Harry Potter

Harry Potter is a boy whose parents died when he was just a baby. He now lives with is mean Aunt and Uncle and his mean Cousin, also known as the Dursleys. Harry Potter goes to a school called Hogwarts and he meets new friends. His best friends are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. There are 8 movies of Harry Potter and 7 books because the deathly hollows are movies continuing. I got the books on my 6th birthday and my dad is done reading all of them, and I’m on the 2 and my mom is reading the first. Each movie has a problem and they need to solve it. There is a man named Voldemort and he killed Harry’s parents when he was a baby. The last movie is my favorite because Voldemort dies,and it shows Harry Potter sending his kid to Hogwarts like how he got to Hogwarts. This is all about Harry Potter you can read the books to hear what adventures he had.  

Todays day

Today I got dressed and we got in our car. Then we drove to a resterant and ate chicken and other delicious foods. Then when we were done we ate sweets that they served. They only served indian sweets. Then my dad got me some ice cream and I took a Jolly Rancher, the flavor was cherry. Then we drove to a store and my mom went in the Indian stre to buy the things we needed. Me and my dad had to wait in the car for a long time untill he called my mom and asked her what is taking her so long. Then we went home after our long day. I was in the car playing wiyh my toys and my parents were driving home. 

Bajirao Mastani

Today I watched a movie called Bajirao Mastani. In the movie Bajirao becomes a king. Then he fought in a war and won it. Then when he was playing a game a soldier told him there was another soldier. Bajirao Tells the soilder that told him that there was another soilder to go away. When he did the soilder just went inside and jumped through the doors. Then they were fighting. Bijirao kicked the soldeir and they found out it was a girl. She told him she needed help protecting a castle. And he heleped her protect the castle. Then the girl got hit with a sword so Bajirao killed the king. Then the girl got tooken in the castle that Bajirao was living in. Then she awoke when she found herself in a room that other girls were in. Bajirao asked if he can see the place where she got hurt.  Bagirao used his small knife and put a little fire to test if it hurts and it was. The girl went back to her palace when she was feeling better. Then one day Bajirao asked what wish she wanted and she said she wanted to be his wife. Bajirao already had a wife named Kashi so he had to keep it a secret. One day Kashi had 2 babies. When he went to see Mastani ( his second wife) a girl told him that her baby was giving her troubles and she was having troubles. Bajirao told her to take deep breathes. Then the baby came out.   Then they had a ceremony for the baby twins. When they had a ceremony for the victory a man told Kashi that there were going to be people that will be attacking Mastani becuase they do not like it when they be together. Kashi went inside a room to celebrate the victory. Mastani was fighting with people that were attaking her so she had to be protecting her son. Kashi told Bajirao whats happening and came to help. The last guy hurt Mastani so she fell on Bajirao and he catched her. The soilders put her and her son in jail. One day they had to take her son away. Bajirao went on a war by himself one day and at the end he could not walk because a arrow was in his leg. Bajirao got sick and he thought there was war when there was no war. Bajirao didn’t know that he was just seeing things. Bajirao died in the water because he was pretend fighting in it. Mastani still was in jail and died a few days later. Bajirao helped the people who were indians.


Have you ever written something on Blogger? Well l tell you about it. You use blog for practicing spelling. I use blog to practice my spelling and you can do it to. Blog is a updated website or web page. On blog you just need to pick a topic on what you are going to write about. Then you start typing on what you are going to write about. When you are done you have to make sure you check for spelling, puncuation, capitals, and does it sound the way you want it to say. later when you did all that then you publish or save, if you want to publish a little longer or if you wait for your mom and dad to help you do it because you can do it both ways. This is how you can blog.You have to go to the app store to get this app if you want.

My christmas party

Today I had a Christmas party. At the Christmas party we made a gingerbread house out of ghram crackers and candies and used icing to stick them together. We ate a lot of candies that I got stuffed and I wanted to eat my whole gingerbread house, but I had to show my mom and dad. When we were done we put them in bags. Then Mrs. Bradshaw’s class came to our class to watch the video ” Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. Then they left. After  we had only had 7 people in our class because some of them left. Then Cash left then there were only 6 of us left. We packed up and our friend Abby left because she was moving to California, and all 6 of us got to get the chance of saying good bye. Then we left to go home!

Galen Texan ice exibition

Yesterday I went to Galen Texsan ICE exibition for a field trip. When we went inside my teacher ( Mrs. Hickerson) Paired us in 4 groups with 5 kids in the groups. I was in Mrs. Hickerson’s group. We saw a video that showed people all around the world and how they celebrate Christmas. Then we saw a video that showed some sculptures made from ice that we were going to see. It also showed Men that came from China and showed how they made the ice sculptures.  Then we got in a line to get thick jackets even though we brought our own jackets. Then we went in the ice room and we went under ice tunels and took a picture in one of the tunnels. We took a picture of Santa’s ice sleigh with us in it. Then we took a picture with a pink ice bear. We saw little sculptures that had kids from all around the world and they also showed a Indian girl! We went down a ice slide and I went down two times with Lexi, Ismael, and Jack twice. But Ruby stayed with Mrs. Hickerson and they only went down once. Later we saw Santa with his naughty and nice list with some elves with him. Then they did a nativity scene with baby Jesus and animals with farm people and his mom and dad. Then we found the rest of the class and went back to school.

My telephone headset

I have a telephone headset. It is blue and you can answer a call or pause something on it. This thing is going to be useful when I need to hear something when people are talking. This phone looks like the phone they used long back but instead they have a dial, mine does not have a dial because it is a headset and you use headsets when you need to haer something.When there is something that is to loud and you need to hear something or someone. For example, My mom was talking on the phone. She was cooking and talking. She would need headsets to listen to the phone when someone is talking on it. 

Panda express food

Yesterday I ate at pnda express for dinner. I ate orange chicken and noodles, I have some noodles left over from yesterday. The dessert we had were fortune cookies and I got a chocolate chunk cookie also. This was a chinese restrant that we ate at. I saw this tom and jerry video and tom gets food like brown noodles and little ball of meatballs I think. Jerry and a little duck eat all the food. I saw a little bag that tom got that had a face of a panda so I thought he was eating at panda express so that was why I went to panda express to eat. I enjoyed eating at panda express and I learned how to eat with chopsticks and use them.

When my dad came home

My dad came home today and brought home tons and tons of stuff for me and my mom. I got chocolate coins, keychains, magnets, and cupcakes. My mom got a telephone headset, chargers, yoyo, rubic cube, and a wind up. My mom got way more stuff than me. I really liked the telephone head set because you can pick up a phone call on it, and play a song that you paused on pandora. My mom took my key keychain because she liked it, she got way more stuff than me so I wanted my key back. My mom is thinking about it and I want it back really badly. I am happy my dad came back and he was living in Vegas for 5 days and I had to wait for this exciting day  for my dad to come back.