Hot Hot Hot!

It’s really hot here in Texas and I want to take a cold shower. In Strongsville it is lower than what it is in Texas. I’m really glad to be here in Texas where it is nice and warm because it snows in Strongsville and I don’t want to be in a place where it snows. I feel happy because I’m in a place where it is going to snow a little and not a lot so I can spend most of my time outside with my friends instead of staying indoors and playing alone.

Earth Day

There is one holiday in April, and that is Earth day. Earth day is when we take care of our planet and clean up cups, napkins, food,and bottles. Earth day means to help each other. Example: squirles bury nuts to plant more acorn tree and bees polinate polin so new flowers can grow.I think Earth day is special in another way. I think that Earth day is special because Earth, takes  care of us so, on that day we take care of her. I feel that Earth day is special because it takes care of us, and we take care of her.

Joe’s crab shack and Pei Wei

Yesterday I went to Joe’s crab shack for lunch. I ate a crab,corn,clam,kalamarie,hushpuppies, and shrimp. Trust me, it did not taste that good.We had Pei Wei for dinner because I really wanted to eat at Pei Wei when we had eaten at Pei Wei, I had forgotten that I had aten at Pei Wei before. It tasted even better than Joe’s crab shack. I had chicken with honey seared sauce and noodles to go with it. I loved it so much that I was lucky because I got to eat it as my lunch today, I didn’t finish the noodles. Going to Joe’s crab shack is important to my dad because yesterday was his birthday and he wanted to eat outside for lunch. Going to Pei Wei is important to me because I never tried it,even if I have I still wanted to try it again.


Tommorow is my birthday. I am so excited because I get to open up my american girl doll presents and packages,that I have been getting over the last days. I feel like I’m going too explode my brain, but no one can do that. I can’t wait till tommorow and I want it to come right now. Every year, started on my 5th bday, my parents come in the night with a treat and a present and wait till it’s April 12th.Once it is  my birthday I open my present and thank my parents as much as I can! I can’t wait till my birthday wich is tommorow.

Jolly Rancher poem

Jolly Jolly you taste so yummy 

it tastes so good that it bursts in my tummy 
Lolly Lolly so yummy and sweet 
I wonder what will hapen if I eat it with Holly.

Jolly Jolly pack up your bag
we’re going to Idaho so lets play Tag.
Yum Yum  sweet and hard 
make sure you keep it in your mouth and not in a card.

I have this as my Jolly Rancher poem. I hope you enjoyed it.