D.I. is a place where you do challenges. I am in D.I. and my team and I are ready for a challenge that will be judged. We decided that we will have our setting in CandyLand. My team is Jenna, Haylie, and Snehal. I am AnnaCake, Jenna is Nutella Ella, Haylie is Lilly Lolly and Snehal is Queen CandyCane/Dr. De Chocolate. Dr. De Choclate is the  bad guy in our project. In DI you do challenges that challenge your brain to do more thinking. DI is a place where creativity and brainstorming is a must!I think DI was the perfect way to help me think more about something like building something important with the only materials you have. This is the best way to challenge your brain anywhere and anyhow.

dentist appointments

When you go to a dentist you first fill out a form. Then the dentist comes and takes exrays of your teeth to see any dental problems. Once they have you exray they get a new set of tools ready for your checkup. After that they take measurements of your teeth with milemeters. If your teeth measurements are below 3 milemeters then your teethare healthy but, if your teeth are above 3 milemeters then they are not healthy. They also take closeup photos of your teeth to see any damage closer. When they are cleaning they take the moisture out of your mouth with a tool called a air water serienge. The dentist ask you questions about your teeth to see any damage or cleaning that needs to be done. Finally the dentist clean your teeth with a special type of toothpaste and rinses your mouth out with water. After the appointment the dentist give you a bag that includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, and some dental floss to keepyour teeth clean at home.Tip! : Have you ever scraped your finger an your tooth and some fuzzy stuff ends up on your finger? Well that stuff is plauqe. Plauqe can harden on your teeth causing it to become yellow. Plauqe can be brushed easily but tartar needs to be takencare of by the dentist. 


My ride to Ohio was BORING! I was busy but bored!I liked going back to Ohio but I  thought that the ride was absaloutley BOOOOORING! 1 I only had  3 options to do. 2 We drove for 2 days which made it  difficualt for me to survive, not really. 3 When we reached our destinations I was so relived that I could faint while smiling but didn’t because it was litterly freezing outside. The ride back was as boring as the first which didn’t suprise me. The only thing I liked about going there was to see my old friends, the states that we drove through and meet my very best friend. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! That was me cheering. I am glad to be back in Texas where it is warm instead of Ohio where it is cold. At least I saw my old friends because if we took that ride for no reason then I would have killed myself. 


I am thankful for family,friends,food,soil,and nature. If I never had family or friends then I never would have had anybody to look after me or stand up for me. I am thankful for food because 1 I would probabaly be starving to death everyday and 2 I woul be too weak to survive and never be strong. I am thankful for soil and nature because without soil we wouldn’t have any vegetables or fruits and we wouldn’t have any paper,money,rubber,leather,meat,milk,cream, and butter. All of these are important to me more than anything so that is why I am thankful for these things. 

Top Dog

Every 6 weeks we do a special ceremony in school called awards. Last year I was Top Dog for being trustworthy. I was able to be trusted like a real trustworty person should be. I was Top Dog on the same day my bestie Stella got Top Dog. Now she is Top Dog with Loseli who is in my class this year. I hope that I am Top Dog this year. It is actually something that everyone is hoping to get each year.  This is a really big deal for everyone to get Top Dog because, you get to look for a new Top Dog sometimes. I was freaking out when I heard that I was Top Dog last year because,this was the first time I had ever gotten a special certificate that is called Top Dog!I was even more shocked when my very own bestie was a Top Dog too. I loved being a Top Dog for 6 whole weeks! That was the best momment in my life. Anyway, Top Dog is really awesome, cool, and you might even earn it for 6 whole weeks if you got to Beck elementry. Every 6 weeks you might see your teacher looking for a Top Dog,even without knowing it might even be you, you will just have to wait and see. Just be either trustworthy,respectful,caring,have citizenship, or any other character traits that will make you Top Dog.I really love being Top Dog and I hope you do too. This will be the best momment ever for you just like I did!


Diwali is a holiday that Hindus do. Day #1: build. We first built a kila [ keeh-lah]. On the kila we put soilders and farmers plus some women. On the very tippy top we put a king named Shivaji Maharaj. We used,soil, pots, water, and chalk to make this work. This is the first thing you do on Diwali. 

Day #2: presants! On the second day I looked for presants when I was done taking a shower and helped my mom. We made food, hung up decorations, and even made rangoli [ ra-n-gol-ee].My first presant was a chef club shoppies doll from shopkins. I loooooooved it so much.

Day # 3: decorate. We got up early and took a oil shower. Next we got our big box of kandils and started decorating the house. Then we got our lights out and put them on our walls all over. When we were done we had a cooked dinner made by my mom and prayed to our gods. 

Day #4: sweets. We made alot of sweets. So we decided to share with our friends. I shared with my bestie Stella. She really loved the sweets. We made rangoli again and I got a amerigan girl doll knitting set.We also did Lakshmi pooja and prayed to her. I even went to a diwali party with my mom at a friends house.

Day#5: End. This is the last day of diwali. We lit candles all over the house and blew them out when we were done. I got new boots, a new shoppie doll, and american girl doll acssesories.We made more sweets and turned on all the lights in the house. It was the festival of lightso we had lights on everywhere. Then we did mini fireworks at our house and also with our friends. We even had decolights and those lit our house outside. That is all about my diwali this year I hope you enjoy this. 

Dog Adoption

I filled out a dog adoption form. I hope that I get a dog! I have been waiting and waiting to get a dog. Yesterday a woman, from the sight that I filled the form from,came and inspected our house. I really can’t wait to get a dog. If we get a dog then I am going to be the main owner, and take care of it.I am super excited for this. I love dogs but others may not because, of their naughty behavior sometimes. I love dogs because of how loyal, trustworthy, respectful and responsible they are. I hope that if I get a dog they are loyal, trustworthy, respectful and even responsible. The reason that I want a dog is because when I see a dog I think,” I need a dog”. I have been asking for a pet and now I might get one.I really really really really hope that I get a dog.

Bulldog Blitz

Bulldog Blitz is a fundraiser for my school. Last Friday we did an obstycle course. We earned our bulldog blitz shirts and waterbottles. My favorite part was the obstycle course becuase it helped me train alot. We got to have a snack after bulldog blitz and even get face paint. Scince I was on the white team I got to choose a design in white,I chose 2 white streaks against my face, and  later got 2 blue streaks on my face for no reasonšŸ˜€. Our class goal for bringing in money was $1,500 and we passed our goal. So we earned $1,534.70 cents. We earneda popcicle party and dress Ms. Schemmel, my teacher, scince we passed the amount it was! We were going to have popcicle party today but Ms. Schemmel forgot them at her house. So we are going to have popcicle party on Wednesday also with dress Ms. Schemmel. We are still deciding about what our prize is going to be for $1,500. I can’t wait until they decide the top class!

The mean girl

In my class there is a girl named Thea. She is sooooooo mean. She talks back to me and even to the teacher. She rolles her eyes at people and lies about things that aren’t happening.  She gets angry at people and blames them even though they didn’t do anything. She is so rude and bossy. Only Advita, Sydney, Chloe. Loseli, Kate and me pretend to be nice to Thea because we absaloutly hate her! Thea is the worst peson ever! Even if she is new to Beck she acts like a sassy girl. On the last day of school I am totally going to act like Thea to her. Maybe. I think that she is the worst girl like ever! I absaloutly hate hate hate Thea so much. I can’t even stand a chance next to her or even like her. Although I adore her outfitsšŸ˜.


Did you know that the human brain is 3 times bigger than any other mammal brain? If you want to learn about the human brain then I will tell you. Your brain has billions of neurons, and those help send messages all over your brain. You use 30% of your brain everyday. The other 70% just doesn’t work. Your brain never sleeps because if it sleeps, then you are going to die. You still can live for about 1 or 2 minutes before you die. If you touch the human brain it will feeel like jello and will squiggle all over. The brain knows what your going to do in just 2 milliseconds. When you are frusterated or stressed out and you work, while your stressed or angry then your going to have a problem.The brain is the only muscle that doesn’t feel pain. It also is the main muscle of the human nervous system. Your brain is thinking when you sleep how your going to dream, and what your going to dream. I think that the brain sounds ugly even though it is part of my body.