Yesterday I watched  the movie, Pan. It is about a boy named Peter Pan, and his journey to find his mother. He and other boys were kidnapped by pirates. And now he lives in Never Land with his friends. Never Land is an island made of dreams and wishes to come true,  under blue star lights second from the right Never Land waits for you. Have you heard that song? If you want to get out of Never Land then you wonder where you will end up. You will end up in London. I have a few connections because, I read books and watch movies about Never Land. I wonder if Never Land is really real so I could visit it. I felt really excited after I watched the movie because, I made a few connections and couldn’t wait to tell them to my parents! 


Last Saturday me and my dad did some volunteering. Volunteering means helping others when they can’t do it themselves. My dad had all the big tools when I just had one tiny rake. We were volunteering to clean up the yards of old people because they can’t do yard work themselves. I was the only kid but I was a lot of help, and we all had a pizza party when we were done. The grown ups mowed and cleaned. I helped by holding garbage bags for other adults so they could throw things away and rake. This was a good thing to do because sometimes old people can’t do it themselves and it really helps them have a better and cleaner lawn. My mom didn’t come because we were having guests come over the very same day so she had to get the house ready. 

I also helped by talking to a woman named Ms. Rosa because sometimes she might feel lonely. She was 92 years old and I don’t know what she was talking about. 
I feel happy and proud because helping others is the right thing to do because we are part of a community and everyone should help each other out.
Here is the video for our work.

The peanuts movie

Yesterday I went to the Peanuts movie as a field trip. It was and awesome movie. This was the first time that I got to watch the movie, and it was a very funnny movie. I got to eat a snack pack that has soda popcorn and gummies. I felt happy to see the peanuts movie because, I have been asking my parents everytime we went to the movie theater ever since it came out. I felt so happy to finally watch the movie. One thing that I like about the movie is that it had lots of action. My favorite character is Charlie Brown’s  little sister because she is funny and makes everyone laugh. 


To paint you need to know the steps. Step number 1,you need a peice of paper or canvas. Step 2, you can paint anything you want or follow numbers to paint. Step 3, make sure that you don’t have dry paint and put something under your paper and paint. Step 4, dip your brush in water and dry a tiny bit on a paper. Step 5, start painting lightly. Step 6, have fun! These are the 6 steps for painting, and you should always follow the 6 steps. I love to paint and when you know how to paint real pictures, you don’t have to follow the 6 steps. I felt happy painting again yesterday and finally do some thing I wanted to do. 

My first swimming class

Today I had my first swimming class. It was so awesome! I learned how to swim in alot of  different ways. My favorite is the one when we jump into the pool and swim. I looooooove to swim because it feels great to swim and move your legs in some water and jump and play for a long time. I got soaked and had a great time except when we didn’t bring water goggles with us. I want to bring them because I don’t want to get my eyes filled with chlorine again. I met a new friend and had alot of fun. I feel great to be back in the water again and swim. 


Yesterday I went to Sea Life as a field trip.,We saw lots of sea animals,and got our own dive log book, We collected stamps. I only needed 2 stamps until I could get the last special stamp. no one got the spacial stamp. You also get a prize after you collect all stamps. I loved it so much.  Next time me and my family are going and I am getting the next stamps and get the last stamp with a prize.  My favorite part was when I touched a sea anemone and it grabbed on to me.  I loved this field trip alot! I felt happy seeing sealife again. 

Yesterdays field trip

Yesterday we wnt to the movie theater as a field trip. We watched th movie, Alvin and the chipmuncks road trip. It was awesome. I watched the movie before but only half of it so I got to watch it again. I love field trips especially the ones where we got to the movies, pools, water parks, and zoos. It is soooooooooooo fun at those places because they usually have more fun things in them like swimming and  seeing new things.  My friends usually think that the other field trips are much funner than the ones that I like. I feel happy to go on field trips again. 

My champions

I am going to summer champions. It is bunches of fun there. This week and the rest of the summer weeks we are going on field trips. Tomorrow we are going to the movies. And on Thursday we are going to the aquarium. I just love field trips. Those are just two field trips. But there are many more. I was in summer day care last time but it wasn’t champions. I had lots of fun there and everything was perfect. We went to lots of water parks, movie thaeters, splash pads and more!  It was awesome. I hope this summers just like last summer! 

Our house shifting

We have everything moved in our new house. We are unpacking and there is still some boxes left. When I saw the house (when almost everything was shifted) it was totally a beginer but now it is almost done. We love our house, and we are going to make it look like how it looked like before in our old house.We love our home. And we are going to buy a dog soon! Yay! I wanted a cat or kittens like my friend Advita does but, my dad made me.  I met new friends and my parents said that I could have a playdate or slumber party with them. We love our new house alot and we don’t want to move out again.

Our new home

We got our home on Tuesday. All we have to do is just move our stuff in. We waited and waited and waited untill now. We just loooooooooooooooove our house! We will move in this weekend. I just can’t wait to move in my new home. We looked in models and at houses untill we went to Lennar and found the perfect beutiful house. The workers had to build it of course. We moved easy things in already,and now we are going to move every single thing in with help from the workers. I can’t wait to move in. Yay! Yay!