I do a raffle when I’m done with my homework because I ask what to do next. The idea of the raffle is to close your eyes put your hand in a bag and pull out a chit that tells you what to do. I like this idea because I get to do whatever I have to do on the chit and I don’t have to do what my parents tell me to. I think this is a good idea because you get to do what the chit says and if you parents let you put whatever you want on the chit then it is fun but if your parents put what they want you to do next then that’s a diffrent story. Raffles are used in games when you go to a parade and you see fun activities that you can do then there are raffles that you can earn prizes by. Other games do it by a diffrent way and some raffles are the same and others are diffrent. I love raffles and they are fun games that you can play. 

What me and my friends do when we play

What do me and my friends play?The things that we play are tag, ball, sometimes we ride our scooters or bikes, and shopkins sometimes. We play tag when we want to and sometimes we get bored. We ride our scooters and bikes on the driveway and play ball in the driveway also. Sometimes other kids that my friends know come to play with use. One time a boy from the aparment next to us came to play.  Then some girls came to play with us with their baby girl. When we play ball the ball that we play with us rolls away to where the street is and we have to make sure that we get it back safley and we come back safley. We also play badmiden and one time Josey’s shuttlecock flew all the way up in a tree and it took us days to get it down untill one day it came down and we don’t know where it landed. We tried getting it down by shaking the tree’s branch of where it was landed when it flew up in the air. We never played badmiden ever again unless we played it somewhere away fron the trees.  

Thanksgiving food and things

The Thanksgiving food you need for the Thanksgiving feast are, turkey, cranberry sauce, green  bean casarole, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. People go Thanksgiving shopping and in stores there are lots of people shopping for Thanksgiving meals and items for it. Stores like Walmart and others like it have lots of people that are looking for Thanksgiving items. Thanksgiving items are like pumpkins, plates, food, and pans. Thanksgiving is on the last Thursday in November this year so if you go shopping on Monday,Tuesday, and Wednesday then you have enough time for shopping and your ready for Thanksgiving when it comes. Thanksgiving is about thhanks and you give thanks about the things you have and for who taught you someone like a teacher. Thanksgiving is sopposed to be celebrated when it is dinner time so thats why you have all the delicious food that you buy. If Thanksgiving was sopposed to be a breakfast thing then you would buy breakfast things. If it was lunch then you would buy yummy thing that you eat for lunch. 


Thankgiving is a special holiday that is celebrated in November. Thanksgiving was a holiday that the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag made. The Pilgrims lived in Europe and the king of Europe made the Pilgrims do what he wanted. The Pilgrims didn’t  want to listen to the king so they set sail to another land in a boat called the Mayflower. In the new land  they met the Wampanoag people. The Wampanoags had problems before with Europen people so they didn’t trust the Pilgrims.The Pilgrims  wanted the land but the Wamponaogs wouldn’t let them. The Pilgrims forced some of the Wampanoags into slavery and sent the others to Europe in England. Squanto was one of the people that was sent to England. After he returned some of his people died. Squanto showed the Pilgrims how to plant food even if they were mean to him. Thats when the first Thanksgiving feast happend. Now when its Thanksgiving you give thnks to the things you have and why. My thanks are for my teacher and my mom and dad because some kids don’thave any of them. Then I’m thankful for my home and food.Kids don’t have those also. Lastly I’m thankful for my family who love me very much.


Next week is Thanksgiving break.I’m planning on what I’m going to do next week. I could build my robots or make a weather vane. I also could have time to play with my friends or homework. I also could play and play. I have lots of ideas and I just won’t be able to write them all down on a paper because my hands will get tired. On Thursday I’m going to celebrate Thanksgiving. I do not know if we are celebrating it but I know we are planning something very special to do on that day. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Then let me know because I never celebrated it in my life before.

How I gave a toy to kids

My class is giving toys to kids because some of them might not get toys on Christmas. My dad thought it was a great idea to do that. I didn’t have a present to give yet. My grandma and grandpa gave me 3 3d puzzles and I thought I could give one of my puzzles to the kids. I really didn’t want to give up my present but I had to and that was the right thing to do. Everyone in my class brought in a gift and we had lots of time to get our gift and it was due November 17. I gave the 3d puzzle to my teacher and asked her where I could keep it. I wanted to take it back but I couldn’t get it because I was giving it to a girl who dosen’t have a 3d puzzle. I think it is a good idea to give gifts to kids. 


Diwali is a time in a year when Indians get to get presents if they ask for what kind they want. This morning I was surprised to find my gift because I was waiting for it and I didn’t get it on the day I asked for it. My dad told me that I hadn’t got my present yet because my mom was not here. I got my shopkins this morning and I came screaming out of the room that I went in. I am happy my present came and my mom came because I got new shopkins in my twelve pack and five pack of shopkins and got two duplicates that were the same in them. I am still thinking about my next present and hope it is shopkins again. Diwali holiday is a fun holiday because you can get presents that you want and I got my favorite gift.  

When my mom went to Houston

On Sunday November 8 in 2015 my mom went to Houston. She went because she is looking for a job and she didn’t have one so she is seing if this job is right for her or if this one is right for her. Since my mom is going to Houston my dad is doing what my mom used to do. It was hard being a dad and a mom all together. My mom is staying in Houston for 4 days and Sunday was the first day. I miss my mom and this was the 2nd time she left me and my dad together. My mom is coming back on this Thursday and Wednesday is the last day when she stays in Houston. I really miss my mom and there is only Thursday left untill she comes. My mom is missing out on all the fun that me and my dad have even wishing for presents on Diwali. I want my mom to come back and sometimes my dad dosen’t do the things that my mom does and I really want my mom to come back so we can do the things my mom missed out on on the weekends so she can enjoy Diwali with me my dad and herself. My mom is coming this Thursday so I’m pretty excited because she comes tomorrow and she is also excited.

When I didn’t get hundered

Last week I didn’t get hundered on my CIC test. So my dad got upset and took my shopkins away and deleted my videos and games. He told me that I can get them back if I get hundered next Friday. So next week I got hundered on all of the tests I had. Then Friday came I got hundered on every single thing and got my shopkins back. I didn’t get my videos or games back because I had to finish my homework before they got downloaded. Then when I was going to finish my homework my dad downloaded them for me. Now I know that I have my shopkins with me because I am studying hard.

When I played

Yesterday I played with my friends. We played in my friend Jamie’s house. Inside we played with her American girl dolls, push Lacey and Josey on the couch and Hide and seek. I ate a cupcake that they made for Halloween and the cupcake was delicious. Josey and Jamie’s dog Jack came out of the room where they keep their dogs and he wanted to eat my cupcake. We had a fun time untill I was thirsty, so I went inside my house to get my water bottle. Then I went back to their house and we played again. Then we watched some tv, I was playing with the American girl dolls because they were my favorite toys. Then we went home and ate dinner. I loved  playing with my friends and yesterday was the best day in my life because I never had so much fun playing with my friends.