Harry Potter is a boy whose parents died when he was just a baby. He now lives with is mean Aunt and Uncle and his mean Cousin, also known as the Dursleys. Harry Potter goes to a school called Hogwarts and he meets new friends. His best friends are Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger. There are 8 movies of Harry Potter and 7 books because the deathly hollows are movies continuing. I got the books on my 6th birthday and my dad is done reading all of them, and I'm on the 2 and my mom is reading the first. Each movie has a problem and they need to solve it. There is a man named Voldemort and he killed Harry's parents when he was a baby. The last movie is my favorite because Voldemort dies,and it shows Harry Potter sending his kid to Hogwarts like how he got to Hogwarts. This is all about Harry Potter you can read the books to hear what adventures he had.  
Today I got dressed and we got in our car. Then we drove to a resterant and ate chicken and other delicious foods. Then when we were done we ate sweets that they served. They only served indian sweets. Then my dad got me some ice cream and I took a Jolly Rancher, the flavor was cherry. Then we drove to a store and my mom went in the Indian stre to buy the things we needed. Me and my dad had to wait in the car for a long time untill he called my mom and asked her what is taking her so long. Then we went home after our long day. I was in the car playing wiyh my toys and my parents were driving home. 
Today I watched a movie called Bajirao Mastani. In the movie Bajirao becomes a king. Then he fought in a war and won it. Then when he was playing a game a soldier told him there was another soldier. Bajirao Tells the soilder that told him that there was another soilder to go away. When he did the soilder just went inside and jumped through the doors. Then they were fighting. Bijirao kicked the soldeir and they found out it was a girl. She told him she needed help protecting a castle. And he heleped her protect the castle. Then the girl got hit with a sword so Bajirao killed the king. Then the girl got tooken in the castle that Bajirao was living in. Then she awoke when she found herself in a room that other girls were in. Bajirao asked if he can see the place where she got hurt.  Bagirao used his small knife and put a little fire to test if it hurts and it was. The girl went back to her palace when she was feeling better. Then one day Bajirao asked what wish she wanted and she said she wanted to be his wife. Bajirao already had a wife named Kashi so he had to keep it a secret. One day Kashi had 2 babies. When he went to see Mastani ( his second wife) a girl told him that her baby was giving her troubles and she was having troubles. Bajirao told her to take deep breathes. Then the baby came out.   Then they had a ceremony for the baby twins. When they had a ceremony for the victory a man told Kashi that there were going to be people that will be attacking Mastani becuase they do not like it when they be together. Kashi went inside a room to celebrate the victory. Mastani was fighting with people that were attaking her so she had to be protecting her son. Kashi told Bajirao whats happening and came to help. The last guy hurt Mastani so she fell on Bajirao and he catched her. The soilders put her and her son in jail. One day they had to take her son away. Bajirao went on a war by himself one day and at the end he could not walk because a arrow was in his leg. Bajirao got sick and he thought there was war when there was no war. Bajirao didn't know that he was just seeing things. Bajirao died in the water because he was pretend fighting in it. Mastani still was in jail and died a few days later. Bajirao helped the people who were indians.
Have you ever written something on Blogger? Well l tell you about it. You use blog for practicing spelling. I use blog to practice my spelling and you can do it to. Blog is a updated website or web page. On blog you just need to pick a topic on what you are going to write about. Then you start typing on what you are going to write about. When you are done you have to make sure you check for spelling, puncuation, capitals, and does it sound the way you want it to say. later when you did all that then you publish or save, if you want to publish a little longer or if you wait for your mom and dad to help you do it because you can do it both ways. This is how you can blog.You have to go to the app store to get this app if you want.
Today I had a Christmas party. At the Christmas party we made a gingerbread house out of ghram crackers and candies and used icing to stick them together. We ate a lot of candies that I got stuffed and I wanted to eat my whole gingerbread house, but I had to show my mom and dad. When we were done we put them in bags. Then Mrs. Bradshaw's class came to our class to watch the video " Rudolf the red nosed reindeer. Then they left. After  we had only had 7 people in our class because some of them left. Then Cash left then there were only 6 of us left. We packed up and our friend Abby left because she was moving to California, and all 6 of us got to get the chance of saying good bye. Then we left to go home!
Yesterday I went to Galen Texsan ICE exibition for a field trip. When we went inside my teacher ( Mrs. Hickerson) Paired us in 4 groups with 5 kids in the groups. I was in Mrs. Hickerson's group. We saw a video that showed people all around the world and how they celebrate Christmas. Then we saw a video that showed some sculptures made from ice that we were going to see. It also showed Men that came from China and showed how they made the ice sculptures.  Then we got in a line to get thick jackets even though we brought our own jackets. Then we went in the ice room and we went under ice tunels and took a picture in one of the tunnels. We took a picture of Santa's ice sleigh with us in it. Then we took a picture with a pink ice bear. We saw little sculptures that had kids from all around the world and they also showed a Indian girl! We went down a ice slide and I went down two times with Lexi, Ismael, and Jack twice. But Ruby stayed with Mrs. Hickerson and they only went down once. Later we saw Santa with his naughty and nice list with some elves with him. Then they did a nativity scene with baby Jesus and animals with farm people and his mom and dad. Then we found the rest of the class and went back to school.
I have a telephone headset. It is blue and you can answer a call or pause something on it. This thing is going to be useful when I need to hear something when people are talking. This phone looks like the phone they used long back but instead they have a dial, mine does not have a dial because it is a headset and you use headsets when you need to haer something.When there is something that is to loud and you need to hear something or someone. For example, My mom was talking on the phone. She was cooking and talking. She would need headsets to listen to the phone when someone is talking on it. 

Yesterday I ate at pnda express for dinner. I ate orange chicken and noodles, I have some noodles left over from yesterday. The dessert we had were fortune cookies and I got a chocolate chunk cookie also. This was a chinese restrant that we ate at. I saw this tom and jerry video and tom gets food like brown noodles and little ball of meatballs I think. Jerry and a little duck eat all the food. I saw a little bag that tom got that had a face of a panda so I thought he was eating at panda express so that was why I went to panda express to eat. I enjoyed eating at panda express and I learned how to eat with chopsticks and use them.
My dad came home today and brought home tons and tons of stuff for me and my mom. I got chocolate coins, keychains, magnets, and cupcakes. My mom got a telephone headset, chargers, yoyo, rubic cube, and a wind up. My mom got way more stuff than me. I really liked the telephone head set because you can pick up a phone call on it, and play a song that you paused on pandora. My mom took my key keychain because she liked it, she got way more stuff than me so I wanted my key back. My mom is thinking about it and I want it back really badly. I am happy my dad came back and he was living in Vegas for 5 days and I had to wait for this exciting day  for my dad to come back.
I do a raffle when I'm done with my homework because I ask what to do next. The idea of the raffle is to close your eyes put your hand in a bag and pull out a chit that tells you what to do. I like this idea because I get to do whatever I have to do on the chit and I don't have to do what my parents tell me to. I think this is a good idea because you get to do what the chit says and if you parents let you put whatever you want on the chit then it is fun but if your parents put what they want you to do next then that's a diffrent story. Raffles are used in games when you go to a parade and you see fun activities that you can do then there are raffles that you can earn prizes by. Other games do it by a diffrent way and some raffles are the same and others are diffrent. I love raffles and they are fun games that you can play. 
What do me and my friends play?The things that we play are tag, ball, sometimes we ride our scooters or bikes, and shopkins sometimes. We play tag when we want to and sometimes we get bored. We ride our scooters and bikes on the driveway and play ball in the driveway also. Sometimes other kids that my friends know come to play with use. One time a boy from the aparment next to us came to play.  Then some girls came to play with us with their baby girl. When we play ball the ball that we play with us rolls away to where the street is and we have to make sure that we get it back safley and we come back safley. We also play badmiden and one time Josey's shuttlecock flew all the way up in a tree and it took us days to get it down untill one day it came down and we don't know where it landed. We tried getting it down by shaking the tree's branch of where it was landed when it flew up in the air. We never played badmiden ever again unless we played it somewhere away fron the trees.  
The Thanksgiving food you need for the Thanksgiving feast are, turkey, cranberry sauce, green  bean casarole, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. People go Thanksgiving shopping and in stores there are lots of people shopping for Thanksgiving meals and items for it. Stores like Walmart and others like it have lots of people that are looking for Thanksgiving items. Thanksgiving items are like pumpkins, plates, food, and pans. Thanksgiving is on the last Thursday in November this year so if you go shopping on Monday,Tuesday, and Wednesday then you have enough time for shopping and your ready for Thanksgiving when it comes. Thanksgiving is about thhanks and you give thanks about the things you have and for who taught you someone like a teacher. Thanksgiving is sopposed to be celebrated when it is dinner time so thats why you have all the delicious food that you buy. If Thanksgiving was sopposed to be a breakfast thing then you would buy breakfast things. If it was lunch then you would buy yummy thing that you eat for lunch. 
Thankgiving is a special holiday that is celebrated in November. Thanksgiving was a holiday that the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag made. The Pilgrims lived in Europe and the king of Europe made the Pilgrims do what he wanted. The Pilgrims didn't  want to listen to the king so they set sail to another land in a boat called the Mayflower. In the new land  they met the Wampanoag people. The Wampanoags had problems before with Europen people so they didn't trust the Pilgrims.The Pilgrims  wanted the land but the Wamponaogs wouldn't let them. The Pilgrims forced some of the Wampanoags into slavery and sent the others to Europe in England. Squanto was one of the people that was sent to England. After he returned some of his people died. Squanto showed the Pilgrims how to plant food even if they were mean to him. Thats when the first Thanksgiving feast happend. Now when its Thanksgiving you give thnks to the things you have and why. My thanks are for my teacher and my mom and dad because some kids don'thave any of them. Then I'm thankful for my home and food.Kids don't have those also. Lastly I'm thankful for my family who love me very much.
Next week is Thanksgiving break.I'm planning on what I'm going to do next week. I could build my robots or make a weather vane. I also could have time to play with my friends or homework. I also could play and play. I have lots of ideas and I just won't be able to write them all down on a paper because my hands will get tired. On Thursday I'm going to celebrate Thanksgiving. I do not know if we are celebrating it but I know we are planning something very special to do on that day. Do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Then let me know because I never celebrated it in my life before.
My class is giving toys to kids because some of them might not get toys on Christmas. My dad thought it was a great idea to do that. I didn't have a present to give yet. My grandma and grandpa gave me 3 3d puzzles and I thought I could give one of my puzzles to the kids. I really didn't want to give up my present but I had to and that was the right thing to do. Everyone in my class brought in a gift and we had lots of time to get our gift and it was due November 17. I gave the 3d puzzle to my teacher and asked her where I could keep it. I wanted to take it back but I couldn't get it because I was giving it to a girl who dosen't have a 3d puzzle. I think it is a good idea to give gifts to kids. 
Diwali is a time in a year when Indians get to get presents if they ask for what kind they want. This morning I was surprised to find my gift because I was waiting for it and I didn't get it on the day I asked for it. My dad told me that I hadn't got my present yet because my mom was not here. I got my shopkins this morning and I came screaming out of the room that I went in. I am happy my present came and my mom came because I got new shopkins in my twelve pack and five pack of shopkins and got two duplicates that were the same in them. I am still thinking about my next present and hope it is shopkins again. Diwali holiday is a fun holiday because you can get presents that you want and I got my favorite gift.  
On Sunday November 8 in 2015 my mom went to Houston. She went because she is looking for a job and she didn't have one so she is seing if this job is right for her or if this one is right for her. Since my mom is going to Houston my dad is doing what my mom used to do. It was hard being a dad and a mom all together. My mom is staying in Houston for 4 days and Sunday was the first day. I miss my mom and this was the 2nd time she left me and my dad together. My mom is coming back on this Thursday and Wednesday is the last day when she stays in Houston. I really miss my mom and there is only Thursday left untill she comes. My mom is missing out on all the fun that me and my dad have even wishing for presents on Diwali. I want my mom to come back and sometimes my dad dosen't do the things that my mom does and I really want my mom to come back so we can do the things my mom missed out on on the weekends so she can enjoy Diwali with me my dad and herself. My mom is coming this Thursday so I'm pretty excited because she comes tomorrow and she is also excited.
Last week I didn't get hundered on my CIC test. So my dad got upset and took my shopkins away and deleted my videos and games. He told me that I can get them back if I get hundered next Friday. So next week I got hundered on all of the tests I had. Then Friday came I got hundered on every single thing and got my shopkins back. I didn't get my videos or games back because I had to finish my homework before they got downloaded. Then when I was going to finish my homework my dad downloaded them for me. Now I know that I have my shopkins with me because I am studying hard.
Yesterday I played with my friends. We played in my friend Jamie's house. Inside we played with her American girl dolls, push Lacey and Josey on the couch and Hide and seek. I ate a cupcake that they made for Halloween and the cupcake was delicious. Josey and Jamie's dog Jack came out of the room where they keep their dogs and he wanted to eat my cupcake. We had a fun time untill I was thirsty, so I went inside my house to get my water bottle. Then I went back to their house and we played again. Then we watched some tv, I was playing with the American girl dolls because they were my favorite toys. Then we went home and ate dinner. I loved  playing with my friends and yesterday was the best day in my life because I never had so much fun playing with my friends. 
 I painted two shopkins. I am going to teach you how I did it and how your going to do it. First you need a shopkin that is a double. Next use some paint and paint it on your shopkin. When your done putting paint all over be very careful when you paint the eyes. Later set it to dry and make sure everything is dry untill you do anything else. Lastly use any matt varnish or clear nail polish to seal the paint in. First I got two shopkins and painted them because they were doubles. Their names were Suzie sunday and Hattie hat. I painted Hattie hat red because red is a darker color than pink. I colored Suzie sunday a lot of colors because she has lots of detail on her. Lastly I used a clear nail polish to make the paint stick on my shopkins so the paint does not come off. The reason why I chose these shopkins is because they were doubles and I already got them before. I really wanted to do a shopkins painting and now I did my own shopkins painting.
I made an instrument. It is called a glass harp. It is a percussion instrument. First you need to take a glass cup. Then you need a chopstick and water. Next pour the water in the glass. Finally you bang on the glass to get a sound. I started out with designs. Then I got some ideas. Next I survayed the house and looked for things that you pour into and things you bang with. Later I stumbbled on the idea of a glass harp. Finally I learned about a glass harp and began using a chopstick to bang on a glass cup and  then my dad showed me a video of a glass harp. The way you change the pitch is if you pour less or more water in it or hitting it in the sides and the top.  
My teacher told me to do a science project. The project was about making a instrument out of things that are in your house. We had to be creative. The instrument had to be able change volume and pitch. Its supposed to be a music instrument and not anything silly. First I made some designs, the designs had materials and pictures. Then I got ideas of what it can be. Next I survayed the house for things you can use in a percussion instrument. Later I tested things how it sounds like for volume and pitch. I also found out how it changes the pitch and volume based on the shape, whats in it and materials. Finally I found out a glass full of water has vibrations. My daddy showed me a video of a glass harp. 
Yesterday I went to a function. There were a lot of people there. I played on my ipad because my friend Rewa was late to the party. My dad and lots of other men were doing inportant things. They were going to do a game with music. When the game was about to start my dad and another dad gave a little speech. Then we started the game. In the game my mom will play the music from a song and the people who came here will have to try and sing the song, if they know it. After that Rewa came and we played tag and spy girls. Lastly we played a game that was the same game like Cinderella but someone had to be a girl and the other one had to be pretty, the pretty girl has to run when the girl sees her and then her sliper comes off and the girl comes to her house and they become friends. 
Water is used by humans, plants, and animals. Water comes from oceans and is gotten from salt groundwater. Fresh water goes to samps, ice caps and snow, soil, organismg, ground ice, rivers, and lakes. Ice caps and snow have 69% of water, swamps have 0.03%,soil has 0.05%, organismg has 0.03%, ground ice has 0.9%, rivers 0.01%, and lakes have 0.3%. Archaea, humans, cattle, crops, plants, trees, insects, fish, plankton, bacteria, and fungi all have water in their bodys. Humans use water from groundwater, lakes, and rivers for industry, reservoir evaporation, urban use, agriculture
, and to dilute pollution.

On October 15, I ran the Fun Run. In the Fun Run you are supposed to run laps. Our goal was to run 35 laps but some did more than others. I did 35 laps. There were water stations so you can get free water while you are running. My mom came to te Fun run and we got to do a victory lap with our parents so I got to do the victory lap with my mom. I had fun at the Fun Run and had a great time. I  am really proud of myself for doing 35 laps in the full time. I really wish that the Fun Run comes again so I can run 35 laps again. I thought that I could not do 35 laps but it turned out that I could do it. The way I thought that I could not do it was that I did not think that I could make all 35 laps.
On Wednesday when my mom and dad were dropping me off to my violin class we saw a turtle crossing the road and it hid in its shell. My daddy turned the car around and got out of the car. When it was okay to walk, my daddy picked up the turtle and told me to get out of the car to take a picture with him. I got out of the car and took a photo of the turte. Then I touched the turtle's nails, the nails were long and smooth. Then my daddy picked up the turtle again and climed up a small mound of dirt and slowly put the turtle back. As he was doing that the turtle landed on the ground. My daddy picked it up again and put him under a tree. Then he came back to the car. I was happy that we rescued a turtle and put it safely on the other side. I also am happy that we rescued the turtle because we care for animals and we don't want them to die.
Today when me and my friends were walking to our moms we got into a big argument. I wanted to roll Chloes bag on Tuesdays and Thursdays but they told me that I can only do it on Thursdays. I thought that wasn't fair because Taryn always rolled Chloe's bag. I felt angry and sad because Taryn and Chloe were being mean to me when I was going to give them a flower on Friday. If I were Taryn or Chloe  I would be nice and never be a mean hurtful friend and always would share my things with them. Chloe and Taryn are nice friends but they were mean to me. I always think about fighting back when someone is mean to me but I tell myself not to fight. I even thought about fighting back but I would get into trouble so did not do it. One reason is why we fight is because we like to roll Chloes bag  and we have to take turns and that is the problem.  
On Saturday afternoon, we went out for lunch with my mom and dad's friends. They had a cute baby named Mahi. Mahi is 2 years old I think. Mahi liked my shopkins and liked the little shopkin that I got for her. When it was time to eat we played with my shopkins to have some fun. When my food was done I put on a video on my ipad. Mahi wasn't eating so I had to pause untill she was done eating her food. We watched shopkins and wild kratts on my iPAD. When lunch was almost done we took a picture together. I had a fun time playing with Mahi. I wish I can get to see her again.
On Thursday we got stinky feet day. After we came back from the library, we got to take our shoes off. It was a stinky feet party in the class. Everyone had a great day at stinky feet day because we got to take off our shoes and make the whole class a stinky class. We got to have our shoes of in the class but not when it was time to go to music, recess, lunch and when their was a drill. We had our shoes off when we were reading, writting, taking math lessons and science. Stinky feet day was a blast for everyone but not me because I had to do a publishing piece on the book of the month, Three bears in a boat by David Soman. I really enjoyed stinky feet day. I wish we got it again from the Boostethon. 
 Today my cousin Kartik made a greeting card for me. On the front of the cover it has my name on it and a picture of me and him. I know that Kartik loves me as a big sister and decided to make a card for me to show how much he loves me and cares about me. I love Kartik and I'm going to make a card for him to show that I love him a lot. I love Kartik and I want to visit him. I feel happy to have a brother that cares and loves me and I really love him a lot. Kartik is a nice loving cousin and I love to be his sister.
Yesterday I met new friends. We played  badminton and tag. My neighbor brought her dogs out and their names were, Jack and Tiger. We all had a good time. After we were done with a game, we heard a SPLASH! The hose attached to a long piece of wood had water coming out and it got my neighbors sisters phone wet. I got surprised by the water! My new freinds were looking to see how it happend. Good thing I was there because I found out that the boys were doing it. When it got dark up in the sky me and my neighbor talked about the schools we go in and asked if we like shopkins. I had a good time playing with my new friends. I am happy that I found a friend that goes to the same school as me and is my neighbor.
Have you ever bought a toy but never used it when you opened it? Well here is proof on what will happen to the thing you don't use. If you don't use it you will loose it because the same thing happend to me. I never used my backyard at my old house so I lost it when I moved away. If you have toys that you got and never made it feel left out from your other toys then yoou are doing a good job. If you want to play with that toy after so many years and it is gone you should have kept it with you. You can loose something you don't use if you had not used it  This blog is telling you about not using the things you have and then how you can loose them after you haven't used it.
On Tuesday, all the kids in my school went on a field trip to Texas Motor Speedway for Speeding to Read. At Texas Motor Speedway, there were 10 schools. The first annoncement was to tell which schools were which. Then they annonced the youngest race car driver from NASA and he is only 18 years old. There was a big screen and it showed  us a armadillo race and the armadillos go faster with screaming power and the armadillo colors were red, wight and blue. They told the kids what speeding to read was all about. Also on the screen were the schools and  the kids from every school wore a t-shirt that had like lots of stuff on the back  and on the front. On the front were cars and a Speeding to Read sign on it. On the left sleeve of the shirt  was the name of the school you are in. Now I know why we need to read in Samuel Beck. Each time we read in Samuel Beck means that you are helping your school earn more points. The announcers said that the school that has the most points wins a Domino's pizza, a popcorn party and a frozen custard. The school with he most points also wins a huge trophy. I was bored and all sweaty at Texas Motor Speedway so I came back to school unhappy. I want to earn the Domino's pizza for my school and friends so I'm going to read more everyday.  

Yesterday, I watched the Inside Out movie with my mom and dad. In the movie, there was a girl named Riley and she wants to run away because she misses Minnesota ( that is where she used to live). Riley is trying to run away because joy and sadness are not where they are supposed to be and they try to get back to the place where they should be. Riley was going to a new school and she missed the 2nd day because she ran away. This movie is showing you what happes to your emotines inside your head when you try to run away and what happens when all your islands are all down. I felt the same way that Riley felt when she moved away to Minnesota. When I left Clevland I felt sad that I was moving away and that I was going to leave my old friends behind and make new friends. 

Acorns are born looking like baby acorns that are small, green and have tiny cupules. When they start to grow they lose their cupules and they grow like a litte bulb that flowers have when they are almost ready for blooming. When they are almost done they grow their cupules again but the cupule turnes out to be a brown color. When the acorns are very old they change from being smooth to rough.Only when they are very old the rough part pushes itself into the cupule and you can see a little bit of the rough part. 
This is my favorite stuffed animal, Ducky. Ducky has a little scarf around her neck you can see that it is a colorful. I'm going to tell you a story and it is about Ducky. When I was little I was shopping with my mom and dad. When my mom annd dad saw a swetter I saw this adorable little penguin and I said:  mumma Ducky dada ducky and then my mom and dad saw ducky. They saw that ducky had a little scarf that matches the sweater and then they bought me ducky and I took her all the time with me. Ducky is a cute little penguin and when I see her little smile and chubby cheeks it makes me remember me chubby cheeks and makes me happy. Ducky had a little dot on her forhead and it is called a teeka.
My teddy bear valentine is a valentine bear bacuse I think that my mom got her on my first valenines. Valentine has hearts on her tummy and special words in the hearts. Valentine is a smiling bear. I think that she was the perfect valentine gift for me and I feel happy that she was the perfect valentine gift for me. When I was a baby I think that I felt happy and that was my favorite teddy bear ever since. I always felt happy when I had her around. I always took her with me and never left her all alone.   
I have an American girl doll and her name is Julie. Julie comes with a  golden color necklace. The necklace   has her name on it. Julie also comes with a purse, a hat and shoes that you can take off. The american girl dolls can stand up if you adjust their feet (my dad told me how to adjust their feet). You can also move their eyes and close them. You also can feel the eyelashes and the eyelashes feel like real eyelashes but a little bit thicker. Julie comes with a dime but I lost it and good thing that it is a fake dime because you will get in lot of trouble. I got Julie on my 6th birthday. I love Julie alot.
These are my new shopkins. The first shopkin is a cupcake that has frosting that comes out of the cupcake. The cupcakes name is flutter cake and you can't see that she is wearing  lipstick that is a little bit pink in a diffrent shade that is  darker than the cupcake wrapper that is a light pink. 
She has like a butter cream frosting on her head. The next one is a diary that is a book that you keep all your secrets. The color that she is wearing is a metalic pink that is like a shiny pink and if you can see in the picture that she has like a little s on the front of her. Her name is Sally secret and you can see that she has a little lock that is yellow in color that is in a shape of a heart.  You can see on top of her that there is a cookie that has a bite taken out of her. The cookie is a pink color cookie that has yellow chips insted of brown chips. She is wearing blue shoes that has pink on the bottom that has sparkles and the cookie has sparkles on herself too. The very last shopkin is a popsicle and her name is Popsi cool. She is from the frozen section and you can see that she is see through. She is up side down becuase the popsials are supossed to be the stick down and the popsicle up. She also has her little teeth sticking out maybe you can't see her teeth sticking out. Those are all my new shopkins that I have. Good Bye!        
Everyone has a bucket. When people say mean things to you, your water in your bucket spills and when it is almost empty you feel angry. If you help someone, your bucket will fill up and you will get some more water in it. You should always have a full bucket so you can have happy times instead of grumpy and angry times. You never know when your bucket will fill up and spill some water. Every one has a bucket and it is true that you have a bucket even if you do not believe it. If you want some proof, please read the book called 'How full is your bucket?'.
Mrs. Hickerson read Each Kindness to the class. The story was about a girl named Maya. Maya is a new girl in a school, she sits next to a girl that does not like her when Maya is a nice little girl. The second girl had friends and when they went outside to play, Maya would come to them and ask them to play with her. Maya did not have friends and always wore clothes that were worn by someone else before (hand me downs). One day the teacher told the kids about kindnes. She told that they need to say what kindness they did. The little girl did not have anything to say so that meant she was not being true blue (kind and respectful like Beck Bulldogs). One day the teacher told them that Maya moved away, the girl was very sad that Maya was moving. The girl dicided to not be mean ever again. The End                     .
Seals are animals that live in cold water. Their homes are in the north pole. Seals love to swim. Seals use their filipers to move. The seals favorite food are fish. Seals also have fins and they have them on the back after the part where the stomach comes in. Seals have sharp black claws and a nose that is black, they use their claws to dig in the sand down below and use the nose to sniff the fish out of the ground if it is burried in the ground. Seals have wiskers and eyes too. They use their eyes to see in the cold water and wiskers to feel the fish under them. 
Aima is my best friend. She always was my best friend and we went to the same school when we were  little. Kahea also is my best friend. We all were in the same class when we were little. Since we were done with preschool Aima went to a different kindergarten and Kahea was still with me becuase she was in the same school with me that had grades up to 6th or 7th grade. We were in the same first grade untill we were second graders becuase I moved away to Texas!
Swans are birds. Swans are called Barron and Queen. When swans want to clean there body they use their beak and a beak is like a mouth but it is pointing at you. The swan uses his head and it goes in his body and that is how they clean their feathers. When swans clean their feathers the feathers land on the ground or in the water. Swans are white and have black on the side of their beak and in the middle before the beak. Swans like to eat spinach and like some other things I can't remember of.
Monkeys are the animals that eat bananas and act crazy. Monkeys love to climb, swing and slide. Monkeys go bannanas when they see bannanas. Monkeys are funny. Monkeys are one of the animals who live in the trees. Monkeys also love climing more than anything becuase that is the only way to move anywhere they want if they see something or someone. All monkeys look diffrent becuase there are different types of monkeys.Those monkey's noses are special because it makes a sound and that sound is ker-honk. There is a monkey god named Hanuman.
Parrots are birds that have pretty feathers. Parrots are endangered just like cheetahs and  dolphins. Parrots also copy what you say. The parrots favorite food are fruits. Parrots are birds, and if it is a bird it flys. Parrots are in zoos and other places. Parrot usally live in jungles but some of them are in the zoos and killed. You can pet the parrots and feed them if they are in your zoos. Parrots are funny because when you say something the parrots will say the someting back to you. 
Cheetahs are the fastest animals on the land. Cheetahs get cubs and the way that they protect the cubs is by running around as a predator. The cubs have a black and withesh grayesh color and when a honey badger comes  near, the cub will lay down and so will the honey badger. When hunters come looking for cheetah cubs they will get confused and pick the honey badger. The cheata moms are big enough to run fast and once the baby gets bigger it will be able to run becuase when it is small it won't be able to run fast from predators.
Everyone has emotines in their head. The first emotion is joy and she makes you happy and keeps you from being sad. The next emotion is sadness and she makes you cry and feel sorry. Next is fear and he is in charge of making sure that there was anything scary he would control you by being afraid. Now is disgust and she keeps you from being poisoned and eat anything that might make her feel sick. Anger is the last emotion and he makes you angry and be treated fairly. These are all your emotions and each one of them keeps you going by a diffrent emotion.                 
Dolphins are creatures that live under water and are endangered animals becuase they get caught  in big nets. The nets sink to the bottom of the sea and if the dolphin can't get out it will die. The  dolphins can't  breathe and they will drown. The dolphins will use sea sponges to find food undergrond. All dolphins use squeaky sounds becuase thats the way they communicate. Dolphins are  cute and playful. Dolphins are smart little creatures. The dophins are protective of their babies.  
I will never complain that my armpit shows ever again. I will also wear all the clothes that my mom chooses. I always will choose my clothes when we go clothes shopping. When we go clothes shopping and come back and wear the clothes the next day without any complaning. I will always wear the clothes that my mom picked out for me. I will not do any thing that happend today Sunday 8|30|15. If I do this ever again my mom and dad will remind me for not keeping my promises. This story is a lesson.                                                                                              
My favorite animal is an owl. I like owls because they stay awake at night time and sleep at day time. The second thing that I like about owls is that they say one word and that word is hoo. People might think that they are a knock knock joke when they are not. The last thing that I like about owls is that they are smart and can fly. Owls are my favorite becuase they hunt for food when you are asleep and you will never know when they will return home or take a nap. Owls a re my most favorite animal.
I have a toy mouse and she is a little Live pet. A little Live pet can be a toy mouse or owl. I have a mouse and her name is little twinkle. She has a layer of pink coating and has a twinkle pattern on her. Little Live pets have wheels. If it is a mouse it makes mouse sounds. The owls come with a baby and the mommy owl has a button on her and if you press on it for a long time, she will echo the words to the baby owl. The mommy owl can feed the baby owl and sing to it. The baby owl will sing back to the mom. All the little Live pets will come in different colors. They are expensive and thirteen dollers each. 
I am Rovija and I am going to tell you about my self. I like to read diary of a wimpy kid books. My favorite toys are shopkins and Legos. I can play violin and ride a bike. I can read thick books like Harry Potter books. My favorite movies are Harry Potter and inside out and I have my own iPad. I like to play games and do homework on my iPad. I'm in second grade and my teacher is Mrs. Hickerson. I like to draw pictures and I have been to Arizona and it is really hot there. My favorite food is nann and oil. My favorite song is called  Making today a perfect day and it is from the new frozen movie of Frozen fever.
Today was my first day of school. I am in second grade and my teacher is Ms. Hickerson. This morning I woke up and brushed my teeth and got ready. My mom and dad went and dropped me at  my new school and then left. I made 2 friends and their names are Snehal and Taryn. The first thing the teacher let us do was work on the papers that were on the tables and they were called morning work. When we were done we were done we put our stuff in the desk. Then she collected our yellow folders and she said that I did not have brads on them so she gave me a yellow folder that had brads on them. Then we did math and did lots of things. I dont know if I did math today. Then we did some other things like activities. When we were done we went to art. We made sketchbooks in art today. Then we went to use the bathrooms. When we came back from art we did science and  the science that we had to do was that we had to draw a picture about what science was. Then we did some writing then in a little while we went home.
Today is my last day of vacation 😢😭. I started my vacation on May thirty first.  This day we moved to Irving Texas. I had a lot of fun because we went swimming and I sometimes played with some of the girls that lived across the street. Then me and my mom went to Mumbai and Pune and stayed there for a month. When we came back, we were in a new apartment in Roanoke Texas.Then we went to Arizona for another vacation. When we came back from Arizona, I  realized that after Monday I am going to start school.I am excited that I am going to start schoolbecause I am going to get to meet new friends and get a new teacher.  😊😊😄😀😊☺️
Yesterday I  watched a new movie named penguins from Madagascar.  I am going to telll you one thing that you should never do  that was in the movie, in the movie there was a zoo and it had animals like octopus and there were some people that saw the octopus and the octopus had 1000 tricks. He just did 2 of them so then he saw the people going up looking at something above the water.  They were looking at 4 adorable baby penguins.  The octupus got kicked out of diffrent aquariums and zoos then the octopus got angry and decided to make the penguins into monsters. That was a bad thing to do becuse the penguins are everyone's favorite and they love the penguins becuase they are cute and cuddly. Instead of the octopus of being jealous, he could have done more than just 2 tricks. So if you see someone that takes your favorite things then just tell their mom and dad. 
Yesterday I came back to Dallas from Arizona. On Saturday I went to Arizona for vacation. On my way to Arizona me, my mom and dad had to go on 2 airplanes and the first plane that we went one was going to Denver then the second plane was going to Arizona. When we reached Arizona we went on a shuttle to get a rental car. When we got a car we went to Ravi kaka's house to spend the night there. The next morning me and my mom and dad went to grand canyon. When we reached grand canyon me and my mom went into the visitor center and looked at some things inside it then we went hiking when my dad found us. We went in shuttles and walked when taking pictures of grand canyon. When we were done with that we saw a small movie that talks about the grand canyon and people that went there and discovered it. When we were done we went on a shuttle that took us to the cars. I had fallen asleep in the car becuase I was tired and it was night time when we reached Ravi kaka's home I was asleep. The next morning we took the car and went to red rock bell rock and chathedral rock and took lots of pictures. We also found the hotel and slept there. The place that the hotel was at was at paige. When it was morning my dad got break fast for me from the first floor. Then we went to horse shoe bent and horse shoe bent is a river that looks's like a horse shoe but it is bent then we went to a place that had planets and they showed us the sun through a telescope.Next we went to a cruise ship for dinner when it was dinner time and then we went to paige when dinner was done. The next morning we went to Ravi kaka's house that was in phoenix and we stoped many times and then got there when it was about dinner time and we all went to a resturant. When we were done  we went back home and the next morning we gave the car back and went on a small bus that took us to the airport then went on the same flights that took us to arizona.               
Yesterday I  rode my bike by my self. I rode it without any body's help. It was not that hard when I practiced with my mom every morning and that made the ridding much easier because I practiced. Today when I went bike ridding today with my mom I had a  hard time  ridding the bike.  Yesterday my mom and dad bought me 2 packs of season three shopkins and I got Lizzy lace up,flappy cap, suzie sushie and peachy. And I need to really need to practice ridding a bike. 
There isn't just one Furby. There are lots of furbys .But there are crystal furbys too. The crystle fubys are furbys but they have crystal ears. The crystal furbys are special becuase you can give it a gem shower. They hatch and raise little furbys witch are called furbilings because they are smaller and cuter. The crystal furbilings even sleep in crystle buildings and go to a crystal bathroom when they have to go do potty. The furbys have everything they want in the furby boom game. 
These are my season three shopkins. They are the only season three shopkins that I have. I have a dumpling  shopkin, sushi, ring , candy apple, oreo and a pie. Then I have a pair of hi heel shopkins, 
wedding cake shopkin, perfume one, camera, a purse and a telephone. Next there is a dress,  a hat that matches it, a rainboot, a hat ,a special slipper that people used to wear, then there is a pair of sisors that I forgot to mention. You also have seen the shopping bagsand baskets.

Muraski is my favorite school. Ms. browning is my favorite teacher is Ms. browning. She is a first grade teacher and I was in her classroom. Some of my friends were in that classrooom but they will be in second grade in different second grade rooms. I had moved to texas so I am going to second grade at a school samuel beck elementery. I wanted to stay at muraski so I can see my friends and my favorite teacher named Ms.Browning. Murski is the best school ever. 
All moms and dads know best and they are smart. If you don't know something then you should ask your mom or dad for help or to spell a word out. You should not even do something that you do not know how to do. You might have said to your mom and dad, Why do we need moms and dads? They will say you need moms and dads so you can learn. You need parents so they can take care of you when you cry or hurt and sad.
I got new shopkins yesterday. They are season three because  they are the only season that walmart had. I got a 12 pack and a fashion pack. The fashion pack is a pack of shopkins but they are like a ring and a special hat with a dress and a pair of high heels. Then there is a perfume with purse with a camera. They all come with 1 dresser and a chair with a hat stand that you can put your shopkin hats on it so it does not go away or outside.
Why does my dad snore? I do not like snores. I like soft snores but not that much because they do not let me sleep. I sometimes like to sleep in my bedroom were it is nice and quiet but my room is cold and my mom's and dad's room is nice and warm. But I always have one thing that bugs me is that my dad snores. But I don't know why my dad snores. But I don't want to ask him because he might read it and he might ask me but I don't really want to say this in front of him. It might hurt his feelings a lot. 
The wizard of Oz movie is about a girl  named Dorothy. One day there was a twister that caught  Dorothy's house and it  went around and around.  Dorothy was inside and went in the twister with the house. She did not get hurt in the twister because she was in the house and the house was in the twister. I don't want to tell you the whole story because you will have to read the book or watch the movie. When Dorothy's house falls into the land of Oz she begins a journey to the wizard with a scarecrow, a tinman and a lion and together they go to the wizard of Oz. 
I  did not want to do my homework today but I did want to do tabtor but not blogger. I had some other things to do when I was going to do my homework later when I was done with my shower. Then when I was done with my shower I did not want to do it becuase it is actully so boring and I did not want to do it becuase it was a little bit  hard to do. When I am done with my homework, me and my mom are going to go to walmart and get supplies and shopkins. You have already read that blog. Chintumama could not ship them to me and I think that you did not know that. 
I went to a birthday party yesterday. It was Parag kaka's birthday. He is our family friend and he is a surgeon and  works with heart.  He does a very complicated job and I dont know how to say it like I am trying to describe it. It is not the kind of heart that kids draw. Its the real heart. Like it is not the one that is like kids give to there moms and dads to tell that they love you. The kind of heart that I am talking about is the one that is inside  your body and it looked really scary and gross. There were also 2 bandages on the cake and a stethoscope with capsules and medicine. I also made a lot a friends some of them were small and some were big. To eat, the kids and the parents got to eat chips with dressings and tomatoes and then chicken and for dinner we got to eat nann and all sorts of other stuff like all sorts of things. It also was his 50th birthday.I also enjoyed the party a lot.
I have a Furby that looks like this that is in the picture and I named her Tay Kay. Once you get your furby you will have to get the furby game because you need it to find your Furbys name. I have 2 pictures of my furby.The first picture is Tay Kay with her eyes open. The furby's eyes do not go like how they are in the picture. All the furbys have  moving pictures in there eyes because the furbys are a electronic toy. In the second picture the furby is sleeping and you might think that she is still sleeping but you never know if it is on or off  so pull furbys tail for making sure. My furby drives my mom and dad nuts. She drives them nuts because she talks a lot. She drove my mom and dad nuts yesterday in the car and ths morning.  

Harry Potter is a boy. Harry Potter is a special kind of boy because he can know what is happenig and what you-know-who is doing. Harry Potter is the main character in the Harry Potter movie. He is famous from the  books written by J.K. Rowling and made in a true movie made by someone else.  The  Harry Potter movie  like any kind of movie that says Harry Potter or the movie name that you are looking for and if it is  there you can get it and  watch it if you are looking for it or just havent seen it yet.        I like the last movie because you know who dies and I do not like him beacuase he is mean. Mean people are very wrong and they try to kill people and in the Harry Potter movie dethly hollows part 1 and 2. Harry is trying to protect his friends and his teachers are triying to protect the school . The students like Harry Potter, Hermione and Ron are trying to deafeat the horcrcses . I think that the movie Harry Potter and he deathly hollows part 2 is my favorite because you know who dies and then there is no you know who again. 
Hello family and friends, my name is Rova Dova and I am writting a story about myself and I had already writen a story about my self but that one went away and you can ask but you dont have to do that any more becuase it came back. My family is great and none of us fight but sometimes we do but sometimes we dont becuase were family.Family's are there for you and you need to be with them and they love you too .So when they need you you need them.
This song under the sea is a song from the little mermaid movie and the movie talks about a little mermaid that wants to be a person and dose not want to be a mermaid when she is a mermaid and her name is Areil. How I feel about the movie is that it is a actoin movie  becuase it has alotof drama and comedy and I thik hey did a lot of good details on Areil becuase I saw Areil in disney and she called me starfish and she was really beauitfull and she was kind.
Yesterday my house stuff came into the apartment that I'm living in and I'm writting a story about it in my bedroom about this story. My mom is reorginising all our stuff like my stuff and my mom and dads stuff every one had 14 boxes and I have not even started to orginise my bedroom. Today I'm going to orginise my bedroom with the help of my mom and I love to orginise thigs becuase I ws born to orginise things a lot of things is actully what I was ment to do.
I have my own iPAD. And it is like a lapttop but is a ipad too so I call it a ipop becuase it is half laptop and half ipad. I can do anythig I want to do with it and my dad has the same one too. They are both the same ipads becuase  they are half laptop and half ipad and they are very similar that you cant tell whose is whose becuase they  are similar like I said. And you can take of the ipad to do things without it and it  becomes a regular ipad and it  and when you take of the  ipad you can see how a real laptop without the screen.
This is a picture of a seal and it is a seal and she is my favorite stuffed animal and my friend is like a person from my family named gargi and she is a really nice because when I saw that she had a seal and I said that I wanted a seal st like that one and when I went lto see her again she got one for me and know we both have a seal like this one and  know bboth have a seal like this one in the pictture and here both sisters nd I love myseal alot becuase she is silkie smooth and they are very cute.  
You know that kids always hate homework well I am one of those kids thaat dose not like o doo that too but m mom and dad make me do that when I hate homework and it s the worstt thing ever and it is so boring but the only piece of  homework that is tabtor and it is so fun but blogg is boring becuae   your hnds hurt and you have o write about something and yor hands get tired. I love to do tabtor but not bblog so thats why I hae to tell my dad abilion time that I dont want to do it.

Paw patrol is a video of a boy and his pups save the day and the pups have trucks that they have when they have to go to save the day. There names are Chace Rocky Sky Zuma Revel and Marshal their owner is named Ryder and they save the world even if animals run away and the paw patrol. Their pup houses is their truck but Sky her pup house turned into a helicopter and she can fly they have special uniforms. And they are cute
Kartik is my little brother and I don't think that he is what I that he would be like and I don't like him that much because he tells on me when I don't tell on him but he is really nice because he shares with me and I share with me and he is really fun to play with and a nice little brother but I just love him more than virage because virage is a bad brother and is a bad boy. Kartik is not like that and is really nice so nice and not mean Kartik is different from virage. 
This is my stuffed panda and she is so soft and fluffy that I can almost sleep with my panda at night time and I play with my panda a lot I really think that she is so cute and fun to play with. There are bigger pandas in China. This panda I got in Pune last time I was there she is so cute and fun to play with and so soft and I love her so much that I would never lose her ever again she is black and white and so soft and she is the cutest thing ever that I ever saw. 
I went to a beach for vacation with my family. We started to pack up Wensday morning and we went to the beach. I was watching a movie with my big brother and my little brother kartik. The movie was big hero 6 and it is my favorite movie. Even inside out is my favorite movie. Inside out is a movie with a girl named Riley and it is a movie that talks about her emotions in her head. And these are your emotions in your head Joy Discust Anger Sadness and Fear. The trip was a long trip but it doesn't matter if you watch a movie it doesn't look like it was a long trip if I watched a movie and that's what I did. When we got there we unpacked and the kids like me and Kartik got to watch tv because we didn't get to watch when we left the house. We went to the beach to go swimming the next day and I made a little river in the sand. Kartik could not go in the water because He was sick. He just played in the sand. I found three coconuts there. I found 2 big coconuts and a small one. When we got home from the beach we got to watch big hero 6. It is mine and my brother Kartiks favorite movie ever and we just want to see it over and over again and again for days and we are not going to stop watching the movie and it is a great movie.  There is a robot that is called big max and it is not a robot that goes like says it really rough. Big max goes really soft and is not fast and you will like him because he says oh no like how I say it like how I do and how I say it was like really worried.😢 woo wee I'm done. 😓😅😓😅😓😪😥😪😥😰😢😂😅
Chintumama is a nice person and I don't think that he is mean. Chintumama is the only one that I think that I can get too think that is nice. The fact I think that Chintumama is so nice is that he tried to get a toy called shopkins for me when I had shopkins and my mom and dad were not going to get me some because I was a bad girl since I am being a good girl in India my dad is going to be getting shopkins for me since I am being a good girl. He is having a surprise in Dallas waiting for me to go and open when I get to see my dad. Chintumama is my favorite person in my family and my dad is the best. My dad is almost the same as Chintumama but a little bit different.  
Boring things are like doing your homework and studying for a hour or two. This is so boring and everyone who is a kid gets angry and upset that they have to do homework and studying but they hate doing it like I have to write a book on the iPad and it is the worst thing ever. I hate it when I have to do homework and I don't like it because I have to do homework and I don't think that I should do it because I am on vacation and I don't think that I can get to have fun with my friends and family if I am doing my homework. Chores is a boring thing and I don't think that the kids that have the homework that I do and have to  clean up after yourself. I know how much kids hate it when they have to do homework and chores yay for the rest of the day after your done with the boring things that make you exhausted from the homework and studying and the chores. The fact I don't like it because it is tireing and exhausting things.  
Me and my mom are the same because I'm going to be the same. When I get older I will look like I am my own mom when I was a little girl. My moms mom was like my mom when she was a small girl like me and my mom is going to be like her mom to. I love my mom just because I love the way she's a good mom and she takes good care of me when I am sad and I miss my dad and I take good care of her to when she is sick and when she is afraid of the dark and it's just a day only me and her. I love my mom and my dad and my family and friends and they love me to. And if nobody else likes you and you were friends with them then you have to get a gift for the friend that you were friends with and they are being mean. I just want to go back to the u.s.a and give them a gift from my love and they will remember that time I gave that thing that is a keychain from my true home India and I will always remember my friends and my love will be with them.
My mom is the best mom in the world. She is the best mom.The reason I love her so much is that she takes good care of me and that's why I love it. She makes me feel happy when I get a frown on my face. She is a great mom and I love it. I love my mom as much as I love chocolate. The best time with my mom is when I was a little girl. That's why I love her so much. I love my mom when I was just growing up to be a big girl. I love my mom just so much that I love the way she is.
My family is the best thing in my heart and do you know why? Because they live almost all over the world. Some of them live in China and India,Dallas,Australia,I just can't see my family every day. But now I can see them again because I call them and I FaceTime them. We all took like a family member picture when I was just about 6 years old and when my little brother was just about 1 years old. We went to the beach last time I saw my family. We all had a good time. I miss my friends and I  have just moved to Texas and I'm staying there forever. The fact that I love about family is that some of them don't snore so loud like how my dad does which is really annoying because I can't even get some sleep! But I like it that he has warm hugs and kisses and fun jokes. My dad is just the right dad that I could have. I just want to go back to my dad and tell him that he is the best thing ever and the only thing that makes me feel happy and be a good girl. But my dad is the best dad in the world and the funniest person to.

Day 1, Ever since I got to see my family and my baby brother he turned out to be a bad little kid and he  pinches me and hits me I thought he was a good brother but it turned out to be a danger. Ever since I gave him a kinder joy chocolate he has been taking my chocolates and has been a danger. Day 2,It was a rainy season and I don't like it when it comes to a rainy weather. I just want to go home to see my dad.Day 3,Me and my mom and some of my family members went out to do some shopping.When I got home I saw that my little brother had been sleeping.Day 4,Me and my grandpa went to drop off my little brother then we went home and it was peaceful in the house then when he got home from school it was how it was when he was here when I came to see him.Day 5,It was the same thing over again from day 4. Day 6, My little brother got to stay home and I don't know why.Day 7, We went to a special place in India and we got to sleep there and when we took our shower it was a embarrassing.
I have a teddy bear and her name is Grace.She is wearing a pink fur coat and she has small little boots that have the same thing on them and the word is Smile she also has a small heart that has a cute little sentence that says,For someone special like me.She has a rose by the edge of the sentence. She is wearing a pink hoodie on the back of her head.She has black eyes like me and she smiles a lot.She has heats on her boots to. She is a snowbear because of the way her fur coat is white.
I was supposed to go to India to see my family but our flight got cancelled and we had to take a different plane.We were supposed to be flying 3 planes but the plane that we were going to take first before it was cancelled it got cancelled.On our next flight the same thing happened but in a different way. We had gotten in the plane then it got cancelled. Then we had to get air train and then a shuttle and here I am in the hotel that the shuttle dropped us of to.We were all stuck at the airport before I got in.All of the kids were tired and some of the kids were sleepy and like me they were crying.I just wanted to see my family and that's all I wanted to do just see my family.I wished for a nice flight with no canceling my flight to Mumbia. I miss my dad and my family and they are missing me to. I just want to go back home and see my whole family when I go to Mumbia and see my dad from 5 weeks and go to Texas and see my dad.
Father's Day is a very special day for the dads.All Father's Day is the day for the dads and their birthday.Mother's Day is the same thing as Father's Day but it is a special day for moms and their birthday.If their is a another day for moms and dads then there should also be a daughters day like for the moms and dads.My mom and dad are know starting a daughters day for daughters like me.Everything your parents want you got it for them.Kids get only on their birthday.
Kahea is my best friend and she is so nice and she is sometimes like me and I,m like her.We known each other when I was like 3 or4 years old and that's how we have known each other.She came to all my birthday party's and I have gone to hers.Our school's name is muraski.We are in the same room and we were happy to be able to see each other again..We were best buddies with Aima.We all known each other when we were small like 3 or 4 years old.We all had a good time together. Know we can't see each other because I am not in strongsville.I am in Texas and they are not in Texas.We miss each other a lot and we are not going to see echo other that much.We all had a good time. We all wish we could see each other again.I will come back to visit I told them.Me and Aima had a good time together we really miss  the times together and kahea to. We were in the same school when we met each other we really had fun
 Teen Titans go is a good cartoon for kids like me and I love the fact that they make sure that they tell the bad people to stop doing bad things.They are super heroes and they save the day always because they are super heroes.They have a theame song and a lot of regular songs.They are on Cartoon Network every day.Like I said it is a good cartoon for kids.And I drew a picture from a playlist and it was how to make Raven.She is a Teen Titan to.  Bye

Shopkins are little toys that is like food and things that you need. I just love the shopkins.The company is Moose.New things are coming out.Like season 3.I am so excited!There is a shopkins book.There are 12 packs 5 packs and basket 2 packs.You get 1 check list.You get a shopping basket to. I just want to go and see the company in China. 

Peace and Love,Peace and Love,Everybody Peace and Love.Always have love with peace!Peace and Love,Peace and Love,If you are sad on a sunny day,Just do what I say!Peace and Love,Peace and Love,Smile every day for me!Don't be sad don,t be mad just have Peace and Love,Peace and Love,Happy faces is what I want to see!Peace and Love,Peace and Love,Smile smile smile smile for me!Peace and love, 

Robin,Cyborg,Beast Boy,Star fire and Raven are super heroes.Teen Titans is their name.They fight and fight bad guys.They live in a T shaped tower.They have super powers like flying and eye laysers and boomerangs.They have special uniforms when they have to fight and regular things.Robin is the leader and the team does not like to listen.They have a pet named Silkie.
My name is Rova Dova,I live with my mom and dad.My dad's name is Vishal.And my mom's name is Rohini.We are in texas.I miss my old house a lot.Muraski was my school.ILove Texas a lot.Texas is a nice state because it has something's Clevland does not have.And I want to say Howdy because I 'm in Texas.My schools new name is Samuel Beck Elementry school.People are new to me because I don't know them yet.