Ms. G

Ms. G is a Champions teacher. She is the best teacher in champions. Ms. G has headaches because the other kids don’t listen to her. When there is a fire drill happening and there is lots of noise then we could get hurt ,if we don’t listen to her and be noisy. Ms. G says that some kids are listening to her and they will get electronics on Friday. In Champions she has to tell us to be quiet, and uses the hand clapping signal to get our attention to be quiet when we have to be. 

Finishing up the 3d Harry Potter book

Today I finished up the 3rd Harry Potter book.  I am on the 4th book now,and it is very thick and it makes things harder to carry. The 4th book is called the Goblet of fire. The third book is called the Prisinor of Azkaban. My mom is on the Chamber of secrets, the 2nd book. My dad read all of the books, he is reading the Half blood prince again. The 4th book has 37chapters, even if the 3rd book has 22 chapters and the 2nd book has 21 chapters. I hope my mom catches up with me because she is a book behind and needs to read more when she has the time.

My henna shop

In my school there is something called Beckopoly.I’m participating in Beckopoly this year and doing henna designs. In my shop I’m drawing the designs or the students and parents can try it out by their self. Henna is made from Henna plant leaves, water, and eucalyptus oil. Henna is put on when there is functions and parties. I am trying to work hard on this so I can earn $15 or more to get another doll. I have been trying to get another doll by saving my money,helping around in the house,and doing chores. I already have a doll but I want another doll to play with so  my doll and me won’t fell lonley playing together.This is why I am going to do Beckopoly.

Donuts with dads

Today I ate a donut with my dad. The donut was glaze and yummy. We bought donuts from a donut shop because we thought there weren’t any donuts there but there were donuts so we gave the donuts to my class and  they were yummy. It was Peyton’s bithday yesterday and we had donuts yesterday that were glaze also. I loved donuts with dad I felt happy that other dads came and my dad came because I thought that my dad was the only dad that was going to be here in my school.

My house

My house is almost done. They are working on the framing and I think it’s done. Everything goes faster after the framing and it will be done soon. I can’t wait untill they are done with the framing and everything else. My house just needs some bricks,stones, and needs to be perfect untill we move in. We moved away from Clevland and I miss my old home. I am now living in a apartment in Ronoake. The apartment name was called Boulder Ridge. I have lots of new friends and I just love playing with the everyday in the afternoon sometimes after dinner. 

The stall

On Sautarday we set up a stall. We sold Veg,sandwiches, sol-kadhi, a drink, and puff pastrys. Lots of people liked our pastrys and and drink. The sandwiches were also good. I was a  partner and collected tickets witch were 1$. We had 106 tickets even though three people had given us real money. My dad says I can get another American girl doll when I have 125$. I have 110$ and need 15$ more untill I have enough money. We sold lots of food items and drinks. 

Himalayan Kittens

A himalayan kitten is a kitten that is white and brown. The brown is on it’s ears, nose, tip of the tail and the tip of it’s feet. It has a pink nose and blue eyes. I know this because I have a toy himalayan kitten from Americam girl doll shop. I love cats and I want to get one as a pet but my dad says we are getting a dog not a cat. A himalayan kitten is really cute when it’s a toy because it has a cute face and it looks like it wants you to just hug it and give it a pat on the head.

My Recycling project

In my class we are doing a recycling project. In the project you have to use a thing that you recycle that you can reuse again. My project is a plant that I can water and I am using a water bottle with water and stick it in the plant so the plant is watered when you are in vacation,and you won’t have to water the plant untill the bottle is empty. Everyone is going to design their project with anything that you can recycle so you can reuse. My teacher thought of making a flower pot out of a old soup can. These projects are useful because you can use them over and over and over again by fixing them by the material that you used to stick them together. We were learning about the three R’s which stand for Recycle,Reduse,and Reuse. The three R’s help us remeber to do these things for recycling. You should also Recycle paper metal plastic and other things that are recyclable. 

American girl doll

I have a American girl doll. Her name is Julie. I went in the American doll shop once. In the shop there were American girl dolls and accessories. I saw a lot of dolls that looked like Julie. This shop is different because it has a salon and a cafe in one and has lots of dolls. This is also diffrent because nothing is fragil and you don’t have to throw them away. I want a lot of American girl dolls and I want all of Julie’s things. My doll has a Himalayan Kitten and I don’t have a name for it. American girl dolls are dolls perfect for girls and I hope you enjoy them to.  

My Happy new year party

I had a Happy New Year Party. At the party we ate chicken and danced. My parents were dancing and I went to a place where kids can stay while their moms and dads are away. When I was there I got a face paint. Then my parents left and I played with other kids. Then the people that were agents turned on a movie. I couldn’t hear the movie because the other kids were to loud. Then the clowns performed some magic and we played a game. Then the boys had sord fight and then my dad came to pick me up. Then we danced and count down till 12 o’clock. And when it was 12 o’clock, ballons were coming down. This was an awesome new year. I hope it is this fun again.