My Family Members

My family is the best thing in my heart and do you know why? Because they live almost all over the world. Some of them live in China and India,Dallas,Australia,I just can’t see my family every day. But now I can see them again because I call them and I FaceTime them. We all took like a family member picture when I was just about 6 years old and when my little brother was just about 1 years old. We went to the beach last time I saw my family. We all had a good time. I miss my friends and I  have just moved to Texas and I’m staying there forever. The fact that I love about family is that some of them don’t snore so loud like how my dad does which is really annoying because I can’t even get some sleep! But I like it that he has warm hugs and kisses and fun jokes. My dad is just the right dad that I could have. I just want to go back to my dad and tell him that he is the best thing ever and the only thing that makes me feel happy and be a good girl. But my dad is the best dad in the world and the funniest person to.


Day 1, Ever since I got to see my family and my baby brother he turned out to be a bad little kid and he  pinches me and hits me I thought he was a good brother but it turned out to be a danger. Ever since I gave him a kinder joy chocolate he has been taking my chocolates and has been a danger. Day 2,It was a rainy season and I don’t like it when it comes to a rainy weather. I just want to go home to see my dad.Day 3,Me and my mom and some of my family members went out to do some shopping.When I got home I saw that my little brother had been sleeping.Day 4,Me and my grandpa went to drop off my little brother then we went home and it was peaceful in the house then when he got home from school it was how it was when he was here when I came to see him.Day 5,It was the same thing over again from day 4. Day 6, My little brother got to stay home and I don’t know why.Day 7, We went to a special place in India and we got to sleep there and when we took our shower it was a embarrassing.

Teddy the bear

I have a teddy bear and her name is Grace.She is wearing a pink fur coat and she has small little boots that have the same thing on them and the word is Smile she also has a small heart that has a cute little sentence that says,For someone special like me.She has a rose by the edge of the sentence. She is wearing a pink hoodie on the back of her head.She has black eyes like me and she smiles a lot.She has heats on her boots to. She is a snowbear because of the way her fur coat is white.

My flight

I was supposed to go to India to see my family but our flight got cancelled and we had to take a different plane.We were supposed to be flying 3 planes but the plane that we were going to take first before it was cancelled it got cancelled.On our next flight the same thing happened but in a different way. We had gotten in the plane then it got cancelled. Then we had to get air train and then a shuttle and here I am in the hotel that the shuttle dropped us of to.We were all stuck at the airport before I got in.All of the kids were tired and some of the kids were sleepy and like me they were crying.I just wanted to see my family and that’s all I wanted to do just see my family.I wished for a nice flight with no canceling my flight to Mumbia. I miss my dad and my family and they are missing me to. I just want to go back home and see my whole family when I go to Mumbia and see my dad from 5 weeks and go to Texas and see my dad.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a very special day for the dads.All Father’s Day is the day for the dads and their birthday.Mother’s Day is the same thing as Father’s Day but it is a special day for moms and their birthday.If their is a another day for moms and dads then there should also be a daughters day like for the moms and dads.My mom and dad are know starting a daughters day for daughters like me.Everything your parents want you got it for them.Kids get only on their birthday.


Kahea is my best friend and she is so nice and she is sometimes like me and I,m like her.We known each other when I was like 3 or4 years old and that’s how we have known each other.She came to all my birthday party’s and I have gone to hers.Our school’s name is muraski.We are in the same room and we were happy to be able to see each other again..We were best buddies with Aima.We all known each other when we were small like 3 or 4 years old.We all had a good time together. Know we can’t see each other because I am not in strongsville.I am in Texas and they are not in Texas.We miss each other a lot and we are not going to see echo other that much.We all had a good time. We all wish we could see each other again.I will come back to visit I told them.Me and Aima had a good time together we really miss  the times together and kahea to. We were in the same school when we met each other we really had fun

Teen titans

 Teen Titans go is a good cartoon for kids like me and I love the fact that they make sure that they tell the bad people to stop doing bad things.They are super heroes and they save the day always because they are super heroes.They have a theame song and a lot of regular songs.They are on Cartoon Network every day.Like I said it is a good cartoon for kids.And I drew a picture from a playlist and it was how to make Raven.She is a Teen Titan to.  Bye


Shopkins are little toys that is like food and things that you need. I just love the shopkins.The company is Moose.New things are coming out.Like season 3.I am so excited!There is a shopkins book.There are 12 packs 5 packs and basket 2 packs.You get 1 check list.You get a shopping basket to. I just want to go and see the company in China. 

Song:Peace And Love

Peace and Love,Peace and Love,Everybody Peace and Love.Always have love with peace!Peace and Love,Peace and Love,If you are sad on a sunny day,Just do what I say!Peace and Love,Peace and Love,Smile every day for me!Don’t be sad don,t be mad just have Peace and Love,Peace and Love,Happy faces is what I want to see!Peace and Love,Peace and Love,Smile smile smile smile for me!Peace and love, 

Teen Titans

Robin,Cyborg,Beast Boy,Star fire and Raven are super heroes.Teen Titans is their name.They fight and fight bad guys.They live in a T shaped tower.They have super powers like flying and eye laysers and boomerangs.They have special uniforms when they have to fight and regular things.Robin is the leader and the team does not like to listen.They have a pet named Silkie.