How me and Whateverafter are the same

In the book Whateverafter there is a girl named Abby. She has a little brother named Jonah. She also has a pet dog. I don’t have a pet dog or a brother. But we both moved from a different place. I moved from Ohio to Texas and Abby, moved frome Naperville to Smithville. Abby and me are getting used to a new house now. 1 huge differance is that Abby and Jonah have adventures at night. Not just any adventures. They have a magic mirror in their basement and a fairy named, Maryrose lives in it. The mirror takes you to a fairytale at midnight, and also when you knock.    three times. 1st it starts to hiss, 2nd it turns purple, and 3rd it sucks you in a  fairytale. I haven’t found anything magical yet. But what if I found a magic mirror in my house. I would definitely knock 3 times. It would be so cool! It would feel so awesome to meet fairytale characters! I wonder if there really is a magic mirror in my house. If there was then that would be so cool! What if we had a magic mirror with a fairy living in it. Then that would be just amazing. I would love that because then, I can talk to him or her.

Presidential Elections

I think that Donald Trump will be the next president because, he will make good changes and he will make America change in a good way. I think Hillary Clinton will not be the next president because she wants to be president like her husband was, Bill Clinton. Maybe the candidates must be nervous because this is something big that they never had to do. I think that Donald Trump is the right president for us, because he has done the things that a president would do. I think that Hillary is just doing things that no one has done, and wants to proove to others that she is perfect for president. I think that Hillary is going to make too many changes, and Donald is going to make the right changes, as president. I think that Bill is going to just vote for Hillary, not because she is his wife, because he wants her to be president also. I think that trump family want Donald  to be president because, they have seen him do the things a president would do. I think that President Obama was just like Donald but know he is doing his duties as president.


Yesterday we grilled fish. We grilled fish, pasta, fruit, and shrimp. It was a delicious dinner. I love to grill because of the the taste. The taste is always juicy. My parents had wine and I had lemonade with ice pop, as the drinks. I always have lots of fun when my dad grills because, I help.To me the best part about grilling is helping. I love to help because helping is the right thing to do, and I always want to do the right thing. I think that it is fun to help, but others may not. I felt excited getting ready to grill fish because it was something new that we cooked. Yum! Yum! I always like it when we grill. To me it is the best way to cook!

Room temperature experiment

     Today I did an experiment. I felt proud after the experiment because it was really hard for me to do. It was hard because it took a lot of time and effort.    

Problem :
The problem was that it was hot in my bedroom at night and wanted to check if it is correct.
A pencil, eraser, paper, and my iPad. 
was, go to a room, close all doors, put the thermometer in a place in the room, put the timer on for 3 minutes, check thermometer, and write it down. 
Data: Temperature and humidity from 9 diffrent rooms. See picture for data.
Master bedroom 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 58% humadity and my bedroom 82 degrees and 59% humidity.

My room is hotter than the other rooms in my home, but we may need to take another temperature in the night to confirm.


If you are writing about nothing then there is nothing to write about. There is nothing to do if you want to do nothing. Nothing is nothing. There is nothing if you want to see nothing. You have to do something instead of nothing. Something is something. And nothing is nothing. It’s boring doing nothing. But it’s fun with something. What would you say if someone asked you, ” Let’s do nothing!” I would say, “Borrrring!” I don’t feel like doing nothing. I feel like doing something. Never do nothing and always do something!

My dad is the superman

Tomorrow my dad is going to wear a superman costume. It has a jacket,workshirt, tie, and a muscle chest piece all together. It also comes with glasses. I love the glasses so much, that I wore them for the whole entire day yesterday. Anyway, my dad is going to be superman tommorrow because, there is a meeting and they decided that you have to wear a costume. What if my dad really was superman? Then he would save the day from any villans. It would be amazing and incredible all together. I feel excited for tommorow because I can’t wait to see my dad in his cotume! And he could also save the day from bad people. Hooray!

After the playdate

Okay my playdate was a disaster and a success but mostly a disaster. Having 3 friends over is more than a disaster. I thought that we will get along together but, it turns out that no one got along together. We almost had a good time untill we had a FIGHT.  But at the end of the day we calmed ourselves down and had a good rest of the day. This was a fun playdate and I wish I could have another one like this,except for the fight.  I had planned for everything to go well when it didn’t. I felt happy and angry at the playdate but,mostly happy because everything wet well at the playdate. Now I want only one friend for a playdate because,with more than one it turns into a fight instead of a playdate.

Todays Playdate

Today I have a playdate with my 3 very best friends, Snehal Gupta,Shashwat Gupta, and Advita Bhat. I made a to do list so I know what to do in the day. I am also marking off the things that I have already done.  I have brushed, had breakfast, cleaned up my room, and now I am finishing my homework so I can finish the rest of the things on my list. I am so excited to have a playdate with my friends at my house. I just can’t wait to have them come over after Lunch. I feel happy to have a playdate again because we moved and  I have new friends so I want to play with them. We all go to Samuel Beck Elementry and we are all going to third grade. I feel so excited withh my friends coming over. 

My 4th of July party

Last Sunday we went to my dads boses house for a 4th of July party. There were bouncy houses and a lot of food. I met three new friends named Lauren, Emery and her brother. I call Emery Em for short because sometimes I forget her name. We made a Mango pudding for dessert while others made other desserts. I was a hot when we were outside. I always feel like I’m going to faint when its hot outside. I have never ever gone ro a July 4th party and I loved it a lot. My favorite part of the day was when we got to see the fireworks. These were the most prettiest fireworks ever. I loved the grand finale because everything was like boom boom boom and there were tons or fireworks. The very next day was 4th of July so we went to see a parade. In the parade was all the advertisements and schools of Trophy Club.They were giving out candy, plastic footballs, water bottles, and even cups to hold your candy. My friend Advita was also there so we got to get candy together. Me and Advita go to the same school and the principal was in the parade. This was the best July forth party and parade ever. I can’t wait untill next years. I felt happy and excited for the parade and I just loved it.  


An instant hit was made when it was already launched in 1987. Midori was another product from the giant Japanese drinks group, Suntory.  It had aimed for a slice of the coctail action with this very bright green liquer in an idiosyncratic small bottle of very textured glass. Originally a Japanese product, it is now being made in Mexico. The flavour is melons, not a common taste in the world of liquer, but the drinks bright vivid green colour is achieved by means of a dye. Indeed the greenness is its principal sales pitch, scince midori is the word “green” in Japanese. Perhaps the colour is intended to evoke the skins of certain melons varieties, such as Gali or Cantelope, as opposed to the flesh that is actually used to flavour it. The smell is in fact much closer to a bannana. It is very sweet and syrupy, and at the lower end of standard alcoholic strength for liquers: 20%.