Speeding to Read

On Tuesday, all the kids in my school went on a field trip to Texas Motor Speedway for Speeding to Read. At Texas Motor Speedway, there were 10 schools. The first annoncement was to tell which schools were which. Then they annonced the youngest race car driver from NASA and he is only 18 years old. There was a big screen and it showed  us a armadillo race and the armadillos go faster with screaming power and the armadillo colors were red, wight and blue. They told the kids what speeding to read was all about. Also on the screen were the schools and  the kids from every school wore a t-shirt that had like lots of stuff on the back  and on the front. On the front were cars and a Speeding to Read sign on it. On the left sleeve of the shirt  was the name of the school you are in. Now I know why we need to read in Samuel Beck. Each time we read in Samuel Beck means that you are helping your school earn more points. The announcers said that the school that has the most points wins a Domino’s pizza, a popcorn party and a frozen custard. The school with he most points also wins a huge trophy. I was bored and all sweaty at Texas Motor Speedway so I came back to school unhappy. I want to earn the Domino’s pizza for my school and friends so I’m going to read more everyday.  

The Inside Out movie

Yesterday, I watched the Inside Out movie with my mom and dad. In the movie, there was a girl named Riley and she wants to run away because she misses Minnesota ( that is where she used to live). Riley is trying to run away because joy and sadness are not where they are supposed to be and they try to get back to the place where they should be. Riley was going to a new school and she missed the 2nd day because she ran away. This movie is showing you what happes to your emotines inside your head when you try to run away and what happens when all your islands are all down. I felt the same way that Riley felt when she moved away to Minnesota. When I left Clevland I felt sad that I was moving away and that I was going to leave my old friends behind and make new friends. 


Acorns are born looking like baby acorns that are small, green and have tiny cupules. When they start to grow they lose their cupules and they grow like a litte bulb that flowers have when they are almost ready for blooming. When they are almost done they grow their cupules again but the cupule turnes out to be a brown color. When the acorns are very old they change from being smooth to rough.Only when they are very old the rough part pushes itself into the cupule and you can see a little bit of the rough part. 


This is my favorite stuffed animal, Ducky. Ducky has a little scarf around her neck you can see that it is a colorful. I’m going to tell you a story and it is about Ducky. When I was little I was shopping with my mom and dad. When my mom annd dad saw a swetter I saw this adorable little penguin and I said:  mumma Ducky dada ducky and then my mom and dad saw ducky. They saw that ducky had a little scarf that matches the sweater and then they bought me ducky and I took her all the time with me. Ducky is a cute little penguin and when I see her little smile and chubby cheeks it makes me remember me chubby cheeks and makes me happy. Ducky had a little dot on her forhead and it is called a teeka.


My teddy bear valentine is a valentine bear bacuse I think that my mom got her on my first valenines. Valentine has hearts on her tummy and special words in the hearts. Valentine is a smiling bear. I think that she was the perfect valentine gift for me and I feel happy that she was the perfect valentine gift for me. When I was a baby I think that I felt happy and that was my favorite teddy bear ever since. I always felt happy when I had her around. I always took her with me and never left her all alone.   


I have an American girl doll and her name is Julie. Julie comes with a  golden color necklace. The necklace   has her name on it. Julie also comes with a purse, a hat and shoes that you can take off. The american girl dolls can stand up if you adjust their feet (my dad told me how to adjust their feet). You can also move their eyes and close them. You also can feel the eyelashes and the eyelashes feel like real eyelashes but a little bit thicker. Julie comes with a dime but I lost it and good thing that it is a fake dime because you will get in lot of trouble. I got Julie on my 6th birthday. I love Julie alot.

My season one and season 3 shopkins

These are my new shopkins. The first shopkin is a cupcake that has frosting that comes out of the cupcake. The cupcakes name is flutter cake and you can’t see that she is wearing  lipstick that is a little bit pink in a diffrent shade that is  darker than the cupcake wrapper that is a light pink. 

She has like a butter cream frosting on her head. The next one is a diary that is a book that you keep all your secrets. The color that she is wearing is a metalic pink that is like a shiny pink and if you can see in the picture that she has like a little s on the front of her. Her name is Sally secret and you can see that she has a little lock that is yellow in color that is in a shape of a heart.  You can see on top of her that there is a cookie that has a bite taken out of her. The cookie is a pink color cookie that has yellow chips insted of brown chips. She is wearing blue shoes that has pink on the bottom that has sparkles and the cookie has sparkles on herself too. The very last shopkin is a popsicle and her name is Popsi cool. She is from the frozen section and you can see that she is see through. She is up side down becuase the popsials are supossed to be the stick down and the popsicle up. She also has her little teeth sticking out maybe you can’t see her teeth sticking out. Those are all my new shopkins that I have. Good Bye!        

My bucket

Everyone has a bucket. When people say mean things to you, your water in your bucket spills and when it is almost empty you feel angry. If you help someone, your bucket will fill up and you will get some more water in it. You should always have a full bucket so you can have happy times instead of grumpy and angry times. You never know when your bucket will fill up and spill some water. Every one has a bucket and it is true that you have a bucket even if you do not believe it. If you want some proof, please read the book called ‘How full is your bucket?‘.

Each Kindness

Mrs. Hickerson read Each Kindness to the class. The story was about a girl named Maya. Maya is a new girl in a school, she sits next to a girl that does not like her when Maya is a nice little girl. The second girl had friends and when they went outside to play, Maya would come to them and ask them to play with her. Maya did not have friends and always wore clothes that were worn by someone else before (hand me downs). One day the teacher told the kids about kindnes. She told that they need to say what kindness they did. The little girl did not have anything to say so that meant she was not being true blue (kind and respectful like Beck Bulldogs). One day the teacher told them that Maya moved away, the girl was very sad that Maya was moving. The girl dicided to not be mean ever again. The End                     .


Seals are animals that live in cold water. Their homes are in the north pole. Seals love to swim. Seals use their filipers to move. The seals favorite food are fish. Seals also have fins and they have them on the back after the part where the stomach comes in. Seals have sharp black claws and a nose that is black, they use their claws to dig in the sand down below and use the nose to sniff the fish out of the ground if it is burried in the ground. Seals have wiskers and eyes too. They use their eyes to see in the cold water and wiskers to feel the fish under them.