooooooooo!” ” I am not going shopping with you!” I never feel like, ” Yay!” or “Yahoooo!” It mostly isn’t the fight words when you don’t want to do something. I feel shopping is the number 1 least favorite, and not shopping is the number 1 favorite. Maybe the. Indian stores just are big stores to bore kids. I think that the grown ups just want to bore kids by shopping. I sometimes feel in my head the urge to go home. I think that all the kids want to go home when,they are in the middle of shopping with their parents.