By Rohini Khapre - Ghawalkar - June 29, 2015

Day 1, Ever since I got to see my family and my baby brother he turned out to be a bad little kid and he  pinches me and hits me I thought he was a good brother but it turned out to be a danger. Ever since I gave him a kinder joy chocolate he has been taking my chocolates and has been a danger. Day 2,It was a rainy season and I don't like it when it comes to a rainy weather. I just want to go home to see my dad.Day 3,Me and my mom and some of my family members went out to do some shopping.When I got home I saw that my little brother had been sleeping.Day 4,Me and my grandpa went to drop off my little brother then we went home and it was peaceful in the house then when he got home from school it was how it was when he was here when I came to see him.Day 5,It was the same thing over again from day 4. Day 6, My little brother got to stay home and I don't know why.Day 7, We went to a special place in India and we got to sleep there and when we took our shower it was a embarrassing.

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