Salmon berries and siracha

Today I read a peice of news. In the news It was talking about salmonberries aand siracha. In the news it said, In the words of my good friend Rocky Boloa, one bite at at a time, one plate at a time and one meal at a time. Or, to quote my style icon and ear inspection, your gonna leat lightning and crap thunder. What does that even mean? Or, as a wise man Apallo Creed once said. Sports make ya grunt and smell. See, be a thinker, not a stinker. I don’t even know what these words even mean! I wonder if these pople want to tell adults a diffrent way of saying what they are trying to say, but didn’t realize that kids could also read newspapers, and some don’t understand what they mean. 

How to plant a seed in a bag

First you start with a type of seed that you want to plant. Next you take a small ziplock bag and a paper towel. Then you take paper towel and wet it. When you are done wetting it you fold it to make a piece of cloth. After that you put the paper towel in the bag and put the seed in the bag also. Later put the seed on the window and leave it there untill it grows a stem and leaves ( it might not grow yet). After a few days when it has a stem and leaves you can take it of the window and plant it in a flower pot. After a while it will grow into a plant, it will have vegetables or fruits on it if it is a vegetable seed or fruit seed. That is how you plant a seed in a bag. I hope you enjoyed learning about the way how to plant seeds in a bag. 

Finishing up the 4th Harry Potter book

Yesterday I finished the 4th Harry Potter book. It is called the Goblet of fire and the next book is called the Order of  phoenix. This book is the biggest book in the entire series and has 870 pages even if it has 38 chapters, the 4th book has 733 pages even if it has 37 chapters. I am excited to finish the  5th book and all the other books. My dad has finished all of the books and my mom, is still on the 2nd book which is the chamber of secrets. I am really surprised how I read 4 thick Harry Potter booke and how I am on the 5th book really quickly.  

Symbiosis and Parasite

A symbiosis and parasitism are different. Symbiosis have a host and a partner but a parasitism only has a host. For example, water is good for you and also is healthy, but mosquitos suck your blood to lay eggs.The water is a symbiosis and the mosquito is a parasitism. I didn’t know about symbiosis or parasitism before but good thing I know now because that helped me understand it better. Symbiosis and parasitism have made a diffrence, before I knew about them I thought they had a host and partner to help but I was wrong. I hope I learn more about symbiosis and parasite when I grow up.

My plans for the daddy daughter dance

My plans that I’m going to have at the Daddy daughter dance are to, dance with my dad, have fun with him, go do a daddy daughter date and spend more time with him. I think that a daddy daughter dance was the meaning for dads to spend more time with their daughter. This is my first time being in a daddy daughter dance and I’m really excited to go there. I have never been to a daddy daughter date and this is also my first time so that is also exciting. One more thing that is exciting is that my friends Snehal and Lexi are also going. I hope I see them there. 

Bermuda triangle blog

The Berumuda Triangle, also to be known as the Devil Triangle, is a loosley defined region in the western part of the Alantic Ocean. A number of ships and planes are said to have diappeared. According to the US Navy, the Triangle does not exist, and the name is not reconized by the US board on Geographic Names. In  2013 study, the World Wide Fund for Nauture identified the world’s 10 most Dangerous waters for shipping, but the Berumuda Triangle was not among them. Some of these disapperances can be explained by weather but the others still remain a puzzle. I never knew about the Bermuda Triangle untill now. All I know is that many ships and planes have been mysteriously pulled down causing them to sink into the triangle. 

Today I learned something new curios and interesting, may be this is just an old wives tale.

My Valentines party

Today I had a Valentines party. In the party we ate cookies, pretzles, and candy hearts. The crafts we did were, making a Valentine monster and make a scrapbook. The Valentine party was awesome, and we also donated candy to kids in the hospital. We had a fun time at the party. My mom came to the party, she got candy hearts for the party. Before the party and everything, we passed out our Valentines. I brought fruit rollups for the party. We could not give our Valentines, or treats to ourself. In the morning, before the party and passing out the Valentines, we decorated bag, that we were going to give to the kids in the hospital with candy and we also made bags for ourself. I had a really fun time at the party.

The cooking class

I went to a cooking class. At the class we made cake pops and jello. To make the cake pop you need, two vanilla wafers, melted chocolate, twenty-five peices of melted carmel, and a big tooth pick. First you lay the two vanilla wafers on a plate.Then use a spoon to scoop up hot carmel to put on one  vanilla wafer. Then put the thooth pick on and the other vanilla wafer on top. Next wait till it drys for two minutes,and when you are done with that, you dip it into some hot melted chocolate. After you dip it in sprinkles  you have a cakepop. I did not stay for the jello because I did not like it. I love to cook simple recipies because they are easier to make. I hope that I can learn how to make another. 


I wear a jawbone. It is like a fitbit but does not tell time or anything about you. The jawbone tracks your steps and sleep and other things. When you hold on to the botton and hold it still, then it will vibrate and will chage to day or night. You only do that when you are awake or asleep. You will have to open the app and make sure that it is synced in. It comes with a special charger that you use. You put the jawbone on your left hand. When you do special excercices then you press the botton twice, and press it once when you want to get back. A jawbone can do lots of things than a fitbit. 

Aladin audition

Today I went to the Aladin Audition. There we practiced a part of a song. We also did this zumba dance and the judges were also dancing, after they were done writting the scores. The zumba was really hard with a little hard steps that I did not know how to do. The Audition was really fun and I really liked it alot. I had to do the Audition today because on Monday I did not sign up online, and I had to go to Champions because my mom was working late. I really did not like that time and I am really happy that I got to do the Auditionn today.