Stinky feet day!

By Rohini Khapre - Ghawalkar - October 09, 2015

On Thursday we got stinky feet day. After we came back from the library, we got to take our shoes off. It was a stinky feet party in the class. Everyone had a great day at stinky feet day because we got to take off our shoes and make the whole class a stinky class. We got to have our shoes of in the class but not when it was time to go to music, recess, lunch and when their was a drill. We had our shoes off when we were reading, writting, taking math lessons and science. Stinky feet day was a blast for everyone but not me because I had to do a publishing piece on the book of the month, Three bears in a boat by David Soman. I really enjoyed stinky feet day. I wish we got it again from the Boostethon. 

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