Chintumama and my Dad

By Rohini Khapre - Ghawalkar - July 07, 2015

Chintumama is a nice person and I don't think that he is mean. Chintumama is the only one that I think that I can get too think that is nice. The fact I think that Chintumama is so nice is that he tried to get a toy called shopkins for me when I had shopkins and my mom and dad were not going to get me some because I was a bad girl since I am being a good girl in India my dad is going to be getting shopkins for me since I am being a good girl. He is having a surprise in Dallas waiting for me to go and open when I get to see my dad. Chintumama is my favorite person in my family and my dad is the best. My dad is almost the same as Chintumama but a little bit different.  

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