I painted two shopkins. I am going to teach you how I did it and how your going to do it. First you need a shopkin that is a double. Next use some paint and paint it on your shopkin. When your done putting paint all over be very careful when you paint the eyes. Later set it to dry and make sure everything is dry untill you do anything else. Lastly use any matt varnish or clear nail polish to seal the paint in. First I got two shopkins and painted them because they were doubles. Their names were Suzie sunday and Hattie hat. I painted Hattie hat red because red is a darker color than pink. I colored Suzie sunday a lot of colors because she has lots of detail on her. Lastly I used a clear nail polish to make the paint stick on my shopkins so the paint does not come off. The reason why I chose these shopkins is because they were doubles and I already got them before. I really wanted to do a shopkins painting and now I did my own shopkins painting.
I made an instrument. It is called a glass harp. It is a percussion instrument. First you need to take a glass cup. Then you need a chopstick and water. Next pour the water in the glass. Finally you bang on the glass to get a sound. I started out with designs. Then I got some ideas. Next I survayed the house and looked for things that you pour into and things you bang with. Later I stumbbled on the idea of a glass harp. Finally I learned about a glass harp and began using a chopstick to bang on a glass cup and  then my dad showed me a video of a glass harp. The way you change the pitch is if you pour less or more water in it or hitting it in the sides and the top.  
My teacher told me to do a science project. The project was about making a instrument out of things that are in your house. We had to be creative. The instrument had to be able change volume and pitch. Its supposed to be a music instrument and not anything silly. First I made some designs, the designs had materials and pictures. Then I got ideas of what it can be. Next I survayed the house for things you can use in a percussion instrument. Later I tested things how it sounds like for volume and pitch. I also found out how it changes the pitch and volume based on the shape, whats in it and materials. Finally I found out a glass full of water has vibrations. My daddy showed me a video of a glass harp. 
Yesterday I went to a function. There were a lot of people there. I played on my ipad because my friend Rewa was late to the party. My dad and lots of other men were doing inportant things. They were going to do a game with music. When the game was about to start my dad and another dad gave a little speech. Then we started the game. In the game my mom will play the music from a song and the people who came here will have to try and sing the song, if they know it. After that Rewa came and we played tag and spy girls. Lastly we played a game that was the same game like Cinderella but someone had to be a girl and the other one had to be pretty, the pretty girl has to run when the girl sees her and then her sliper comes off and the girl comes to her house and they become friends. 
Water is used by humans, plants, and animals. Water comes from oceans and is gotten from salt groundwater. Fresh water goes to samps, ice caps and snow, soil, organismg, ground ice, rivers, and lakes. Ice caps and snow have 69% of water, swamps have 0.03%,soil has 0.05%, organismg has 0.03%, ground ice has 0.9%, rivers 0.01%, and lakes have 0.3%. Archaea, humans, cattle, crops, plants, trees, insects, fish, plankton, bacteria, and fungi all have water in their bodys. Humans use water from groundwater, lakes, and rivers for industry, reservoir evaporation, urban use, agriculture
, and to dilute pollution.

On October 15, I ran the Fun Run. In the Fun Run you are supposed to run laps. Our goal was to run 35 laps but some did more than others. I did 35 laps. There were water stations so you can get free water while you are running. My mom came to te Fun run and we got to do a victory lap with our parents so I got to do the victory lap with my mom. I had fun at the Fun Run and had a great time. I  am really proud of myself for doing 35 laps in the full time. I really wish that the Fun Run comes again so I can run 35 laps again. I thought that I could not do 35 laps but it turned out that I could do it. The way I thought that I could not do it was that I did not think that I could make all 35 laps.
On Wednesday when my mom and dad were dropping me off to my violin class we saw a turtle crossing the road and it hid in its shell. My daddy turned the car around and got out of the car. When it was okay to walk, my daddy picked up the turtle and told me to get out of the car to take a picture with him. I got out of the car and took a photo of the turte. Then I touched the turtle's nails, the nails were long and smooth. Then my daddy picked up the turtle again and climed up a small mound of dirt and slowly put the turtle back. As he was doing that the turtle landed on the ground. My daddy picked it up again and put him under a tree. Then he came back to the car. I was happy that we rescued a turtle and put it safely on the other side. I also am happy that we rescued the turtle because we care for animals and we don't want them to die.
Today when me and my friends were walking to our moms we got into a big argument. I wanted to roll Chloes bag on Tuesdays and Thursdays but they told me that I can only do it on Thursdays. I thought that wasn't fair because Taryn always rolled Chloe's bag. I felt angry and sad because Taryn and Chloe were being mean to me when I was going to give them a flower on Friday. If I were Taryn or Chloe  I would be nice and never be a mean hurtful friend and always would share my things with them. Chloe and Taryn are nice friends but they were mean to me. I always think about fighting back when someone is mean to me but I tell myself not to fight. I even thought about fighting back but I would get into trouble so did not do it. One reason is why we fight is because we like to roll Chloes bag  and we have to take turns and that is the problem.  
On Saturday afternoon, we went out for lunch with my mom and dad's friends. They had a cute baby named Mahi. Mahi is 2 years old I think. Mahi liked my shopkins and liked the little shopkin that I got for her. When it was time to eat we played with my shopkins to have some fun. When my food was done I put on a video on my ipad. Mahi wasn't eating so I had to pause untill she was done eating her food. We watched shopkins and wild kratts on my iPAD. When lunch was almost done we took a picture together. I had a fun time playing with Mahi. I wish I can get to see her again.
On Thursday we got stinky feet day. After we came back from the library, we got to take our shoes off. It was a stinky feet party in the class. Everyone had a great day at stinky feet day because we got to take off our shoes and make the whole class a stinky class. We got to have our shoes of in the class but not when it was time to go to music, recess, lunch and when their was a drill. We had our shoes off when we were reading, writting, taking math lessons and science. Stinky feet day was a blast for everyone but not me because I had to do a publishing piece on the book of the month, Three bears in a boat by David Soman. I really enjoyed stinky feet day. I wish we got it again from the Boostethon. 
 Today my cousin Kartik made a greeting card for me. On the front of the cover it has my name on it and a picture of me and him. I know that Kartik loves me as a big sister and decided to make a card for me to show how much he loves me and cares about me. I love Kartik and I'm going to make a card for him to show that I love him a lot. I love Kartik and I want to visit him. I feel happy to have a brother that cares and loves me and I really love him a lot. Kartik is a nice loving cousin and I love to be his sister.
Yesterday I met new friends. We played  badminton and tag. My neighbor brought her dogs out and their names were, Jack and Tiger. We all had a good time. After we were done with a game, we heard a SPLASH! The hose attached to a long piece of wood had water coming out and it got my neighbors sisters phone wet. I got surprised by the water! My new freinds were looking to see how it happend. Good thing I was there because I found out that the boys were doing it. When it got dark up in the sky me and my neighbor talked about the schools we go in and asked if we like shopkins. I had a good time playing with my new friends. I am happy that I found a friend that goes to the same school as me and is my neighbor.
Have you ever bought a toy but never used it when you opened it? Well here is proof on what will happen to the thing you don't use. If you don't use it you will loose it because the same thing happend to me. I never used my backyard at my old house so I lost it when I moved away. If you have toys that you got and never made it feel left out from your other toys then yoou are doing a good job. If you want to play with that toy after so many years and it is gone you should have kept it with you. You can loose something you don't use if you had not used it  This blog is telling you about not using the things you have and then how you can loose them after you haven't used it.