D.I. is a place where you do challenges. I am in D.I. and my team and I are ready for a challenge that will be judged. We decided that we will have our setting in CandyLand. My team is Jenna, Haylie, and Snehal. I am AnnaCake, Jenna is Nutella Ella, Haylie is Lilly Lolly and Snehal is Queen CandyCane/Dr. De Chocolate. Dr. De Choclate is the  bad guy in our project. In DI you do challenges that challenge your brain to do more thinking. DI is a place where creativity and brainstorming is a must!I think DI was the perfect way to help me think more about something like building something important with the only materials you have. This is the best way to challenge your brain anywhere and anyhow.
When you go to a dentist you first fill out a form. Then the dentist comes and takes exrays of your teeth to see any dental problems. Once they have you exray they get a new set of tools ready for your checkup. After that they take measurements of your teeth with milemeters. If your teeth measurements are below 3 milemeters then your teethare healthy but, if your teeth are above 3 milemeters then they are not healthy. They also take closeup photos of your teeth to see any damage closer. When they are cleaning they take the moisture out of your mouth with a tool called a air water serienge. The dentist ask you questions about your teeth to see any damage or cleaning that needs to be done. Finally the dentist clean your teeth with a special type of toothpaste and rinses your mouth out with water. After the appointment the dentist give you a bag that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, and some dental floss to keepyour teeth clean at home.Tip! : Have you ever scraped your finger an your tooth and some fuzzy stuff ends up on your finger? Well that stuff is plauqe. Plauqe can harden on your teeth causing it to become yellow. Plauqe can be brushed easily but tartar needs to be takencare of by the dentist. 
My ride to Ohio was BORING! I was busy but bored!I liked going back to Ohio but I  thought that the ride was absaloutley BOOOOORING! 1 I only had  3 options to do. 2 We drove for 2 days which made it  difficualt for me to survive, not really. 3 When we reached our destinations I was so relived that I could faint while smiling but didn't because it was litterly freezing outside. The ride back was as boring as the first which didn't suprise me. The only thing I liked about going there was to see my old friends, the states that we drove through and meet my very best friend. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! That was me cheering. I am glad to be back in Texas where it is warm instead of Ohio where it is cold. At least I saw my old friends because if we took that ride for no reason then I would have killed myself. 
I am thankful for family,friends,food,soil,and nature. If I never had family or friends then I never would have had anybody to look after me or stand up for me. I am thankful for food because 1 I would probabaly be starving to death everyday and 2 I woul be too weak to survive and never be strong. I am thankful for soil and nature because without soil we wouldn't have any vegetables or fruits and we wouldn't have any paper,money,rubber,leather,meat,milk,cream, and butter. All of these are important to me more than anything so that is why I am thankful for these things. 
Every 6 weeks we do a special ceremony in school called awards. Last year I was Top Dog for being trustworthy. I was able to be trusted like a real trustworty person should be. I was Top Dog on the same day my bestie Stella got Top Dog. Now she is Top Dog with Loseli who is in my class this year. I hope that I am Top Dog this year. It is actually something that everyone is hoping to get each year.  This is a really big deal for everyone to get Top Dog because, you get to look for a new Top Dog sometimes. I was freaking out when I heard that I was Top Dog last year because,this was the first time I had ever gotten a special certificate that is called Top Dog!I was even more shocked when my very own bestie was a Top Dog too. I loved being a Top Dog for 6 whole weeks! That was the best momment in my life. Anyway, Top Dog is really awesome, cool, and you might even earn it for 6 whole weeks if you got to Beck elementry. Every 6 weeks you might see your teacher looking for a Top Dog,even without knowing it might even be you, you will just have to wait and see. Just be either trustworthy,respectful,caring,have citizenship, or any other character traits that will make you Top Dog.I really love being Top Dog and I hope you do too. This will be the best momment ever for you just like I did!
Diwali is a holiday that Hindus do. Day #1: build. We first built a kila [ keeh-lah]. On the kila we put soilders and farmers plus some women. On the very tippy top we put a king named Shivaji Maharaj. We used,soil, pots, water, and chalk to make this work. This is the first thing you do on Diwali.  Day #2: presants! On the second day I looked for presants when I was done taking a shower and helped my mom. We made food, hung up decorations, and even made rangoli [ ra-n-gol-ee].My first presant was a chef club shoppies doll from shopkins. I loooooooved it so much. Day # 3: decorate. We got up early and took a oil shower. Next we got our big box of kandils and started decorating the house. Then we got our lights out and put them on our walls all over. When we were done we had a cooked dinner made by my mom and prayed to our gods.  Day #4: sweets. We made alot of sweets. So we decided to share with our friends. I shared with my bestie Stella. She really loved the sweets. We made rangoli again and I got a amerigan girl doll knitting set.We also did Lakshmi pooja and prayed to her. I even went to a diwali party with my mom at a friends house. Day#5: End. This is the last day of diwali. We lit candles all over the house and blew them out when we were done. I got new boots, a new shoppie doll, and american girl doll acssesories.We made more sweets and turned on all the lights in the house. It was the festival of lightso we had lights on everywhere. Then we did mini fireworks at our house and also with our friends. We even had decolights and those lit our house outside. That is all about my diwali this year I hope you enjoy this. 

I filled out a dog adoption form. I hope that I get a dog! I have been waiting and waiting to get a dog. Yesterday a woman, from the sight that I filled the form from,came and inspected our house. I really can't wait to get a dog. If we get a dog then I am going to be the main owner, and take care of it.I am super excited for this. I love dogs but others may not because, of their naughty behavior sometimes. I love dogs because of how loyal, trustworthy, respectful and responsible they are. I hope that if I get a dog they are loyal, trustworthy, respectful and even responsible. The reason that I want a dog is because when I see a dog I think," I need a dog". I have been asking for a pet and now I might get one.I really really really really hope that I get a dog.

Bulldog Blitz is a fundraiser for my school. Last Friday we did an obstycle course. We earned our bulldog blitz shirts and waterbottles. My favorite part was the obstycle course becuase it helped me train alot. We got to have a snack after bulldog blitz and even get face paint. Scince I was on the white team I got to choose a design in white,I chose 2 white streaks against my face, and  later got 2 blue streaks on my face for no reason😀. Our class goal for bringing in money was $1,500 and we passed our goal. So we earned $1,534.70 cents. We earneda popcicle party and dress Ms. Schemmel, my teacher, scince we passed the amount it was! We were going to have popcicle party today but Ms. Schemmel forgot them at her house. So we are going to have popcicle party on Wednesday also with dress Ms. Schemmel. We are still deciding about what our prize is going to be for $1,500. I can't wait until they decide the top class!
In my class there is a girl named Thea. She is sooooooo mean. She talks back to me and even to the teacher. She rolles her eyes at people and lies about things that aren't happening.  She gets angry at people and blames them even though they didn't do anything. She is so rude and bossy. Only Advita, Sydney, Chloe. Loseli, Kate and me pretend to be nice to Thea because we absaloutly hate her! Thea is the worst peson ever! Even if she is new to Beck she acts like a sassy girl. On the last day of school I am totally going to act like Thea to her. Maybe. I think that she is the worst girl like ever! I absaloutly hate hate hate Thea so much. I can't even stand a chance next to her or even like her. Although I adore her outfits😍.

Did you know that the human brain is 3 times bigger than any other mammal brain? If you want to learn about the human brain then I will tell you. Your brain has billions of neurons, and those help send messages all over your brain. You use 30% of your brain everyday. The other 70% just doesn't work. Your brain never sleeps because if it sleeps, then you are going to die. You still can live for about 1 or 2 minutes before you die. If you touch the human brain it will feeel like jello and will squiggle all over. The brain knows what your going to do in just 2 milliseconds. When you are frusterated or stressed out and you work, while your stressed or angry then your going to have a problem.The brain is the only muscle that doesn't feel pain. It also is the main muscle of the human nervous system. Your brain is thinking when you sleep how your going to dream, and what your going to dream. I think that the brain sounds ugly even though it is part of my body. 
Ganesh is a god. He is mostly known as, Ganpati Bappa. Yeasterday I went to a arti,to celebrate Ganesh for coming for ten days. Ganesh was created by his mother by hand. His dad got furious for not letting him in for seeing his wife, when she was taking a shower. Ganesh's dad cut of Ganesh's  head so his dad could go inside. Ganesh's mom got really angry, when she heard that Ganesh had his head chopped off, and decided to kill Ganesh's dad's army. Ganesh's dad decided that he will send his army to go find a head, to replace Ganesh's head. Once the army came back they had an elephant head, so Ganesh's dad could put it on Ganesh. So now Ganesh has an elephant head. Ganesh has one brother named Kartik, and a very close friend that is a mouse. Ganesh travels on that same mouse and his favorite sweets are, lado and modok. There are so many stories of Ganesh. I wear a necklace of Ganesh around my neck. One time in our old house we had Ganesh sitting on a place near our front  door. After a while somebody stole him, so we had to buy a new one. When we moved into a new house my dad,became lazy and has not put Ganesh out side yet. We believe that Ganesh will protect you,and when we put him outside he will prevent the bad things from coming inside the house. One story is about when the moon laughed at Ganesh and how he lost some parts of his tusks. Another story is about how another god named Kuber wanted to show off his richness,so he planned a grand dinnerparty for Ganesh and his family. Ganesh was sent to go to the dinner party himself, because his parents thought that it would be okay so he ate and ate. Kuber couldn't stop Ganesh from eating everything he went to ask for advice. Ganesh's parents told Kuber to give Ganesh just a handfull of cooked rice with a humble heart.Kuber did that and Ganesh was back to normal.
In Ms. Schemmel's class we are doing rocket math. Rocket math is the same as math. In rocket math you have to grab a slip of paper that has math problems, and finish them is 2 minutes or less. If you are done in 2 minutes, you have to wait until the next day to see which warspspeed or color that your on. If you are not done then you have to erase and do the same one again next time. Ms. Schemmel's class last year said that rocket math is really fun. I don't think that rocket math is fun. All you do is just try to finish a slip in 2 minutes or less.I think that rocket math is super boring.I like math but not rocket math. One of my questions is, "Why is it even called rocket math?" Math is a different story than rocket math. I love math a lot but others may not.I just don't like rocket math. If I hear those words ever again, I am going to get mad with you.I am only going to get mad at you in my head.
Ducky is my very favorite stuffed animal. I like to sleep with him every night, and always take care of him. Ducky may look like a baby toy but I think he is cute! He is the best toy ever. When I am down, Ducky is there to cheer me up! Even is he is a stuffed animal he  can still be help. I would tell you to get something like ducky but, since you don't know what he looks like then you shouldn't. I love Ducky more than any other stuffed animal. Ducky is a penguin and also a stuffed animal. I know that it is pretty funny to name a penguin Ducky. That is just how Ducky is.Ducky has a matching scarf to a sweater that I had when I was a little girl. That is gone now because I grown out of it. I think that Ducky is cute,helpful and also the best! I wonder if some of you have Ducky because he is the best. Maybe people don't like penguins or they do so they might love ducky. I love owls but I also love love love, Ducky! Ducky is the best!  Ducky is the best! I love love love Ducky a lot.Some may not like Ducky but I do. 
It is a back to school time. I am going to 3 grade and I need alot of school supplies. I thought that the 3 grade teachers were picky about the supplies that you need. I think that 3 grade is going to be an exciting grade. I feel so excited to go to 3 grade. I wonder what 3 grade students do in 3 grade. It sounds exciting and fun. I wonder what the new supplies are for because I never had them before. Maybe the new supplies are for new subjects that I am going to learn. Maybe the 2 inch binder that I need is for keeping my work safe. I wonder if the 3 graders last year thought that 3 grade was exciting. I think that I am going to enjoy 3 grade. I wonder if my teacher is Ms. Stoval. I just hope she is because it would be super exciting with a teacher like her! My 2 grade teacher was Mrs. Hickerson and she was the best 2 grade teacher ever! I think that other kids think that 3 grade is going to be good, and some may think that it is going to be the worst. I am just worried about the kids. I hope that I get some of my very best friends in my class.  
Kumon is a tutoring center for kids. I go to Kumon and it helps me alot. It is a math and reading center for kids who need help. Kumon is open twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday. I only go on Thursdays. My mom is the instructor of the Kumon that I go to. I feel that Kumon is a good tutoring center for kids because, it helps kids to get better education.  Maybe there are better places than Kumon but, I still believe that Kumon is the best.  I think others enjoy Kumon but not that much because of the hard work. I think Kumon is the best tutoring center ever for kids but maybe some may not. Maybe Kumon is the best place ever! Maybe not but that is what I believe. I believe that Kumon is a wonderful place for kids to work and learn so I am not changing my mind. I believe that Kumon is the best in the whole world. I always wonder how some adults know some things more than kids in Kumon. So my mom told me that some went to Kumon when they were small. I love Kumon alot. Not because it is mine, because it is a nice working center.  
Last Sauturday we had pooja. I felt so excited and thought that this was the best day ever when, it wasn't. First the boys were all screaming and yelling when I put on a movie. Second my parents invited their friends and misbehaving kids. Third they were messing up my toys. That is why I d. `on't like naughty and misbehaving kids. I felt like this was the worst thing that happened to me. Not the pooja, the kids. They made me yell the third time. I think that my parents just invited the kids parents so they could let the kids have fun with me, when instead I have to yell at them for their own fault. I always have to be strict when the kids that misbehave come to my house, so they can make me yell at them! I always feel that there is going to be some strict talking to when there are misbehaving kids! I think that the kids promised to be good when they misbehave because they think, " Now we can do whatever we want now that our parents are talking to their friends, and that Rovija is so nice that she will not yell at us when we misbehave." I don't think so! Just because I am nice dosen't mean that you can take advantage of me! Everything after the pooja went fine. It was much better when I had to yell at the kids, because they listened. I don't like yelling at anyone but sometimes I have to. 
Today we went to the Indian store. Everytime we go to the Indian store there is a lot of grocery in the car's trunk. I always feel bored when we go to the Indian store because, the grown ups just shop and shop until they are tired. I always think what will happen if people never had grocery stores. I feel just dissapointed when we go to the Indian store because, it is so boring.  I don't like shopping unless we are shopping birthday gifts or toys. Almost every kid will love to shop only for toys. I always feel the same, dissapointed feeling when we shop. I always feel, " Noooooooooooo!" " I am not going shopping with you!" I never feel like, " Yay!" or "Yahoooo!" It mostly isn't the fight words when you don't want to do something. I feel shopping is the number 1 least favorite, and not shopping is the number 1 favorite. Maybe the. Indian stores just are big stores to bore kids. I think that the grown ups just want to bore kids by shopping. I sometimes feel in my head the urge to go home. I think that all the kids want to go home when,they are in the middle of shopping with their parents.
In the book Whateverafter there is a girl named Abby. She has a little brother named Jonah. She also has a pet dog. I don't have a pet dog or a brother. But we both moved from a different place. I moved from Ohio to Texas and Abby, moved frome Naperville to Smithville. Abby and me are getting used to a new house now. 1 huge differance is that Abby and Jonah have adventures at night. Not just any adventures. They have a magic mirror in their basement and a fairy named, Maryrose lives in it. The mirror takes you to a fairytale at midnight, and also when you knock.    three times. 1st it starts to hiss, 2nd it turns purple, and 3rd it sucks you in a  fairytale. I haven't found anything magical yet. But what if I found a magic mirror in my house. I would definitely knock 3 times. It would be so cool! It would feel so awesome to meet fairytale characters! I wonder if there really is a magic mirror in my house. If there was then that would be so cool! What if we had a magic mirror with a fairy living in it. Then that would be just amazing. I would love that because then, I can talk to him or her.
I think that Donald Trump will be the next president because, he will make good changes and he will make America change in a good way. I think Hillary Clinton will not be the next president because she wants to be president like her husband was, Bill Clinton. Maybe the candidates must be nervous because this is something big that they never had to do. I think that Donald Trump is the right president for us, because he has done the things that a president would do. I think that Hillary is just doing things that no one has done, and wants to proove to others that she is perfect for president. I think that Hillary is going to make too many changes, and Donald is going to make the right changes, as president. I think that Bill is going to just vote for Hillary, not because she is his wife, because he wants her to be president also. I think that trump family want Donald  to be president because, they have seen him do the things a president would do. I think that President Obama was just like Donald but know he is doing his duties as president.
Yesterday we grilled fish. We grilled fish, pasta, fruit, and shrimp. It was a delicious dinner. I love to grill because of the the taste. The taste is always juicy. My parents had wine and I had lemonade with ice pop, as the drinks. I always have lots of fun when my dad grills because, I help.To me the best part about grilling is helping. I love to help because helping is the right thing to do, and I always want to do the right thing. I think that it is fun to help, but others may not. I felt excited getting ready to grill fish because it was something new that we cooked. Yum! Yum! I always like it when we grill. To me it is the best way to cook!
     Today I did an experiment. I felt proud after the experiment because it was really hard for me to do. It was hard because it took a lot of time and effort.    

Problem :
The problem was that it was hot in my bedroom at night and wanted to check if it is correct.

A pencil, eraser, paper, and my iPad. 

was, go to a room, close all doors, put the thermometer in a place in the room, put the timer on for 3 minutes, check thermometer, and write it down. 

Data: Temperature and humidity from 9 diffrent rooms. See picture for data.

Master bedroom 80 degrees Fahrenheit and 58% humadity and my bedroom 82 degrees and 59% humidity.

My room is hotter than the other rooms in my home, but we may need to take another temperature in the night to confirm.

If you are writing about nothing then there is nothing to write about. There is nothing to do if you want to do nothing. Nothing is nothing. There is nothing if you want to see nothing. You have to do something instead of nothing. Something is something. And nothing is nothing. It's boring doing nothing. But it's fun with something. What would you say if someone asked you, " Let's do nothing!" I would say, "Borrrring!" I don't feel like doing nothing. I feel like doing something. Never do nothing and always do something!
Tomorrow my dad is going to wear a superman costume. It has a jacket,workshirt, tie, and a muscle chest piece all together. It also comes with glasses. I love the glasses so much, that I wore them for the whole entire day yesterday. Anyway, my dad is going to be superman tommorrow because, there is a meeting and they decided that you have to wear a costume. What if my dad really was superman? Then he would save the day from any villans. It would be amazing and incredible all together. I feel excited for tommorow because I can't wait to see my dad in his cotume! And he could also save the day from bad people. Hooray!
Okay my playdate was a disaster and a success but mostly a disaster. Having 3 friends over is more than a disaster. I thought that we will get along together but, it turns out that no one got along together. We almost had a good time untill we had a FIGHT.  But at the end of the day we calmed ourselves down and had a good rest of the day. This was a fun playdate and I wish I could have another one like this,except for the fight.  I had planned for everything to go well when it didn't. I felt happy and angry at the playdate but,mostly happy because everything wet well at the playdate. Now I want only one friend for a playdate because,with more than one it turns into a fight instead of a playdate.
Today I have a playdate with my 3 very best friends, Snehal Gupta,Shashwat Gupta, and Advita Bhat. I made a to do list so I know what to do in the day. I am also marking off the things that I have already done.  I have brushed, had breakfast, cleaned up my room, and now I am finishing my homework so I can finish the rest of the things on my list. I am so excited to have a playdate with my friends at my house. I just can't wait to have them come over after Lunch. I feel happy to have a playdate again because we moved and  I have new friends so I want to play with them. We all go to Samuel Beck Elementry and we are all going to third grade. I feel so excited withh my friends coming over. 
Last Sunday we went to my dads boses house for a 4th of July party. There were bouncy houses and a lot of food. I met three new friends named Lauren, Emery and her brother. I call Emery Em for short because sometimes I forget her name. We made a Mango pudding for dessert while others made other desserts. I was a hot when we were outside. I always feel like I'm going to faint when its hot outside. I have never ever gone ro a July 4th party and I loved it a lot. My favorite part of the day was when we got to see the fireworks. These were the most prettiest fireworks ever. I loved the grand finale because everything was like boom boom boom and there were tons or fireworks. The very next day was 4th of July so we went to see a parade. In the parade was all the advertisements and schools of Trophy Club.They were giving out candy, plastic footballs, water bottles, and even cups to hold your candy. My friend Advita was also there so we got to get candy together. Me and Advita go to the same school and the principal was in the parade. This was the best July forth party and parade ever. I can't wait untill next years. I felt happy and excited for the parade and I just loved it.  

An instant hit was made when it was already launched in 1987. Midori was another product from the giant Japanese drinks group, Suntory.  It had aimed for a slice of the coctail action with this very bright green liquer in an idiosyncratic small bottle of very textured glass. Originally a Japanese product, it is now being made in Mexico. The flavour is melons, not a common taste in the world of liquer, but the drinks bright vivid green colour is achieved by means of a dye. Indeed the greenness is its principal sales pitch, scince midori is the word "green" in Japanese. Perhaps the colour is intended to evoke the skins of certain melons varieties, such as Gali or Cantelope, as opposed to the flesh that is actually used to flavour it. The smell is in fact much closer to a bannana. It is very sweet and syrupy, and at the lower end of standard alcoholic strength for liquers: 20%.
Yesterday I watched  the movie, Pan. It is about a boy named Peter Pan, and his journey to find his mother. He and other boys were kidnapped by pirates. And now he lives in Never Land with his friends. Never Land is an island made of dreams and wishes to come true,  under blue star lights second from the right Never Land waits for you. Have you heard that song? If you want to get out of Never Land then you wonder where you will end up. You will end up in London. I have a few connections because, I read books and watch movies about Never Land. I wonder if Never Land is really real so I could visit it. I felt really excited after I watched the movie because, I made a few connections and couldn't wait to tell them to my parents! 
Last Saturday me and my dad did some volunteering. Volunteering means helping others when they can't do it themselves. My dad had all the big tools when I just had one tiny rake. We were volunteering to clean up the yards of old people because they can't do yard work themselves. I was the only kid but I was a lot of help, and we all had a pizza party when we were done. The grown ups mowed and cleaned. I helped by holding garbage bags for other adults so they could throw things away and rake. This was a good thing to do because sometimes old people can't do it themselves and it really helps them have a better and cleaner lawn. My mom didn't come because we were having guests come over the very same day so she had to get the house ready. 

I also helped by talking to a woman named Ms. Rosa because sometimes she might feel lonely. She was 92 years old and I don't know what she was talking about. 

I feel happy and proud because helping others is the right thing to do because we are part of a community and everyone should help each other out.

Here is the video for our work.

Yesterday I went to the Peanuts movie as a field trip. It was and awesome movie. This was the first time that I got to watch the movie, and it was a very funnny movie. I got to eat a snack pack that has soda popcorn and gummies. I felt happy to see the peanuts movie because, I have been asking my parents everytime we went to the movie theater ever since it came out. I felt so happy to finally watch the movie. One thing that I like about the movie is that it had lots of action. My favorite character is Charlie Brown's  little sister because she is funny and makes everyone laugh. 
To paint you need to know the steps. Step number 1,you need a peice of paper or canvas. Step 2, you can paint anything you want or follow numbers to paint. Step 3, make sure that you don't have dry paint and put something under your paper and paint. Step 4, dip your brush in water and dry a tiny bit on a paper. Step 5, start painting lightly. Step 6, have fun! These are the 6 steps for painting, and you should always follow the 6 steps. I love to paint and when you know how to paint real pictures, you don't have to follow the 6 steps. I felt happy painting again yesterday and finally do some thing I wanted to do. 
Today I had my first swimming class. It was so awesome! I learned how to swim in alot of  different ways. My favorite is the one when we jump into the pool and swim. I looooooove to swim because it feels great to swim and move your legs in some water and jump and play for a long time. I got soaked and had a great time except when we didn't bring water goggles with us. I want to bring them because I don't want to get my eyes filled with chlorine again. I met a new friend and had alot of fun. I feel great to be back in the water again and swim. 
Yesterday I went to Sea Life as a field trip.,We saw lots of sea animals,and got our own dive log book, We collected stamps. I only needed 2 stamps until I could get the last special stamp. no one got the spacial stamp. You also get a prize after you collect all stamps. I loved it so much.  Next time me and my family are going and I am getting the next stamps and get the last stamp with a prize.  My favorite part was when I touched a sea anemone and it grabbed on to me.  I loved this field trip alot! I felt happy seeing sealife again. 
Yesterday we wnt to the movie theater as a field trip. We watched th movie, Alvin and the chipmuncks road trip. It was awesome. I watched the movie before but only half of it so I got to watch it again. I love field trips especially the ones where we got to the movies, pools, water parks, and zoos. It is soooooooooooo fun at those places because they usually have more fun things in them like swimming and  seeing new things.  My friends usually think that the other field trips are much funner than the ones that I like. I feel happy to go on field trips again. 
I am going to summer champions. It is bunches of fun there. This week and the rest of the summer weeks we are going on field trips. Tomorrow we are going to the movies. And on Thursday we are going to the aquarium. I just love field trips. Those are just two field trips. But there are many more. I was in summer day care last time but it wasn't champions. I had lots of fun there and everything was perfect. We went to lots of water parks, movie thaeters, splash pads and more!  It was awesome. I hope this summers just like last summer! 
We have everything moved in our new house. We are unpacking and there is still some boxes left. When I saw the house (when almost everything was shifted) it was totally a beginer but now it is almost done. We love our house, and we are going to make it look like how it looked like before in our old house.We love our home. And we are going to buy a dog soon! Yay! I wanted a cat or kittens like my friend Advita does but, my dad made me.  I met new friends and my parents said that I could have a playdate or slumber party with them. We love our new house alot and we don't want to move out again.
We got our home on Tuesday. All we have to do is just move our stuff in. We waited and waited and waited untill now. We just loooooooooooooooove our house! We will move in this weekend. I just can't wait to move in my new home. We looked in models and at houses untill we went to Lennar and found the perfect beutiful house. The workers had to build it of course. We moved easy things in already,and now we are going to move every single thing in with help from the workers. I can't wait to move in. Yay! Yay!
  My family and I are going on family vacation soon. I am planning to go to Harry Potter world.Amazing! I also want to go to Disney world. I just love it there. I get lots and lots and lots of autographs there! I am going to start taking swimming classes in summer. I just love to swim. I used to take swimming classes when I was little but I stoped because I was getting and ear infection at that time. My parents are planning to go o Europe for summer vacation. That sounds like fun. I feel excited about summer vacation and I just can't wait  for summer to come!☺️❤️
Yesterday I went for a doctor's appoinment. I've been having a stomachache since last week and it hasn't been stoping. When we got there we told the doctor what is happening and they told us that we were to go to a hospital to get x- rays of my tummy. When we got there we had to do a lot of waiting untill finally it was our turn. We went in the x-ray room and the doctor took x-rays of my tummy. They told us that, we could go and that they are going to send the x-ray pictures of my tummy to the doctor who checked me first and,they are going to send them to my parents. I felt scared and nervous before but it wasn't so bad.

This is my art picture that I did in school. It is a windmill. You can see the sky and grass are really diffrent from the rest because I used a watercolor pencil to do the trick. The way the watercolor pencil works is when you use a colored pencil, a brush, and some water. I know you might say, "What do you do with these materials?" Well you use a colored pencil and color something with it. I did green for my grass and blue for my sky.When you are done coloring  then you get the brush and dip it in water. Then you spread it on  the color from the colored pencil and let it dry. After a while it should be dry and presto you have a beutiful drawing. I did the rest by crayon and it turned out pretty good.My art teacher, Ms. Gamache, taught us how to draw the windmill and everyone got excited and happy when she told us that we were going to use watercolor pencils because this was our first time using them.
This is my second favorite art picture that I drew and I just can't wait to draw this again. I feel so excited that we did this windmill because it will remind me when we made it when I am in 3rd grade. Almost everyone thought  that this was the best art project ever. My most favorite art project is  the owl one where we drew an owl and painted it with secondary colors and decorated it wih designs. I think that this art project is neat because you get to do something cool with art things. I just love love love the new art creation that I learned when we were making the windmill. 

Yesterday we went to the center.  I did homework and when I was done I played with my shopkins. It was a really fun and good time. I love it when we go to the center because I get to help my mom with things I never did before. I go to the center because I do Kumon there, that is the name of the center. My parents and I go there to get things done that the teachers have to do and don't have time to do it. I loooooooove KUMON soooooooooooooo much! I❤️Kumon alooooooooooot! I feel happy when we go there. When I am older I am going to help my mom with other things.
Our home is almost ready. The workers are just adding some touchups and it will be ready. I just can't wait to move in my new home and I am sooooooooooooooooo excited to go and live there. My parents and I just can't wait to go and live in our new home. My friend, Jamie is also building a house but it is not near my home but we will get to visit her sometimes. I feel happy and excited about this.I thought that there was only a few steps in making a house but now I see that there are many steps than a few.
My mom now works in a buisness. She works in the business called, Kumon. I go there for lessons. It is a math and reading center for kids. It helps kids when they don't know how to do hard math problems or reading. My mom is the boss.  The boss is called an instructor. My family and I got to the center to take care of business and I get to color or draw pictures. Someday when I grow up I want to be a teacher or a kumon instructor. I feel so happy that we have our own store. 
Today my dad came home! I hadn't seen him for 3 days or 3 nights. But finally today, Friday May 13, he came and I saw him come to robotics class because he is a teacher there and I am in it. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I'm so happy that my dad came home because I have been missing him a lot and my tears of joy showed it when I saw him again in robotics class. Daddy's home daddy's home daddy's home!  I just feel so happy because my dad's home and I want to just scream, "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"
On Saturday I went camping with this group called Marathi Mandal. We got ready and got in the car. It was a long long drive. When we got to the campsite we unpacked our tent and got it ready. Then I played with my new friends, Kitki and Eeera. We drew and played on the swings. We also flew a kite and ate yummy snacks. Later we grilled 50 corns and played. Then we went back to the campsite and played some more. Then we ate lunch. After lunch we agreed that we will tell stories and eat gummy bears in Kitki's tent at night. Later we had dinner and played telephone, Musical chairs, and danced. Then they lit a fire and roasted marshmallows with chocolate syrup. Next we told scary stories and ate gummy bears in Kitki's tent. My parents even let me sleep in her tent. The next morning we had breakfast,packed the tent,and went home. It was the best camping trip ever!
My mom was sick starting from Sunday May 1st. 
My mom had a high temperature, runny nose, and a fever. 
My mom recovered by drinking warm water taking medicine. 
The effect that we had to do was to take care of her,make sure she has enough sleep, give her medicine, not sitting near her, fill glases of warm water, and don't give her long big hugs. 
Now that my mom is better I can hug her, kiss her, sleep with her, go near her, sit near her, and play with her. 
I felt sad when she was sick but know she is better I am excited and happy.
My class is the stride class of the week. The way to be the stride class of the week is to play stride everyday and play it at school, home, friend's home anywhere! My class has never been the stride class of the week and we were so excited when the principal anounced that we were the stride class of the week. I feel excited, happy, and I just want to scream now that we are the class that is the stride class of the week! This thhe best momment of my life and it is an exciting one! I hope you got to the school, Beck Elementery, because it is the best school and it awards you stride class of the week!
It's really hot here in Texas and I want to take a cold shower. In Strongsville it is lower than what it is in Texas. I'm really glad to be here in Texas where it is nice and warm because it snows in Strongsville and I don't want to be in a place where it snows. I feel happy because I'm in a place where it is going to snow a little and not a lot so I can spend most of my time outside with my friends instead of staying indoors and playing alone.
There is one holiday in April, and that is Earth day. Earth day is when we take care of our planet and clean up cups, napkins, food,and bottles. Earth day means to help each other. Example: squirles bury nuts to plant more acorn tree and bees polinate polin so new flowers can grow.I think Earth day is special in another way. I think that Earth day is special because Earth, takes  care of us so, on that day we take care of her. I feel that Earth day is special because it takes care of us, and we take care of her.
Aladdin is a name not a pin
Lives with courage and gives
Aladdin lives in a old building not a bin
Did someting hard for him and gave it to the kid
Did something helpful and put on the lid
Is not a her but is a his
Never gives up or says who he is
Yesterday I went to Joe's crab shack for lunch. I ate a crab,corn,clam,kalamarie,hushpuppies, and shrimp. Trust me, it did not taste that good.We had Pei Wei for dinner because I really wanted to eat at Pei Wei when we had eaten at Pei Wei, I had forgotten that I had aten at Pei Wei before. It tasted even better than Joe's crab shack. I had chicken with honey seared sauce and noodles to go with it. I loved it so much that I was lucky because I got to eat it as my lunch today, I didn't finish the noodles. Going to Joe's crab shack is important to my dad because yesterday was his birthday and he wanted to eat outside for lunch. Going to Pei Wei is important to me because I never tried it,even if I have I still wanted to try it again.
Dada looks up to me

Always takes care of me

Dada loves me

Does his best to make me laugh

Yet is the best dad in the world
Tommorow is my birthday. I am so excited because I get to open up my american girl doll presents and packages,that I have been getting over the last days. I feel like I'm going too explode my brain, but no one can do that. I can't wait till tommorow and I want it to come right now. Every year, started on my 5th bday, my parents come in the night with a treat and a present and wait till it's April 12th.Once it is  my birthday I open my present and thank my parents as much as I can! I can't wait till my birthday wich is tommorow.
Every book she has is made my her

Mama says no extras

Morning brightens her day

Always takes good care of her young sister and brother

Jiggly tummy when scared

Everything she thinks of is a story idea 

Always tells the truth

Never tells lies.
Ice cream, Ice cream sweet and bold
you better not eat to much or you will get sick I'm told.

Yum, Yum 
so creamy and sweet you taste so good
 get in my tummy!

Mmm, Mmm
so rich and bold it dosn't come with a tail that wags
 but with price tags.

This is my Ice cream poem. I bet you love ice cream. 
Jolly Jolly you taste so yummy 
it tastes so good that it bursts in my tummy 
Lolly Lolly so yummy and sweet 
I wonder what will hapen if I eat it with Holly.

Jolly Jolly pack up your bag
we're going to Idaho so lets play Tag.

Yum Yum  sweet and hard 
make sure you keep it in your mouth and not in a card.

I have this as my Jolly Rancher poem. I hope you enjoyed it. 
Summer Spring 
I love to hear the birds sing 
like a mighty air king.

Winter Fall 
2 seasons I don't like at all 
and when they come I feel so small.

Snow Snow 
you always have to plow 
and I don't know. 

This is my season poem. I don't have many because I couldn't think of anymore. 
Owls, Owls predetors of the night 
I hope they don't catch me what a fright. 
Hunting, Hunting always at night 
they can turn their heads for a really sharp sight.

Look, Look up in the sky 
didn't you see that owl fly by?

Owls, Owls birds I have never met 
I wish I could keep on as a pet. 

Listen, Listen I heard a hoot
I think an owl made it not a boot.

Owls, Owls sleep at day 
they can be found in trees and not in bay. 

Hoo, Hoo an owl definitely made that 
it must have worn a lucky hat.

Music, Music in the air 
it sounds beutiful but the hoots sound like a musical fair. 

Listen, Listen I hear a noise 
it sounds like a hoot from an owl  
not a bear's growl. 

This is my poem. I hope you enjoy it.
On Saturday I went to my friends birthday party. Her name is Chloe. When I got there I saw that kids were getting in line to play pie face. In the game you have to spin a spinner, and you have to click the handle,the number the arrow landed on. If the hand that has the cream on it smacks it on your face  you got pie faced. I felt scared to do it because I didn't want to get cream on my face. We played with hoola hoops, made balloons go flying everywhere and also broke a piniata. We also ate delicious peperoni and cheese pizza. After a while we went into the store right next to it. It is called, Hey sugar candy store, and filled our bags  with candy,Chloe's mom gave us the bags. Later we ate some candies and picked out cupcakes with a shopkin that we could keep. I got Moible Mary. We sang Happy Birthday to Chloe before we ate. Themn we played a little untill Chloe's mom gave us our goody bags. In my goody bag I got a braclet with a picture of Kooky Cookie on it,shopkin stickers, poppy corn lip balm, and a mini container with 2 food fair shopkins named, Birthday Betty and Ice cream Dream. I already have Birthday Betty, they were in diffrent pretty colors, but don't have Ice Cream Dream. I  felt like something exciting had cheered me up when it had. I wonder what they are going to do for Chloe's next birthday party?
The family had visitors coming over for dinner. The family put on their best clothes untill, their was a scream from their son James! James had seen a fly buzzing in his bedroom. The family was afraid of flies because they poison you. When the dad tried to shoo it out of the house it poisoned him. The dad had become a monster with 20 eyes! The mom shrieked with fear and fainted, untill, the mom got poisoned too! The kids were so scared that they heard the doorbell ring. It was their very good animal friends, the Smiths. The Smiths son, Butch, and their daughter, Sira, were so happy to see their good friends again, Lily and James,that they didn't even realize that Lilly and James' parents were watching them,and were roaring with fury. Everyone screamed and were running to get away from the monsters. Sadly the monsters gobbled them up and were never seen again. I woke up with fright and quickly went to my parents bedroom,got into the bed and under the covers, trying to think of something happy.
Do you know how to make a Honey chicken burger with sweet potato chips? A Honey chicken burger with sweet potato chips is packed with vegetables, with an easy cabbage and beetroot slaw and baby kale instead of lettuce.There is plenty of protein in this recipe and the potatos are full of vitamins A,C, potassium and plenty more minerals, which help you fit and healthy. Plus, instead of lettuce, we've gone for baby kale for an etra healthy boost. If you want to make it, here are some ingrdients, 2 large sweet potatos, 2 chicken breasts, 2 tbsp honey, 3 crushed garlic cloves, baby kale, and burger buns. For the slaw you need, 2 tbsp low- fat nautural yogart, 1 tbsp light mayo, 1/2 tbsp turmeric, 1 tbsp tahini, 1 lemon, 1/8 white cabbage, 1 cooked beetroot, 1/4 red onion, 1 tbsp white wine vinegar, and a large pingh of chopped parsley.I hope you want to make this recipe because it sounds delicious.
Yesterday I watched the movie Zootopia. I felt scared because in the part when Judy and Nick were finding out what the animal, who was making the predetor animals go savage, was doing to make the animals that are predetors go savage. I think Judy was determined to be a police officer because she might have wanted to protect animals and wanted to find the 14 missing animals. I think that the animal who was making the predetors go savage was only doing this because he might have felt scared of them and he wanted others to feel scared because his friends might have been predetors and they were mean to him. I want to tell you how everyone in Zootopia felt but I can't because it might take a long time. I want to tell you how Judy felt when shesaw her apartment room. I think that she felt happy because she might have had this feeling at home, dirty floor, loud neighbors, and rough bed. 
My road trip to San Antonio was not fun. But my vacation was awesome. When we got in our hotel, Holiday Inn, we unpacked and went down on the River Walk. We have a lot of fun on River Walk. We explored all over the river walk until it was night time. We chose a mexican restaurant to eat dinner. The name of the restaurant was Rita's. Once we got our seats, we ordered good mexican dinner and it was delicious. I ordered a crispy taco with chicken and beans on side with cheese and lettuce. My parents odered a good mexican dinner that they like. When we were all done we walked down the sidewalk next to the glittering river to our hotel. We had a long day. 

The next day we got dressed. and went to seaworld. When we went there I felt excited to get in and explore. Once we got our tickets checked in we got going. We first went on a ride called, Journey to Atlantas. I felt really scared because it goes in hills. In the last part of the ride it goes all the way down to the bottom, it was scary because we sat in the front and we went all the way down, and I felt like I was going to be sick. After that we went to Shamu's theater. Shamu is a very famous killer whale. We saw a video of how they take care of animals untill the killer whales came into the little pool and did the special tricks they know how to do.Next we went to a awesome ride called rio loco. We sat in a boat and got squirted with water. The last part was a waterfall. The waterfall fell on me and my dad. We got completly soaked, even our socks. Then we went to sea lion high. It was a stadium of sea lions and their owners and a guy that didn't have a pet. This was the funniest act I had ver seen. Lter we wnt to a sea lion feeding. We fed the hungry sea lions fish and squid. After that we went to a stadium called AZUL. In the stadium there were acrobats, beluga whales, dolphins, and people that tell the animals wich trick to do. Later we went to play one last game. In the game you had to throw balls into a red, yellow, or either a blue gup. You play the game untill you win. I won by throwing a ball into a blue cup. 

That got me a small pink owl that I named Hedwig. Finally we went home after the long day. 

The next morning we got up dressed and drove to, The Alamo. The alamo is where Mexico fought Texas. 200 men fought in that war and died just for Texas to be an indepentant republic.After a while we went to eat lunch and bought chocolates and a snowcone. Later we went back to our hotel. But when we got in the hotel there was a parade going on. The paraade was to celebrate St. Patricks Day, even if it wasn,t the day to celebrate. After a while we went back in the hotel. After a few minutes in the room we went to a market square. We had lots of fun there,especially when we got to look in stors and see all the stuff they have. We bought party snappers. They snape everytime you throw them at a solid ground. Finally we went back to our hotel, but stopped and bought 2 fried ice creams. The next day we were driving home but stopped on the way to buy a lunch from Arby's. When we were done we drove the Nautural Bridge WildlifeRanch and fed animals food. We also went to the petting zoo they had. When we were done we drove back home. I felt happy to be back home. I still miss the amazingadventures we had in San Antonio.
An allure and romance permeates many of the worlds regions, but the golden state can attract a manical kind of devotion in some wine lovers. The vast 800 miles of castline that benign of the Pacific Ocean contain a myrid spread of microclimates and mesoclimates, all of wich help to produce a great variety of wine styles across the state. As you head south from twin winemaking heavyweights of Napa and Sonoma, the landscape of the Pacific Ocean unfurls a patchwork of prime wine-growing territory on the Central Coast through Santa Cuz, Monterey, San Benito, and San Luis Obispo, all the way down to Santa Barbara. 
In May 2015, the government agency said criminal used a tool on the IRS website to steal the tax forms of 104,000 people. Then in August, it sevised that number up to 330,000. On Friday the tax-collecting agency revealed the number is now closer to 720,000. The latest number is the result of a nine month investigationby the U.S. Treasury Inspector General for tax Administration. Investigators found that 390,000 additional 295,000 taxprayer transcripts than previously thought,but " access was not successful ", the IRS said. This news was very intrestring but I didn't understand some of the words. 

Have you ever tried Rutherglen? Well if you haven't then I could tell you about it. Like all Vineyards during vintage, wineries around Rutherglen are busy all hours now as summer fruit hanging heavy on the vines demands to be harvested. But soon autumn will creep across this picturesque corner of northern Victoria, dressing its vines in shades of yellow, orange and red that stand out against the monotone greens of the surrounding lanndscape. Hands still stained maroon by juice from the grapes, folks at the coal face will savour the gentle changing of the seasons and make time to chat with visitors to their cellar doors. Now you know about Rutherglen if you didn't know about Rutherglen. These are only a few facts about Rutherglen so if you want to learn more about it you could look it up in the news. 
Today I read a peice of news. In the news It was talking about salmonberries aand siracha. In the news it said, In the words of my good friend Rocky Boloa, one bite at at a time, one plate at a time and one meal at a time. Or, to quote my style icon and ear inspection, your gonna leat lightning and crap thunder. What does that even mean? Or, as a wise man Apallo Creed once said. Sports make ya grunt and smell. See, be a thinker, not a stinker. I don't even know what these words even mean! I wonder if these pople want to tell adults a diffrent way of saying what they are trying to say, but didn't realize that kids could also read newspapers, and some don't understand what they mean. 
First you start with a type of seed that you want to plant. Next you take a small ziplock bag and a paper towel. Then you take paper towel and wet it. When you are done wetting it you fold it to make a piece of cloth. After that you put the paper towel in the bag and put the seed in the bag also. Later put the seed on the window and leave it there untill it grows a stem and leaves ( it might not grow yet). After a few days when it has a stem and leaves you can take it of the window and plant it in a flower pot. After a while it will grow into a plant, it will have vegetables or fruits on it if it is a vegetable seed or fruit seed. That is how you plant a seed in a bag. I hope you enjoyed learning about the way how to plant seeds in a bag. 
Yesterday I finished the 4th Harry Potter book. It is called the Goblet of fire and the next book is called the Order of  phoenix. This book is the biggest book in the entire series and has 870 pages even if it has 38 chapters, the 4th book has 733 pages even if it has 37 chapters. I am excited to finish the  5th book and all the other books. My dad has finished all of the books and my mom, is still on the 2nd book which is the chamber of secrets. I am really surprised how I read 4 thick Harry Potter booke and how I am on the 5th book really quickly.  
A symbiosis and parasitism are different. Symbiosis have a host and a partner but a parasitism only has a host. For example, water is good for you and also is healthy, but mosquitos suck your blood to lay eggs.The water is a symbiosis and the mosquito is a parasitism. I didn't know about symbiosis or parasitism before but good thing I know now because that helped me understand it better. Symbiosis and parasitism have made a diffrence, before I knew about them I thought they had a host and partner to help but I was wrong. I hope I learn more about symbiosis and parasite when I grow up.
My plans that I'm going to have at the Daddy daughter dance are to, dance with my dad, have fun with him, go do a daddy daughter date and spend more time with him. I think that a daddy daughter dance was the meaning for dads to spend more time with their daughter. This is my first time being in a daddy daughter dance and I'm really excited to go there. I have never been to a daddy daughter date and this is also my first time so that is also exciting. One more thing that is exciting is that my friends Snehal and Lexi are also going. I hope I see them there. 
The Berumuda Triangle, also to be known as the Devil Triangle, is a loosley defined region in the western part of the Alantic Ocean. A number of ships and planes are said to have diappeared. According to the US Navy, the Triangle does not exist, and the name is not reconized by the US board on Geographic Names. In  2013 study, the World Wide Fund for Nauture identified the world's 10 most Dangerous waters for shipping, but the Berumuda Triangle was not among them. Some of these disapperances can be explained by weather but the others still remain a puzzle. I never knew about the Bermuda Triangle untill now. All I know is that many ships and planes have been mysteriously pulled down causing them to sink into the triangle. 
Today I learned something new curios and interesting, may be this is just an old wives tale.
Today I had a Valentines party. In the party we ate cookies, pretzles, and candy hearts. The crafts we did were, making a Valentine monster and make a scrapbook. The Valentine party was awesome, and we also donated candy to kids in the hospital. We had a fun time at the party. My mom came to the party, she got candy hearts for the party. Before the party and everything, we passed out our Valentines. I brought fruit rollups for the party. We could not give our Valentines, or treats to ourself. In the morning, before the party and passing out the Valentines, we decorated bag, that we were going to give to the kids in the hospital with candy and we also made bags for ourself. I had a really fun time at the party.
I went to a cooking class. At the class we made cake pops and jello. To make the cake pop you need, two vanilla wafers, melted chocolate, twenty-five peices of melted carmel, and a big tooth pick. First you lay the two vanilla wafers on a plate.Then use a spoon to scoop up hot carmel to put on one  vanilla wafer. Then put the thooth pick on and the other vanilla wafer on top. Next wait till it drys for two minutes,and when you are done with that, you dip it into some hot melted chocolate. After you dip it in sprinkles  you have a cakepop. I did not stay for the jello because I did not like it. I love to cook simple recipies because they are easier to make. I hope that I can learn how to make another. 
I wear a jawbone. It is like a fitbit but does not tell time or anything about you. The jawbone tracks your steps and sleep and other things. When you hold on to the botton and hold it still, then it will vibrate and will chage to day or night. You only do that when you are awake or asleep. You will have to open the app and make sure that it is synced in. It comes with a special charger that you use. You put the jawbone on your left hand. When you do special excercices then you press the botton twice, and press it once when you want to get back. A jawbone can do lots of things than a fitbit. 
Today I went to the Aladin Audition. There we practiced a part of a song. We also did this zumba danceand the judges were also dancing, after they were done writting the scores. The zumba was really hard with a little hard steps that I did not know how to do. The Audition was really fun and I really liked it alot. I had to do the Audition today because on Monday I did not sign up online, and I had to go to Champions because my mom was working late. I really did not like that time and I am really happy that I got to do the Auditionn today.
I got a new American girl doll last Sautarday. Her name is Kashi. She looks like me but has textured hair, and it's brown not black. Now I have another doll to play with my other doll, Julie. I got a camping set,accecories, and boots with my doll,at target because I thought that my dolls might need other things than just a bed and wardrobe. I really am enjoying to play with 2 dolls,and I really want to work hard to get my third doll really quickly just like how I got my 2nd doll, Kashi. I am really happy to get Kashi. 
Ms. G is a Champions teacher. She is the best teacher in champions. Ms. G has headaches because the other kids don't listen to her. When there is a fire drill happening and there is lots of noise then we could get hurt ,if we don't listen to her and be noisy. Ms. G says that some kids are listening to her and they will get electronics on Friday. In Champions she has to tell us to be quiet, and uses the hand clapping signal to get our attention to be quiet when we have to be. 
Today I finished up the 3rd Harry Potter book.  I am on the 4th book now,and it is very thick and it makes things harder to carry. The 4th book is called the Goblet of fire. The third book is called the Prisinor of Azkaban. My mom is on the Chamber of secrets, the 2nd book. My dad read all of the books, he is reading the Half blood prince again. The 4th book has 37chapters, even if the 3rd book has 22 chapters and the 2nd book has 21 chapters. I hope my mom catches up with me because she is a book behind and needs to read more when she has the time.
In my school there is something called Beckopoly.I'm participating in Beckopoly this year and doing henna designs. In my shop I'm drawing the designs or the students and parents can try it out by their self. Henna is made from Henna plant leaves, water, and eucalyptus oil. Henna is put on when there is functions and parties. I am trying to work hard on this so I can earn $15 or more to get another doll. I have been trying to get another doll by saving my money,helping around in the house,and doing chores. I already have a doll but I want another doll to play with so  my doll and me won't fell lonley playing together.This is why I am going to do Beckopoly.
Today I ate a donut with my dad. The donut was glaze and yummy. We bought donuts from a donut shop because we thought there weren't any donuts there but there were donuts so we gave the donuts to my class and  they were yummy. It was Peyton's bithday yesterday and we had donuts yesterday that were glaze also. I loved donuts with dad I felt happy that other dads came and my dad came because I thought that my dad was the only dad that was going to be here in my school.
My house is almost done. They are working on the framing and I think it's done. Everything goes faster after the framing and it will be done soon. I can't wait untill they are done with the framing and everything else. My house just needs some bricks,stones, and needs to be perfect untill we move in. We moved away from Clevland and I miss my old home. I am now living in a apartment in Ronoake. The apartment name was called Boulder Ridge. I have lots of new friends and I just love playing with the everyday in the afternoon sometimes after dinner. 
On Sautarday we set up a stall. We sold Veg,sandwiches, sol-kadhi, a drink, and puff pastrys. Lots of people liked our pastrys and and drink. The sandwiches were also good. I was a  partner and collected tickets witch were 1$. We had 106 tickets even though three people had given us real money. My dad says I can get another American girl doll when I have 125$. I have 110$ and need 15$ more untill I have enough money. We sold lots of food items and drinks. 
A himalayan kitten is a kitten that is white and brown. The brown is on it's ears, nose, tip of the tail and the tip of it's feet. It has a pink nose and blue eyes. I know this because I have a toy himalayan kitten from Americam girl doll shop. I love cats and I want to get one as a pet but my dad says we are getting a dog not a cat. A himalayan kitten is really cute when it's a toy because it has a cute face and it looks like it wants you to just hug it and give it a pat on the head.
In my class we are doing a recycling project. In the project you have to use a thing that you recycle that you can reuse again. My project is a plant that I can water and I am using a water bottle with water and stick it in the plant so the plant is watered when you are in vacation,and you won't have to water the plant untill the bottle is empty. Everyone is going to design their project with anything that you can recycle so you can reuse. My teacher thought of making a flower pot out of a old soup can. These projects are useful because you can use them over and over and over again by fixing them by the material that you used to stick them together. We were learning about the three R's which stand for Recycle,Reduse,and Reuse. The three R's help us remeber to do these things for recycling. You should also Recycle paper metal plastic and other things that are recyclable. 
I have a American girl doll. Her name is Julie. I went in the American doll shop once. In the shop there were American girl dolls and accessories. I saw a lot of dolls that looked like Julie. This shop is different because it has a salon and a cafe in one and has lots of dolls. This is also diffrent because nothing is fragil and you don't have to throw them away. I want a lot of American girl dolls and I want all of Julie's things. My doll has a Himalayan Kitten and I don't have a name for it. American girl dolls are dolls perfect for girls and I hope you enjoy them to.  
I had a Happy New Year Party. At the party we ate chicken and danced. My parents were dancing and I went to a place where kids can stay while their moms and dads are away. When I was there I got a face paint. Then my parents left and I played with other kids. Then the people that were agents turned on a movie. I couldn't hear the movie because the other kids were to loud. Then the clowns performed some magic and we played a game. Then the boys had sord fight and then my dad came to pick me up. Then we danced and count down till 12 o'clock. And when it was 12 o'clock, ballons were coming down. This was an awesome new year. I hope it is this fun again. 
Over last wek and the week after that I had a vacation. My favorite vacations was when we went to the American girl doll store. I had my American girl ( Julie) with me and I was pretty excited when I went inside. Inside there were lots of dolls and kids holding their dolls with them. I saw lots of dolls that look like mine because they were the same dolls. There was a hair salon for your dolls upstairs and a place to eat with them. Another vacation was living in a hotel. We stayed in the hotel for two days. We had lots of fun because we had a happy new year party there. These are my favorite vacation things I did. Some other vacation things I did was watch videos,and I know your thinking that watching videos is not vacation but it is sometimes to me. On christmas it was my parents aniversary. We at out for dinner and watched a movie called Bajirao Mustani and there is a Blog for that. Now my vacation is over and I feel sad.