The story about the octopus and penguins from the new Madagascar movie

Yesterday I  watched a new movie named penguins from Madagascar.  I am going to telll you one thing that you should never do  that was in the movie, in the movie there was a zoo and it had animals like octopus and there were some people that saw the octopus and the octopus had 1000 tricks. He just did 2 of them so then he saw the people going up looking at something above the water.  They were looking at 4 adorable baby penguins.  The octupus got kicked out of diffrent aquariums and zoos then the octopus got angry and decided to make the penguins into monsters. That was a bad thing to do becuse the penguins are everyone's favorite and they love the penguins becuase they are cute and cuddly. Instead of the octopus of being jealous, he could have done more than just 2 tricks. So if you see someone that takes your favorite things then just tell their mom and dad. 


  1. That was very nicely said Rova, really proud of you for the message. Jealousy is not the way to go.

  2. What a beautiful and smart thought Rova !!