I have a Furby that looks like this that is in the picture and I named her Tay Kay. Once you get your furby you will have to get the furby game because you need it to find your Furbys name. I have 2 pictures of my furby.The first picture is Tay Kay with her eyes open. The furby's eyes do not go like how they are in the picture. All the furbys have  moving pictures in there eyes because the furbys are a electronic toy. In the second picture the furby is sleeping and you might think that she is still sleeping but you never know if it is on or off  so pull furbys tail for making sure. My furby drives my mom and dad nuts. She drives them nuts because she talks a lot. She drove my mom and dad nuts yesterday in the car and ths morning.  

Harry Potter is a boy. Harry Potter is a special kind of boy because he can know what is happenig and what you-know-who is doing. Harry Potter is the main character in the Harry Potter movie. He is famous from the  books written by J.K. Rowling and made in a true movie made by someone else.  The  Harry Potter movie  like any kind of movie that says Harry Potter or the movie name that you are looking for and if it is  there you can get it and  watch it if you are looking for it or just havent seen it yet.        I like the last movie because you know who dies and I do not like him beacuase he is mean. Mean people are very wrong and they try to kill people and in the Harry Potter movie dethly hollows part 1 and 2. Harry is trying to protect his friends and his teachers are triying to protect the school . The students like Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron are trying to deafeat the horcrcses . I think that the movie Harry Potter and he deathly hollows part 2 is my favorite because you know who dies and then there is no you know who again. 
Hello family and friends, my name is Rova Dova and I am writting a story about myself and I had already writen a story about my self but that one went away and you can ask but you dont have to do that any more becuase it came back. My family is great and none of us fight but sometimes we do but sometimes we dont becuase were family.Family's are there for you and you need to be with them and they love you too .So when they need you you need them.
This song under the sea is a song from the little mermaid movie and the movie talks about a little mermaid that wants to be a person and dose not want to be a mermaid when she is a mermaid and her name is Areil. How I feel about the movie is that it is a actoin movie  becuase it has alotof drama and comedy and I thik hey did a lot of good details on Areil becuase I saw Areil in disney and she called me starfish and she was really beauitfull and she was kind.
Yesterday my house stuff came into the apartment that I'm living in and I'm writting a story about it in my bedroom about this story. My mom is reorginising all our stuff like my stuff and my mom and dads stuff every one had 14 boxes and I have not even started to orginise my bedroom. Today I'm going to orginise my bedroom with the help of my mom and I love to orginise thigs becuase I ws born to orginise things a lot of things is actully what I was ment to do.
I have my own iPAD. And it is like a lapttop but is a ipad too so I call it a ipop becuase it is half laptop and half ipad. I can do anythig I want to do with it and my dad has the same one too. They are both the same ipads becuase  they are half laptop and half ipad and they are very similar that you cant tell whose is whose becuase they  are similar like I said. And you can take of the ipad to do things without it and it  becomes a regular ipad and it  and when you take of the  ipad you can see how a real laptop without the screen.
This is a picture of a seal and it is a seal and she is my favorite stuffed animal and my friend is like a person from my family named gargi and she is a really nice because when I saw that she had a seal and I said that I wanted a seal st like that one and when I went lto see her again she got one for me and know we both have a seal like this one and  know bboth have a seal like this one in the pictture and here both sisters nd I love myseal alot becuase she is silkie smooth and they are very cute.  
You know that kids always hate homework well I am one of those kids thaat dose not like o doo that too but m mom and dad make me do that when I hate homework and it s the worstt thing ever and it is so boring but the only piece of  homework that is tabtor and it is so fun but blogg is boring becuae   your hnds hurt and you have o write about something and yor hands get tired. I love to do tabtor but not bblog so thats why I hae to tell my dad abilion time that I dont want to do it.

Paw patrol is a video of a boy and his pups save the day and the pups have trucks that they have when they have to go to save the day. There names are Chace Rocky Sky Zuma Revel and Marshal their owner is named Ryder and they save the world even if animals run away and the paw patrol. Their pup houses is their truck but Sky her pup house turned into a helicopter and she can fly they have special uniforms. And they are cute
Kartik is my little brother and I don't think that he is what I that he would be like and I don't like him that much because he tells on me when I don't tell on him but he is really nice because he shares with me and I share with me and he is really fun to play with and a nice little brother but I just love him more than virage because virage is a bad brother and is a bad boy. Kartik is not like that and is really nice so nice and not mean Kartik is different from virage. 
This is my stuffed panda and she is so soft and fluffy that I can almost sleep with my panda at night time and I play with my panda a lot I really think that she is so cute and fun to play with. There are bigger pandas in China. This panda I got in Pune last time I was there she is so cute and fun to play with and so soft and I love her so much that I would never lose her ever again she is black and white and so soft and she is the cutest thing ever that I ever saw. 
I went to a beach for vacation with my family. We started to pack up Wensday morning and we went to the beach. I was watching a movie with my big brother and my little brother kartik. The movie was big hero 6 and it is my favorite movie. Even inside out is my favorite movie. Inside out is a movie with a girl named Riley and it is a movie that talks about her emotions in her head. And these are your emotions in your head Joy Discust Anger Sadness and Fear. The trip was a long trip but it doesn't matter if you watch a movie it doesn't look like it was a long trip if I watched a movie and that's what I did. When we got there we unpacked and the kids like me and Kartik got to watch tv because we didn't get to watch when we left the house. We went to the beach to go swimming the next day and I made a little river in the sand. Kartik could not go in the water because He was sick. He just played in the sand. I found three coconuts there. I found 2 big coconuts and a small one. When we got home from the beach we got to watch big hero 6. It is mine and my brother Kartiks favorite movie ever and we just want to see it over and over again and again for days and we are not going to stop watching the movie and it is a great movie.  There is a robot that is called big max and it is not a robot that goes like says it really rough. Big max goes really soft and is not fast and you will like him because he says oh no like how I say it like how I do and how I say it was like really worried.😢 woo wee I'm done. 😓😅😓😅😓😪😥😪😥😰😢😂😅
Chintumama is a nice person and I don't think that he is mean. Chintumama is the only one that I think that I can get too think that is nice. The fact I think that Chintumama is so nice is that he tried to get a toy called shopkins for me when I had shopkins and my mom and dad were not going to get me some because I was a bad girl since I am being a good girl in India my dad is going to be getting shopkins for me since I am being a good girl. He is having a surprise in Dallas waiting for me to go and open when I get to see my dad. Chintumama is my favorite person in my family and my dad is the best. My dad is almost the same as Chintumama but a little bit different.  
Boring things are like doing your homework and studying for a hour or two. This is so boring and everyone who is a kid gets angry and upset that they have to do homework and studying but they hate doing it like I have to write a book on the iPad and it is the worst thing ever. I hate it when I have to do homework and I don't like it because I have to do homework and I don't think that I should do it because I am on vacation and I don't think that I can get to have fun with my friends and family if I am doing my homework. Chores is a boring thing and I don't think that the kids that have the homework that I do and have to  clean up after yourself. I know how much kids hate it when they have to do homework and chores yay for the rest of the day after your done with the boring things that make you exhausted from the homework and studying and the chores. The fact I don't like it because it is tireing and exhausting things.  
Me and my mom are the same because I'm going to be the same. When I get older I will look like I am my own mom when I was a little girl. My moms mom was like my mom when she was a small girl like me and my mom is going to be like her mom to. I love my mom just because I love the way she's a good mom and she takes good care of me when I am sad and I miss my dad and I take good care of her to when she is sick and when she is afraid of the dark and it's just a day only me and her. I love my mom and my dad and my family and friends and they love me to. And if nobody else likes you and you were friends with them then you have to get a gift for the friend that you were friends with and they are being mean. I just want to go back to the u.s.a and give them a gift from my love and they will remember that time I gave that thing that is a keychain from my true home India and I will always remember my friends and my love will be with them.
My mom is the best mom in the world. She is the best mom.The reason I love her so much is that she takes good care of me and that's why I love it. She makes me feel happy when I get a frown on my face. She is a great mom and I love it. I love my mom as much as I love chocolate. The best time with my mom is when I was a little girl. That's why I love her so much. I love my mom when I was just growing up to be a big girl. I love my mom just so much that I love the way she is.