Summer vacation

  My family and I are going on family vacation soon. I am planning to go to Harry Potter world.Amazing! I also want to go to Disney world. I just love it there. I get lots and lots and lots of autographs there! I am going to start taking swimming classes in summer. I just love to swim. I used to take swimming classes when I was little but I stoped because I was getting and ear infection at that time. My parents are planning to go o Europe for summer vacation. That sounds like fun. I feel excited about summer vacation and I just can’t wait  for summer to come!☺️❤️

Doctor appoinment

Yesterday I went for a doctor’s appoinment. I’ve been having a stomachache since last week and it hasn’t been stoping. When we got there we told the doctor what is happening and they told us that we were to go to a hospital to get x- rays of my tummy. When we got there we had to do a lot of waiting untill finally it was our turn. We went in the x-ray room and the doctor took x-rays of my tummy. They told us that, we could go and that they are going to send the x-ray pictures of my tummy to the doctor who checked me first and,they are going to send them to my parents. I felt scared and nervous before but it wasn’t so bad.

My art picture

This is my art picture that I did in school. It is a windmill. You can see the sky and grass are really diffrent from the rest because I used a watercolor pencil to do the trick. The way the watercolor pencil works is when you use a colored pencil, a brush, and some water. I know you might say, “What do you do with these materials?” Well you use a colored pencil and color something with it. I did green for my grass and blue for my sky.When you are done coloring  then you get the brush and dip it in water. Then you spread it on  the color from the colored pencil and let it dry. After a while it should be dry and presto you have a beutiful drawing. I did the rest by crayon and it turned out pretty good.My art teacher, Ms. Gamache, taught us how to draw the windmill and everyone got excited and happy when she told us that we were going to use watercolor pencils because this was our first time using them.
This is my second favorite art picture that I drew and I just can’t wait to draw this again. I feel so excited that we did this windmill because it will remind me when we made it when I am in 3rd grade. Almost everyone thought  that this was the best art project ever. My most favorite art project is  the owl one where we drew an owl and painted it with secondary colors and decorated it wih designs. I think that this art project is neat because you get to do something cool with art things. I just love love love the new art creation that I learned when we were making the windmill. 

A day at the center

Yesterday we went to the center.  I did homework and when I was done I played with my shopkins. It was a really fun and good time. I love it when we go to the center because I get to help my mom with things I never did before. I go to the center because I do Kumon there, that is the name of the center. My parents and I go there to get things done that the teachers have to do and don’t have time to do it. I loooooooove KUMON soooooooooooooo much! I❤️Kumon alooooooooooot! I feel happy when we go there. When I am older I am going to help my mom with other things.

Our home

Our home is almost ready. The workers are just adding some touchups and it will be ready. I just can’t wait to move in my new home and I am sooooooooooooooooo excited to go and live there. My parents and I just can’t wait to go and live in our new home. My friend, Jamie is also building a house but it is not near my home but we will get to visit her sometimes. I feel happy and excited about this.I thought that there was only a few steps in making a house but now I see that there are many steps than a few.

Mumma’s business

My mom now works in a buisness. She works in the business called, Kumon. I go there for lessons. It is a math and reading center for kids. It helps kids when they don’t know how to do hard math problems or reading. My mom is the boss.  The boss is called an instructor. My family and I got to the center to take care of business and I get to color or draw pictures. Someday when I grow up I want to be a teacher or a kumon instructor. I feel so happy that we have our own store. 

Daddy’s home

Today my dad came home! I hadn’t seen him for 3 days or 3 nights. But finally today, Friday May 13, he came and I saw him come to robotics class because he is a teacher there and I am in it. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I’m so happy that my dad came home because I have been missing him a lot and my tears of joy showed it when I saw him again in robotics class. Daddy’s home daddy’s home daddy’s home!  I just feel so happy because my dad’s home and I want to just scream, “Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!”


On Saturday I went camping with this group called Marathi Mandal. We got ready and got in the car. It was a long long drive. When we got to the campsite we unpacked our tent and got it ready. Then I played with my new friends, Kitki and Eeera. We drew and played on the swings. We also flew a kite and ate yummy snacks. Later we grilled 50 corns and played. Then we went back to the campsite and played some more. Then we ate lunch. After lunch we agreed that we will tell stories and eat gummy bears in Kitki’s tent at night. Later we had dinner and played telephone, Musical chairs, and danced. Then they lit a fire and roasted marshmallows with chocolate syrup. Next we told scary stories and ate gummy bears in Kitki’s tent. My parents even let me sleep in her tent. The next morning we had breakfast,packed the tent,and went home. It was the best camping trip ever!

Mom is sick

My mom was sick starting from Sunday May 1st. 

My mom had a high temperature, runny nose, and a fever. 
My mom recovered by drinking warm water taking medicine. 
The effect that we had to do was to take care of her,make sure she has enough sleep, give her medicine, not sitting near her, fill glases of warm water, and don’t give her long big hugs. 
Now that my mom is better I can hug her, kiss her, sleep with her, go near her, sit near her, and play with her. 
I felt sad when she was sick but know she is better I am excited and happy.

Stride class of the week

My class is the stride class of the week. The way to be the stride class of the week is to play stride everyday and play it at school, home, friend’s home anywhere! My class has never been the stride class of the week and we were so excited when the principal anounced that we were the stride class of the week. I feel excited, happy, and I just want to scream now that we are the class that is the stride class of the week! This thhe best momment of my life and it is an exciting one! I hope you got to the school, Beck Elementery, because it is the best school and it awards you stride class of the week!